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Incorporate Fletcher Percussive Breathing into your practice with this Mat workout by Kyria Sabin Waugaman. She teaches a traditional Fletcher class, using clear and direct cues to guide you. She includes progressions to many exercises like the Hundred, Corkscrew, and others to make sure you are working correctly before trying the full movement.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Welcome to class. I'm Kyria and I'll be teaching a beginning to intermediate mat class. This has been requested by several of our teachers around the world. So, I hope you'll enjoy. We...

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Thank You so much for a great example of teaching, emphasis on breath, of "clean movement", progressions and flow. I loved the class! I appreciate your clear concise cueing to create flow and precision. Thank You!
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Fantastic class!
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Very good program but the breaths of one of the participants is very annoying!
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Great classes loved it 😊🙏🏻
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Totally agree with Maria Pitsini.
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Amazing class thank u!
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Great class!!!! Thank you for sharing!
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Try watching the Fletcher breath tutorial and the breath may not seem as annoying. It is different at first. I thought it was a great example of a Fletcher class.
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Absolutely super ! I love your classes ! Thank you
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Great class super challenging found it harder than most of the reformer I've been doing ... coming back to the mat is so important! I love the flow of this method!
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