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Mat Workout

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Work on variations to exercises you already know with this Mat workout by Adrianne Crawford. She changes the tempo, range, and dynamics to certain movements to make you feel traditional exercises in a different way. She also adds Hand Weights at the end of the class to add a little more upper body work.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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Hi, I'm Adrianne. I'm gonna be teaching an intermediate to advanced mat class today. So, let's go ahead and get started. So, I'll have you two ladies step forward to the front of your mats. You're gonna go ahead and slowly lower yourselves down.

So, you can either cross one leg in front of the other or behind it. Lower yourselves down and lie all the way down on your backs. Okay, so I do have some arm weights here. They're two pound weights. I wouldn't go higher than two pounds.

We'll come to those later, so just kind of ignore them for now. Let's go ahead and take a deep breath in. Take both arms straight up, stretch them all the way behind you. Let your backs kinda release, exhale. Take another deep breath in, take both arms straight up, and then lower your arms to your side, exhaling and begin imprinting your spine.

Let's do that one more time. You're gonna inhale as those arms come up. Exhale as they go all the way back. Let your bodies begin to extend long, through the legs, through the arms, through your necks. Take a nice inhale as your arms lift and exhale, lower your arms back down.

Now, you're gonna begin to reach those arms forward, coming up into a hunter position. Begin to lift your heads, legs, off the mat, about two to three inches, reaching forward and begin breathing. Let those arms come way above the hips. Deep breath in, two, three, four, five, out, two, three, four, five. If that becomes too challenging, feel free to lift your legs higher.

Otherwise, continue wrapping those thighs and pulling deep into that lower back. Out, two, three, four, five, breathing in, get the lungs to fill up and then expel them. Forty more, in, two, three, four, five, out, two, three, four, five. Are you reaching those arms? Are you reaching those legs and curling into yourselves?

Out, two, three, four, five, twenty, two, three, four, five, out, two, three, four, five, legs a little bit higher and last one, two, three, four, five, out, two, three, four, five, come back in, or lower yourselves down. Alright. Move, actually, down a little bit toward each other's feet. You might actually touch each other's feet a little bit because now I'm gonna have you go into an overhead exercise. You're gonna start with your arms straight up at 90 degrees, and as your arms come down, you're gonna take your legs over your head and you're gonna let the toes touch the mat, and once they touch the floor or the mat, you're gonna let your feet open hip width apart and flex them.

I want you to think of pushing those heels away as you start to lower yourselves down. And your thighs, think of those thighs skimming your chest. Keep your chest open and your arms long. Legs come all the way down to the mat. They're still flexed and they're still apart.

Bring the feet back together, so they're gonna end up touching the mat and now you're gonna go again. So, ready? Keeping the feet just like they are, take the legs over your head. Touch the floor. Open the feet.

Flex the feet and roll down. So, now we're gonna start to go a little bit quicker. Legs come down. You're gonna do that one more time, together. Up, open the legs, flex and roll yourselves down.

You're getting ready to reverse once the feet touch. So, touch, feet open, flex, up and over the head, both feet together and roll down. I might even give you a stretch as you come down. And, two more. Legs touch, legs go over, feet touch the floor, then you're gonna keep those feet flexed and I wanna push on ya so you get a nice, long back.

One more time, legs go down, feet open, feet flex, go over, touch, together, and roll it down. Keep those arms nice and long. Good. Keep one leg up, one leg drops. Leg is, good.

Now, you're gonna circle that leg, big circle, down, around, leg circle, up to the nose. Down, around, and up, two. Think of your heels touching each other, three. So, heel to heel, four, and reverse. Keep stretching those arms.

Keep those hips still, one. Big lift, two. Five times. Three. Four, keep those chests open, and scissor your legs.

Switch sides and circle, down, around, and up, one. Down, around, up, two. Keep those hips still. Keep that right leg extended out long. Three.

So, the one that's down on the mat, keep it straight. Four and five. Go ahead and reverse. Down, up, one. Down, up, two.

Careful of those hips. Keep your backs nice and long and anchored. Three. Around, down, up, four. Around, down, up, and five.

Go ahead and let your legs lower to the mat. Go ahead and move yourselves back just a little bit towards your heads. Take both arms up. Go into a roll up. Peel up off that mat.

Heels now can be together. Reach for your toes. Touch each other's fingers even if you want and come right back down. And now, you're gonna go fairly quickly. As soon as your heads touch, I want you to come right back up.

Up. Over. Stretch to the feet and all the way down. Heads touch and right back up. Over, extend, wrap, get the small of your back.

Find it on that mat. Don't let it pop up. Pull into it and stretch and all the way down, a little quicker. Last one and right away, up, over, stretch, you're gonna hold the up, slide your feet toward you, bend your knees, in other words, and slide those feet towards you. Grab your ankles and roll like a ball.

So, now the feet are up, knees are open, and almost on your ears. So, heads are down and roll back and all the way up. And, four more, going back. Come right back up and balance, two. Up and balance, three.

So together, ready? Back together and right away, up together, and back together, and up and hold. Go ahead and lie all the way down, with one leg into your chest. Right leg, let's go ahead and bring that one in. Right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee.

Add your left leg and your head. Single leg stretch position. Switch legs, switch arms, and one. Switch, one. You guys keep going.

I'm gonna just come around and maybe check on your placement. Elbows are up, so a little more energy right in here, three, three, so kinda shift your weight this way so lean, yes. Four, four, switch five, switch five. Both legs and heels together into a double leg stretch. Arms, legs go up together.

Circle your arms. Bend and grab onto those heels and stretch, or your ankles, and exhale, two. Really reach and come back in. Now, you're gonna hold. Skim your heels on the mat as you extend out.

So, heels go down, skim the mat, lift the legs, big circle with just the arms, bend and come in. And, heels go down, legs come up, bend and come in. And, legs go down, up, in, stretch, two more. Inhale, stretch the legs, lift, bend and come in. And, one more.

Stretch the legs out low on the mat, lift, bend and come in. One leg up to scissor and scissor, pulse, pulse, switch. One and switch, two and switch, two and switch, three, try to stay up with my count, three, switch, four, four, lean back to the right a little bit Joanne. Yes. Five.

Can you reach up for that ankle, way up there? You've got more stretch in ya. There ya go. Five. Six.

Six. Pulling in as you move. Seven. One more time, each side, right. Left or left to right.

Both legs up, hands behind your head. Now, just the legs are gonna lower and lift. You're gonna not go all the way down for the first three or four, so just go a little bit down, not all the way. Curl into it. That's it.

Stay in that. One more little one. Now, the next three, you're gonna go tap the heels on the floor, lift them back up, one. Curl up. Two, and, all the way up.

Bend your knee into a criss cross. I want three taps. One, two, tap on three. One, two, tap, three. So the elbow lifts, one, two three.

One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. Are your hips down? Pull them back, two, three.

One, two, three. Now, double time, not the three taps. One, switch, one, switch, two, switch, two, switch, three, switch, three, and sit up. Very nice. Legs apart, feet flexed.

Arms forward. Right into a stretch forward, go all the way down. Get your heads as close to the mat as you can. Pull into the waist, pull way back into here, and then come right back up quickly. Deep breath in, let me see you growing tall, and exhale, go all the way down, as low as you can.

And, come right back up. And, three more. Deep breath in, lift, and exhale, pull back. Good. Now, go down.

Push those heels out to all the way up, two more. Quickly down. Exhale, lower. Inhale, lift. One more time.

Exhale, go down, grab your ankles or your arches and just give yourself an added stretch. How far can you get your head down? Good, you're gonna wanna move a little bit forward for your open leg rockers. So, move towards your feet. Take your legs up into your open leg rocker position.

So, both legs are up, heads are down. Control this so you don't roll onto your heads. Drop your chins toward your chests and begin to roll back, come back up, find your position, find that balance and then you're gonna try to stretch. So, hold and a lift. Make sure those hips stay turned out and round and go back.

Round and come up. Let me see your backs lift and stretch. One more like that and we're gonna then add on. Come back up and hold. Walk up to your ankles.

Hold higher. Now, it gets a little more challenging. Round back, two like this. Go back, pull in, come up, find it. Gotta roll it forward then you lift and stretch.

That's it. One more like that. Go back, drop your chins toward your chests. Let the weight of your head go forward, there you go. And then stretch, now feet together, grab your toes.

Now, you're gonna do the same thing. This is not easy. Legs are up, drop your chins, go back. Don't roll onto your heads. Try not to let go of the toes but, if you do, that's okay.

You're gonna try to find them again. Both legs are up, legs are long. You're gonna end up letting go as you go back. Go back. If you can hold onto them the whole time, that's great.

Come up like a teaser. Reach for those toes, grab em. Get those toes and stretch. Now, you'll lie down on your backs with the legs up at 90 degrees, into a corkscrew so legs are up. You're gonna circle the legs to the right.

Keep your chest open, center out. Circle to the left. Now, as you're circling, do that again, don't let your hips move. Oh she said, "Ah". One more to the left.

Alright, a little jack knife. Around, around, and jack knife up and control it down. So, you don't want to go backwards so much, and roll it down. So, it doesn't have to be big. It can be.

Circle, go out, come up a little bit, so a little bit back and come back down. And, to the right, go ahead and go all the way up, Julianna. And so, I want you to let your feet fall back a little bit like that and then kick up. Now, kick up. That's it.

There you go. Now, come down. One more set. Around, around, go back a little bit, now kick. That's it, beautiful.

And last one, around, around, around, and up. Now, you've got a nice reach. Can you come up here? That's it, up, up, up, use your seat. Good and now, stretch those arms as you roll down, feet here.

That's it, good. Very nice. Go ahead and sit up for your sauce. You guys are gonna feel this tomorrow. Legs are apart.

Feet flexed and arms out to the side. And I think the weights are good, you're okay. You're gonna twist to the right, reach outside that little toe and hold. Put your nose and close to your knee as you can. Push those heels out, sit on that left hip, and then come back up.

Get yourselves squared off and now turn, stretch. Sit on that right hip. Don't come off that right hip. Way over here. And then, come back up and center.

And now, quickly turn and reach. So, as you go to reach, you have to pull that hip back and sit on it. And, come back up and center and turn, stretch, reach. Good. And, up and center.

Let's have you both flip over to your stomachs. Lie on your stomachs. Have your hands underneath your shoulders. Foreheads are down, legs are together. So, in your pilates stance.

You're gonna go ahead and push up into your palms, up off your chest. That's it. Now, get those ribs up off the mat, so you're hips are off the mat. You can straighten the arms if you've got that powerhouse totally lifted, so you're gonna come way up here. There you go.

Good. Turn your heads to the right, neck roll, circle your heads down, around, center. Turn your heads to the left. Let me see you lift way up in here. There you go, that's it.

Good. Look center. Lie all the way down and rest. Come up onto your elbows. Make a fist with each hand.

In like a sphinx position. Good, now get those ribs up against your back. It's nice and long and flat and supported. Little bit more. Good, squeeze.

Good. Taking your right heel, you're gonna kick your seat, two times. So, you've got more lift here. I wanna lift you here. I want you to squeeze here.

Pull up, good. Now, hold that and kick, kick. Right kick, kick. You should feel a stretch, left kick, kick, on the top of your thigh if you've got your powerhouse up. Right, kick, kick.

Left, kick, kick. Don't let those ribs collapse. Right, kick, kick. Don't let your belly hang out. Kick, kick.

One more, right. One more, left. And, that's enough. Sit back on your heels and stretch your backs out. Good.

Okay. Got a moment to stretch and now you're gonna turn back over, facing each other. Lie back onto your backs, so your feet will be facing each other. Just like you did a little while ago and you're gonna lie all the way down. Feet are hip width apart, flex.

You're gonna put your hands behind your head. Alright. So, you're going into a neck pull. So, keeping the elbows apart, keep the feet nice and flexed, so your toes point straight to the ceiling. Take a nice, deep breath in.

Slowly peel off and round over to your toes. Drop your nose between your knees. All the way down and sit up tall. Good. And then you're gonna bring that back down, round first.

We'll do a couple rounded first, ready? Up, forward, over, tall, round, and then, the next series, we're gonna start to add on, forward. Now, you're gonna stay tall. Don't let your head do the leading. Your head should be slightly forward.

Now, you're hinge, and hinge, and hinge. Push those legs away. Push em away, push em away, push em away, and then, curl down. And then, come back up and over, and tall, and hinge, push those feet away. Push em away, push those heels away, and then when you can't go any more, round.

Now, can you keep your elbows open? Without letting them fall together, come forward. Also don't let them jerk in, and go back down. Now, we're in double time, ready? We're gonna go down, up, over, tall, hinge, roll it down.

Up, elbows apart, forward, tall, keep those feet flexed, come back down, and last one, up, over, tall, hinge, and rest. Hands at your side, bend both knees. Pelvic lift. Get yourselves, make sure you're on the mat. Feet are hip width apart, fairly close to your seat.

Now, you're gonna curl your hips up off the mat. Chests are open. Let's just start slow deep breath in and slowly roll yourselves down. So ready? Come down.

Alright, ready now. Up together, so hips come up. All the way up, good. Ribs stay together. Get the hips flat.

Good. And now, roll down. Stretch the arms, stretch your necks. And, roll up. And, roll it down.

Now, are you both familiar with shoulder bridge? Alright, so you're gonna get in a shoulder bridge position. So, you're gonna end up with your hips up but you're gonna end up holding on to the hips. So, the hands will come underneath you cause you're gonna end up with your knees into your chest, okay. Have you done this before?

I don't think I've done this one before now. Maybe been awhile, with me, okay. Alright, so you've got a good position. Got yourself comfortable. You're gonna bring one knee in at a time so both legs will come up.

And then, you're gonna just bicycle. One leg out at a time. Yeah, good. You're trying to get a stretch. You're trying to get those legs long while you are propped up there, and you're extending one leg out and bending one leg in.

And then, you're gonna reverse that. Reverse the direction, out to an in. Good, uh huh. Stretch. And, one more.

Now, you're gonna bring both knees back into your chest. And then, you're gonna extend one leg up and one leg out like a scissor, and just do little pulses, pulse, pulse, scissor, pulse, pulse. So, the leg that drops, pulse that, pulse, pulse. Pulse, pulse, and pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, and one more, to each leg. Bend both knees and slowly bring yourselves down.

Place your hands at your side. The next exercise is called jack knife. You're gonna bring both knees into your chest. Take both legs up. It's kinda like what you did a little while ago where you do this on the reformer.

You take the legs over to 60 degrees and you give it a nice kick up. And then, you wanna control the roll coming down, not doing any hunch, that's it, good. So, don't go quite so far back, about right here. Go back. Let it kick, good.

That's it and then you'll have more control and now, as you come down, you'll let your toes fall toward you. That's your control. Good. Alright, three more and over. Lift.

And, bring yourself down. Now, you could take the legs all the way to the mat, so, go ahead and do that. Take the legs down. Take the legs over to 60, little kick up. Always stay in control of it.

Only go to where you have control, good. And then, come down, down, down, and touch the mat add one more, over, kick up, careful, reach those arms more, and lower, lower, lower. Bend yours knees, rest your legs, and then both of you can sit up. Face each other, feet are, legs are together, feet are flexed. Arms out to the side for a spine twist so, you're trying to prop yourselves on top of your hips.

Keeping those feet flexed, take a nice, deep breath in. You're gonna exhale two times to the side, (exhales) center. Exhale, pulse, pulse. As you exhale and you pulse, you're thinking of those hips. You're trying to grow taller.

Center, pulse, pulse. Center. Don't let your feet move as you do this. Pulse, pulse. Center, keep going.

Pulse, pulse, center. Lift in here. Center, pulse, pulse. Center, big twist. Pulse, pulse.

Center, last one. Pulse, pulse, and just reach for your toes and stretch. Very good. And then, I'll have you guys lie on your side for some kicks. Let's go ahead and lie on your left side so your right legs on top.

Either way you wanna lie is fine. I may move, I think your, gonna move your weights a little bit. Okay, so swing both feet forward. Prop yourselves up on your elbow. Go on your palm.

Good, keep your gaze forward. Keep your spines long and chests are open. Alright, hips are right on top of each other. Take that right leg up, hip level. Pull up.

Get a little more squeeze there. That's it. Now, kick toward your nose, two times. Kick, kick, feet are soft. Stretch back and kick, kick.

We'll go through these fairly quickly. What I want to see as you're moving, you keep going, is that your hips aren't going around with you. They should stay right on top of each other. And, kick, kick. So, everything in that powerhouse is solid.

Squeeze as you go back, yes. Kick, kick. Strong powerhouse. Kick, kick. Back, one more.

Kick, kick, and leg on top of leg. Take that leg up to the ceiling, lower back down and stretch it away. Flex on the up. Point on the down. And flex, and reach that leg, stretch it, good.

And reach. So, pull up in here. You're missing this part of your back so you have to do more. Drop that tailbone more. Yes, that's it.

And stretch. So, the idea is to keep that tail bone from popping back. You wanna keep it flat, not rounded, but flat. Up. And now you come down, hold the down.

Little circles, five times. One, two, three, four, five, reverse. Keep your hips on top of each other. Don't let them fall back, two, three, yes, four, five. Rest that leg for just a moment.

Now, take that same top leg out long. Take it hip level and now, turn your leg towards the ceiling, so your knees toward the ceiling, you're turned out. Take your heel and tap in front of the foot five times. Tap, one, two, three, four, five. Big kick up into a hot potato.

Now, five times behind your foot. One, two, three, four, five, up. Keep those hips on top of each other. Kick, two, three, four, up. Four in the back.

One, two, three, four, up. Three, one, two, three, up. One, two, three, up. It gets hotter. One, two, up and quicker, one, two, up.

One, up. Get that leg up and rest. Okay. Go ahead and go into a bicycle. Take that right leg forward toward your nose.

Bend your knee toward your shoulder. Bring the knee to the knee and stretch back. And leg goes forward. Bend the knee, knee to knee, sorry, and stretch back. Knee to shoulder to the knee and stretch.

Now, you're gonna reverse that. So, go back, bend your heel toward your seat, knee to shoulder, try to touch your nose, go back, bend your knee, knee to knee, knee to shoulder, now don't let your knee drop lower than your hip, so, it should be up here and it should be turned out. One more time. Bend the knee, keep the hip turned out as you stretch. Much better.

Rest both legs on top of each other. You're gonna go into a grand rond de jambe. You're gonna take that same leg, stretch it out long. It's like a big circle. You're gonna take your leg towards your nose first.

Now, you're gonna take it up towards the ceiling. And then, you have to adjust your hip. As that leg goes back, push your right hip forward. And, go back. And now, leg goes forward.

Leg goes up. Hip stretches forward. Careful, stay in control of it. One more time, so don't let the leg just fall cause then you'll go with it. Use your powerhouse.

There you go. Now, reverse your circle. Go backwards, come up. Try to touch your ear and forward. And, go up.

Squeeze back here. There you go. Forward. And last one, go back and lift, yes, and forward, and leg on top of leg and rest. Go ahead and switch to your stomachs, palm on top of palm into a transition beats.

You're gonna do 50. Legs are long. I'm gonna adjust you a little bit. Okay. And, I think I'll come over and adjust you too.

It's amazing what we do when we lie down. We never know how straight we are. Reach those legs out long. Get those hips down and those knees off the mat and clap the feet together. One, two, three, four, five, six, reaching, eight, nine, ten, and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, twenty, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, thirty, keep reaching, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, forty, now quickly, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and rest.

Okay, you're gonna turn over to the other side. So, now you're on your right side. Left leg is on top. You can turn to face forward or face me. Hip on top of hip.

Both legs are long. Yeah, just Andrea, move your shoulders back a little bit. Toes are forward so you're in a nice vee. Take that left leg up, hip level. Make sure what's gonna happen, you wanna keep those hips stable.

They're gonna wanna bob around with you cause your leg is moving, right? So, you gotta keep your hips from doing that so you use everything in that powerhouse, from the shoulders to the ribs to the hips. More here. Now, squeeze back here. Push those hips forward.

There you go. So, now you're engaged in your powerhouse. And let me just double check over here. You're doing good. I feel like you could do a little more back here.

Yes. Alright, ready? Left leg, kick, kick, forward. Stretch back. Going for eight.

Kick, kick, and when you take that left leg back is where we'll lose our powerhouse control. We just kinda forget. So, that's when you have to kinda reengage from the seat and the hip. And kick, kick, and back. And kick, kick, and stretch.

And, while you're moving, you've got all these things going on, keep your chest open. Two more, kick, kick, and back, and last one and leg on top of leg. Ready for the up and downs. Take the leg up, reach it out and bring it down, and lift it up, and reach it away, away, away, and lift, and stretch, and lift. As you're stretching, you're pulling that navel up.

Three more and reach, flex on the up, point on the down, two and flex, and point, and one, and hold. Little circles, five times. One, two, three, four, five, reversing. One, two, three, four, five, rest that leg for just a moment. Now, the heel can go in front of the other foot for your hot potatoes.

Are you looking forward? Is your chest open? Are your hips on top of each other? Alright, tapping, five times. One, two, light taps, three, four, five, accents up.

One, two, three, four, five, up, four. One, two, three, four, up. Don't let your hip fall back. It's gonna want to, three, four, up. Now three.

One, two, three, up. One, two three, up. One, two, up. One, two, up. One, up.

One, up. One, up. One, up. I think I gave you an extra set there and rest. Alright, you're gonna go into your bicycle.

So, your left leg is gonna now come forward, staying straight, bend your knee toward your shoulder, knee to knee, extend back, get a nice, healthy stretch back there, good. And reach. So, as you're back here, get those hips on top of each other and reach that leg, good. And forward, knee to knee, so that's it and then stretch back. And now, you're gonna reverse it.

Go backwards, knee to knee, knee to shoulder, keep the hip turned out as you extend the leg. Very good, good, good, good, and knee to knee, knee to shoulder, stretch. One more time. Bend the knee, knee to shoulder, way up there, and stretch. Alright, both legs on top of each other.

Getting ready for those grand rond de jambes. You're gonna take that same leg forward towards the nose. Leg comes up, you adjust your hip. This is where that hip has to move forward, ribs are still in, you're gonna go back and reach that leg out, and forward towards your nose, up towards the ear, back towards the ocean, and stretch, and one more time, up. Careful back here cause you're falling back.

Get that hip way forward. Now, you're gonna reverse that. So, go backwards. Pull in. Good.

And, pull in. Get those ribs together. One more, back. Good job. And, both legs on top of each other to rest.

Both of you can lie back onto your back. Get yourself centered. Julianna, I'm gonna have you turn and face Andrea here. And, you're gonna bend your knees and you're gonna start with one leg up and you're gonna glue that one leg to the other leg. You're gonna kinda slide that left foot forward, pretty far and hold.

Take both arms up. You're going to a single leg teaser. You're gonna now slowly reach for your toes. You're gonna come all the way up. Now that you're there, try to lift your spine up and then lower yourselves down, pulling in and articulating.

All the way, arms go back and now all the way to the toes, reach and hold, and all the way down. And now, all the way up and hold. Add the other leg up. Reach for those toes, keep the legs up, and come all the way down, legs, arms, everything together. Bend your knees, switch legs.

So now, opposite leg is up, slide your, slide that foot that's on the mat forward. Take both arms up. Reach for the toes. Come up, all the way. Sit as tall as you can, arms come up with you.

Spines lift and then you come back down. And, all the way up to those toes. Reach up and all the way down. This is the one where you're gonna add the second leg and now all the way up to the toes, both legs come up, and now everything can come down together. Now, you're gonna add to a full teaser.

Start with your knees into your chest. You can move your arms if you need to. Take both legs straight up. Begin to lower those legs to 45 degrees. Arms come up.

You peel off that mat, reach for the toes. Keep the legs up as you go down this time. Keeping the legs up, keep those legs up, and touch the mat, come right back up. So not quite so low with those legs. Try to sit as tall as you can.

Lift your backs. Come right back down as soon as your heads touch, you come right back up and hold. Now, just the legs are gonna lower and lift, three times. Just legs, little bit down. One, if you wanna go all the way down, go for it.

Two, but stay tall. Everything together. Everything goes down together. Hold. Okay, I've got one more.

You're gonna come up and you're gonna do a twist. So you're gonna come up into a teaser. You're gonna hold. You're gonna keep those legs from moving. You're gonna twist to the right, come back to center, lift your backs, lie all the way down.

Arms go back, opposite direction, come right back up, twist to the left, center, stretch tall, come back down, and all the way up to the toes. Hold, you're not twisting this time. You're gonna bend this knee, straighten the legs three times. One, stretch legs. Two, stay tall.

Last one, bend, stretch. Everything goes down together and hold. Alright, you guys are gonna sit up. Go into your seals. You're gonna move a little bit forward.

Wrap your arms inside the legs and around. Makes it a lot harder to come up. That's the idea, to challenge yourselves at this level. Heads are forward. And now, three claps, one, two, three, roll back, one, two, three, all the way up.

Uh-huh, if it gets too difficult, you can loosen the grip. And, one, two, three, back. And, one, two, three, up. Three more and keep your heads down. One, two, three, back.

One, two, three, up. Two more. One, two, three, back. One, two, three, up. One more time.

One, two, three, back. Come all the way up to a standing position by crossing your arms, crossing your legs, and standing up. Let's have you step backwards on your mats. Actually even, maybe off, no, let's keep our toes on the mat cause I'm gonna have you do push ups and you don't want to slide. So, both arms up.

Walk down your legs, into a plank position. Good, so you walk all the way out, into your plank. Hips are up, chests are open. Tummies are up. Get those ribs up.

Squeeze your seats. Elbows are in as you go down. Up, bend, up, bend, up, five times. Four, get those ribs up. Five, don't lead with your head.

Heads are up, good. Walk back to the feet. Drop your heads. Come up to standing. You'll do one more set.

Arms are up. Walk down into your plank. Hands underneath your shoulders. Good, I might come around and check ya. So, open up here more.

That's it. More open. Now, squeeze your seat. Yes, now bend. Push up.

Bend. Push up, two. Three. Keep pulling up. Four.

And up, now walk back. Grab your ankles this time and give yourselves a nice stretch. And bring yourselves up to standing. And, it's at this point I'll have you take your hand weights. And, let's go ahead and start with these sitting.

No, actually, stand. Face each other. You're gonna take your hands to 90 degrees. You're gonna stand anywhere on your mat. Facing forward, get your posture so that your ribs are together, those tail bones are down, and you're slightly forward of your hips with those shoulders.

So, right now Julianna, you're back here a little bit. So, lean a little bit forward. There you go. Chests are open. Elbows are up and you're gonna push away as though you've got some very thick, heavy air in front of you.

And pull it back in. Grow taller in the waist. Push out, zip up your waist. Pull in, two. And push out.

Open up your chest a little bit more. There you go, three. Five times. Four, as you're moving, you'll continually think of growing taller. Now, take the arms out to the side.

Push out. Pull it together. So again, resistance out. Resistance pulling in, two. Out, I'm just checking everybody.

In. Two more. You're beginning to fall back so lean forward. That's it, three. So the weight is towards your toes and you're tall.

Good now bring those elbows in, arms down. You're gonna keep those elbows glued to the ribs as you curl up. Lower the arms, flex the wrists. Curl the wrists and then curl back up. So you're gonna actually take your wrists and push them back.

Then you're gonna curl back up, like a bicep curl. And back, pulling up the waist still. And lift, and lower. Curl up, tail bone down. Yes, lift.

And one more time. Down, flex. Curl and lift. Now, let those arms drop. Let's go to a bug so your legs are apart.

You're gonna end up with the knees bent and coming out. So, heads are down but long so your necks are long. And then you're gonna lift those elbows up towards the ceiling and bring it back down. And elbows up and lower. And lift, a little bit higher with your chest.

Yeah and open more, that's it. Three. Five times. Four and five. Arms drop, heads drop, round yourselves back up to standing, bringing your heels back together.

Let's have you face forward, keeping the heels together, toes apart. Take your right arm and skim your right ear. So, it's gonna come up. You're gonna keep growing tall. Left arm is reaching down towards the floor.

Keep that right arm straight up. It's not gonna go anywhere. You're gonna bend to the side. Stretching your right side. Go as far as you can but keep that right foot anchored.

Keep that left arm pushing down. Pull up into those ribs. Keep those shoulders square. Bend your right arm. Reach it towards the ocean, reach it away.

Get a bigger stretch so it's now gonna straighten and you're gonna keep that arm close to your ear as you come back up to standing. Up. You're gonna skim your ear as that arm comes down and switch arms. So now, left arm comes up. You skim your ear.

You stay as close to your ear as you can as you bend to the side. Right arm is reaching towards the floor. Waist is lifted. You're gonna bend that left arm. You're gonna reach it away from you.

Pulling up, good stretching. And then you and your arm come up together, so ear to arm. And, one more time. Right arm up, left arm down. Good.

Pull in to those ribs. And now, over to the side. Opening up, push that heel down. Stretch that left arm, bend your right arm. Reach it away and come back up.

And, one more time. Left arm up. And, over to the right. Good with your waist. Both of you fixed your waist, very good.

Bend your elbow and push that leg down as you stretch. Keep the arm to your ear as you come up. And, arm comes down. Now, go ahead and keep those weights but have you sit on the mat and face each other. Let's have your legs long.

This is rowing on the mat but you do it on the reformer. So, you're starting from the chest, sitting as tall as you can. You're gonna take those arms straight up. Take a nice deep breath in, your feet can just relax and let the arms come straight down and grow taller. Deep breath in so try not to fall backwards.

And now, exhale, open the arms and grow taller. Okay, so it's not a big movement at first. Inhale straight up. Exhale straight down. Inhale lift.

And exhale, lift your back. One more time from your chest. Inhale, up. Exhale, down. Inhale, lift and exhale.

Now, you're gonna drop your heads toward your knees and this time though, you're gonna flex your feet. They're gonna stay flexed and you're gonna try to stretch to those toes. And, keep reaching out as you come up to tall, arms are still shoulder width apart, deep breath in and exhale. Now quickly, inhale, flex those feet, push away. Exhale, sit up tall.

Deep breath in and grow taller, taller, taller. Two more and stretch. Lift, arms up, arms open, last one, and stretch, sit up tall, arms come with you, and exhale. Let's go ahead and cross our legs, face forward. For a shaving, you did this on the reformer.

It's the same thing. You're gonna take those arms up and the hands are gonna come behind your heads. Good, exactly. A little bit lower towards your neck. And, you're gonna stretch those arms out, out, out, and stretch, and bend.

As you take those arms to stretch, I wanna see your backs lengthening. Lift your spine and bend and stretch, so the fingers are kinda touching in that diamond shape. Two more. Stretch. Pulling up those weights, and bend, and one more, stretch, open the arms to the side into a hug position.

Sit on top of your hips, ribs together. Hug the arms. Deep breath in, and exhale. Elbows up. Don't let those elbows droop.

Inhale, push the arms away. Exhale, inhale, exhale. Recross your legs, reverse your breathing. Elbows are still up. Exhale, together.

Inhale, open. Exhale, together. Inhale, open. One more. Exhale, hopefully those arms are getting tired and inhale.

Let those arms slowly lower down. Let go of those weights. Give yourselves a hand and you're done. Good job.


Wonderful class! Great instruction and nice flow.. Like to see more of these classes :)
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Super class! Loved it, thank you!
Thank you Elizabeth and Sylviec for your comments, this was a fun class and I will certainly do more!
Wonderful class. Lovely flow.
I so miss you Miss Adrianne Crawford
I stopped this when a shoulder-stand type movement was the second exercise! Can we at least have a warm-up!
An amazing challenging class!!!
Incredible class! Wow! 🙏🏻

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