Class #2966

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Play with direction and space in this Mat workout with Brent Anderson. He focuses on cueing directions rather than muscles so you don't waste excess energy in each movement. He also changes the tempo of different exercises to integrate neurological organization of the muscles which helps to each movement more spontaneous.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


My name is Bent Anderson here at Pilates Anytime in beautiful southern California, and excited to be here for another mat class. We hope you enjoy it. We're gonna get started in standi...


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What a great class!!!!
Excellent class
Delighted to see Brent back with a new badge. Fantastic class that gets you to view how the body moves, using directional cues makes you really think about how you move. Loved it as always, a little humour always helps
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New badge????? New class.....👍🏻
Another great class from Brent Anderson
Am so happy to see this class. Straight to the top of my Queue.
Thank you Brent! you made my Sunday morning! I feel full of energy now!
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Thank you, Brent!!!! İt was great as always !!!!!
What a wonderful class.Clear ,rather 'different' images create new awareness.Thankyou!
Fantastic class, great cueing, thank you!
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