Direction and Space Mat<br>Brent Anderson<br>Class 2966

Direction and Space Mat
Brent Anderson
Class 2966

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What a great class!!!!
Excellent class
Delighted to see Brent back with a new badge. Fantastic class that gets you to view how the body moves, using directional cues makes you really think about how you move. Loved it as always, a little humour always helps
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New badge????? New class.....👍🏻
Another great class from Brent Anderson
Am so happy to see this class. Straight to the top of my Queue.
Thank you Brent! you made my Sunday morning! I feel full of energy now!
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Thank you, Brent!!!! İt was great as always !!!!!
What a wonderful class.Clear ,rather 'different' images create new awareness.Thankyou!
Fantastic class, great cueing, thank you!
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