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Day 3: Showing Up

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Welcome to Day 3: Show up again and see what Pilates can do for you! Kristi focuses on moving without constraints, encouraging you to do what feels good even as you challenge yourself with the exercises. Today is all about showing up! Take charge of what's happening in your body simply by showing up!
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May 06, 2017
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Welcome to day three of our challenge, our 10 day challenge. We've got this, um, I'm going to share a little secret with you because I now know day three really matters. Um, I've done Palabra is pretty much my whole life since I was 13 in teaching since I was 15. But, um, this challenge is as important to me as I hope it is to you in that we're showing up for ourselves. It, it, at the time of this filming, it has been 14 weeks and two days since I had a head injury. And so what was natural for me no longer is I signed up for this challenge to make sure I push through. I'm better and I need to do better and I can do better. And I know Palabra is the way for me. I hope it is the way for you. I, I know it can be. So stay here. Thank you for coming back. It's gonna be great. Um, you may be coming back for your own reasons.

Maybe you've already done Pele's or maybe you never have, but this is the place to be. If you want to feel better, if you want to remind yourself that you are alive, that you can do a lot with this vehicle, this vessel, whatever you want to call it. And so that's what we're doing. So welcome back. I thank you. I'm honored. I'm stoked. I'm here myself. Let's begin. So last time we took inventory, let's do it again. We've done two days, probably feels good. It might feel you might feel sore, you might feel nothing, but let's, let's go with the same assessments. So standing with your feet just a little bit apart. Again, I'll turn sideways just to remind you that we're not shifting forward or back except for to be maybe more forward than most of us typically are.

Naturally, we want to be a little bit in the middle of the foot or ever so slightly forward. And this is just assess. We take the breath in, however it's suits, no constraints. That's sort of my theme today. We're going to move, no constraints. We're just stoked. We're here. Exhale. Let your head roll down. Let your arms just be heavy. Maybe keep the collarbones wide. So it just means your arms don't drop off your back, but they're there. If you can go all the way to the floor do.

If you can't bend the knees so that you can really begin to stretch your back out. But notice the sense of tension is probably not the best word, but awareness or energy in the abs that'll support you. Take some form of big inhale, fill up the back of your body or anywhere and start XL rolling up. It's as if the pelvis got heavier, tucking under to a certain extent. You straighten the knees if they were bent, you stand up. I like to inhale here, so I'll just turn the arm bones out, pick up some energy as I go. Inhale, just reach. Let the shoulders up. Stretch your ribs, stretch to anything you need.

You don't have to think so much sometimes and coming off a concussion, trust me, you get away with a lot. You can do a lot without thinking. You put the arms down, let your head go around. Yeah, forward all the way. We don't have to [inaudible] overly a planet either. There's not a whole lot of mechanisms that have to be thought about. Our Body knows a lot. Inhale, bend the knees if you want to, if you need to.

What feels good to you? Start Rolling up on an exhale. I'm going to a tiny bit faster. I'm feeling my feet in the ground. I'm raising those arms up. I did turn them out again, I'm not even gonna look up a little here. Not trying to arch the back, but I just want to see what's up there. Exhale, one more time. We round and it's just your moment of what do I feel on my wobbly and do I feel tighter on one side, no judgment. Just notice it. Inhale somewhere. Exhale, roll up. Keeping to that theme. Once you come up, let the arms go. Have a seat first or lie down. We're lying down.

Ultimately bring your feet in Nice and close and by that I mean comfortable. Have I said we're going for comfort because that's sort of seems to be the theme already from me. You can choose your own palms down as you turn your palms down. Are they down or are your risk popped up? Something to notice. What I actually prefer is that your back or your shoulders and down.

No matter what happens to your wrist, your feet are flat pointed straight ahead. You remember the pelvic curl we inhale, start exhaling and reminds us of how just the action of an exhale allows some support in the abdominals. I'm going right into it. We're rolling through the spine to lift up. Yes, you can use your feet. Yes, you can use your arms. Never just about one thing. When you do anything, if you think about it, inhale, exhale, roll yourself down. What you can invite or I'm inviting you to do is is is things that feel good.

If I say something and it doesn't make sense, I'm inhaling at the bottom. I start the XL and I go up. If it doesn't make sense or if it hurts, evaluate. It's your body. You start taking charge of what it is and what's happening in health top. I was just bunching my shoulders. Are you? We don't want to do that.

We want space. Inhale, exhale, roll down and for just a few more, all quiet down a little. I'm not very good at that, but I'll quiet down and just breathe going up. Exhaling, feel your spine, feel whatever you feel. Try to make it smooth. Let's make that the only rule for now at the top.

Inhale, fill up. There's no pressure in the low back. Exhale down. Hm. In here and smiling because I remember someone teaching me about the one breath vacation and I already feel it. Sometimes that's if that's all you do for showing up for yourself is acknowledging the one breath that you took for you. That can go a long way, but we're going to spend a little more time than that.

I'm coming down and we're going to do one more with a tiny bit more thought, more at the bottom. We've gone as far as we can. We're not overly arching, but more what we feel in our own bodies are level. We take one more in here as you exhale, start to roll ups. Just nothing different. Just do it, but notice are your knees pointing to the side? No, there's straight ahead. That might limit you a little bit. That's okay. If all of a sudden you feel your ribs thrusting higher than your hips and you go, only way sometimes you know is by looking. Drop the ribs, drop your body if you have to rather increased the curl or the sense of curl or the sense of length maybe to the low back and then step more into your feet.

But the low back really should not go on for work on that just yet. Ha. Breathe in when it feels right. Exhale, melt your way back down. Whew. A little bit of stretch there already. Take the arms up just so you know where they are. Notice the back of the shoulders on the Mat.

Reach your arms out to a t position. You've done this with your feet down. I'm going to do a couple like that to remind you. I just wiggled them together. So everything is as one. I'm going towards the window or the front. We inhale to rotate. I did that at the waist. It's as if my legs were one and I'm honestly not sure.

So I have to look and I was not right and so I had to raise the top leg to line up both kneecaps. Exhale, bring it back to the middle, go the other way. Perception is interesting. These go to the back. I'm looking again, little easier for me to on this side and exhale back, so that's the action in him, but now what can you do with it? How can you make it supple? How can you pay attention to yourself in this few minutes that we're giving ourselves? How can you make it feel more swaying? I'm inhaling to the back. I just exhale as I come center and I give you breath just to give you some technique that will be repetitive, but you can breathe however you want. [inaudible] few more like that. If you want, you can pick your knees up.

That's where this heads, it's just a little more weight. Same same rules if you will. And what I like to think about as if I were anchored at my shoulders, which I trying to do, and you looked at me from the aerial view. You wouldn't notice if you just looked at my upper body that the lower body was moving. That's how still it is. So, so much of this work and so much of movement is if you're anchored and stabilized in one area, you can truly move freely and others. And that's sort of a deal. Last one to the back, whichever way you chose to do it, bring the legs back to center, set them down.

You can do it one at a time or together. Keep them together or put them back together. Lace your fingers behind your head. Fully lay some though. You know again, if we're going to commit to three days of this, let's commit to everything. Don't kind of hang on your fingers, get them all the way together or you can go hand over hand. There's different schools of thought on that. But I'm, I'm lacing from here, Elvis slightly off cause that's less pressure and inhale on my exhale.

I'm just gonna feel how the ribs drop and I can do that while I talk cause I'm exhaling while I do it. And then lifting up to follow it. Eventually, if my eyes are open and I suggest they are for now that you see your knees, take an inhale here, try not to fall back as you do. Xcel stretch yourself out and we'll go down. You can rest all the way in. Might as well leave your elbows up. Otherwise it's just more effort and less efficient. Inhale, exhale. Feel that action first. You Chin, we'll talk a little right.

Your your length and your curling. It's just like you're going to get up, but we're doing an ultra slow motion. Inhale, hold it here. Try not to fall back on the breath. Exhale, stretch yourself out that that deep kind of connection to the fingers when they're laced can help you on with give your traction. Inhale, exhale, curl up. Ah, okay. And what I would hope for is that you can curl high enough that you naturally drop your low back into the mat. If you don't feel that it's okay to talk and I'm not trying to work your low back just now. Inhale, exhale, stretch yourself out long.

We'll go a tiny bit faster. Not by much. Exhale. [inaudible] inhale, hold. Feel you're still lengthening the back of your neck even though its curved. Exhale down. Play with that idea. I'm going to change this ever so slightly. Inhale. Just cause I know you want to feel it. So I'm gonna let you feel it now.

Exhale, curl up. [inaudible] but you got it. You gotta do it. Yeah. Do it right. Reach forward on the inhale. Grab your legs. You're allowed to use your arms to pull, not up, but pull your shoulders towards your hips. It will curl. You. Blow out all your air and look at your abs and they're going to sink. They're going to press into the mat. Did you do it? Did you get all the air out?

When you let go? Your arms and they're going to go up to your ears. You're going to inhale and you're not going to move. Tell me you don't feel that hands behind your head. You didn't fall back yet. Now you can go down with control. Here's the pattern of breath that I use. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. Keep your hands where they are. Exhale, curl up.

Ah, so you've gone as high as you can, right. No strain. You don't have to overload. Do it anyhow. Reach to the back of your legs. When you exhale, pull yourself towards your thighs. Your elbows are wide. Use The biceps. Come on. Yeah, it might be the only. Right now. Do not fall down. Let go though. Reach the arms up. Hands behind your head. Exhale down.

If I told you only two more would you commit fully? Two more. Inhale, exhale up. Doesn't have to be intricate to be deep. Inhale, reach to the back of the legs. Exhale, look at your belly for now. Watch it. Sink as you blow out. Use the arms, but you know, don't do it cause you got to stay there. Inhale, lift the arms up. Put them behind your head. Length in yourself, down. You only have one more sort of inhale.

Exhale. You got it. We got this, we got it. We got it. The hardest parts over here. Inhale, reach. You got your legs. Pull yourself forward. Your low back is down. Inhale, arms go up. Stay up here. Stay with me. Lace your fingers. Exhale, rotate. Towards the front, towards the window, towards your screen in.

He'll stay up there as you come across the middle. Go the other way. It's like shoulder to hip. This is pretty, it's closed, but it's, it's there. I know you feel like inhale through the middle. Exhale to the front. Your lower body's not moving. It's like the reverse of what we did earlier with the knees. Exhale to the back.

You've done this before. It's just a little heavier when your hands are behind you. So remember, you can put your arms in front of you, but let's see what you got. Oh, and I tell you the breath helps. I'm exhaling right there. I inhale to come through and I have to check is my head in my hands.

Exhale again, one more each way. It's really easy to kind of lift your head out of your hands. Try to let your hand serve as a pillow. That took me about 15 years to get, so I'm just encouraging it. Last one to the back. Come to the center. Find an inhale, reach to the back of the legs. Pull yourself up. Exhale. Oh, it feels like a break almost. But guess what? You're going to keep them there. Let go. Arms go up, reach the arms back and we're almost warmed up.

Stretch your legs out and turn towards the front and turn towards me. Hey, lie on your arms. I mean one arm, the bottom arm. Leave the top arm as the kickstand. Best you can. Well you can, your legs are straight. The right out underneath your hips may be slightly in front of you. If you're gonna roll one way, I'd rather you roll backwards so your abs face the ceiling. Still the warm up.

Inhale, exhale, start excelling. It's got nothing to do with the legs, but they are gonna lift, right? You're going to inhale to lower if you're not sure what's happening. If you think, what's the point, cause I know we worked a little hard last time. Digging somewhere, anywhere on what your core is. Start exhaling. Feel the just the hardening that happens just by exhaling and then lift the weight against them. The legs themselves are not tight. Just a couple more. Just again, warming them up. We do a lot. We do every action we can in velocities, right, rotation, extension, blah, blah, blah. And let's make sure we've, we've tapped into it ahead of time. Warned it so to speak up just one more. Call it four. Okay.

Then from there we're just going to flip over. I know there's another side to get just face down and perhaps look for one second cause we haven't done any version of this, but there's an exercise called the hundred that we're building towards and it doesn't look anything like I'm about to show you, but it's, it's an idea of it. Your forehead can be on the floor for the moment. Your legs are together or as close as they can be. Comfortably. Palms of the hand, not palms. The backside of the hands on the floor.

Arms absolutely straight. Push the back of the hands into the floor. Can you hover the legs, draw the belly up away. The hovered. The hover is the key word and pull them up so high that you're in like a pain one. I'm not going for pain. I'm sick of pain. No pain. Well struggle. Maybe draw the abs up from there. Your legs are just floating. They don't do anything else. Then you reach the arms. So far they have to float.

They're a little higher than your hips. Just keep looking at the floor. You do not need to see any more. Now from the upper arm, you're going to start to lift those straight arms up on an inhale, two, three, four, five and just let them come down on the exhale. Two, three, four, five. Okay, inhale up. But it's a constant reach even on the way down. And exhale, two, three, four, five year each long try to wrap those shoulder blades a little closer together. Stay low in your body and down. It's the same count, but instead of rising slowly with the [inaudible], pump them up a little bit.

So meaning pump two, three, four, five and keep pumping two, three, four. So the arms now don't change other than pumping. Inhale, see three, four, five and excess. Stay low. It's early. And inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale to be glad you're learning the breath pattern this way because we're going to flip over. One of these days soon and do it where it's all abs and no back extension. And when you're finished with your next exhale, just come on down. I promised you the other side, so I'm just going to turn. So turn away from me.

We're still together. Turn away. It's won't last long. Not that you need to see me, but I'm not doing anything fancier than we already have lying on your side. If you were to look down, you see your toes so they're not behind you. That's the main thing. Here you are, as long as you can be in your head is completely rested. That top arm is a kickstand. Inhale, prepare, start. Exhaling first as if you reach the legs. So they had to just lift.

It's not very high. Inhale, reach and further. As you lower down, they can touch a little bit and then right away, exhale, come back up. [inaudible] inhale down. [inaudible] exhale, feel the length again. If you're gonna roll one way, you want to roll backwards a little, but I'd prefer you worked directly the side. Last one. Here it is. [inaudible] no big deal. Right? But you kind of feel parts of your body. I'll bet if you paid attention, turn onto your back. Lie Down.

[inaudible] okay, so now it's time to work. Well, we'll play a little more, but pick up your feet and your knees. Hold on behind your size. This is that rock and rolling. It'll end up being rolling like a ball later. Press your legs away, so hold on where it's easy to kind of hold on. It might change as you go. Press the legs away, pick your head up, look towards your thighs, probably maybe your abs a little bit and then find a position where you feel like you've con you've rounded your spine. You're not just flat this, this won't help you. You actually want to round your spine. Get up off that mat, so to speak. Then if you can drop the feet, I'll, we'll let ourselves give us one little kick and then then we go back to that sensation of staying grounded. Inhale back, exhale up. Try to keep it like this. No, no skips, no jumps, no flat spots.

If there are noticing, maybe stretch yourself out a little more. If that happens, if it, if it's like a piece of cake, bring it in closer and do it and it's exhale. Inhale. The Butt must come off the ground to keep the rolling action. We'll do three more. One Oh two three up and hold. Grab your theraband.

That's right. Here we go. I mean, but even that right? Doesn't it just feel good to move if you haven't been moving. I know you're nodding yes. If you have been moving and you're waiting for all the action, stay tuned. I'm taking the theraband. Doesn't matter the full length.

You just want to be able to get a good grip on it. I'm wrapping it just around, not even wrapping it. I'm just supporting my feet. All right. We did the rollback last time with our arms and this is kind of a nicer way to, not a nicer way, but another way to feel this experience. So heels are in the ground. That minor part that can be together. It's go crazy. Pick one arms are to stay straight. That's probably the hardest part.

[inaudible] like they're on rails. My legs are, are not gonna move in that I'm not gonna I should say my feet aren't gonna move. Keep the heels pinned. Your knees might change. We're just gonna roll back. You know this exercise arm straight. Inhale. Exhale. The hipbones roll out from underneath you. We're just trying to touch parts of the body into the mat sequentially.

Naturally our shoulders could come up, but we don't need to do that. It just doesn't look good and it's that efficient. Inhale, stop at the shoulder blades. Ish. Look at the abs for a moment. Just so you know what's going on. When you exhale, can you feel or see the abdominal somewhat flattened? Can you, can you hold the abdominals back a little bit? Keep the curve and only at the last minute straighten up and just cause it feels good. Go ahead and bend those arms and use your back muscles. Let them go. Let the arms go. Roll down. Exhale and something.

I haven't talked a whole lot about it as the breath cause I don't want you to worry about it much in her hold. I'll still say it. Exhale and come back up and it is part choreography from me. It helps me remember what I'm doing. I'm bending the elbows, I'm straightening my spine. I'm not totally thrusting my ribs, but kind of a little cause it feels good. Exhale the arms and pull the belly back. Let's just do one more like that.

Okay. Straight in the spine. As you do Ben elbows. I'm gonna, I'm gonna leave out the arm part. It just felt good for a moment. Now we're just rolling down. We'll go a little further. Just nothing changes with the feet. If your knee straighten out a little, just because they do, they do let your head touch, Huh? And now pretend the band wasn't there. It is.

But if you had to get up from here without it, what would you do? I don't know. Just do it. Lift your head. Look up. You're getting up. Your arms aren't doing a thing, so then there's no need to straighten them. If it didn't help you enough, you grew up closer to your feet. Right? So let it help you. If you're just returning, keep going. Excel down.

We're laying down again. If you're returning to the glottis, you know how you can oppose the band, right? Your fear go on one way, your spine is gone the other, so you make that work for you. You could do this for 400 years hopefully, and there's always something new to find. I'm doing just two more and everyone who's done it for any length of time knows that. But all we have to think about as we're doing it for us, we're doing it to feel good and we are doing good for our body. [inaudible] last one. Inhale, lift up. Exhale up quicker.

[inaudible] okay, so now we're just gonna take again, these are familiar exercises just done differently. We're doing the single leg circle. One of the common PyLadies exercises. I'm going to leave my legs straight today, but you may find you want the bottom leg. I have one foot in the strap now the bottom leg will stay down. If you find it's too still too tight, I'll explain. You can, you can change it, but we lie down the leg that has the band make it feel secure.

So you know, it's resting in it. If going to a straight leg really alters your position or hurts your to bend the lower leg, you know, and gradually walk it out. That's the rule for today. The elbows are on the ground and you definitely want the leg to feel supported and you can, you can pull as much as you want. Just try not to over grip the hands. Just hold that pant. We're doing this circle. Leave the leg, the foot relaxed. We cross the midline, we circle around, we stop right where we started, we cross, we drop forever and back. So, um, and you breed however you want.

I'll give you one in a minute, but here's what I'm thinking on for you. For us, try not to move anything else, but the leg, it's like a mortar and pestle. The leg in the hip joint, right? All right, so if we need breath pattern, here it is. I'm an inhale cross. Exhale down around, up, boom. And you start to feel, imagine, boom, that the band is in there. You could do this without the venue. We'll do this without the band. Or you can do it without and now, but you're going to keep those hips still. Last one. Let's just do a few the other way, not worrying too much about the count.

Let's worry about the technique on this one. Cause this one freezes up for a lot of other things. If you need a breath, inhaling out, exhale around. Boom. At least for today, inhale out around. I often have to remind myself to keep the elbows on the table or the mat or the floor or whatever. So we'll lift them up. Let them be an anchor for you. Let the leg just fall into it and you'll see how the rest of the body supports you when something else is free within it. Ooh, there's something good in that statement. Last one.

Okay. Just bring it down enough to change legs. See what you've got. It's worth looking that you didn't hike or raise the hip that's in the air toward the shoulder. It's natural. So I would encourage you to think you're doing it and then try and reach the, the sit bone or the back of the leg towards the other ankle. Here we go, cross the midline, cross the midline. It's not that far and exhale down around up.

Let it be easy and then when you do, you'll see that something else has the hole. Do you Yin and Yang so to speak. Again, I'm not so worried about the breath or even the count business obviously it's like, can you support yourself? Can you stir up? Can you lubricate that hip joint? This'll be my last one. I'll go the other way for just a few and it can, some of it is preparatory, some of it is just good work and this one I think is both. This prepares us for a lot to come and in my opinion, a hard one to get if you, if you don't play with it lots of different ways.

This will be my last one while bend the knee. Keep the f, the band word is set the foot down with the knee bent so you've anchored that. He'll put the other foot back in. We're going to look forward, straighten out your arms. I have my knees together. You don't have to and legs and roll up. [inaudible] let the band go. Okay, so you know this one, we're going to the spine stretch. This will end up being your favorite exercise. If I can project that onto you.

This is a version of it that taught me how to do it cause I put it doesn't matter. Souls of the feet together still, this may not be comfortable for you. So this is one of those places where you can sit up on a mat or roll the edge of your mat so you can sit just a little bit higher. Sometimes that'll, that'll make all the difference. But jet your legs out as comfortably. Just sit as tall as you can in your back as the main start position. Bare with all the cuing you know it and you'll continue to know it. And I'm doing it this way today. I have laced the fingers again.

You've given yourself that firm grip through the laced fingers, elbows ever. So slightly forward. We inhale, it's about getting the air out of the lungs. Exhale, we're going down. It's as if you're going to put the top of the head, nothing. Even the forehead, the top of the head on the Mat. Don't eventually maybe right from there. Drop your hands to your calves, your shins, your ankle somewhere.

Then you traction. I have my whole forearm against my shins and I'm tractioning into that diagonal position. I personally have to back up a little to get that diagonal, so my hands slide. I just make it work. So where I feel like I have a diagonal line from there. This is where it starts to get more fun. Keep the spine put. Raise the arms to line up with your ears or the spine.

Imagine being pulled into it more. If you can lean forward more, do some of you will be able to go a lot further than me. Inhale, refold the arms as your spine grows longer. Exhale round over and we're coming right back up. Leave your arms where they are. I know it's a lot of words. We can handle it in here. Keep your arms here with Jess. Randy would just squeezing the air out. You know, falling forward.

You're literally folding over so you can exhale all the air out when you've gone as far as you can. Drop the arms to the legs, wherever it feels right. Start maybe at the tailbone like you're sticking your rear end out. Grow the spine on the diagonal. Challenge Yourself. If you want your feet closer, pull them closer. You know your body. You know it feels good when you feel like you've hit the long line. Extend your arms alongside your ears to the extent that you can.

Inhale refold them right. Imagine the spine gets longer. Exhale, round over and right away. Start to roll back up. I'll give you more tips later, but I think that's plenty of words. Let's just get some of these mechanics down. Inhale, notice I'm not pulling the elbows away behind. It's just stressful. I'm sick. You know it needs it. Let them be where you can kind of see them.

Exhale round forward. [inaudible] almost folding under just under the rib cage. Drop the hands wherever they fall. Grab on. Start to stretch yourself on the diagonal. Grow on the diagonal. Might find you're a little more on a slant as you go.

Try not to look straight ahead. I just caught myself doing that, so I'm going to remind you not to inhale the arms up by the ears. Can you waist to be longer and it's okay if your shoulders rise for now. They don't need to, but they could. Inhale. Refold the arms. You're still in the lean. Exhale, round, forward and roll. I'm going to do one more, but have fun. Have some fun right in here. Xcel down. Get the air out.

Prove it to yourself just before the strain. Drop the arms. Inhale into your diagonal. It should happen a little more easily. Once you've got the initial air out, inhale the arms. Go Up to the ears. Stay here, stay here, and if it hurts you just go wider. If that still hurts, go back to the arms behind the head, but from there it's upper arms back. It's small back.

Breathe however you want. I'm excelling. There's I pull back. Get longer. Just think it doesn't matter if you know what I mean. Just think it. Find it in yourself. It's the way it works anyway and hold longer. Being stretched, stretched. You're stretching yourself. Refold the arms.

Exhale round forward. Roll yourself up. Stay here just for a little twist. Come to the front. Inhale, put the hand that's in back away from where you're looking on that forward leg and assist yourself upwards in the spiral. So I'm not pulling on the knee or the thigh or anything. I'm holding it and I'm assisting myself higher and probably a little more rotation. But the ham back behind your head come center. Go the other way.

Introducing a very basic but very powerful form of the saw high in here and goes down again. You're not gonna pull yourself. You're going to use it. You can hang on tight, but hold the legs still and I like to push down. Feel good, right? Everyone in the background is trying and center. It's just great. Only one more just to get that rotation and somewhere or it's a, it's an assist. You got lots of parts that help you. You should use them.

Here's the tricky part. Wherever you landed, now don't look, you don't have to look. Just put the hand back and you didn't change the rest of the position and center. I'll try and say it better. Last one, you rotate to the extent you can on your own. You didn't lean or anything. You put the hand down, you let yourself have some help. But be careful how far you go cause that's the part you're going to hold. You not going to bounce out of it.

You're just going to put the hand back and there's the work. Oh and from there, let the arms come down. We could stop there, but we're not going to one to two more things lie on your side. You know, it is the sidekick who can be on your elbow, the lower leg at 90 degrees at the knee and the hip. So somewhere where it's, it's your support. What's even more important is that we're not chilling. You know, you're almost done. But stay with me. Get up, make sort of this triangle space between here, reach the top leg up, put it down. I mean really reach it like and then when you lifted it's heavy and you didn't even tighten the leg. Right. Swing it forward, hold it and notice, did you roll back here? Are you where you were? Can you lift this bottom arm? These are just tests. I mean they're not, you don't stay that way but just know it. When you go back, did you go so far forward that you're wondering why are we even doing this or did you stay almost where you started that you can feel where the leg and the button meet go faster and know that here we go, kick forward, kick back, just do it fall back. It gets a little more tricky but not a lot.

We usually flex and then we point and we make our minds work and then we kicked twice, kick, kick, kick, kick and we're more in control. But for now, whatever works, they all work. That's the point. One more time to the back to hold it to the back and come down. I'm going to reach for the leg that's not available to you. We can do a different stretch later, but for now, just since we're here, we're just going to grab onto it or grab onto a pant leg that would allow for just a little stretch of the quad. We did some ab work, Yam, come up, switch sides. I'm sorry, on your elbow. 90 degrees at the hub. Find that stable base.

I'm not too concerned about the feet you're reaching, you're proud. You're something like that. We just swinging the leg initially. I mean, and that's, that sounds easy sometimes, but if you haven't been swinging your leg, even sitting a lot, that part to the back doesn't happen, so make sure it's happening. Really go back and hold it there. Is it behind you and and are you so far forward it's not really behind you or is your upper body where it was and the thigh behind you that that's the key. That's how we walk. Let's try it with some flexing and pointing. Flex forward, point back or keep it the way it was. Just get some lubrication there.

If you want the devil poles here at comms, it's pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. You're in control or in charge, whatever. At least have that. I'm doing last one to the back. Help yourself down to a stretch. Can I just leave the lower leg or adjusted so I don't fall over?

[inaudible] it's a thing. If you listened to the body, especially when you start moving at a tiny bit again, uh, it's gonna tell you what it wants and it'll be far better at cuing you than I ever will be. But the method itself will work. So I know he'll be back for four and this stuff will all start coming together or you'll remember we're not done. I know. It sounds like it. One more face down, face down. You know it. Basically, it's the basic, well, you know what, enough. We did some of the back extension earlier. I want you to fees.

If you rest your forehead, I'll be clear, you're, your arms are straight, your palms are against your thighs as best they can. If you're, if when you touch your thighs, your elbows have to bow when there's lots of reasons that would be, I'm going to say rather, touch the upper inner arm to your body strongly with straight arms from there. Pretend my head's on the floor is just for the mic. Then I'm not doing it. Take an inhale. We're not lifting up just yet. We are drawing abs up on the exhale in every way we have been already. Then on the next one, breathe in. It's okay if to kind of let go a little.

You start that XLU, reach those arms into your body, but also towards your feet. You start to look forward as if you're curious. You're looking forward. You're not thinking about lifting. You're just seeing whatever you're curious about. Go up the wall or whatever's in front of you and you're leaving the abdominals somewhat tight, not excessively.

Just don't hurt your back and then come down and buy. Don't hurt your back. I mean, don't go so high that that's the only place you feel it down would come. Just be curious. You're like the baby. This is it. Enjoy it. Inhale four heads down. Exhale. You just like, Ooh, what's over there? Oh, but it's going up and I, I want to see it. So I need more room around my neck. I want my ribs to stay down.

I can squeeze my arms more if I want to work them, which I imagine we might as well. And then you go down the same way as if you're following and you don't wanna miss it down. Only one more for the day. Inhale, exhale, reach the arms. Look forward, feed her on the ground. That could be it, but I wouldn't. No need no need. And then check out how your neck. Is it like pinching? Is it weird? Can you talk? Don't look so high it hurts. Nothing hurts.

And then come on down. Let your arms be where they need to be. I like mine near my forehead so I can kind of Shimmy out a little bit. Push back, help yourself back. Use your arm strength, round your back. If it's not okay for the knees, you could just stay up on your knees and round or you can push all the way back. [inaudible] and then let's roll ups. We can just start to see each other.

Okay. All right. At least acknowledge the fact that it was day three. We did come at, we are here. We can easily do day four. It's going to be really fun. It's going to be standing and then it'll be almost half over and we'll know that we can take care of ourselves. So thank you for being here. See you next time.

Spring To Life: with Kristi Cooper

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May 06, 2017
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Day 3: Showing Up
Kristi Cooper
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Great Kristi, I love this challenge so far. Its flow and challenging and its amazing how much you can do for 30 min. Im teaching quite a lot, so this is so good opportunity in the busy day to do just something for myself. And also it is very inspiring. Thank you Kristi! jana
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Great! Need the stretch in my back :)
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Kristi, this was just perfect for me today. I've been practicing seriously for eight years this week, and it is a wonderful gift to myself to slow down and fall in love again with this work. Thank you for initiating this 10 day journey we're on together. It's fun!!!!'
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I'm also appreciating the reminder to not push so hard, which I tend to do because it's how I'm wired!! It's great knowing it is okay to listen to my body, even if that means I look a little different from what you're accomplishing in your body.
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OMG! I feel so good.thank you Kristi💙
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Thankyou :)
Mirella Martire
I am so happy to be here with you , thank You for all you do!!!
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Me encantan tus clases kristi! gracias desde Uruguay !!
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Really enjoying this. Thanks Kristi!
Patricia S
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Inspiring! Thank you.
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