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Stretch and Strengthen

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Work on holding energy in your powerhouse with this Mixed Equipment workout by Monica Wilson. She brings back her son's soccer coach to introduce him to the pieces of equipment he has not used. She starts with a quick review, then goes on to stretch and strengthen his whole body using the Mat, Ladder Barrel, Wunda Chair, and High Chair.
What You'll Need: High Chair, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Mat, Mixed Equipment, Overball

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Okay. So today I am here with Nona. Again, he is a professional soccer player as well as soccer coach and I've introduced the mat to him as well as the reformer. Today I want to work a little less on the mat and then we're going to take them to some stretches on the ladder barrel as well as some work on the big chair and the one to chair. So lot of good stuff coming his way. He's not gonna know what hit him. So let's go ahead and lie down on your back, Nona with your feet this way. Good in your head that way and stretch out nice and long. Good.

Go ahead and bend your knees. I have a soccer ball in my hand because he can really relate to that and keeping his energy with it. You might have any other ball at home would do. Okay, so I'm going to put this down for a moment and refute. View a few things right now. And so last time we talked about PyLadies always keeps a frame.

So we have a straight line from one shoulder to the other and a straight line from one hip bone to the other hip bone straight across. And those are directly under your shoulders so that you have a box. Great. And that keeps your balance and stability when you're playing any sport. Right? Okay.

So we have your [inaudible] frame and there's a weightlifting belt right here about five inch. And that's your powerhouse employees. We call it your powerhouse and you want to, um, we also talked about a bowl of soup dumping into your chest. Good. I want to add a different image that I like using a lot, which is, uh, looking at a mattress, your mattress bed mattress at home and it has a button every now and then. And what happens is inside the mattress, there's a string that comes up, grabs onto the button and it pulls it down. Okay? So that it's a little sunken and lower than the rest of the mattress.

So I want you to imagine that there is a string picture. You're back on the mat, your spine and picture of string going from your spine up through your body, grabbing onto your belly button and pulling it down towards that. So your belly button should always be sunken down and a little lower than the rest of your body. Does that make sense? Okay, good. So to start off with though, we are gonna pretend your pelvis, the whole pelvis is a bull soup and I want you to dump the legs. We'll just stay here, dump the bull soup into your chest. Good. And now you're going to dump your pelvis or bull soup out towards the street so that your lower back's a little arched off the map. Okay?

You want a little tunnel under your back and then you're gonna tilt your pelvis towards your belly button, making it be lower pole. Ah, I like that. And then you're going to dump that bowl of soup out towards so that you're stretching your back. If your back is stiff. And that feels good. Great. If it's a little too much, don't go too much, but so I feel okay. And then one more time pulling your belly into your bat. Good.

Now can you do that? Hold your belly button in lower without tightening your top of your legs. Good. Can you do that without pushing your feet into the mat? Just holding it with your belly? Yeah, that's a goal. Okay. Yeah, so we want to hold our energy and our powerhouse without it coming much from our legs. All right, great. Okay, so now I want you to pull that mattress button, belly button into the mat and tilt your whole pelvis towards you. Okay, so there is no little space under your lower back.

Can you get rid of all the space with your stomach, pulling into your back, take a big breath and again, as you exhale, you're going to pull away from my fingers so that that belly button sinks down into the map. Did you think, what'd you think you did there? Push out or pull in. Push pushed up. That's right. Let's try it again and exhale. How about now? Feel your belly Pullen. Yeah. Good. Now I want you to take a big breath and do the same thing.

CEP, as you exhale, you're gonna pull in and bring this knee towards. It's going to float in. Nope, just one leg. Exhale and bring the right leg in. Pull in more, more beautiful. So now you're holding that leg with your stomach and put your foot down as you inhale. So take a big breath and we're gonna do the other leg. Exhale. Good.

So your legs are gonna be supported by your powerhouse. Put that foot down. Big Breath. Exhale, pull in and bring this leg. Now keep that leg and can we add the other one on the next exhale? So big breath stomach. Exhale pulls in and that's what brings, yes, good, good, good.

Now stay there with your belly and instead of the legs, just kind of not knowing what else to do. I want you to hold the ball. Let's hold it between your ankles and you want to what we call hug a midline non-US. You depress so that you can pull your belly and hold it there. Do you got it? Good. Now straighten your arms and start pumping them and exhale. You can lift your head up. Sure. Look at the ball. Even. Good big breath. No tunnel under your back, right. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. It's called the a hundred as you inhale.

Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four. Keep pressing this ball. Keep your tunnel away. Keep your belly the exhale. I'm going to let go and you're going to hold it on your own. Yes. Exhale. Pull it in. You're warming up your stomach. Good.

Two more and exhaling. Yes, you're feeling it in your belly has two. One. Exhale, pulling in in, in, and put your hands here and hug them into you and rest your head down. Much better. Very nice job. Good. Now I want you to straighten your legs on the Mat. [inaudible] and we did this last time. You're going to hold the ball here. Good. But just like you held something between your legs, a ball, you're going to hold something between your arms, which allows you to hug a midline. So a little lower. Yeah. Good. Drop your shoulders into the mat. Good straight arms.

And this time you're going to not let your arms bent. So show me straight arms. That means the elbow stays straight. Good. And you're going to press into the ball and pull your belly button. Yeah. Can you feel that? Now this goes down while this stays reaching up. Good. Now I want you to pretend that this ceiling just dropped down to here and you're never gonna go higher than that. Okay? What does that mean?

I'm going to bring your legs together. I'm going to hold them for you. Bring your head up to look at me. Good. Keep your arms straight and roll up to give me that ball. Bring me that ball. Curl up. Pull your belly in. Good. Stay under that ceiling. Round down. C'Mon. Over. Forward. Forward, forward. Good job. Excellent.

Really good stretch. Does that feel okay? And now roll down. Let's start not with your head. Let's start with your belly button. Remember that mattress button? Pull it in. Pull it into the mat. That's it. And now can you keep your back on the mat?

Take a big breath and exhale. Keep your back flat as you exhale and reach your borrow ball back. Haha. Key and away from me. Yep. Very good. Cause it should be a stretch. The ball comes up. Take a big breath.

Lifting up your head, looking at me. Pull that belly button in and come and touch your toes. Touch your toes. Where are your toes? Down here. There you go. Good. I'm going to come over here and give you a stretch. Take a big breath and exhale. Good, good, good, good. And now we're gonna roll down.

You start with an inhale. I chose going to give me here so you can pull your belly button into my toes. You exhale down? Yes. Here you see how each bone goes down in your back. Good. Take a breath, disappear and stretch back. God, keep holding onto the ball. Pull your belly in and feel this stretch. Run a nice to you.

And now the ball comes up. Squeeze your legs together and look at your ball. I mean look, look at your belly button and roll up. Yes. Pulling in that belly button, using that stomach. Good and stretch. Exhaling forward. God. And we're going to roll down. Press that ball. Show me that good.

And then lower back. Good. Good. If you need help at home, you can rest your head. You can stick your feet under a couch and reach back or something heavy and ball comes up. Lift your head up to look good and use this as you roll up. Very good and stretch forward. Excellent.

And we're gonna press that ball. Thank you. I want to see that strength. Bring your legs together again and roll down here. Pull that belly button in like the mattress button. I love it. And the next bone, align them one straight at a time. Take a breath and exhale is your belly stays on the mat and we stretch.

Jimmer good. Scooping in. Very nice. Pulling that in and rolling down. Bring those legs together. Everything. There's a line down the middle of your body. Pull in that line and stretch back. But no, see I just stuck my whole arm under your vague yes.

One more arms head this time. Pull away from you. That was your best one. I'll give you a stretch for that one. Ain't rolling down. Press that fall scooping in one bone at a time in a straight line. Take another breath and exhale this time.

Don't let me stick my arm underneath you much better. Arms Up. I'll take the ball. Good job. How'd that feel? Good. Good. All right, single leg circles. So bend your knees and put your feet down and bring the legs together. Go ahead and I want you to make sure that your, there's no tunnel under your back. Okay, nice and flat, but you're doing that without pulling that mattress button in and I want to see that mattress button. Okay. And let me see this pull in now you feel it in. I like that hug in. Take a big breath.

Hugging the left knee at a right knee as this one goat pulls in. That's it. Beautiful. Straighten your leg up. [inaudible] good, good, good, good, good. Now I want you to, you know how you're hugging that ball. I want you to push your arms down into the mat just like you were hugging that ball energy going down so that this energy can go up. Don't use that hip. Just keep it there. Good.

It's lots of learn and I want you to take a big breath and let me see that belly button disappear. Thank you. Keep it in and inhale and you're gonna stretch this leg down. I'm going to take it [inaudible] now pull the belly button in and bring this leg up. Yes. Not with the leg muscles with your belly. Oh Wow. You made your leg a lot better. One more on your own. Goes down.

Last time I made you a hold of soccer ball appearing, you had to kick it. Exhale, pull in and yes, up that leg. Great job is your back flat in your belly buttons in. So now we're going to go circle one at this temp of two, three I'm going to let go. Four bulleted fi bulletin. We did six. Let's go the other way. Dad, around one to pull this in.

It's all from here. Yes. A little quicker too. Last one. All right. Bring that knee in and hug. It should feel good to stretch. Is that a good stretch? The foot. Feel good? Yup. Put your foot down back to your stomach. Take a breath. Exhale, make it disappear and bringing the left leg.

Good. Hug It, straighten it to the ceiling and push your arms down into the mat so that they are, have energy going down through the mat energy going up. Take a breath and pull that belly button so it sinks down. Lower. Are we going to reach? That's really good. Does that feel like a lower back stretch too good and pull it back up. Good job with your belly. Now on your own. It goes down.

Beautiful and exhale. Pull it in. Beautiful. There's no space underneath your back and circle one and two. Make the leg free or three, four. Good. Pulling it in and in.

One more since we did six and go the other way. Good one, good. Two and three. Good. Four good. Five and six. And hugging that knee. I'm going to make you do this series one more time. Not Cause, I mean, but I want you to think about it from an app, a soccer point of view. Okay. So now we'll end up using the ball. But if you go to go score and you're so stiff in your leg that you move it like a golf s, you know club.

It's not the way it works, right? You have to, it has to be able to pull really far back and you have to be able to really release it. Right? But this stays strong. Yeah. So your leg was a little bit like, yeah. Okay. So I want you to hold this pressing and I want you to take this stiff and bring the right knee into your chest and your frame is stiff. Bring the leg up, but not this stiff. Hold the circle ball a little closer and you're gonna circle what. Okay.

Frame is stiff. I'm going to let go, not the length. Try to make it loose. Two and three and four and reverse any other way. One differ belly button and two. Yes and three good. Four. Come on. Five enough. Good. Bend the knee and we're going to use the other like belly button. Good. Pull it in. Like up. Good.

A secret is to not let this leg roll in like this. Keep it a little out. Uh Huh. What? Do kick that ball and kick that ball man. Reverse other way. One. Come on, don't tighten that quad and kick. Kick me if you want up here. There we go. Now he's moving to and enough. Good job.

Bend that knee and hug it cause it feels good. Alright, staying there. I want you to keep your belly button in and lift your head up. Good. And we're going to do single leg stretch. So what does that mean? You're going to give me this leg? Oh, that was really good. Nope. Keep that one.

Because this don't harden this leg. Hard in the belly. No. Tunnel underneath. Yeah. And switch legs. Use your belly to switch legs. Legs. Pull your stomach into. Bring this. Yes. Pull it in to switch. Good. Pull it into switch. Yes. Paul it into switch. Good. One more.

And now hug both knees into your chest and relax your head. Good. Are you comfortable like that? All right, good. Rest your feet. Even. You can rest here a little bit. So now you've got to open your eyes. No time to go to the La land, Karen's sleep and dream. Okay? So I want you to see that this is our frame and we, if when you're doing the series of five, which we're doing right now, if I was looking at just this part, go ahead and hold your legs on your, on the stand here. If I was looking at just this part of your body, I wouldn't know that you were doing any exercises.

What that means is I don't want to see you shift side to side or go up and down. I want you to stay in one position and no matter what your hands are doing, none of this moves. You could balance a soccer ball on your head and it wouldn't move. So bring your head up. Good. And I want you to think about that. Okay? Nothing in your shoulders, nothing in your head.

You see how you're like a couple inches off the mat. This isn't going to go down. You see how you have no space under your lower back cause your bottom's a little turned up to you. That's not going to go the other way. You're going to keep your pelvis like that. Okay? Does that make sense? Pretend I'm only looking at this.

I don't want anything to change no matter what I say to do with your arms and legs. All right, we're going to go for it. Ready? Okay. Keep this leg both hands on your right leg and straighten the left. One to the ceiling. Good. Maybe a little lower, but don't tighten it. Remember, I'm looking at this area. Nothing changes and switch and switch. Don't even move your head. Don't move your shoulders. Switch bull in switch. Pool that, but look at your belly button. Switch or what?

Yes. There you go. That's a better and in switch and do three more like that. [inaudible] from the belly button. Nothing's moving in that box. Last one. Grab both ankles. Nothing's moving. Straighten your legs to the ceiling and your arms up at the same time. Yes. Oh, you moved your shoulders. Get up, get up. That's it.

And fold up again and nothing moves. Arms back, legs forward. Who's black by your ears. There we go. Straighten them. And Poland. Yes, and I like it. And pull in and belly button goes down. Feel your stomach stretch, stretch, pull in and stretch legs are together. Thank you. Pull in one more stretch.

Pull in from your belly and rest your head first. Second. I'm going to give you a little break. We're using your stomach or everything else. Ah. Alright. Three more of the series of five. Lifting your head up. All right. Nothing else is tight, but your belly button. Try to relax. Big Breath.

Exhale, relax. Thank you. Good. Now bring the both legs up. Good and grabbed this leg. The right leg. Nothing moves in that frame and switched legs and switch. Good. And switch. Good. And switch. Staying up. Good. That's right.

Switch. I'm going to give you your ball up here again. Switch. Kick the ball. Good. Switch. That's it from your stomach. Not from the quad, right. Switch. Switch. Now think about your head. Hold. Put your hands behind your head. Good. And now we're going to bring both legs up. [inaudible] where are you going?

Yeah, and pull that belly. Thank you. Pull the belly button. It has to be the lowest. Yes. It has to sink into the mat. Good. One more. Yes. Now can you stay up and you're gonna lift up again? Up. Up. Up. Yeah. Keep your hands where they are. Bend this knee. Good.

Now twist to your right knee. Hold. Can you come up higher? Good. Stay here. Good. Okay. Excellent. Keep your hands. Thank you. Look at your right elbow. The other one. Pull it back. Ah, switch. Lift up to this knee. Look at your back. Elbow up, up, up and pulled back. And one more set up.

Pull back that elbow. It's called the twist and switch. Crisscross. Really. Last one. Pull that belly button in and hug both knees in. That was fun, wasn't it? Sit Up. So sometimes your back gives out. So we do spine stretch forward.

Next you're going to put a foot here and a foot there like so give that to me. And can you straighten your legs? Can you sit up if you straighten your legs? Yeah. Well that's good. So now bring all this boxes like this. It's important to put your heel right in the middle. Yeah. Good. All right. Sit up tall. Grab Your Ball, press it, lift off your bottom and sit up taller.

Pull your belly in and try to lift the ball up to the ceiling. Lift your waist up. Yeah. Good. Stay that tall with your body. Just bring your arms down. Bring your head down and exhale. Touch your head to the floor. Good. Oh, I love it. Roll up your back.

One bone at a time and then grow tall again. Good. Keep your waist up. Ball only goes down. Exhale, head down and exhale down. Touch the head down to the mat. That's very nice. Use your belly. Roll Up. [inaudible] and arms down. Waist is up. Yeah, and head down to the mat. Exhale. Good. And now roll up one bone at a time. Mm, not this one.

That bone, that bone tall. Tall, tall, tall, tall. There we go. Good. Last one. Lift off your bottom. Give me more energy up. That's it. All the way up. And then head ball goes down. Then the head and exhale down to the mat. Use that. Stay there for me, not to take another breath. Exhale, pull your stomach in and do a stomach to go lower. Lower. That was brilliant.

And roll up one bone at a time. Non sitting up tall, tall and just relax. Relax your arms. Relax everything. Good. Two more exercises and we're done with the matter. I'm going to take the ball. I want you to turn onto your stomach. I want to give him a backbend cause I'm going to challenge them later on the big chair. So I want you to just lie down with your head right here and legs are straight and arms are straight.

Actually bend the elbows and you're going to get to use these, this bar slides back and forth. So don't worry about, see if you can put your forehead down to on the mat. Yeah. So your whole body is straight. Good legs together. Good. All right, now like that, I want you to just get [inaudible] heavy and like a big blob on the mat. Just like let all your body weight go. Just left. And then I want you to pull your belly in and squeeze your legs together and see if you can pull, just like feel like you lost it. Got a little lighter on the map. Does that make sense?

When you pull your stomach in, getting that mattress button up off the mat, you pull up your weight a little. Now let it all go again. Just let it go. It's like you get really heavy into the mat. All right, last time we're gonna say it hurt your forehead to be down. Just your nose. You can read and Nice aren't I? Squeeze your legs together and press your bottom into the mat. Good. And pull your belly button up. You got it?

Now lift your head up a little and with your belly button in. Start lifting up your chest off the mat, and then keep your belly button in and you can use your arms and you're going to straighten your arms. Good. But the belly button has to stay on. Can you drop your shoulders away from your ears? Good Holt. Is that okay on your shoulders? Look this way. [inaudible]. Now Bring Your Chin as close to your chest as you can and look all the way over this shoulder. Beautiful. All the way over this one.

And then look forward and reverse. Look this way and look down and cross all the way to the other shoulder. Look forward. Strong arms, but as your belly in, ah, and come down bending your elbows. Good. We just do that one more time. Squeeze the buttocks there. Tight the belly button.

Mattress buttons up and lift your head up and slowly lift. Lift, lift. Good. Look over your left shoulder first. Chin goes down to your chest, over your right shoulder. Look forward. Look over your right shoulder. Chin goes down to your chest. Look over your lecturer and look forward. Tummy check. Are you in now?

Can you make your felt self grow taller and longer? Good. And pretend like you're pulling the mat behind you as you come down, lengthening to come down. Love it. Bring that left shoulder back. Right shoulder. Thank you. Keep going. Lengthening, lengthening. Very good. If your knees are okay, go ahead and sit on your heels. Oh [inaudible] good. And now keep where you are, but reach your arms forward.

So just stay here and keep reaching your arms forward. This is a nice stretch. All right, we're going to do one rolling exercise and then we're going to move on. All right, good. Turn onto your back and stay seated and come forward a little bit. Good. All right, good. Nice job.

But your hands right by your side and can you lift your bottom so it's here? Yeah, bending your knees. Good. Stay there and pull that mattress button in. Is it in? Good. Open your knees. So there [inaudible] good. And now pull your mattress button in and we're gonna lift up a foot towards you. Excellent. Try to balance. Yeah, pull your belly button in and bring this one up too. Woo.

Now if you can keep your belly button in and you're going to put your hands right here underneath your ankles, that's excellent. Can My head forward. That helps. Now I want you to imagine there's a soccer ball behind you and kick that ball. You're going to just roll back. Okay. Roll that. Come up and balance hold belly button. That's it. Inhale, roll back. Exhale. Come up. Hold. Yes. Inhale, roll back. Exhale. Come up. Hold three more. Okay.

Roll back. Exhale. Hold with that belly button. Exhale. Where's that? Okay, so it's all about the stomach. You can try everything else. A beautiful. It all returns the powerhouse to more and it feels good. It should be a massage on your spine. One last one.

Yep. That's it. Nice job. We're going to move on to some stretches now. Okay. All Right Nana, we are going to come over here. This is called a ladder barrel and there's over 600 different exercises that just plot is created. And he there, I had actually don't know the exact number of apparatuses, but everything is created to help you do better mat work that you just started at. So we're going to do ballet stretches. You know how you always tell my daughter? Are you a ballerina? Yeah. Well now that's, she asked me that. No, I'm kidding.

So you're going to put your hands right here. [inaudible] yeah. Uh, actually I want you to be, it's let go for a second. We're going to walk back until I think your legs distance away from the barrel. Good. I think that's it. And you want to be centered between these two poles, which you are. Okay. And then as you put your right foot right in the middle of this low one, you're going to grab onto these side Poles. Go for it.

[inaudible] good, right there. Good. And a little lower on the foot. Good and white. Now you're going to try to remember how we have this frame. So you need to have these hips, not one in front of the other. They have to be straight across.

Sometimes I do this against the wall so you can feel both bottom cheeks against the wall. Okay. All right. Now you're going to pull in and try to touch your head down to your stomach, onto your thigh and your chest forward onto your knee and your head forward to your toe and relax this area. Good, good, good, good. And now round up your back. Stand up tall and bend that knee and just bend forward for a stretch. Good. Keeping that back heel down and stretching. Good.

Very good stomach in good. Remember it's like a mattress button right here. That looks pretty easy for you, I have to say. So the reason this is a ladder barrel is because the ballerinas that are working on flexibility put their leg all the way up here. But we have these rungs to work your way up there. So since it was pretty easy for you, I'm going to put you up one more, but your foot right there. There you go.

And pull back with your belly button to straight leg. So now you're going to pull back [inaudible] and yes. Good. Very good. Excellent. I'm going to make sure your hips are even wonderful. And now stretch forward your stomach onto your thigh and your chest to your knee and your head. Yeah, that looks a little bit better. I'm still pretty easy. Can you relax this leg a little? Aha. Good.

And now bend that knee and go forward. It's really good Nana. And keep pressing this so that you're getting a good stretch. Good. And since it was again, pretty easy, let's go ahead and go up one more for the third one. Good. And I want you to pull your belly in and try to lower this hip as we go out to a straight leg. That's it. Good. Oh, that's better. And, and we're going to straight in this legs in your, there we go. Oh.

[inaudible] now you're starting to sound more like me and now you're going to um, good and bend the knee and stretch forward. We're just going to do one more after this. So keep that in the lax. All this good. Can you keep this like straight sir? [inaudible] very good. One more time. So the belly button pulls your body back, lowering that thigh so that your hip stay even as you stretch forward as this leg pulling up straight. Good. Good. He's doing it more advanced. He doesn't realize because his is pretty down. If it's up, it's a little easier.

And now you're going to bend that knee one more time to go forward. Keep this leg standing leg straight. Good. And come back and we're going to bring this foot down next to your right, your left. And we're going to start on the bottom rung again to warm it up right in the middle. Yeah, that's not quite middle. Thank you. Go ahead. And this is easy for you. You're going to go forward.

[inaudible] standing leg straight. Excellent. Good. Very, very important to keep stretched when you're playing sports. Come up tall and bend that knee. Good. And stretch, stretch, stretch. Good. And now come back with your belly and you're going to put the foot up in the middle of the next one and lower that thigh. Good. And stretch forward your stomach onto that thigh, your chest to the knee and head to the foot.

Not Bet. Okay. And now you're going to bend this knee and go forward. Good. Was that still pretty easy or good? So on the last one, now we're going to do two on up here. Foot right in the middle. Lift it up. That's good. Good. You feel stable? It's not going to be easy. Lower this left hip is hiking.

Cried a bit. You've got to let go of it. You got to straighten that leg. And we're stretching now. Ah Huh. Yes. That's really good. Excellent. Now bend that knee and go forward without hiking this hip. Really good awareness. [inaudible] good.

Can you stretch that? [inaudible] so you can get a Achilles is very important to get that stretch and last time stomach in and pull back. Dropping this hip, not tightening it. Thank you. Not as you stretch forward. Yeah. And then bend it and come in.

[inaudible] relaxing these good. And bring your foot down. And we're going to go inside the barrel and face me. Good job. So you're going to come over here. Your quads are a little tight, so I'm going to teach you how to stretch them. So you're going to stand in a Pilati stance like that. And you're going to stand right here. Got It. Yeah. Okay, let's do it.

So there's a whole series where your toes are all the way forward and in heels together. Good. Uh, but toes apart. Hmm. Good. I'm gonna come over here, grab onto those handles again. Good. And this is your right leg, right? I want you to give me your right foot. Good. And we're gonna put the foot like this. There you go. Good. Alright. Maybe up the top of the foot. A little higher. Good.

And we're going to have the knees together. Yes. Now, do you remember that bowl of soup that we talked about? So if you were dumping it out, it would look like this. Yeah. Okay. And there would be this huge tunnel, but if you are dumping it towards you, it would be, and I want you to dump it towards you and then squeeze your bottom forward towards me. Keep pushing your body towards me. That's it. Five, four, big stretch through here.

And enough, we're gonna cross the foot this way again to bring it down. It's very good for the knee and hip. And we're going to give me this foot now to do the other leg. Okay. Right there. So pull the belly in, dump that bowl of soup and push your hips to the parking lot. That's better. Knees or trying to be together. And Are you getting a quad stretch? Yeah. Good.

A really good one or so. So and bring this foot down. We out one in each side. So bring cross the foot away. Good. Good. Knees are together. Good stomachs and very nice tall line here. Good. And you're gonna press the hip forward. Really stretching in here.

Good. That's excellent. And Cross and last one here. Good and knees are together. Okay. Careful stomach in this hips a little. There we go. And so you're dumping that bowl soup into you. How's that?

Oh that's, that's a little better now. Four, three now. I'm sorry, but you're avoiding the stretch a little. That's it. So it's common. You're going to not do that. You're going to sit to push away from it. So make sure your hips stay under you. Okay. K cross the foot towards the ocean. Good. And we're going to go onto the one to chair now. Okay. So now we have the one, two chair eight you, I think it originally was called the wonder chair, but it's now known as the wounded chair due to his thick German accent. Okay.

One of the first home pieces of equipment. So you could do this like amazing, super advanced workout all in this. And it takes very little space in your house. Very advanced piece of equipment. But you can do some basic exercises and I'm going to start off with some nice stretches for you because I'm at nice type of, so remember that I started off with some nice stretches because all four exercises are, are not nice. Okay? Okay. So we have one spring in the middle and we're going to put this pad down right here and I want you to sit down on it and straighten your legs with one on each side. You can, I have two pads. Get what you need to do. The one to chair. Good. And the Huh? There you go.

Good. And can you sit up tall? Very good. Can you put your hands on the pedal? This is called the pedal. Good. Can you sit up tall again? Thank you. Alright, so I want you to pull that mattress button in. Good. So this is a strength in your stomach and to give you a stretch, I want you to take a big breath. Inhale. And then as you exhale, bring your head down and pull this in. Good. And can you pull back a little bit? Rounding your lower back to them.

Try to pull the pedal down with your lower back. Good. And they'll sit up tall. God, good, good, good. And so this is your upper back. This is your middle back and this is your lower back, right? And the arms are, they're gonna follow you itself. It's a little odd, but they're just going to move with you.

You're not going to move them forward first. Okay? So I want you to take a big breath. Exhale, pull your belly button in and look down and try to lift off your bottom. Can you squeeze? Aha. Good. Take another breath. Big Inhale. And as you exhale, can you get the lower back to go down to the mat a little bit. Pull away from me to pull back, back, back. That's good. Sit up tall.

That's it. Good. So I want two things to happen. I want that lower back to go that way. And I want your up your head to go that way. So you're gonna really round. Sit Up Tall, lift off your bottom. Big Breath. And now head down and exhale.

This goes rounds and this upper stomach goes down, down, down, and lift up. Tall, big breath, and exhale, head down and good, good, lower body. Good that sit and upper body's going forward. Forward and inhale up and you're going to get one more time. Lock your shoulders into your joints. Thank you. Big Breath and exhale. Head to your chest and pull it into the lower belly. Really?

I love that belly button. And now upper stomach gets your head forward through your arms and sit up tall. That was really good. Nice. Don't get so tired. Okay. Maybe scoop. I'm going to push in a little to you and we're going to do something called teaser stretch. Okay. Okay. Right there. Good.

I'm going to kneel up here and I want you to put grab onto here, but your feet are going to be up here. You can do that. That's fine. Give me your feet. Good, good. And now grab onto the side. Give me your hands if you need. Good. And stay there like feed her together. Yeah, little forward. Push this. You're very agile. Imagine that as a soccer player.

All right. Feet together. God. All right, take a big breath. And so this is called teaser stretch and we're going to exhale and stop tightening everything in your body and just, I'm going to give all I get to just stretch you. Relax this. Thank you sir. Big Breath and exhale. Use your belly. That's it. Good. Do you feel like it still leads to come forward towards you? A little bit.

There you go. Good. So now you're gonna put your hands right here. Good. Sit up tall. No, let's tall. Ah, straight arms. Go ahead, take a big breath. As you exhale, look down at your belly button and get this down to the mat and the pedals are going to go down a little and then sit up, back up. Straight arms, straight arms, big breasts. Sit up tall. Exhale, head down. Keep your arms straight and pull the belly button in more, more, more. That's what I'm talking about. Sit up tall and exhale. Look down at your belly button and pull it in in, and go ahead and grab on to here and stretch.

That is teaser stretch the first part. And that's all we are doing today. That is wonderful. Did you feel how your belly button pulled in? Good. Swing your legs to the side and stand up any way you can. Good. Alright, so that was one spring. Now we're going to do a challenging exercise.

Okay. We're going to start getting to feeling Pilati here. I'm going to slide it a little bit towards you. Good. And I'm gonna give you a little help. Okay? So I'm gonna these springs can help you depending on where they are. So I'm going to put actually, um, this one. No, I'm going to keep it on one spring. I'm going to give you help by spotting you.

Do you trust me Nana? I know. Well, if, if you want to feel a really good stomach workout, you're going to trust me right now. Okay? So you're going to come over here. This is called pumping, kneeling, and you're going to kneel right here and you're going to be really tall. Okay? This is going to be your starting position. All right? Do you like candy canes? I had a feeling, so I'm trying to think of something that you, you don't know at Christmas time, those red and white striped things that you, that like peppermint and you know, and Ghana doesn't have, have candy canes.

[inaudible] really? It's bad for you. Wow. That's good. Hm. Well almost you don't want to do this without me. Maybe skip back a tiny bit. That's enough. Good. All right, good. All right. Um, we're going to, I'm going to hold on. Go ahead and reach your arms up. Good.

And pull that belly button in. Excellent. Good. Alright. You don't need to put your bottom back to pull your belly button in. In fact, squeeze your body belly button. Tighten those. Now I'm going to hold you. Do you remember that pedal? That black peddle your hands were on when you're s so I want you to pretend you're against a wall and start rolling off an imaginary wall and try not to sit on me. Keep going down. Try Not did. Let your bottom go back anymore. Use your belly.

Get your hands down onto that pedal. Where's the battle? Good. Stay there. Squeeze your bottom forward an inch. Beautiful. Keep your bottom there. Pool that belly in, and go down to the floor. That's it. That's it. Down, down, down, down. Damn. What goes down and has to come up. Get your bottom back over your knees.

Thank you. And pull up with your belly up, up, up, up, up. Don't come all the way up. Keep your hands down while come all the way up. Now. Good. Arms up to the ceiling. So you're going to do three. Staying with your hands on the pedals. That make sense? Okay. Squeeze your bottom forward because it stabilizes you.

Pull your belly button in, roll off and imaginary. We'll keep your bottom. Keep it tight. Keep your belly, pull it in like a mattress button. Hold, hold. Does it come back? Come back with the hips. Yes. Positioning is very important on it. You don't want in your bottom. Um, any further back can, uh, can you stay down there, stay down and bring your bottom over your knees. Now stay right there and the rest of your body works. Head. Looks at the pedal pedal. Even looks at your belly button.

Would be better and go down all the way. Great job with your hips. Don't move them. Don't move them and pull your belly button in to pull up just to there and go down again. That's it. I'm looking at his lower back. Pull your belly button in your lower back and pull up with the lower belly. Yes, give me one more down and pull up with the lower belly. Get that mattress button in. Now will all the way up to the ceiling.

Keep your bottom forward forward. Pull your belly in, arms up to the ceiling. Thank you. Not very good. Good job. She feel your stomach. That'll help you with the next exercise. Go ahead and step backwards carefully. Yes. So I tell you, we're going to add a spring, a top spring. So now we're going to be one top one middle as your last exercise before we go over to the one to chair and you're going to come over on this side.

Okay. How are you doing? Okay. Stay here. And um, you know how you kneeled so tall. Yeah. Get your feet in a [inaudible] stance. Good job. And now pull your belly button in and reach your arms up. Good. And now pretend you're against a wall again and slowly roll off that wall and put your hands here. Good. Alright, now put your foot up on this pedal and it's strong now. Okay, either one. And we're going to bring it down. It's going to stay down. You're going to put your other foot up there. Good.

Alright. And now put your hands right here. Good. And now take your toes back a little bit. And so they're like mine, but heels together. Toes apart. Good. All Right Nana. So normally what people do is they have all their weight on their feet because that's what feels safe. And so you have your weight on the pedal, but it'll never come up like that. So what people like to do is they like to cheat to come up to do this exercise, and they bring their body weight all the way in front of their hands. But that's not what you're going to do, right? We're going to do it, we're going to feel it correctly. So I want you to straighten your arms. Good.

Come forward with your shoulders so they're over your risk. Good. But I need you to dump the bowl of soup towards you because it's really a way from you. So scoop in your belly. Uh Huh. And hold on a second. I see you coming up. Might be a little strong for you. Can you squeeze your bottom and, and bring tilt your pelvis a little toy. Thank you. Now look at your belly button. Good. And um, we're going to keep those arms straight, sir. Thank you. This has to round.

Can you pull into here and come up with the pedal? Pull the pedal all the way up to the ceiling from here. From here, come on. Up, up, up and now control it as it goes down, down, down. Get those heels together and lift him up. [inaudible] pull your belly in. Good. Get that mattress button in. Get that mattress button in all the way and go down, down.

Try to get your tailbone down first. One more time. But before you do it, can you please tilt your pelvis towards you by squeezing? Yeah, that's better. Good. Straight arms up. You starting to muscle through it. Straight arms. Stomach. No cheating, sir. Good. Go down one inch. Pull it up down an inch. Pull it up. One more. Pull it up and go down with control pole in your belly.

Sure. [inaudible] Oh, good for you. Oh No. Take this with down to the floor, the right foot and the other. We're going to control it up. Bring this foot on the floor and stand up with control with your belly button. Fantastic, sir. Just a few more big chair exercises. All right.

Okay. Okay. So now we have the big chair or high chair or electric chair and we're going, um, it's really, really important, um, to make sure that you're stable, right? And that you're doing everything from your stomach and not from your back so that you don't injure yourself. And that's hard when you have really strong legs. So this is the big chair. So go ahead. There is no good looking way.

You're gonna sit down right here and your back's gonna go here. Yep. Just whatever seems natural. I'm gonna put this non-slip pad. The big chair always has two springs on the top. Now put your toes up here. [inaudible] good, good. And that's all I need right now. Okay, that's good. Actually.

Put your arms around [inaudible] and then they're going to be lower like this. Good. All right, so we have your frame. Remember that? And it's all against the back board. When you get really advanced, we take this off and you have to do the same exercise on top of the one two chair. But here you get something to feel your back against. So when you're sitting right now, you're a little bit, we've, I have let you do a lot of uh, pelvic tilting.

I want you to actually stick your bottom out behind you, stick your tail bone out and get your tailbone back against the board. See if you can do that. Tell me when you feel your tailbone back there. [inaudible] cause [inaudible] on top of the tailbone, there's a triangle bones called your sacrum. And I need all of that against the board too. And so those arms are there like this to hold to delicate glasses and you're going to, it helps you to pull in to the board more.

So that mattress button is really pulled in. Can you feel your mattress button pulled into your back so there's no tunnel behind your back? Good. Blocks your shoulders. Drop them a little. Uh Huh. And Head Up. Good. Good, good. All right, you're in pretty good position. Everything else. I'm going to bring your feet just a little wider and lift your heels up and bring them together. Good heels touching. Okay. You have, you have $1 million check between those heels. Oh yeah.

You don't want to lose it. Okay. And those delicate glasses. All right. I need you to hold that position and understand that when you use your leg, you want to keep pulling into here. So watch my back. If I only used my leg, my back would look like this. It would go forward off the board. But if I'm using my stomach, it's gonna look like this. Okay. So I'm gonna pump it a little bit for you and you are going to pull into the board. Just let me have this, this Kiehl's together. Thank you. Keep your heels together. Thank you.

Stay on. There we go. Good. Now you take over. Very good. Pulling into the board, into the board, into the board. Can you get your shoulders down and the head up? There you go. Good. That's it. Pulling into the board. So you're using your stomach as well as your legs. Does that make sense? Good.

Stop. Now keep this foot here and lift this leg straight out. Up. Good. Here. Good. Are both sides of your back against that board? Good. There is. Ah, and this legs here. Okay.

Relax it. Pull in. Oh, do 10 now pull in one, two, three, four, five here. Five, six. Control. No bouncing. Smooth. Ah, that's enough. Switch. Good. Give me this leg. Good. Not The needs. Locking. Pulling in ten one, two, good. Pulling in more. Aha. That's it.

Nine. And then all of a sudden that's harder. Huh? Both legs on here. Can you bring the knees together? The toes together, or u s is your back still against the board? Lift your heels up. Good. Really lift him up. Good. Squeeze. Good. Pulling your belly in.

I'm not going to do it for you. You're going to pull in and stay up tall and 10. Keep squeezing together. Squeeze. Squeeze. This is good for your legs, your belly, everything. Keep your feet together. Feet together. All in your belly. Good for you.

That's enough of that. Good. Hmm. Come off. Step off any way you can, sir, and we're going to do going up front. All right. Both hands on these handles. Okay. And you're going to put your right foot up on the peddle. Oh, you're going to smash your toes? Yeah. Thank you. And we're going to pull it down together and then put your other foot up there.

Good. Yes. Good. And I want you to put your right foot right here. Watch your toes here. Don't bang them. Good. Get the toe all the way. Flat. Knee hands. Good. I like it. Nice job. Okay. This is your [inaudible] box member. It has to be a little leaning forward. So lean the shoulders a little forward.

Good. I want you to keep this exact position. Pull your belly in and you're going to come all the way up with your stomach and excellent all the way up. Don't round your backs. Keep lifting your chest up forward over that bar all the way up and come down. Very good. Can you lift this heel up? It's turning out. Can you go? Yeah, cause you guys sick a lot.

Lot sickle a lot in soccer. Huh? So, and we're going to pull your belly in. Excellent. Lifting your chest is that knee against that board and come down. I like it. You're doing a great job pulling in and up. Good not and you're doing so good. I want you to stay here and straighten this arm like that.

[inaudible] come on, show me strong. No, just one. Oh yeah, we'll get to two and pull your belly in. Good and down. You're doing this so well known and because you are not moving your box to keep your shoulders a little forward and one more stomach. Good stomach, good knee. All right. If you can keep your frame and use your stomach, bring both arms up and we're gonna pull your belly on and come on.

Good balance and down. One more. Make sure your standing foot is on that pedal. Even the ball, the big toe and down. Fantastic hands here. Good for you. Right foot down, left foot up. Watch your toes. Knee arrests against their both hands up here and your frame.

Lean a little forward. Relax that shoulder. We're going to get to some shoulder work. I make sure you feel your stomach is lifting you up. Here we go. We're going to use your belly. Excellent job. This hips a little high. Can you lower it so your hips are straight? So stay here. Well, come on all the way up and then you'll figure it. You'll feel it.

Pull it in as you come all the way up right here. Can you lower your left hip a little? Okay. And come down just to there for here and pull your belly in and come up. Good. Keep your shoulders in front of you and right to there and up stomach.

It's not a quad exercise. You want to use your belly and your right. Gloop all the way up. Good. Now you're using that right glue. Stay here. Can you bring your right foot back a little bit so that the toes are more there? You'll lift your heel up. Lean that knee back. Lift this arm up now.

Good shoulders are a little in front of the hips, please. Thank you. Use your belly and this glute and that's it. All the way up. Up, up, up and down. Don't stop using your stomach. Stomach in. Mm. Do you feel like you can do? No hands on this side. All right.

Both hands and stomach in. Okay. And Dan. Excellent frame. One more stomach in great stomach. Good. CanNot put your hands down here.

Put Your foot on the pedal next to your other one. Have just like an inch between the two. No, no, no. Bring it like just like the yes and the little space between the toes and then the heels together. Good. Squeeze your glutes forward. Pull your belly in now drop your shoulders. Good. Keep them away from your ears. This doesn't look good, right?

So we're not going to do that at all right now, right hands, or you're going to do whatever you can, but lean into the chair and you're going to go to straight arm. So let's pull the body weight up. Squeeze your bottom, pull the belly in and up. You Go. Press into your arms. Go Watch your head right there. And straight arms all the way straight. Shoulders away from yours. Lift your chest up more. Thank you. Squeezing the buttocks. That's it.

Elbows go straight back and come up. Hold. That wasn't straight back. They went out to the side. Straight back. The elbows go straight back and up from here. Hold. Got It. Straight back to me. Now. Thank you. And up. Now we're talking to more up stomach.

Thank you. Up with the chest. One more. Bending and up with the chest. Good job. Come all the way down. Stay here. And you're gonna take a turn around. So put your feet here as you turn around and face me. [inaudible]. Good. I'm going to hold it too. I got Ya. And then feet back here.

Good you. Oh yeah, I know. And now your hands on those handles. Good, good. And Lean back a little. And Are you okay right now? Cause I want to tell you something before I have you in a bad position. Okay? Okay. You know on the, in the gym sometimes you lift your knees up to do those.

Okay. Have you ever done that? Yeah. Okay. We're going to do something similar in a second. So I want you to lean back a little and straighten your arms. Use Your glutes and your stomach. You can do it. It's actually a lot easier than the other way.

Get your up out of your shoulders. Pull your weight up more. Squeeze. Yes. Same exercise. Five elbow back, elbow straight back and come up. You don't have to go so low Dan. Elbow Straight and use your glutes on your stomach. Great. Three more. Pulling it. Nice. Two more. Lift your chest up out of your shoulders. Thank you. One more. Hold your way up.

Pull up even more. That's it. Now can you get your feet off the pedal and bring your knees up, Tom on both knees, sir? [inaudible] yes. And down and come on up. Thank you. And Dan and stomach two more and down. Last one. Straight arms. Thank you. And feet down. Good.

And come all the way down. I can't be nice. Oh, don't go anywhere on me. Stay here. I'm gonna let you stretch. Okay. So you're gonna look up to the ceiling and let your body weight go forward. Hips forward, chest up to the ceiling and just stretch head back. I'm nice sometimes not. Come back.

And you're going to turn around putting your feet. Yes. Face forward. You can do one more stretch. And you're all done. Feet here. Good. Keep your arms straight and round your pet down to your legs. Almost good. Straight. Yeah. Straight arms. Pull in. Take a breath. Stretch.

[inaudible] come on. [inaudible]. Alright, Ms. Strength, one foot to the floor. Control the pedal up. Stand up tall. And you're all done, my friend. Good job. Nice work.

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Really great cueing and visualisation here. Lovely to see you working with the fundamentals on a 1:1 basis. Seemed like his neck was somewhat out of alignment? Would you perhaps recommend a block under the head? Some great tips here thanks Monica. Best wishes Sarah

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