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Challenge your mind and intuition with this quick Mat workout by Colleen Glenn-Wilson. She teaches a basic class without any ado so you can breathe and move with it. She encourages you to move with ease and control while you keep the rhythm so you can flow from one movement to the next.
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May 27, 2017
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Here we are back with Jackie and Cara, thank you. We're gonna run through kind of a basic level one two mat without any ado, just gonna breathe, move, I'll say the exercise, go ahead and join us and challenge your mind, challenge your intellect, just challenge your intuition and just move with it and get the mastery. So come to the front of the mat. And sit down as you like and breathe in as you sit down, lay out for your 100s, but everything you do, do with control and grace and ease today. And lift your eyes, chin, chest, and begin to breathe in, (clapping) and out.

In and out, that's it, four two three four five, out. In with a breath, out. In and out, straight arms, six eight inch pump. Lift those abs in it, up, one more. And lower the heels, arms straight to the ceiling only, lift your chin, chest inhale as you roll up, exhale forward, flex your feet, roll it back, bone by bone, arms reach to the ceiling, head down, come right back, chin in, out with your air, and inhale and out, go with me, in, and exhale...

Inhale... Exhale, last one, in... And out, bring the right leg with you for one leg circle, cross, down, around, up, one. Cross, down, around, two, cross, down, around, three, cross, down, around, four, cross, down, around, reverse. Open, around, up, open, cross, up.

Three around, pause, four, around, up. And scissor the legs, badaboom, and cross around, and one, cross, around and two. That's it, you can keep it small, keep the rhythm, down around and up. Down, around, reverse, open, cross and up. Down, around and up, down, around and up.

Cross, down and up, cross, down, hold it, lower the leg, lift your head, roll up, no dragging the basket, keep your bottom, and go six times, roll back and come up, one, pause. Roll back and come up, two, roll back, hips up ribs in, three more, hips up, ribs in, roll upside down, backside up, one more, hold it, put your hands on the mat, lift your bottom to the middle of the mat, please. Roll down, here we go, breathe in, in, out, out. In, in, out, out, is your neck loose, loose? (laughs) Double leg stretch, breathe in long and thin, circle, hug it in, go. (breathing) Grab your ankles and pull 'em into your bottom, sit up. Open the legs, breathe in, and exhale one, exhale two, exhale three, roll it up because you have to, and you have to breathe, and go, and one, and two, and three, and lift up, last time, pinch your seat, go tall but round over at the same time, and lift arms to the side for saw.

Twist, round and reach, and reach, and reach, and inhale because you have to, you inspire, two, three, and come up, and wring out the lungs, bend, bend, bend, and up, and over and one, and two, and three, and up, one more each side, what the heck, one, two, this one's a nice one, I'm giving it to you. (laughs) And round, round, round, bring your legs together, shake it out, roll forward to the front of the mat. Hands right underneath you, breathe in for your (inhaling) swan one neck roll, twist, circle around, twist stretch the neck, ribs in, lengthen as you come down, again, breathe in, come up, pause, exhale, pull your belly off the mat as you come down. Again, breathe in, eyes, chin, chest, heart, exhale, sit back on your heels and rest. Quick rest, side kicks, five of each, find your position. Flex your feet in the middle of the box, and here we go, little quicker, and kick, kick, and kick, kick, kick, kick, and back, back, two leg, all-body exercise, and four, four, in, in, come on Cara, hold your guts up.

And boom, join your legs together, up, flex and pull, up, flex and long, Jackie, and up, three, and pull, up, four and hold, one more, up, and lengthen down, inner thighs, and go, no no no, not circles, inner thigh, like we did earlier, and lift one, and two, I know, it was weird to leave that out. Three, and four, hold it, five, circle, five, four, three, two, and reverse, five, four, three, two, hold the leg up, join the legs together, keep 'em up, and then roll to the mat, knees off the mat, grasshopper, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, hold it, lift your legs up, and go to the other side, nice. Front of the box, and go, and kick, kick, and back, back. Kick, kick, back, back, and three, three, and back, back, and four, four, turn that leg out when you kick forward. Boom, boom, and now join the legs together and kick it up loose, pull down long and strong, up, two, and a pull, up, three, and a pull, up, four, and a pull, up, five, and a pull, inner thighs, bottom leg, circle one, circle two, circle three, circle four, circle five, other way, don't be late, one, two, three, four, we're gonna straight up and down, I forgot it, five up, one, five up, two, five up, three, four, two, and one, hold.

Lower the leg, join your legs together, lie on your back, shake it out a little bit. Shake, bend your knees for your one leg teaser, where the truth comes in, chin to your throat, here we go, breathe in, knees, ankles, toes, lift, press the pelvis into the mat, and knees, ankles, toes, lift, exhale, in with a breath to bring you up, let the air out and switch your legs and go, knees, ankles, toes, lift up smooth and roll it back, and go right back up, don't be late, I had a rhythm, keep your rhythm, and fight for it, and back, sorry I'm stepping on your toe, one more, in, lift those arms by your ears, now roll down, inner thighs together, lower the legs. Shake 'em out again, lift your head, look straight down at your big toe, and now let the chest bring you up, it should be all free, you should dance here, and let's bring our feet in for our seal. Now, pull your toes towards you, lift to roll back, open your back, peekaboo, keep looking forward through your legs, clap, clap, clap, I didn't even add the clap last time. Clap, clap, clap, clap from your groin, yes, pull the feet towards you, it will open up your back a little bit, miss, there, pull that, uh-huh, one more, both of you, yes, and then stay, it's hard to stay here, stay, yes it is, nice, and put your feet down, cross, reach forward toward one another, and stand right up, turn around, come to the back of the mat, arms go straight to the ceiling, you just did it, awesome, now roll over, roll down the spine, walk forward, one hand, two hand, three hand, hold, and breathe in, go down, hold, come up, just for fun take off the right leg, and now give me one pushup there, or stay balanced, other leg, and balance or pushup, down, nice, and put your foot down.

Now walk back, one hand, two hand, try not to shift, hold it here, put the weight over the midfoot and roll the pelvis down, come up lower back, midback, upper back, shoulders, head, nice neck, and turn around and face forward. Step onto the mat back here, and little quick legs together with three little jumps, why not, breathe in (inhale) so you swing (exhale) jump up one, jump up two, jump up three, and come down, open it up, and thank you so much, do this a couple times a week, see you later. (laughs)

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Que energizante, para comenzar el dia!!
Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it!
Yes, I need this quick break to do workout, before i jump into the rest of my day works.Thank you Colleen Wilson
Nice, quick add-on when you wan to do just a little more! Thank you :)
love it

Sue, glad you love it! I love it too!
short and very sweet love it !
Enjoyed this short workout!
Glad you enjoyed the short, invigorating wake me up workout!
Feels great! Great 10-minute workout! Thanks Colleen!
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