Class #3045

Quick Basic Mat

10 min - Class


Challenge your mind and intuition with this quick Mat workout by Colleen Glenn-Wilson. She teaches a basic class without any ado so you can breathe and move with it. She encourages you to move with ease and control while you keep the rhythm so you can flow from one movement to the next.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Here we are back with Jackie and Cara, thank you. We're gonna run through kind of a basic level one two mat without any ado, just gonna breathe, move, I'll say the exercise, go ahead a...

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Que energizante, para comenzar el dia!!
Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it!
Yes, I need this quick break to do workout, before i jump into the rest of my day works.Thank you Colleen Wilson
Nice, quick add-on when you wan to do just a little more! Thank you :)
love it

Sue, glad you love it! I love it too!
short and very sweet love it !
Enjoyed this short workout!
Glad you enjoyed the short, invigorating wake me up workout!
Feels great! Great 10-minute workout! Thanks Colleen!
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