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Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Get ready for a strong workout with this Mat class by Maria Leone. She gets started right away, using clear and direct cues to guide you through a challenging flow. She includes creative variations to exercises like the Hundred, Double Leg Stretch, Side Kick, and much more!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi there, I'm Maria Leoni, and we're going to begin our mat workout for today. So come onto your hands and knees, place your hands right under your shoulders, your knees directly under...

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great class!!
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Phew that was tough! But awesome 👏🏻
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The Lady is Excellent.
Nice to see Maria back here, as I really enjoyed her last two Reformer classes. Some slightly different. variations here...some more yoga-inspired...and great cueing, particularly in breaking down hip circles at the end. Thanks PA, and thanks Maria!
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great class!! :)
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Fantastic and challenging, loved this class and teacher!
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Dear Maria Leone:
Would you be so kind and identify which of the exercises were (1) Classical (2) Contemporary Pilates?(3) Yoga or otherwise?
Much appreciated.
Most of the exercises in this workout build to the traditional exercise and then get varied. Anytime you bring muscle confusion into the equation via variations you prevent plateaus. I try to keep everything I do philosophically aligned to Mr.
Pilates' intention. The more I study yoga the more I am aware of the overlap between the two disciplines. Much of what we consider "traditional or classical" exercises were inspired by yoga. I bring a dance influence into this workout as well as a bit of martial arts. Those are my other two passions. I also transpose some reformer exercises to the mat which makes perfect sense to me.

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thank you Maria Leone:) so happy to see you on Pilates Anytime
great mat workout, seamless & beautiful. Miss you, I hope to be back with you soon!
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I love your class!! amazing
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