Class #3048

Full-Body Reformer

55 min - Class


Get ready for full body integration with this Reformer workout by Maria Leone. She teaches a challenging class using clear cues to guide you through each movement. She includes many variations and progressions to prepare you for the more difficult exercises toward the end of class. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Hi everybody, I'm Maria Leone, and we are going to be doing a challenging reformer workout right now, I have a box nearby, and also a sticky mat, come onto your machine, set up your ma...

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WOW! Maria, you are bloody amazing!!!!
A gem of a workout!
I look forward to trying out some of the things I haven't done before.
I thought you were creative, energetic, gave lovely clear cues and beautiful demonstrations. If I ever get to be that good I would be very happy. Go girl!!! xx
Amazingly creative and challenging and beautiful ! Thank you Maria and of course Pilates Anytime :) Seriously fabulous !!
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This was really fun. I have clients who are athletic, they love a challenge. Thank you so much for your inspiration, good teaching and all around friendly disposition. A great example.
Love it Maria! You are so precise in your cueing. Keep the classes coming!
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I haven't had a good Maria workout in years. I feel all wobbly and sweaty like the good old days! Thanks Maria!
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Great class and a nice workout. Loved some of your variations especially the splits with side bends.
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Maria, I thoroughly enjoy your classes! Would you mind clarifying what a "modified mo fo" stands for? LOL. If that's what I heard?
Hi Everyone- The "MOFO" exercise is something I learned from Mari Winsor about 25 years ago. She was working with a celebrity at the time named Dinah Manoff. Dinah named the exercise and she meant it as "mother **cker". Many teachers use exercises that were designed by Mari. I think it is always important to reference the source. Mari continues to inspire me but in very different ways now that she is confined to bed and respirator.
Thank you! Haha! I figured. It does hurt like a Mo Fo!!
Great workout, thank you!!!
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