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In this 50 minute Mat class, Amy moves you through a classical workout at a deliberate to accelerated pace. Trust what you know and get into the flow of the exercises, focus on the pace and your breathing to build stamina and endurance in an intermediate level class. Enjoy!
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So any requests this morning, mercy, other than mercy? No. Any things you were just craving to do? Dying to do, study, explore, not do other than, you know, risks weight-bearing and so, yeah. Okay. My, my thought was, and so it was kind of thinking about what we're going to do this morning to go quite kind of deliberate pace and just go through, you know, level two, three mat class, which, you know, you may not have as much of the vocabulary yet, but with your other background you might chime right into it and pick it right up and, or just have a new experience physically. So is that fine? We kind of clip on through and because if you're, you know, and it is, you're more familiar with the mat. Sometimes it is nice to just clip along and just to move and I'll prompt as I need to and things. But, um, we'll see how we do. If I'm seeing, you know, SOS signs happening, then I'll change my path. But so let's start standing and the classical map, uh, Joe was forward on the front end so you can walk to the front. The challenge here, Cross feet, and this is really classical, haven't started this this way for months and months and months. Uh, yeah.

So the challenge to then sit down to the mat, relatively plum lines so that we don't break up the hips and booty, but you just kind of have to go for it. Ready? Here we go. So we're in class. We're ready to go. Sit yourself back. I know it's kind of fun. The malware classically began with the 100 nope. Spinal articulation, no curls. So we're going to start that way this morning. Bring your knees towards your chest.

Just start collecting your thoughts on pace and breath. Let's bring our arms up. Curl up to the hundred position. Your legs will come up to a 45 or a little bit higher than that if you need to. You can always lower it down. Arms are by your sides. Let's start our five pumps to [inaudible]. Three [inaudible] four.

So we're looking to pull up off the shoulder blades, broaden the chest, get the feeling of deep abdominals, squeeze and inward contraction. Lower the legs for a little challenge. If anybody's already, you got a big pump in the arms. Five, nine, two, three, four, five, ten two, three, four, five, hold. Squeeze up a little higher. Let's bring your knees in. Hug your knees. Next, exercise the a roll up. So legs down, long. Arms back overhead, making sure you're not in an art spine. Here we go. Arms lift, peel the spine, exhale and curl. Getting a good c curve. You can squeeze the bottom. Breathe in here. Exhale, be rolling back. And then that spine to lay down bone by bone.

Stretch your arms without arching your spine again. Arms head, chest contract, peel up so the head is following the fingertips. Take a breath in and exhale and rolling back. [inaudible] feeling the legs stretch long from the hips. Generally there were five of these, so we're under our third one. Feeling his shoulders at all times, pressing down, away from the ears. Inhale and exhale. We're rounding back two more times. Ah, breathing only filling up that back with all that oxygen, bone by bone along the mat. Stretch last one guys. Inhale, exhale and reach scooping up.

Stomach in and up. Breathing in here. Now we're rolling back. We're going to hold our arms down on the map when we get down. Okay, so the rollover is a little bit like a shoulder stand or on the way to a shoulder stand. So for a yoga background, it starts fairly the same way. But in pilates we don't go up that high so early like this later. There's something like that. Alright, so the rollover. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. We're pulling our hips up. Roll your spy.

You're just coming to the shoulder blades. You've got a 90 degree bend in your hip joint. That's just today. Flex the feet and let the legs open. The width of your shoulders. Take a breath now rolling down. It's okay to press the collarbones back.

Take your time rolling down. Now you guys just just come to 90 degrees with your legs. Point your feet, bring your legs together, take a breath in. Exhale. Here we go. Up and over flexive feet. Inhale open, rolling down. You're pooling your energy into your belly in, in.

As you're rolling your spine down, taking your legs 90 degrees. Point your feet. Bring them together. Inhale, exhale again. Over we go. Flex the feet. Inhale, rolling down. Careful not to push the head too firm on the mat. You also don't want to lift it up. Okay, so the rollover classically. Then we want the other.

We're going to go the other way, so you start with your legs. Hip with the part feet pointed in heel here, lift your hips up, legs over. You're up on those shoulder blades. Flex the feet. Bring the legs together. Inhale there. Exhale, rolling down. Upper back, middle back, lower back, hips, 90 degrees. Let the legs open with feet pointed. Inhale, exhale, ow. Flex. Pull the band. Breathe in trying to the flow of movement energy. Inhale, open. Exhale, rolling over. [inaudible] flex the feet. Bring the legs in together. Squeeze your bottom.

Breathe and exhale. We're going to roll down. Now when you come down, just keep your hips level for a moment. Soften your feet. Keep the abdominals imprinted against your spine. Lower your left leg to the mat. Keep your right leg up, give it a slight external rotation, pulling the back of that hip to the mat. We do our leg circles so this leg crosses over the other. Exhale round and lift five repetitions.

When you cross that leg over your midline, you really want to feel the inner thigh contract. Here's the five cross around. Lift. Now the other way, little open, big cross over up, little open, big crossings. Your abdomen in [inaudible]. Two more this direction. Four and last one five we could, we know all kinds of transitions today we're just going to bend the knee, stretch it down. Straight leg on the left will come up.

Come up with a slight turned out leg check around. Your shoulders are open. Here we go. Cross it, let right use me around and lift [inaudible]. The other leg remains as an anchor against the mat for up and five and lift and reverse for five. Open [inaudible]. We're looking for still hips. [inaudible] four and five.

Same thing. You'll just bend the knee now to get up to rolling like a ball. Let's bring the other knee in. Hands behind the thighs. You rock yourself up. Pick your hips up and move them toward the heels. Hug your ankles and I am going to have us do knees apart. Feel your knees open towards your elbows. C curve.

Look down towards your tummy. That's where you keep the head, the focus. Looking down, we roll back to the shoulder blades. Inhale, come right back up. Exhale, try to balance in. He'll go ahead. Just moved him. So there is a moment at the top, a little suspension or a little balance. Three more mad is not balanced. You're going to hear a thump. It promised. That's not my back. It's not. It's the mat on the floor. Last one.

[inaudible]. [inaudible]. Okay. Extend your left leg forward. Place your hands on that right shin. Right hand is lower than left. We engage our laughs fandom open. Roll yourself back just to the shoulder blades.

So we want to stay pretty high up there. Your right Shin is level with the ceiling parallel to it. So I'm going to have us do the double breath. Okay. Little faster tempo. Inhale, inhale, exhale. Exhale. Gaze is forward. Three, two and last one. Both knees in for double leg stretch. Five repetitions. Inhale, use stretcher opening. Exhale and close.

Challenge yourself to keep your torso up. You're just on the tips of the shoulder blades. Three. Ah, for who knows. The next one fi if we're doing classical lists. Scissor. Yup. So right leg up, hands behind the calf. Left leg down.

Squeeze that booty curl a little higher. We do a little pull. Pull, pull, pull. Ah, so I like to exhale. Exhale with stomach in, in, pull in also the other leg. Squeeze. Squeeze. Eight more and one lats are open. Steve. There you go. And four and three and two and last one.

Okay. Both legs. So map, restaurant, neck. If you need to relax the feet. In fact, flex I should say. Hands behind the head. Straight leg. Lower lift. Go to 45 on an inhale. Point your cheese. Exhale, come up and hold. Flex. Inhale to 45 point. Exhale and lift. Inhale. Last one. Exhale. Pointe, lift. Bend. The right knee crossed.

Warded we're doing double breath. Inhale. Inhale. Wow. Curl toward the thigh. Keep coming up off the tips of the shoulder blades from the waist, from the waist. Shh. Four, three, two, one both knees in and let's take a little rest. Alright, roll your head from right to left. Okay, we're coming up for spine. Stretch forward again.

You can hook your hands behind your thighs, rock yourself up. Gesture, pelvis, you sit back, legs open to about mat width. Flex your feet. This thing's going to fall off, I think. And legs are open. So let's take our arms reaching tall here, right a straight in front of their shoulders. Now I like to have you squeeze your glutes. We want a long lower back rather than a bow. Okay, so pull the front to the back. All right, inhale here.

Exhale and Stussy curve is if there's a ball over your legs in between them, you're rounding your spine, the front of your spine over the top. Now hold that position. We're just gonna roll back up to sitting tall. Is it a little taller on your inhale? Rounding forward. Let's go for it. Now I'm going to have you think you can bend your spine more through the arm. So my head is now below my arms. I'm bending, contracting those abdominals.

Roll back up two more times and round. You're opening the back of your spine. You're closing the front of the spine, bending more. Go for it guys. Ben, Ben, bend. Nice standing and roll up. Leaving the shoulders heavy down your back. Once against it, a little taller. Go for it. Exhale over. We'll go, go, go, go, go. Feel your stomach in a new way. Squeeze, squeeze.

Go with on the go. Barbara. Go, go, go, go, go. Okay guys. Stay right down there. Put your hands on your toes and just stretch forward more. Use this now as a stretch of your hamstrings. I'm actually going forward and trying to get my head down on the mat between my knees. It's just a choice not for everybody. Okay.

And that's a nice little pre precursor for OpenLink rocker. So come on up to sitting. Lots of transitions we've done over the past. So of today. Just bring your feet together. Let's move our hips again. Up toward the feet and hold onto your ankles. Find a balance point so it's back on the very back of the tail, pretty far back there. Moved. The center of gravity now has shifted back.

All right, I'm going to have us do the one leg extension. Transition and hands go around the thing. Here you go. Okay, so fix your gaze on something. Um, the upper back is straight, lower back, should be a little round, which is still my challenge to demonstrate a curve here. Thank you. Right leg. Inhale. As you stir at exhale, coming back in, holding your balance left side. Inhale, and it is okay if you don't get a straight leg. That's a goal that might not be for everybody. All right, single leg. Again, breathe in so when the leg comes down, think a little more extension in your upper spine, through your sternum, left leg and exhale down and we're going to go for it twice with both legs at the same time. All right. This generally is can be more challenging.

You've got two legs to stretch and as one of our legs is more flexible than the other. Usually this can counter, you know, find a little wonky balance. You're more flexible. Leg might pull you that direction and open on the inhale. God. Exhale close by. Lifting up out of your waist, pulling your ribs in. Now we're going to do one more extension. Hold the legs out. Now try to straighten your elbows by contracting into your lower belly.

Okay. Legs are just mat with. We're going to do six rolling back and forth. Inhale your roll to the shoulder blades. Looking at your belly. Exhale, come back up so low back stays round Barbara. Thank you. Upper back lifts. Tall. Inhale, contract roll back. So you lift your spine. Grow an inch. Inhale, roll. Three more, two more. Let me take a look. Let me see the up, up, up, up, up last time. Nice. Any good focus?

Look straight ahead rather than up eyeballs. Right out of your sockets. Look straight ahead. Okay. Stay with it guys. Bring your legs together. Okay. You're going to let go of the legs. Open your shape into more of a teaser shape and let's go for it. Your legs are going to come down.

I think we could do fine with pulling and putting our arms above her head. Okay. Challenging. Bend your knees if you need to reach up to the ceiling number II here guys. We're going to roll down. Let your arms come down. Keep your legs right where they are. Ideally, they don't move your roll back.

Ideally you get to the head without losing your alignment and popping your ribs, but then we'll take a little break. Okay? Keeping it going. We're going to do our corkscrew legs up to the ceiling with a little pre jack knife in this. I'm like, Hey, we're not going to do the roll over. That's all over the sh. Yeah, we will. So take your rollover. Let's go back up. You guys can do it. So the corkscrew, let's roll down the right side of our spine. Here we go. Breathe as you need to. I like an exhale.

Ah, to the right hip, the legs. We'll do a slight circle or a little diamonds or teardrop shape. Circle over to the left. Roll up the left side of your spine. Center your shoulders at the top. We'd come down the left side, roll down, left side of the spine to the hip. Little circle around, up the right side of this fine.

Yes. Center at the top. Down the right side. Inhale, exhale. You want the compression of the abdominals? We're contraction. I mean the same thing on that exhale up over the shoulders and down the left. I'll round up the right one more time. Each side coming down the right side across little circle up the left, down on the left.

Little circle around to the right. Go up those right and center yourself there. Now for something just as like variation here to come down, flex your feet and put your toes on the mat behind you. Excuse me. Alright, let your legs separate now and I want you to roll down your back with your legs open like that. You'll probably feel more hamstring stretch in the back of the legs once you get yourself all the way down. And once you just to hug your knees and we'll roll back up to sitting tall.

Okay, come on up. Yeah, so let's just keep going. Rest as you need to. Some of you. I'm just checking in there. All right, so the saw a beautiful flexed toes are vertical to the ceiling. Again, we're just matte with take the arms out to the side. Again, you're in that nice flat back. So anchor the hips. Let's rotate to the right so you take your trunk, rotate to the right now. Exhale, round forward, pinkie finger slices, pinky toe turn.

Look to the back arm. I like to pull the back arm up. I like that. My tricep contracts to pull the arm up. Pulling your pelvis back. Now roll up to sitting tall, rotate back into center and to the left. Inhale, so as you're round in your spine, we want to keep weight on that opposite hip. Pull up and into those abdominals. Stretching the right side of the back around. Roll back up to sitting tall and exhale center again.

A little more flow. Inhale tall or back. XLC curve. Ah, inhale, roll up. Press your shoulders down as you spiral. Center to the left. Inhale and slice the back arm. Pull it up. Inhale, roll up and exhale.

Center one more. Each side. Inhale, you rotate. Looking out into the horizon. Exhale and round over. Can you go further? Can the back arm pull up a little more? Can you feel your triceps contract? Inhale, roll up your spine and exhale center. Last. I'm trying to look for more challenges because some of you, this is pretty familiar movement. Look for some extra work.

Where can you find it? Can you reach more? Can you pull back into the abs more? Inhale, roll up. Exhale, center and then just rest. Okay. Saw, I'm sorry you just did sauce one. So let's turn over to our tummies. Go ahead. Head spacing in. I've got to put this somewhere. It's doing something. Okay.

I am going to give one slight variation. I said I wouldn't want you, I am to put your arms along this way. I love it. And arms, hands on the outside width of your mat. Okay, so it's going to be a little different recruitment of your back and more relevant maybe to pulling straps. Number one on the reformer, which some of you are familiar with. Okay, so as your long and extended draw those abdominals up. Pull the shoulder blades down the back. Your arms will remain straight. I want you to start dragging your hands on the mat as you lift your upper back as you lift your chest. Now the reason why I'm trying to do this is that a couple of weeks ago we were really into our shoulders in Swan. By doing this and keeping your arms in front of you to get up, you have to use your back to lift you. Lats are part of your back, Samantha.

That's beautiful. See, that's really helpful for your shoulders because you tend to be a shouldery pusher. That's all right, so get more up in the back. Get excited about coming up. Alright, that's it Steve. Two we're opening the chest to the wall. That's right in front of you. Look at it. Look forward now to come down. Stretch, stretch. Your shoulder blades should stay down on your back. All right, that's the sequence. Let's go a little more fluid. Pull up.

So the shoulder blades moving back on the back. I know your hands are sweaty, kind of sticky. Lift, low, belly up and rolling down. You guys stretch all the way long. Let's take that three more times. Strengthen those back extensors. Low belly up. Now keep it up as you. We'll go ahead and reach your arms forward. I'm having Matt trouble this morning. Two more.

That's it. Can you get more? Can you get more? Can you get more by years in your back? That's right. And coming down last time in shoulder blades. Feel them how they glide into the back of the ribs. Like pockets back there. Okay, now stay there. We're going to do a little extra one arm reach. All right, so take your right arm, reach it up. Inhale, bring it down. Other arm lift and now one more each side and lift and lower and last time lift lower. And then go ahead. Bend your elbows. This time to come all the way down.

Put your legs together, hands back by your shoulders. Push yourself up, round into a rest pose. Take a couple breaths on it and we're going to come up for neck pole today. All right, so neck pool. Let's come up and start seated and I know we often will do it when we do it. I organize it with legs. Open hip with the part, strong flexed feet clasped hands there behind the head and the neck. So actually where your head attaches on the, the axis there of your skull and spine. Pull up a little bit. There is a slight feeling of you lifting your head up off your spine, not yanking, just a little lift. Okay, so keeping that feeling of pulling up on the back of the neck.

Let's start to round the back. Flex hard through the heels. We are rounding now. I'm okay with letting the head round in. If you want to challenge yourself to keep your elbows open, that's fine. Roll your spine down. No soon as you get your chest down, come right back up. Here we go. Inhale, chest lift. Exhale, continue to round forward. Get a good seat curve.

Get a good stomach squeeze and we roll back up to sitting tall. Alright, breathe in. Exhale, contract. Trying to really open up the Lumbar, make it more convex, convex, convex. Now as we touch the shoulder blades down and he'll right back up. Exhale over two more times and he pulling up on the top of the neck a little over the head, a little bit round, round route. Good. Samantha, touch the back of the head and inhaler over one more and contract. Ah, [inaudible] right back up in hill. Oh Gosh darn it. 12 three at a four for me anyway. Not Bad. I'll take it historically. Not My best exercise but that's all right.

Okay, sideline and let's have you guys lie right side. We'll go left when you start up on her elbow today. Legs extended slightly forward. Now with the bottom a hand and I don't get as particular some days, but today I will put it face down. All right, that changes the rotation of the at the wrist, elbow, shoulder. We do want our shoulder rolled back, but our hand flat if possible. Okay. And then this nice flat line here rather than a curve. So we get into that shoulder support. If we wanted to, we could easily go up on a plank, but we won't yet.

Let's take our other hand behind her head and open up your chest. I ended up pumping the ribs forward as if this elbow is kind of stuck up on a ceiling notch. Okay, so front and back kick. So lift your leg just hip height with the flexed foot. Let's take a breath to prepare. Coming forward. Double Kick. Just stretching back.

[inaudible] and stretching back. Wow. So swinging at the hip, there's a close. Then an opening. There was a close. It's like it's yawning. Like your jaw opens up. Flex and open. Two more times.

Yeah. Let's leave the leg back just for an extra stretch. Squeeze that bottom. Pull the ABS in. Now we're going to do a little Pat Guyton. Take a breath. My teacher on your exhale, rotate your spine. Open up your upper back toward the ceiling.

I'm kind of thinking a little cat cat back in my upper back. Getting some rotation in. He'll come back to facing the front. Three more. Exhale. Yeah. Lift your spine. Find your shoulder support. Inhale.

Come fast to facing front. Meanwhile, the legs still up. Exhale. Yes. [inaudible]. If I had that ball across my forearm, I'd be circling across it one more time. Can Track Oh over the ball.

I think actually we want to do it again. One more time. Let me watch you go ahead when you're right. Lat Barbara, right lat. Yeah. Nice work. Inhale, face the front. That's plenty there. Let's go ahead and bring the leg down and we'll go down a notch. So down onto the heel of the hand. Okay, and you can stretch your leg through your spine against the mat.

You don't have to do a little lift. In fact, just let it come down. All right, other hand. Let's all today. Just put the hand by the ribs, but take that shoulder and open it up. We're going to take a turnout of both legs. Top leg is going to come up on the inhale. Flex your heel and pull down. Inhale, kick. Exhale. Pull down a little more. Lift up or pace down and lift.

Lower. Thinking of the inner thigh, getting long. One more like this. Now keep your foot flex and come up. Point and reach. Okay. Okay. He just did. Weird thing.

One more. Sure. Hold on. I'm going to have a stay in both legs. Turned out. Take a breath. We're going to lift both legs up and hold for a second. Okay. Open up your left shoulder. We're going to do heel beats and sideline. It's not my usual one, but it's a little weird.

Body movement. Four, three, two, one and lower. Okay. Let's go with a more classical setup for a bottom thigh. Inner thigh. Now take a checkin. You want your pelvis pulling forward toward this foot rather than well hiding back from it. So pull forward, open up your left shoulder, bottom leg parallel and here we go. Lift and exhale, lift and it's really the whole leg that's lifting, not just the ankle.

You guys are doing a good job. I did this earlier in someone who is just doing this with their foot, not quite yet, and the whole leg up and last one, lift and hold. Now this is actually where she did it. That's okay. Circle your whole leg. One direction, five times if the leg and two and three go for the pull-up. Four and five the other way.

Higher leg two three are you breathing? Four and five now keep it there. Flex eight little pulses. One, two, go a little higher. Three, open the chest and four, three, two and one appointed. Take this hand and kickstand here. Take your legs together. Hold your legs from little walking in place. Tiny little steps.

Four, three, two, one. Both be together and eggs down. Okay. Since we did, he'll beat sideline. We won't transition with them. Let's just come up. We transitioned to the other side. We started up leg slightly forward. Hips stack. You'd get your bottom palm face down. Lots of flat, diagonal line for negative space. Our hand was behind her head. Our legs are going to come front, back. Beautiful lifts, Steve. Oh right.

Open the chest. So we have our leg lifted. Flex the heel. Good work. Breathe. Tableau kick. Okay. Just to stretch back. [inaudible] when the leg comes forward, it's a tummy squeeze in. In. It's a stretch.

[inaudible] four more. [inaudible] feel open in the chest. Support in the left. Lat down into those ribs. Last one, front and back. We held. All right, squeezing the glute, keeping the side lifted. Lets we have the rotations on the exhale. Rotate. Think of elbow coming toward index finger maybe. Oh, round. Inhale, come to face the front. You can track.

Exhale to control. Roll around. Yes. If there were a ball right there. Inhale, open. Three more ELN contract. I'm thinking of pulling my my spine to the ceiling. Opening the spaces in my back. Do more.

Exhale without a shoulder shrug to so tempting. Inhale, center. Last one. Exhale. [inaudible] good you guys and inhale center and then like together and we come down for up and down. Okay. Kickstand lake turned out the shoulders open, her abdominals are working. Our rear-end is squeezed a little bit by nature. Inhale we lift, flex, lower and lift.

Flex and lower. Now we'll keep the foot flex going up, pointing on to come down. You want to grow it longer as if it could actually pass the length of the other leg down there. The hip has to reach to the foot. Two more. Last one and hold. Okay. Both legs will come up.

You're in turnout, your shoulders wrap back your bottom and squeeze. We heal beat. I know. It's weird. Sure. I feel like a little like a fish out of water. What it would look like. Three, two and one and down. Okay. Inner thigh, pelvis pressed forward or shoulders open. Bottom leg is parallel and we pull it up on the exhale. Inhale, Dow always seeking link through the body, through the spine.

Even though we're isolating our leg right now, everything else should still be thinking of lengthening out like branches that kind of never end all the way through. Lift and exhale. Press can. You're stretching the knee. The knee is straight. Long leg up. Two more times. Pelvis presses forward. All right, last one. Lifted. Hold. Pick a direction. Make a circle with a thigh.

Go up and up and we'll three and four and five. Reverse challenge. A little higher circle. What does that feel like? Three, four, five. Hold. Flex your heel. Then squeeze comes from way up here and one eight times two, three. These are in four, five, six, seven and last one point we took a little walk, come into parallel. Ready and easy shoulders and find your lats and four, three, two, one legs together and all the way down. Very nice. Let's flip to our tummy and we're going to go into the single leg kick, double leg kick. We're up on our elbows. I think again, we're going to go on that theme. Let's turn the palms face down.

Shoulders rotated back. Look forward. So if there were a mirror right there, uh, it's on that wall that you'd be able to see your wide open shoulders. They'd be level your head up and not your chin up. Okay. Maybe pretend a balance of book on your head or something. Now that's the upper body and it stays that way.

Now we get the stomach and we pull it up. We contract her hamstring this, and when you float the thighs up, all right, without sinking down into the low abs, they're now lifting your upper back a little more. Stay right there. I am an urge to do this. I don't know why. Just pretend for a minute. There's this string right here and it's going to do that pulling back towards the back space. Okay. So your work is to stay up like that while your legs kick toward it. So right here and kick, kick, kick, kick, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Good.

You guys work to keep your thighs a little higher off here, Matt. Good, Barbara? Yep. Yup. Had Kick, kick and kick. It's really a squeeze. Squeezing that musculature on the back of your thigh. Nice. Barbara. One more right? Kick. Kick. Last one left. No, just hold both legs back for just a second. Okay. We're going to come down for double leg kicks. Drew, keep the legs up.

Lie on your right cheek. Legs together. Hands in the small of the back stack. Your hands are interlace the fingers is fine with me. Let those elbows drape. Now make sure, again, your elbows are as draped as you can. It's more important to have the elbows draped and fingers clutched.

So if you need to release your fingers. So let the elbows drape. That's your position. Yeah, cause we're working in the internal rotators of the shoulder. Yeah, there we go. Okay. How's your stomach? Is it up? Yup. Take a breath. Now both heels come in for three squeezes, one, two, and three. You can take your arms.

I'm going to show variation alongside your legs like this. If you'd like to, you don't have to do declasse. Turn the other way. Exhale en who? One thighs up to three. Inhale that stretch. I'll keep showing that variation over. And exhale. One, two, three. Inhale. It's about this contraction of the back lift and two, three we want to work the upper back, mid back, lower back, and exhale. One. Inhale on the lift. Open the chest. Three more. Exhaling, two, three, once more each side.

Exhale two, three and reach it long. Last one on this one. One, two, three. Inhale, lift a hole. We're going to just flutter their feet. [inaudible] shoulders low on the back. Two more. Last one, and let's come all the way down. Okay. Hands by the shoulders. Lift. Come all the way back into your rest. Take a couple breaths there. Ah, [inaudible] and go ahead and roll yourself up.

You do clear some sweat. Okay. Front support. So plank, either elbows or risks. All right, and we are going to do a little bit of leg lift or leg pull with it today. So come on down. Yep, you need to wipe your hands off so you're on all fours to start or elbows and we're really looking for shoulders just above wrists. All right? Not Forward of risks. That's where that wrist flection gets too extreme and neck, I think drags down and all right, so go ahead and stretch a leg back. Doesn't matter to me. Which one as the other leg goes back.

Hold yourself there for just a second. Now I think it's best to think a little bit of pelvic tilt, a little bit of Tuck that the lumbar gets a lengthening. Okay, Samantha, that's a lot better. Now pull your shoulders more on your back, everybody. Okay, that's it. Now nothing should shift. Take your right leg lifted up to the ceiling. Now some hold right there. Stretch your knee. Lift the leg higher. I'm going to have you go for it. Lift higher up and up with the leg.

Same leg lift and lift. One more lift without bowing their chain size. It's just a little, we're working higher leg lift today and one left leg to, yeah, keep pulling your energy up. Three, watch the ribs. Four. Oh, oh, hello. Bye. Oh, okay. It's okay. It's okay. I'm on rest for a second. No problem. We're learning. I'll tell you, just take a couple of breaths home.

I won't stop for long because I want to keep us pacing. We've done this many, many times. Your leg lift and you've got a good plank. And we, I'll do this side and we do like little guys, right? Those are good. What does it feel like to go bigger? So what started happening is we took the leg bigger, oops. In the low back where the leg went out there or whoops. Up here. So where were I'm going to try to head us is can the leg gesture larger without the dip and distortion there? Shall we try it again?

You know me. That's how I do it. All right. Find your plank. You know, that's what happens. If I stop and describe it, you're probably gonna repeat it. All right now, um, I feel like a coach coach, when you lift your leg higher, there's a counter lift somewhere. You've gotta be a counter lift your back, your upper back. Yeah. Yeah. And down just play with it. And also linkedin. So the sternum row as your gesture, your leg higher, your spiny long gates long. Yeah. See if you got to just stretch your knee.

Okay. If you've done each leg duty, keep do the other side a couple of times. You've got it. That's different. So it's going up. Your upper back has got to lift. Not Bad. Some man washed those blower back extensors. Okay. And come on down. Rest pose one more. Any? Yes.

Okay good. Because that has a bit more relationship to swimming when we're doing a little bit bigger paddling of arms and legs higher or swan dive, you know, the biggest one dive where we're rocking. So you want the upper back extensors to have some strength. So that's a way to support. I know your risks are probably feeling achy. Too Bad. I'm sorry, come on. Face me said it was a two, three year.

Okay. So oops. So let's do side, side, leg. We've already done some side, like you're saying, you know what it is. So here we are w grab into the old leaks and waste is nice and firm. Your pelvis should be pressed my way, not back that way. Take a breath. We're going to side bend to the right as you side bend goes far as you can before your left knee has to lift. We all have a limit.

Now this hand is going to get to the mat. This leg is going to come up to the side. Okay. Now for today you can either put a, hey, let's go for it. Hand behind the head. Just just be there. So we're working on weight bearing. I don't want the risk to get too compressed. So reach your body that way.

Yeah, so the leg goes up, there's glute medius. You stretch long toward the brick wall. These haven't popped out. Let's just hold it today. We know the various, the classical work would be front, back kicks, some circles, a gosh, lots of things. Can it go higher? We might want to pulse the leg up and three times. Excellent. Three. Now the fun to get out of it. Bend the knee, try to keep the thigh up as you start bringing your torso up.

Just play with it in down other side. Inhale, so I had been as far as you can before lifting your right thigh. Well, look at that. You're almost to the mat. Well, if we go hold onto it. Stress that knee stretch. Get it long. Upper come. That's from this from here. Hand behind your head and behind your head. We've got to get you Alanya today, girl in. All right, a little here. Little higher leg. I know you can and I only had one small cup of coffee.

Ready? Pulse the thigh. Three times one and two. I get fed off of you guys. Three and down. Whoops. Bend the knee. That was how it come into the virion and lift and okay, just have a sit back. Sink into those honches two more. One, two or three. Wonderful exercises yet. Let's go for a teaser. I know, I knew you were going to do that. Someone was going to go home.

All right, so I think the teaser, where were we? We'll start it today. Let's come here into the extended leg line. Now we want to think a little more low back flection or round pelvic tilt. Okay. It's okay with me if you keep your hands on, on your body. If you keep your hands on your legs, we're gonna.

Let's roll down to our shoulder blades. Okay. [inaudible] it's a bending of the back. It's bending. Still looking forward. Okay. Now of course we come up. Ideally the legs don't drop. That's fine. Try it with a hands reaching. Good. So as we roll down the spine, sense your arm energy, reaching to your legs.

There's a relationship to the legs. Take a breath. Exhale. Rolling up. [inaudible] well, why not? We can arms up and arms down. Agree to do one more. Okay. One more for yourself. We can do it. We don't get better until we do them, unless we do them rolling back.

You can do a guys take a breath round. There's a lift and around at the same time. Bring those arms up. Hold. Alright, and rest. Good swimming. I told Ya all the good ones at the end. Okay. Arms stretched. We've been here already. Legs are stretched.

Stomach is up. Lift your limbs, lift him higher, lift your back higher. And we go head above water. So head above, arms upper back. That's right. Stretch your knees for sure. Last breath and rest. OK. Hands by your chest. Push up. Touch your toes. Walk yourself up into a nice stretch of your hamstrings. Yes.

Rolling up to standing. The pushup series. Yeah, pushups are optional. You can go. Just hold her plank. Okay, so let's start here. Take a nice breath. We're going to round forward two arms. Staying here over [inaudible]. Walking out four to five counts. So we've been in plank already. Three pushups. This, you do have to shift a little more over the wrists. Bend, press.

Then press and bend. Press Pike, your hips. Walk your hands to your feet, round your back. Roll up, arms from the sides, out and up. It's taking the space up there. Breathe. Bring it towards you. Exhale round over. We're only gonna do two pushups. I like to do a little count down, walking out. Get yourself set.

Ready to push up. Sand one to pick up the hips. Walking, hands back, head down. Roll Up. Exhale. [inaudible] and arms from this side. One more. Only one. Find your breath rolling out. Breath is really the only thing that's constant, you know, and change. Here we go. Do One. Push up. Lift hips up. Now Walk your hands back. We're going to stay over for a moment. So I want alpha.

All everybody in this here today, bend your knees. Bend the knees. Yeah. So that you can let your pelvis rotate a little more forward. Let the head go. Wait more on the front of the foot than the heel. Just take a check in over your body. Maybe the body temperature's warmer than usual. Mine might be. I think mine is.

I feel some different, uh, [inaudible] things on my skin, like sweat differently. Keep going in that we're gonna roll up. Continuing to scan a little bit across the body. Oh, so as you come up, just stand in your, in your body. You don't have to force anything. Just taking this five senses.

I've been kind of working on that with myself of, okay, I don't want to just be in my body, but what do I see? You know, what do I feel on my, my skin? What do I maybe even taste? What do I hear? It's going to bring that down into you. Thank you for letting me teach you. Thanks, you guys.


Amy- loved the accelerated pace of this fun class although I missed your props!! Great class.
You are really an inspiring teacher. Thanks a lot!!!
Hi Elaine, thought I'd pick up the pace for my regular studio clients with this class....they need the challenge once in awhile! Don't worry, you'll see props again soon, you know me!
There's no greater comment than to be told you're an inspiring teacher, thank you so much Fabiana!
I really enjoyed this class. The pace was perfect and it seemed to zoom by, thanks!
Thank you Helen! I appreciate the feedback. Glad you enjoyed class, talk to you soon!
Amy! Phew - what a wonderful, lovely class! I miss you and your gentle, yet inspiring way of teaching!
Hi Carolyn!! Yay, you're on Pilates Anytime! Susan had mentioned to me that she encouraged you to join...isn't it wonderful?! THANK YOU for your feedack....I miss you too girl. Glad you liked this class......'gentle, yet inspiring'....I like that, thank you! Talk to you soon!
it's a great class, I am waiting for your nex!!!! sorry for my english. kisses
Hi Laura! Thank you for your thoughtful post! I'm a regular teacher on the site so I have classes posted each week so stay tuned! Hope to hear from you again soon. Amy
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