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Welcome to Class 7! Join Amy for this class that includes one repetition of each exercise. You only get one chance to make it seamless, one chance to make it the very best moment possible, unless of course, you take this class over and over again! In which case, you'll have infinite times to make each moment your very best! Are you ready? Let's do this!
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Jun 21, 2017
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Hi everyone. We're here for class number seven of our 10 class challenge. Welcome back. Thanks for coming back. Uh, I hope you've cooled off and cleaned off after the last class at nice big cardio bursts, calorie burn class. And at the end of it I kind of suggested that this class would be a strong contrast to that and it will be, uh, what I wanted to present for us and have us work together is one repetition only, uh, of most of the 34 on the list. And I've done this before on a regular [inaudible] anytime class, but I wanted to put it in the challenge, uh, series because I think it's important to keep that variety going, keep your body training in different ways and um, kind of consider each and every exercise the most important thing you do today.

Uh, when I did some workshops with Ron Fletcher, he said that a lot, and I think he quoted that from Martha Graham, that she would say that, that this is the most important thing you're doing all day, whatever that was. And I, I just love that principle and that thought that it's really being in the moment. You know, we have one shot basically to do these. So let's make it count and enjoy and feel and you know how I'm, I am let go of any perfection. Feel yours. Feel your way through the exercises. Um, be with your breath, taking the space around you and I will guide us through some mat work. Okay. So if we begin, uh, on our feet standing with a nice easy roll down, these are always nice to start with because you can check into how you are on your legs, how you feel and your alignment and uh, being upright. All right, here we go. Deep breath in and rolling down. So also with one repetition of everything, you know, there are certain exercises of course that we do, right leg, left leg.

So that would be one rep. Um, you'll see as we go along, walk out, feel the weight distribution, go through your arms to your hands, to the floor and let's just hold this wonderful long line of strength. Feel your shoulders strong. Class. Number five, feel your breath, weight distribution index, finger thumb in her legs together, crouch back. So I want you to crouch back and kind of just look to the, the space in front of your fingers here. Flex your hips. Now this is not one repetition, but it's one idea. Can you just give any kind of warmed up? I want you to sense a little bit of a rebound type of energetic or kind of elastic or rebound. You kind of feel in your arms, your hips, your feet, your ankles, okay.

And then jump to your hands or step. And then just crouch here. Drop your head and take a moment and Elongate your lower back down towards your pelvis and visualize you're going underneath yourself and in that ball or in that sphere. Okay? Just take a moment and think of this also as a nice, seamless, uh, design that you're in here, your head to your knees, your tailbone to your heels. Let's take one more deep breath together.

I'm going to put some weight on my hands and just go upside down. Again, more weight in the hands than on the heels. And let's roll up to standing. All right to the mat for the 100. How can we do the 100 when there's, and with one repetition, when there's 100 of them, I have an idea. Are going to hold the position and breathe. Okay, so here we go.

Making each movement count also with this class kind of slow, steady, seamless, stretchy kind of theme. Okay, so just had this, uh, this, um, image of whatever. This is a constant, like a never ending movement sequence, like one long sequence that we thread together. All right, so let's see how we can do that. Take a breath together and let's go may find your 100 position. Just feel it and breathe. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] Oh, thinking about what's next is the roll up. Bring your knees in. Every movement matters.

Every movement moves into the next arms. Head, chest, [inaudible] rich, never ending. Nice and seamless. Hands by the sides, all the way down to the rollover. [inaudible] ah, wow. One leg circle one each direction. [inaudible] [inaudible] really continuing to feel your placement, your alignment, your breath. Where can you stretch?

Where can you reach? Let's roll up for the ball. Oh, one ball. [inaudible] sequentially. Moving through the seat series. Single leg. Pull one each side. Square those hips. Elbows up.

Feel, feel, double leg stretch, linger and stretch. You're ever moving? Oh, scissors. Feel pull, pull, pull, pull. Straight leg. Lower lift. Twist. Chris Cross. Wow.

Bring your body up. Hands behind you. Hips behind. Legs apart. Arms lift for spine. Stretch forward. We will add an extension to it today. Keep moving. Keep breathing. Inhale. Heck sail squeezing near out, reaching.

So with the extension, I'll begin at the tailbone and like a xylophone. Playing right up my spine. Finishing out my fingernails up here. Hold. See if you can lengthen and hinge forward a tiny bit more lingering in the effort. Feel open like rocker. Just one hands on your ankles. Pick your legs up. Okay.

Something Nice about one. [inaudible]. [inaudible] whew. On Your F. Do you remember these years? You know you're in. It's not about the perfection, it's just the movement through. Let's go into our corkscrew. We'll have to do one each direction. Of course you pick what side you want to go down.

Ah, ah, maybe at the slower tempo you can explore the rim of the exercise or a bigger reach out through yourself. Oh, I feel so good coming up, rolling down, but coming up for saw and we need to move back on my mat. Okay, one each direction. So tall, taken the space. Rotate either direction. Guys. Inhale up, back arm pulls up in her belly pose back and you reach and you reach a never ending. Attempt to go further all the way up to the other side. Press the air away from you. Lift, pull in, stretch, stretch, feel, and all the way happened.

Okay, Swan, fold your knees. Put your feet behind you. Transition to your stomach. Choose this one. That's your swarm today. [inaudible] I'm beginning with my hands. A little higher than normal. I don't want my elbows so close in today.

I want to feel a little more breadth across my shoulders. Nice. Complete movement. Energy out, distally out the toes, out my head and fingers. But moving from the center, here we go. Eyes, nose, chin, and chest. Okay. Really giving yourself time to stretch your arms, engaging your back and lifting the spaces of your spine.

Oh yeah. Reaching the legs behind you. Long brief and lower yourself down. Complete the movement all the way to your forehead. Legs come together. Let's move up to single leg. Kick one each leg, elbows down, palms flat, upper arms externally rotated. Reaching the chest forward and up. Legs close.

I'm going into f. Lift those legs a little bit. One heel for two poles all the way back before down. You only get one each. Two leg in, in reaching way back and double leg kick one each side. Choose the hand position that works for you today with your shoulders. Same beginning with the legs lifted.

Abdominal supporting the lumbar breathing in both heels in two three follow your feet with your hands. Reach. Lift that chest. Turn the head down. We go three times. One, two, three. Hand a big reach to follow the feet with the hands. Lift the arms. [inaudible] transitioned to a NEC. Paul, go back through a little. Crouch rounding back position.

Roll yourself up onto your knees. Come to moving into seated position, legs apart, ankles flexed, hands behind your head. Elbows forward and up. Picking up the spine into our hinge on an inhale, controlling your flection down and it's fine to do what you need to do for your roll up for the second phase of the neck pole. Make It yours. Keep it moving down, down, down, rolling ourself up, sitting nice and tall. Open your arms out to this side. I want everyone to just hold here, holding here, reaching out. Why, but move the legs in together for our spine.

Twist just one each side. Inhale big to one direction for three contractions of the abdominals. One really reach everybody to internal shower. Wring the water out, doing wringing out other direction. Really wring it out. Yes, it's continuous, seamless movement. Come back to facing front. Lower the arms. Move your hips towards your heels.

Roll yourself back. Let's go for one jackknife. Breathing in. Exhaling, rolling over. Touch the toes down. Lift the legs up. Remember, it's free. You lift your hips, roll yourself down, keeping your feet up in the clouds up there. [inaudible] fold your knees. Put your hands on your shins and pull down.

Let your knees separate a little bit. Pick up that head. Complete a circle again, just like we did at the beginning of the hour or class I should say. Rounding yourself here. Feel the stretch. Let's turn over to our side. I'll face you. You can face me. Come up onto your elbow please.

Legs forward of your hips. Let's put her hand behind her head and turn our top leg out in our Bottomley, gout and just one leg. Up and down. We lift and we lower one, front and back. We come front, we go back together. One circle.

I'm going in a little turnout with my leg turnout. That's all one mermaid length. Then feel the length. Feel the reach, keeping it moving. Grieve. Spiral your legs around to the other side on your elbow.

Leg slightly in front of you. Hand behind your head. Scapula stable. Turn out with both legs and up. Anna down a front and a back. [inaudible] and the little circle turned out one circle. Quality over quantity. Folding the knees, lift, taking that space, breeze.

Find that stretch. That opening of your side body. Breathe in and then turn your feet this way. Teasers one of each. One, two, three. Start with the knees bent. Visualize the success of each teaser. Reach your arms back in your legs out to that 45 degree place. Here we go.

Teaser one teaser to [inaudible]. Okay. Tier three hip circles. I'm going on my elbows. Hold and around one each direction. Yes. All the way up around.

Oh, all the way up and around. Hold swimming. Just turn right on over. Same with the 100 that's what we can approach with swimming. You can hold your shape or position or body design and breathe. You can do a little bit of a paddle if you'd like. I think I'll choose just to hold the breath or feel the position breathing.

Here we go. Visualize the paddling becoming easier and easier. Feel your spine getting longer and longer. [inaudible] bend your elbows right by the sides of your chest wall. Lower your legs. Talk each set of toes down individually coming up to our front support. Now.

If you want to come up to your knees and then to plank, you may wish to do that or come along. [inaudible] pick up one of your feet. Okay. Rock forward, rock back. Centering. Place the foot. Other side. Pull forward. Rock back. [inaudible] center. Put your foot down. Put your knees down.

Sit back. Coming right back out to front support. Okay. Okay guys, let's transition shall we to the black support. Hand Body, Phillip. Ooh, and step. Not My best. Okay.

It's the one I got today. Hold. Now you certainly can do with your feet on the mat like this too. I'm going here. This is what my body needs today. I'm working my hip extension and I'm bringing my hips down. That's what [inaudible] is. You produce, you listen to what you need, but I think next is the side kneeling side.

Let's face each other and take a deep breath. Lifting the arms go to either side. How Fun. Start with your leg on the fear foot on the floor hold. You can stay just there if you'd like or join me for one leg lift and one leg lower. One side. Ben. We'll stay on this side. Step the back, this foot underneath.

Reach the arm, so I'm going to dip the hip to side bend. Dip, hold. Inhale. Really stretch that waves down. [inaudible] taking that space. [inaudible] now you down. Come all the way up to the other side.

[inaudible] holding. Lift the elbow. Here goes the leg. Just one time. It's an up. It's down side ven feet together. Arm overhead. Now as you turn in, dip that bottom hip. You look into this palm. Set the hip down with ease. You're not actually even touching all the way down. You're stretching it down.

Oh, and lift. Setting your knee down. Now set your hips down. Let's do our boomerang. We'll have to do two reps because this on top, this is on top right one each. Breathe in. Roll back. Change the legs.

Roll up to a teaser today. Just lower your feet. Sit right up. Let's repeat on the second leg, but the first one on this leg, the one rep. Okay. Teaser seal. One time. That's all we get is one seal.

Okay. Control. Balance. Okay. Inhale. [inaudible] enrolling down legs in and up. Of course, one each leg.

Taking yourself over. Okay. Do what you need. You can have your hands down here or carry along. Taking those toes down, hands around, picking up one foot. Again, do what you can do. Lift the leg, try to square change [inaudible] lower, don't compare to other classes you have done.

Be In this moment. Roll yourself up. Turn to face me if you're saying okay, turn to face me and want you to cross your legs or sit in a diamond position. Continue breathing. We're still moving. I'm going to close this seven class in your session, in your series and your challenge. Have a wonderful head and neck movement that I've learned and call listening ears.

It's a really wonderful way to calm your system. Although I feel like we're probably pretty calm right now. But um, I'm also hot, I'm sweaty. I feel like I've stretched. I feel like I've moved in a seamless one sequence actually like a whole long meditative, uh, sequence, which is wonderful. That's what I was hoping for. Okay. So to finish, this is just your head, really, your head and your neck, but tune into your ears and you get to listen to what's around you.

And let your ears guide your, your head movement, your head and your neck movement. And you can either listen to the ear that's back. What's behind you? What can you hear there? Or maybe that's the front ear. Just see if tuning in to each one or either one will get you to turn more as a stretch and unwind slowly. That's so great. And then the other way, ears really listen.

Maybe you hear our ocean waves like I can cars. I hear some car. Oh, come back to facing front. Take both of your arms up. Alright, class number seven is complete. That means we only have three more. And I know you'll be back because you're wondering what can she do next?

What can we do next together? So class number eight is coming up soon. Join me. Okay, we'll see you then.

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So soft Love that ☺️
Thank you Ewa , I'm glad you're here with me!
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I did 6&7 back to back which actually worked out nicely! They balanced each other out. I've never done the series this way, 1 rep per exercise, I liked it! Gotta shake up the routine! Thanks Amy :)
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I am really enjoying the contrast and the challenge of this fling with you, Amy Havens – thank you!
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What a great idea to do only one rep of each exercise, I loved it!! Kind of a meditation and also remembering where it all came from. Thank you! I will do the other videos too but I wanted to do this one in particular on this Saturday morning 😃
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This has nothing to do with this series--which is amazing, by the way-- but I am loving your cute tops! Where do you get them?
Great idea Laura ! Glad that worked for you! Joanna and Julie -- yes, I've got another class (or two I think) on the site where I've done one rep and it's quite fun, deep and worth looking at also. I love one rep classes because for me it's the antithesis of 'being in the moment'! Kim -- this to is by NUX (you can find online). Very comfortable!
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Excellent, just what I needed this morning! Loved feeling each movement and flowing to the next!
Wonderful Liz !!
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Straight to favorites for those days when things have been crazy busy! Thanks Amy Havens
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