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Advanced Reformer

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Challenge your range of motion with this advanced Reformer workout with Monica Wilson. She teaches Colleen, who recently completed her training with Romana's Pilates. She focuses on keeping the rhythm and flow of the class while also feeling strong and stable from the ground up.

Because this class is designed for advanced practitioners, Monica recommends watching this class before taking it so you know what to expect.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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All right. Today I am here with Colleen Ferguson. She has recently completed the certification of Romanos [inaudible] and I'm going to have a lot of fun teaching her today. Really challenging her range of motion and an advanced reform, possibly a super advanced reformer. I am more commonly known to teach a very basic and really lay down the groundwork and go methodically, but I want to have a little fun today with this. Um, it is something that you really should only attempt to do if you are possibly an instructor or a very advanced student of Polis. This is not for anyone to do crazy things here.

Definitely have to have a healthy body. Uh, and I, like I said, I usually stick to the basics and I, and I do that because one of my favorite lines of Romana was a, there was an instructor who was training and apprentice and they were really happy about how well they were progressing. And so they came to Remont and said, oh, you're just going to love this new apprentice. She's phenomenal. She can do everything. She can do the most advanced exercises. And Romana just said, well, but can she do a basic because the meat and bones is really there and unless you can do a solid basic, you can't attempt any of the stuff that we're going to attempt to do today that Coleen's going to demonstrate today. So keep that in mind. Work on your basic. If you aren't able to do this, maybe watch it one time first before, if you've never seen some of these things and are of the caliber to do it. But without further ado, we're going to have fun with this.

We have a garage reformer where I'm forced springs and I want you to bring your mind in your body and lie down and your politely stance and pull into the PO, your powerhouse into the mat. And let's link because I now am Pullen and stretcher. Good. Really feel your lower belly. Pull into your lower back and it's going to pull all the way up and stretch your spine [inaudible] and reach good. Feel the back of the thighs and seek. Give me two more. We're doing 10 reps, good lengthening out, holding quickly switched to arches and now good.

So she quickly switches, which is super important. You might not get it perfect on the first rep, but then you adjust. You want to keep the rhythm because fluidity is crucial and an advance three more for me. Calling in and up. Good. Really feeling the back of your rib cage there too. And heels. Good. She's going to pull even your right baby toe pulls back. Yeah, there ya go. Good pulling in enough.

I'm going to give her just a few corrections as she keeps up the rhythm. Otherwise we really flow it down. Give me one more. Calling and down to toes. We'll do tendon stretch out and stretch. Yeah. Two, three, two, three. Stretch, stretch, stretch, gut. So really think about engaging that powerhouse and even a little more into your back here. Stretching out that hip flexor. Yeah. From here.

Really pulling and feel that deep scoop seating and feel your inner thighs. A little more pelvic floor. Give me one more stretch down and then I love that. Come on in. Prepare for the hundred. So she's going to lower her head piece and her bar and grab her straps. Spring stay the same and go ahead and go into position and pump.

So since this is advanced, she started with the legs lower and rise them up and we're always gonna read again here. So think about that front line, pulling from the arch, the inner thigh, your pelvic floor, your lower belly scoop, and in very nice. You're also thinking about that next exercise, which is going to be overhead. Yeah. So you're going to give me three more about, now we'll have to drop two springs, but she's thinking, okay, my seat better be awake, my powerhouse better be awake if I'm going to be doing overhead again, go ahead, drop two springs. I'm going to give her a little bit of room. The teaser transition keeps your powerhouse engaged and we're ready. You want maybe give yourself a little more space from the shoulder pads. Thanks.

All right. And on the count of the one legs, go over, arms go down and then jack knife up and then coming down. So that's how we do overhead. But let's put a little wham into it. Over and lift. Now keep reaching those legs. Keep reaching, keep reaching. Don't fall so soon. Two more over and lift. And so your power of this is lifting this pelvis up as you roll down one bone, the next bone, the next bone, and all the way on.

Give me one more of those powerhouse. And now hips up reaching. Push something away to that ceiling as you lengthen. Lengthen, lengthen. Good. Let's go into coordination out. Just give me one more like that. And we're going to go into beats. God, stretch out, hold, hold. Scoop longer. No inner thighs. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

And draw it in and in again. When I mean no inner thighs, I don't want to see any light between them. You just like barely passing. You don't see any light between your inner thighs and eight. And that's enough. Coleen, let's sit up and turn around for rowing. So we're going to keep the handles in your hands and you're going to spin around, drop a spring and put the legs between and she's ready to go. Okay. So really work your hips to go this way and scoop in and hold open up for two.

Press back for three. Come forward. Good. And keep lifting into the biggest secret. I want more space, more space. Challenge that stretch and two more. Good. Squeeze. Scoop. Good. Pulling in. Press back from here. Keep pressing back as you lift and lift.

Good and up. And I still want more space and one more. So I want more controls. There's no bang and inner thighs scooped in. Right? And keep pulling. Beautiful. That's what I wanted to see there. Good. Now all the space between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hips.

That's it. Ooh, that was good. Writing Angle and back. Don't forget to breathe here and ding the lungs and we're going to keep this space because it's always from the power house. Good and stretching forward. Good. Two more. Nice, right angle, back lot with that left hand there. So I'm gonna, I always walk around keeping scoops so that we work really evenly.

I'm going to help spotter from here. Good. So Nice, right angle and pull into your right side when you go back to thank you and forward. Good. And so we're gonna, I'm gonna make her do one more and we're gonna lift. I'm going to stretch you though first. There we go. Now Pool into your powerhouse. Pool into here. Good. So on this last one, I want more spaces. You come forward. Open those clavicles. Lift off your seat. Beautiful bellies in an up.

Use that right side. Thank you. Hold. So here you almost went into a back arch. I want you to keep your ribs right here yet. Reach your head to your toes. Stretch forward, stretch your spine. Stretch, reach. There we go. And up. That was nice Coleen.

And then keep pulling into your back right here as you go forward. That's the control. Nice. You get to leave your handles. Spin around and face forward for rowing from the chest right here. Good. Are you left handed? Right handed. Okay. All right. Sit a little bit more on your right hip on the right.

Sit Bone. Thank you. And in root, the air and press down and in with the air and keep inhaling as you lift and open and in the LNL and Yellen. Exhale here and again in with the air and exhale in with the air and you keep getting taller and taller and taller and exhale. So here's that standing the range of motion. Can you grow taller here? There you go. Lift. Can you create any more space between each vertebra? More and more space. More and more and more.

Flex the feet from the hips in with the roll it up and in with the air and touch my all the way up there. There we go. And two more. Really pull those toes back. Lengthen the spine up, up, up. That's it. I like this line. One more forward. [inaudible] rolling up from here. Off those shoulder pads a little bit and keep lifting.

Lengthening the neck out of the shoulders and you're going to cross your legs simultaneously. Bringing the arms up for shaving and Isaeh. Good. Elbows back. Good. Yes, we're going to keep that spring moving. Elbows back. Come on, water. You got. Push those elbows back one more. Pointing them back in now. School. Yeah. Hold them there. Switch your arms and legs and in with the air and reach part.

Watch that right elbow from hyperextending. Better pull it in. Reach to the room, switching the breathing. Did you do that? And then exhale in with your one more right into here and push away from here. Okay. Yes. Now push the orange. Yeah, that's it. Way to go. Hang those handles up. Let's set up for long box.

We're going to do swan on the long box here. Grab your pull wire back there and Tuck it inside. Perfecto. Good. She's going to get on from this side for swan named. Put a little pad. Excellent. Okay. How are we doing? Good. Good.

That's it. Nice and in with the air and exhaling down. We're on two springs in with the air and rich and relax in with the year and say in with the year and now keep inhaling as you reach and I want this lift long. Beautiful. And exhale. Give me one more. Very even, I like what I'm seeing in with the air. Exhale in with the air.

Beautiful ad reach, stretching longer and exhale. Beautiful, beautiful. Prepare for pool straps. So she's going to drop a one spring and bring her body forward, pushing it out and getting lined down in a solid plank. Super important. She's keeping her powerhouse engaged from the start of foot. Work to the end of our split series that we're going to do. Good.

I'd like you a lot higher actually all the way up there and I need to use your imagination and challenge that range of motion she's going to use. She's got the powerhouse and now she's going to scrape her knuckles on the floor as she spreads, stretches or chest out to the ocean and control it. And we're going to stretch scoop, scoop. And I need this shoulder to come back for three, two, one and long down. And one more of those scooping in and keep coming to the shoulder.

Up, up, yes and down t or pull straps. Number two. Let me see that spine. Get longer out the crown of your head, out the crown two, three and reach out long, long, long. I love to see your scapulas or your shoulder wounds stretch out further. Reach out further. Break those straps apart. That's it.

And reaching back. Good backstroke. So she's gonna step off, add a spring and then sit back down without sitting her bottom down to the very last second. Super important. So that's hand, foot, hand, foot, lifting the seat forward and getting into position. That's it. We got a little caught. All right, perfect. Okay. And we're going to go up feeling the power house. Good and scooping in two, three and an hour.

We're going to start having a little fun with a range of motion, right? And we're going to go up open, get there, and then keep reaching the legs down to touch the bar and keep coming up. Come on up. Yes. And Bend into position. Two more up. Open down and keep scooping in and up. Up, up, and Ben.

Let's do a reverse for the next one. Straight into a, come up, up, up. Good. Open up together. And that's enough teaser drop a spring. So she's going to come into teaser to drop again. Powerhouse, staying engaged, sliding back a tiny bit to adjust. And here we go in with the air and exhale and arms one. We're going to do three with the arms pumping.

Last one, holding the arms forward and link. Then how long can you go? Toes and hands touching at the same time. Toes and head. Did you go a little off and we're going to come up for circles. All right, I s and scoop and circle one. Try not. Hold it right here.

Feel your upper stomach and keep it there as you open. Thank you. And one more and hold and use the back of your thighs as you go down. Back of the thighs so that your s yes into the reverse had looks and up scoop. Feel that upper belly and arms damn around scoop. Beautiful. Do use that ever. Valleys. You're not rocking so much.

We're going to do rocking later, right hold and long control, control and beautiful and take both handles in one hand. And we're going to do breaststroke. So we're going to grab a pad, keep it on one spring, and then you're going to lie down on your tummy with your knees off this edge. Now one thing that's super fun that Romana used to say all the time when you're doing this, I want you to pretend you're onstage like give us something really good to look at, right? Don't just do it a little bit. So give your heels a little clap to your bottom. Three times one, two, three. Now straighten your arms and press out and now up, up, lifting it open to three and down. Give yourself a little two, three and stretch. Really reach. Retreat. Yes.

Nice Calling Ivy. You can reach even longer. Make your body even reached through your fingertips for this last one. All right, two, three and now reach through living to be, yeah, keep reaching up to the ceiling. Touch the ceiling. Touch the ocean to the, that was very nice. Very good. I bet you that felt better too. That's enough of those that's going to horseback, so we're going to step off to the side. There you go. And we'll put the pads now like this little V, keeping it on one spring for our horseback. Good.

I want to see how much you're going to come out of the saddle. All right, so we're going to engage those inner thighs and she's going to pull into her power house and up. There we go. And Scoop. Good, so really feel that inner thigh, that pelvic floor, that lower belly. Gimme one more and sit. Nice job, Coleen. How's that feel? Good. Let's do another one. The legs lengthen and the toes point, I think. Yes, exactly.

She could lift up on her bottom that much more. Oh yeah. One more. Thank you. Thank you. Up, up, up and bending. That was great. Give me one more of those. Here we go. Scoop and lifting. There's all you could face the other way on this one.

I just really want to do it here. That's it, and sit. Excellent. Good job. Step on off your saddle. All right, let's hang up the handles on that side. So great. You just set them up for la for short spy massage, which is going to come in a little bit, but she's all ready to go where you loop the leather through the handle. Go ahead and bring your box down. We're going to do second long box and short box a little later.

We're going to set up, oh, so I made your brain your pole for no reason at all. I'm going to set her up for long spine, long stretch series. Go ahead, lift your add a spring, lift your bar and get into position. So hand, foot, hand, foot already in that long line and we're going to go out and pull and I'm going to even out your hips. Press them together that sit. Keep them good and squeeze them down just a little lower. That's the line I want. Okay, now that you have it, give me three. Going as far out as you can. Challenge that range and pool at home and challenge that range.

Go for it and then pull it home. And one more reaching out and all the way out. Even the crown of your head down. Stretch, kneeling down. Go ahead and here we go. Yes, don't drop in that right side and use that. That's so nice. Go out and lie on those springs. So on this next one, I don't want you to come in hold.

I want you to start crawling up on your fingertips. Crawl up, up, up, fit, bottom stays there as the arms lift up. Thank you. And exhale up, stretch. Go ahead. We're going to keep the ribs right here. Stretch out. Pull that carrot Joe and up. Weak stretcher pole. The carriage on my, I want those ears between your arms as you come forward.

Squeezing. Yes. Let's do a little combo. Okay. You're going to go out, back, bend, go out in a back bend and fold up. Give me one more like that with no bang. Yeah, back bend. Push out nice and strong. And where's that Perez curl that tailbone under. Curleigh and she's ready for elephant.

Lower your heels and from those hips out, go ahead. Scooping it into just like the pull up on the wonder chair. Right. Love it. One more. Feel those hips. One more for me. Got Him, got, feel those hips. And then you're going to go into demi. Point on your left foot. Take that right leg. Really feel your parallels. Now extend, reach to that ceiling and work your left hip one pulling into. Don't lose your powerhouse and switched legs. Good.

Keep that hip working and oh, pull up into here. Yeah. One more good. Now on top. Very nice. Lengthening and pulling. One, pulling two and on this third one. Go out and now touch. Pull the kerogen, pull it in. Keep it in and extend back up and switch. Yes.

Keep it in. Thank you my dear. And extend up and do three here. What too beautiful. Reach that ceiling. Come on and now out and pull it in. Touched your toe to your head. Yes. And keep it in as you extend. And now step to the side.

Beautiful turnaround for long. Backstretch hand, heel, hand, heel, tall spine at down. Push out from the hips and lift up and damn. Push out from the hips. Then up you go. One more, Dan. We're staying still on two springs reverse. Nothing changed. We're just keeping moving from one to the next. Come. I lift that bottom up. That's it. And all the way up.

And then step off to the side. You get a little breather as you bring your pad down for stomach massage. So add four springs total now. So she's adding her to, she's going to sit down. Fancy. Want to join her on that transition head between your knees and let's go.

It's out, down, lift and really move those springs. Don't forget it's from your powerhouse, not from your quads. Feel both. Sit bones. Feel the evenness. Two more for me. Good. And drop a spring and reach your hands back down from your hips.

Next. I prefer transitions with both arms at the same time. We'll do that when you come back forward. Alright, so keep your weight on your right. Use your left to say I'm not getting pushed over. There we go. Ooh. Yeah. One more beautiful. Both hands reach forward. Thank you.

And in the air and staying on your right hip. Yes. Way to go. Make that left hip. Say That's it. And twist. Reach out. Hold. Come on. Twist, tallest and come and really challenged that range of motion out the ocean blanketing good. I like the twist. Now get taller. Use your powerhouse to get the crown of your head to the ceiling. Grow Taller, dollar, dollar, dollar, and in very nice and scooping in taller. Don't lean forward. So much. Pull in that powerhouse. Oh yeah.

And one more set on your own. There you go. Long line like you have a bar in your arms from fingertip to fingertip. And Nice. Good. Come in. Step off for tendon stretch, lowering your pad. We'll keep it on two springs. There we go. So we're gonna do three irregular, three right in front, three side and three back. And then we're going to bring it forward to switch. All right, here we go.

Try to stay in front of this bar. We're gonna keep that spring moving. Ah, come on. Go down and pull. Give me one more challenge that range of motion all the way out, all the way up now. Right foot and out and stay in front of me. Work in that left hip. One more and right foot out and touch camera. And Rich, come on, reach for it. One more up and pull it back. And come on, kick the ceiling and kick the ceiling one more and go all the way forward to do the left leg forward and the right hip works. Pulling in one.

Pull it into pulling in through. Use that upper belly to left leg out to the beach. Touch the sand. You can feel the sand in your toes there and now to behind you and kick the ceiling from here. Yes, one more. And take it all the way forward. Nice job and step off. Elegant and control. Very good.

Go ahead and lower that while lower this for you. And we're going to do semicircle first and then we get to enjoy some short spine massage. Good. So we're going to slide down our spine. Gets a little break here. Sticky Russo. Good, great. Nice. So really feel your left hip. Stay here. I don't want any sneaky on the way down.

We're going to roll down your upper back. Yeah, go through those springs if you can. Up BW. Go and come and up. Up, up. Good. One more. Is this easy for you? She's like, yeah. Do you ever do it with the bar up? Do you like that? Yeah. Alright. And coming in and we're going to reverse and Dan go all the way through.

Good. Coming in and lift a nap. We'll do one more. So now I was, I only did two each way cause we'll do two, an extra little set with a bar up. I enjoy lifting up up. Good. Now slide on back and I'll lift the bar up for you. Yeah. Okay. And I'm going to get rid of this pad.

Alright and lift those hips up. Here we go. You have to really, that was the only thing I was thinking about. All right, keep using that left hip and we'll do two more each way here. Rolling down. So you have to have really good, obviously flexibility here out and lift up cannot be cramping up in your hamstrings and you have to have flexible quads and one more in good knees. A lot of things need to happen to be able to do this and up. Good. And enjoy the reverse from the hamstrings and bottom and holding still as you melt down. Nice and coming forward. And one more from here. Nice and solid. Good feet.

Love what I'm seeing coming in. Good and stretch. And now you get to grab your ankles. Let's get that seed off of your ankles. Good. How's that feel? Yeah, slide on back then you did so good on setting up your shorts. Fine, but we forgot to hang it up right on these little cookies. Okay. Go ahead and grab a head piece. Goes down for short spine massage that she flipped down but you stay on two springs.

We are going to do for short spine and then we're going to do a couple the high frogs. Yes. And I want to see this like a plane going down the runway. Then it takes off and good. So I didn't see it take off. So we're going to work on that. Roll down your upper back, Middle Vat. Good, good, good, good. And bring down. Good. So we're going to reach out and how? Lift up that seat. Come on, scoop your belly in. Get that seat up. Thank you. And keep going over. Yeah, I'm bending and rolling away. Less energy in the feet.

God. So this time before you hit the straight legs, I want to see that. Bottom liftoff. Thank you. I was like magic. That was awesome. And long arms stretching. We have one more rep going down the runway. Taking off. Come on. That's it's scoop and working hard. Keep lifting your hips.

Don't let them just fall into your chest, right. Good alignment here. And we're going to go into high frog. So she's going to go out right on up, and we're going to bend and straighten. Good and reach gimme two more. Lot more space. One more. Lift those hips. Yes. And Go ahead and lower those straps into the, well actually we're just going to drop him. Good.

And you get to roll down and enjoy that stretch. Nice job. Good. All right, and we're going to go into chest expansion. We've got two springs. Go ahead and grab your straps. I'll set some pads up. The pads are really important for safety for in case you have long hair.

Like myself. I'm a ponytail and it can get caught in the springs when you stretch it out. So we're going to kneel down hooking the toes on the back edge for chest expansion. There you go. Careful. Alright, let's have the carriage all the way in to start. So you might need a slot there yet. Go good about alignment. And you can do this together.

I'm going to have her do it apart today, but as she gets even more advanced because she always has room to grow. She can do it with her knees together. But we're going to do it this way today. I want you to use the back of your thighs to press forward onto the front of your knees a little more. Thank you. Can you grow taller? Yeah. There we go. And pulling back in with the air. Looking right, looking left and exhale and in with the year looking left, right and XL. One more set. That's it. Lifting that sternum. Really feel the powerhouse. Pull in, but then lift the bottom of your ribs away from that pelvis.

How much space? That was really beautiful. Nice job. Take your knees forward, all add a spring for you. And you're going to get ready for thigh stretch. We're gonna do one regular and then to with the full back bend. Okay, so press those hips forward. Scoop it in eyes. Just go down towards your chest. Yes. Good, good, good.

So this is the line she's going to have to be able to hit to do her back bend and we're going to scoop and good. Keep pulling that powerhouse. Keep that line in the hip. So we are going to go into your back bend, but we'll do that now. Okay. So we're going to push your hips forward and hold on a second. First, just drop the chin to your chest and look at your chest. Good scooping. And I want you to draw those inner thighs with you and keep pulling the pelvic floor and lower belly. Keep going. Now you're going to stay right here. Feel super stable here and unfold everything that way. Yes, yes, yes. And now fold it together and lift from here in the arms.

That was beautiful. Very nice. Good. Now I was looking a lot. You need to feel it. Um, it's, you're a tennis player. It has to be from the ground up. If you start at anywhere else like you, it's just not going to come together. So yeah, if you start that all the way from the ground, it's great. Wherein do arm circles stepping off, drop down to one spring now. Good.

And we're going to kneel down with the foot as much against the shoulder pad as possible. Ball of the foot. And you're going to get into that same position. This is your predecessors to swap [inaudible]. So if you don't have a strong trunk here, then swap t's will never happen. Let's do three circles on n and two. Yes. Inner thighs, pelvic floor, all yes, my dear.

And now reverse it. One good scoop and one more. Yeah, that's it. And good. Do some shaving. But all from here. Take your hips forward with you. Push your hips to the parking lot. One more.

Thank you. And then come forward. Good. Let's just do an arm up and pull in and an extend and down in. That's enough of those. We're going to go into snake. And twist. So we're going to adjust our pads. We're going to keep it on one spring. If you first have a little hard time with snake and twist, you could do it on two springs. Learning it. There are right.

So holding the carriage in. I need to feel a little more powerhouse. Let's breathe with this in with the year out and empty the lungs and up. Good. Good, good, good. And in with the year and drop this hip. Squeeze at Dad's it. Give me two twists. Now feel those hips work together and like you're striking a match.

One more. Feel those hips. Yes. And, and stepped down and holding the carriage in. There you go. Let's walk to the other side. Looking good. How's it feel? I love snake and twist. Hand. Fot good, good, good.

All right and out you go and empty the lawn. Let me hear it. That's it. And, and work those hips together and drop this. Squeeze. Squeeze, squeeze. Thank you. And now we're going to twist and exhale over your shoulder up. One more. Lengthening touristy, exhaling over your shoulder and up. Good for you.

Bring that foot down and with control. Good. All right. And now we're going to go into the second long box. So we're going to grab your box and we're going to do rocking. And so grasshopper and swimming, I'm going to just slide that a little over and lie down onto your stomach. Good. And you're going to grab onto your ankles. Good.

And so this is really nice to feel kind of what you did in the um, thigh stretch that you were saying. So you're going to press the pubic bone down into the box and lift your belly button up all the way to your sternum. Good. And you're going to pull, I want three beats into your bottom first. We're going to go one all the way here to [inaudible]. There you go. Three. And now push the hands into and lift, lift, lift. Do that one more time for me. You're going to press one and two and three.

Press your feet into your hands. Pubic going down, lifting up. And let's rock forward and back and forward. Come on. Lifting up like a rock. He knows I love it. And enough. Good. And let's get into grasshopper. I'm going to add a little towel here. Sorry I didn't mention it earlier. You don't have to. If you're tough, get your ribs off the front of the box. Good and nice and comfortable.

And you can put your hands on the wood or on the black bar. What is what feels better right now? Okay, good. And let's start off with straight legs for me. Good. And we're going to use your powerhouse in press that pubic bone down. Lift those thighs all the way up.

You're going to come out a little bit and lengthen out. So the carriage does move a little bit. You can, you're gonna Kinda as you go out at slides out just a hair to help you with that natural motion. So the ribs are off. Beautiful. And now we're going to squeeze that pubic bone down and lift those size up. There we go. And extend and give me a clap, Stan, as you come up. And I still think you need to come forward. Just a hair. Okay, so go forward and then come. Let's go down. Lift.

Let's get those legs all the way up. Khan. Challenge that range of motion. There you go. Reaching out. Long end clap. Two, three, four, six, seven, eight. One more. Pushing out, going down forehead there. There you go. And stir. Lengthen out. And Clap. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Come back a little bit and let's do some swimming. Good.

Reaching the arms long and the legs long. Good. Let's balance. All right, that's it. Now come on, touch the ceiling. Inhale. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Touch my hands up here. Reach up higher up. Get those legs up to, come on. Lift the chest up. Great job calling. Melt. Touch your feet to the floor.

Touch your hands to the floor. Step off. Yup. You got it. Either side, hands to the floor. You always want to, after the second long box, come into this position and roll up your spine. Good. And turn it for short bucks. We're going to lose those handles. Good. I'll take them. Good. So the head piece stays down. Center the box pad. All right, grab your safety strap and we're gonna sit. Nice job.

And slide back a little more. You only want to hands with distance right behind you. [inaudible] that's it. Okay. Wrap your arms around, squeezing up and roll on out. More lower belly. Good all the way back and reach. Nice and head and curling up. Lifting up again.

Those ribs away from the palace and squeezing. Good. Go ahead and do a push up on the floor from the hips and everything else. Nice and head and scooping in. Lifting good off the bottom. Nice. And now do one extension pulling.

Reach all the way to the back of that reform of you can pull along and then coming back in. Good. Scooping in and up. Up, up. Good. Grab your bar. So we're just doing three cause this is a super advanced reformer and long fingers. No energy in those poor little hands and a lot more powerhouse with you. Thank you. Give me one more to really pull into here.

Thank you. And rest your arms and we're gonna do side reach. You want to pull in a lot more here and come in and stay forward with those shoulders and reaching up. That's better. And now stretch right here, beautiful and pulling in and really reached a lot of work. These exercises, one more set, but they also should feel really good. So as soon as they're starting to feel a little more work than good, then you might want to reconsider what your form is.

Rest your arms for a second and let's do the twist. Go ahead and twist and rich and scooped. And I'm still gonna say you're lefthanded. You went to the left first. I love it. And coming up. You do. Now I want you to reach the end of this pole and touch the corner of the reformer. I know cause Andrew each.

Come on touch it and up. I said the other side. So I want you to go fishing. So reach with that pole. Yeah, touch it and up. See I was on back pain and pull more into your power ass. Get that seat working and from here and go fishing. Come touch that corner. Thank you. I'm pull it back up and one more time and reaching from your beautiful and nice stretch forward. Good, good, good, good. Yes.

I'm going to give you a little stretch cause you deserve it. Now we're going to do tree one regular and then three with circles. K or s or second one with circles and stretching. One and two. Relax in that hip. Hold it up and walk up.

Reach forward over that leg thing. Cue and rolling back from here. Walk down. That's it. Unfold. And one, two, three and go the other way. One. Yeah, and hold and lift. Square off your hips. Thank you. That was great. All the way up.

Pick the apple off the tree side tree. Now handle open up, square your hips off and roll. Back. Scoop, scoop, scoop thing. Head to chest and scoop. Keep that leg there as you bend it behind you to cross over. Nice work. Big Lift. Thank you. Good stretch and switch. Other leg and we're stretching. One and two. There we go.

Bring you back to New York there and rural Dan and unfold. Beautiful and reach and circle one and two and three and reverse a little more spunk like you're on stage right. And last one. Good and up. PUCO scoop, scoop, scoop. Good. Pick the apple off the tree all the way up onto those sit bones side tree. Great. Good.

And pretend I'm there this time and you kept it come up and then bend behind you as you cross over and lifting. Great space. Beautiful. Really Nice job. Good. Alright. Bring everything down. Bar. Let's mean this pad right here. Good. So lie on down nice and long and empty. You good? All right, we're gonna start in your frog position.

All right. And you are going to reach forward and lift up all the way over and good. I would like to see this a lot different. I want to see it bring, bring the hips all the way over your shoulders. Okay, here we go. Lifting up all the way over. Feet more. Further back a little more so the carriage is more in. Okay, there you go. Open.

And now from here, push the feet in front of your seat and keep going and keep going. Keep pushing. Keep pushing. Keep pushing from me. Then squeeze the legs together and all the way up until the carriage is home. So I'm going to push you like this. Oh yeah. Open. Good. And now from the back of your thigh and reach, keep reaching.

I'm gonna hold this up. Come on and get your bottom up. Get your bottom up. Yes. Yes, yes. Now you're going to reverse open and lift. That's all the way up. Back here. Yes. And now, solid length. Announce. Solid. Keep reaching. Keep lifting. Yes. Open and lift all the way back here. All the way here. That's it.

And reaching forward from here. Scoop. Keep reaching. Keep reaching. And one more. Let them be more free on this one. Let them go up and just go from the hips. Yes. Squeeze. Much better calling. And then reaching forward. So you get to use this and you get to push that into here.

And Rural and nice job. Stretch. Bring those. Just stretch them right down to your head if you can, because we're going to be doing splits, right? Oh yeah. And then go ahead and do your inner thigh stretch. So you're going to open legs and slightly tap on. Yes. Very nice. And then bring them together. Good.

That's [inaudible] Nice. Alright, go ahead and step off and we're going to put it in second gear to get ready for our control pushups. I have a little block here to keep it going. Okay, we're going to do two springs from here. Had BISSAP. Yeah. Okay. Hand, foot and foot. Night long spine, long neck. Good.

And extend one extent to extend three. Now let me see that range of motion with the right leg up and left and right and left. And that's enough. Now they'll dip you to do here. Push up one. [inaudible] push up to they. You push up three pike up and carefully hold the kerogen as you stepped down. Good. And the other foot and I'm gonna turn it around. Thank you.

Yes. Good Pan foot. So now it's in first gear. As you face forward, arches on the bar and lift up the hips more. Here we go. And push out. One hips are lifted. Yes. One more. And now kick up right and kick up. Left and fan kick. Right and big fan left and reverse for right to end.

Reverse for left and give me three deputy dues. One, two, three, and carefully step off to the side. Nice job. We're going to go into star. I'm going to give you some pats here. Okay. So we're going to um, yeah, come onto this side first if that's all right. So we're gonna do hand right foot. Good. And that's it. Nice. Good, good, good, good, good.

And do you feel like that right foot is feeling supported? Right. Okay, good. Scooping in. And now we're going to go out and then let's kick it straight up to the ceiling. That top like kid, get up and pull together. One more to get straight up. Good. Now can you kick it forward and your arm goes forward and you're going to take your arm forward as the leg goes back and pulled together, kick the leg and arm forward. Thank you. Kick the arm forward, but the leg back. Good and together. Hold it together.

Now take the arm forward and leg forward. We're going to do as you go and then all the way around things and lift this up and pull the kerogen pull. Look back to me and down holding the kerogen straight. In this leg on the foot. The foot stays on the pad. Oh yeah, the other one. Wella and bend forward over it.

See, I'm Kinda Nice sometimes. All right, bring that foot down and round up and other side. Okay, here we go. So you're going to take your left hand. Very good. [inaudible] you can get into position. I don't want to block you here. All righty. Beautiful. [inaudible] as you go out, you're going to kick this leg up and pull together. I want to see you touch the sky, my dear. Come on and lift this hip. Now we're going to take the leg and tow. Fourth hand leg and arm forwards.

Alright, here we go. Leg an arm. Good. And now just the leg goes back and we pull the carriage in by lifting this hip and both go forward and we pull carriage in by lifting this hip and the leg goes back. Good. And now we're going to do the full circle. Follow around here. Good. I know I'm not helping you, but wrap your leg around, pull the carriage and more, more, more. And now step down here. Keep the left leg long and bend forward over it. Beautiful. Round up. Now she's got it and bring it up.

It wasn't that Nice. Yeah. Okay. Alright, now it's time for our split series. Okay. Oh actually no. We're going to do running and pelvic tilts really fast. And then we'll do our split. So I'm going to add here just to, let's do it on two. Okay. And line down. Rounding off this. Good. All right. And use that left hip pushover. That right one. See I'm not [inaudible] yes, thank you.

Cause you're going to need that for side splits. Yes. Two last set. Come on in hand. Arches on the corners. Good. And I really want to see that space here. Maximize that range of motion is such a basic exercise. Right? There we go.

So you're really feeling that work. [inaudible] give me three more stretch. Stretch, stretch. I'm gonna grab my pad's getting ready and roll. Damn, let's do some side splits. So we're going to do them on one spring. Yeah. And come on over on this side. Alright, so I have a pattern on top of the base of the reformer. We're going to do the right foot out. First left foot, heel, toes out. Bring this foot a little more for, let's not get the set right, really in control here by s finding your Palladio's box.

All right. That looks better. Press this forward a little bit. Good. Not this forward. Sorry, but your hips. That's it. And now we're going to push out evenly with both legs as far as you'd like. And then you're going to use the inner thighs and the pelvic floor and your scoop and do two more on the third one. We're going to hold it out and get some roses. Yeah, keep your way over the left hip. That's it.

Pick up some roses and scoop in. Good and a little back bend. Thank you. And now pull up from here. Hold up and go down. Give the roses away. Trickling down your spine. Hold that carriage and my dear. Use this side too. Oh, that was great. Now we're talking. Yes. I now heel toe this left foot in.

Okay, good. Stay light. Light lift. Thank you. Turn towards the front to go to the other side. And you're gonna take your left foot out first and then the right. Good. How does your [inaudible] box? Is it straight? Get your hips under you, more long energy out those fingertips and push out evenly. That's it. And you're going to start feeling, see you're on one spring here, the energy for your granite cart, but then one more hold and right hand to toe and pull it up and left.

Pull up from your center and pull home. Take your head with you. Thank you. And roll up through that back. Hold that carriage and work those inner thighs. Woo. All lit up. And he'll tell your left in all the way in.

Keep your weight light and lifted. Take your left foot, God. Turn to the shoulder pads and stay there. And I'm gonna lift up this bar and we're going to get ready for our Russians. Let's put your right foot back first. Is that all right? Okay. And you're going to put the left foot on the shoulder pad. All right.

Um, get a little deeper squat please. All right, so that the hips are at the same level as your knee. Really work in that back leg and straighten one, opening that knee and two and three and bend it. And we're gonna keep your hips where they are. Use your powerhouse to lift up your spine, hands behind your head, push your head, hands in and get lower place. So again, the hips are the same level and work at straighten one good, little lower too. Yes. And last one, three. Nice work.

Reach the arms long to the ceiling and forward. Lift the heel forward a little bit more into that [inaudible] and straighten the legs into your Russian going out. God and Zippity Doo Doc. Go ahead and stretch it out. Oh yeah. Oh, that was so good. You can give you one more stretch. And I love how you kept your hips. So even and rounding up.

Good. And now you're going to bring the left foot. Yep. Right foot down. I'll switch the pad to the other side. Good. A little. I want the right foot a little further back. I'm like holding the and so just about right there. Good. All right. And hips or even and stretch one stretched to better stretch.

Three good powerhouse lifts the spine effortlessly pushing out. We want to lower on that squat for this last one. Woo. Good job. And now reaching forward. Good. And we're going to pull in, lift the heel forward more. Good. And do three splits. Then that one. This should be pure enjoyment now, just really doing it. And one more. Ouch. You got good.

And then pulling up and then lift the right foot back under you and the left. Good. And roll up your spine. Good. And we're gonna turn around to the front. We're going to keep it on two springs, but I'm going to lower the bar for our grand cart. So we're going to have one pad there. And this one, I'm just going to put like this so that you have something to go against. All right. And we're going to, you want to start with your right forward? Sure.

Okay. So we're gonna put your hands on the bar and you're gonna put your right foot forward and the left foot back comfortably. I'll think the heels should go just a tiny bit more towards the headpiece. Thank you. Good. And now you're gonna straighten. You're gonna walk out. All right. Love it. Walk out. How's that feel? Yeah, you gotta feel really solid. Good. Kiss the knee.

[inaudible] good. How's that split feel? Okay. Can you walk your hands back with you anymore along the wood, the items on the outside before they get chopped off. Good. Now, just like you did in Russians, can we start lifting up your backs? The solid legs. Lift up, arms up, strong legs. And we're going to lift those arms. You got it? I'm pulling you to the right. Do that. Is that better now? It's good. All right.

And you're going to go up and up and enjoy it. Just really go for it. Yeah. And up now the arms slightly in front and a little back. Bend. Palms up. There you go. And three more. Can you do that? And two more. One more. Good. And now stand up tall. Good.

And bend this knee and lower down to the mat. Lower down. Good as you grab on. Good. And we're going to switch legs. All right. Good Job Coleen. And take that left foot forward. Good. So you want to feel like I was talking about tennis from the ground up. Just feeling super solid.

So let's make that little right foot a little bit more like you're going to be able to, Huh? Feel like that split. Good. And then excellent. And your correct. But you know everyone has different lengths of legs, so then we start adjusting. But if that feels good, that's great. So feel strong. Two solid legs. Kiss your knee to start. Does this feel like it has enough against a shoulder pad? I didn't think so. Yeah. Good. Yeah. So enjoy that. Kiss your knee. Good.

And then walk your hands back with a thank you for that safety. I'm not gonna hold you here. Check you out. And Zip Buddy. Do what? Now we're talking and Dachau and zip fitted. Do Good. One more. Doesn't that feel nice?

Yes. And Palms go forward. Yep. And down for three more. Good. Very nice. Last one, good and nice. And you're going to go ahead and low. Reach forward. Beautiful. That's it. Lowering down. Aha. Good.

And Go ahead and step off and let's finish with some nice posture here. We're going to take a big breath and exhale, and then why don't we separate your legs for me? I like that. Good. And reach up and then reach over to your right. Good. And down to center and to your left and round all the way up. And let's reverse that up and over. Good, good. And up. One more. Each way. Get the pelvis forward more.

Yeah. Then you're going to feel that nice stretch as you roll up. Get that pelvis forward. Good. And one more. Up to the ceiling. Oh, over good. Oh, the way over. Pelvises forward as you roll up your spine, slide your heels together, take another big breath, turn your palms out and exhale as you lift, lift, lift, and you are all set. Nice job. You're welcome. Good work.


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This was a great class! I feel like I want to do it every day, I feel so energized! Thank you Monica and Colleen congratulations in completing your teacher training :)
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This was a challenging class in a good way. Def advanced and quite quick transistions. We're a few things I struggled with but something to work towards!
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1 person likes this.
I did it. I’m not saying it was easy or I was perfect. But I did it. Thank you 😊😊😊😊
❤️❤️❤️Wonderful flow❤️❤️❤️
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A challenging class that requires watching before practising - there are few audio queues aimed at the viewer.
Monica Wilson
Yes! This is a challenging class for sure! So glad y’all are giving it a try and enjoying it! Super smart to watch it once through to make sure you catch all the little nuances and get the most out of it. Enjoy! Monica:)
Merve K
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What a great class!! Thank you
Magdalena O
Just finished my classical Pilates teacher training in New York... cant thank you enough Monica for all your classical classes! They helped so much. Wish i could take your class one day!
Zeren Joy
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Thank you so much! Just finished and realized that nothing makes me feel as worked out as a classical flow. Thank you.
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