Class #3157

Reformer Connections

55 min - Class


Connect to your body and to your equipment in this Reformer workout with Lesley Logan. She encourages you to be aware of what your back is doing so you can create space while you move from your back body. She includes preparations for exercises like Horseback and Single Leg Tendon Stretch that will help you coordinate your body to do the full exercise.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole, Theraband, Magic Circle


Hi, I'm Lesley Logan. I have Ashley and Chanda with me, and we are about to do pretty advanced reformer all about connecting to your body and the equipment. So lie on your reformer, and you can set up...


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Beautiful cueing and explanations, Lesley!
Holly Thank you so much for taking my class! Happy to hear my cues and explanations came through xx~LL
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Sorry, I gave up after 16mins. Was not able to keep up with the pace with all the spring changes.
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Love the classical workout
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Hi Dorit thank you for letting me know. It is a level 2/3 fast paced class (it says deliberate which means no breaks). My other reformer class (#2829 on here) takes a bit more time in between exercises and has many of the same exercises. I would recommend doing it a few times and feel free to pause me anytime I am going to fast. Then come back to this class! I hope this helps and feel free to ask me any questions. xx~LL
Thank you Madhavi for taking my class! So glad you loved it. Hope to have you again some time soon xx~LL
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love this ..can't wait to smash it out
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Thanks Lesley Logan -loved the reverse horseback and its connection to rowing RB. This class does move fast. Had to hit pause a few times, and will heed your advice to revisit your other reformer class so I can get "up to speed"- pun intended💙
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Love sequences that you bring to combine.... get wonderful workout for this video and really great cueing from you !!💕💗☘️
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Julia yay! Enjoy smashing it out!! Thank you for watching and have fun xx~LL
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