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Work your way up to a Handstand with this Mixed Equipment workout by Benjamin Degenhardt. He uses Pilates protocol, but tweaks the emphasis so you can find more space in the chest and upper body. He focuses on three main aspects for inversions: bearing weight in your hands, organizing the plumb line when upside down, and building mobility in the shoulders and torso.
What You'll Need: Ladder Barrel, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Reformer, Mixed Equipment, Wall

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Hi, everybody, my name is Benjamin. I'm here with my good friend and colleague, Carrie. And we're here to share a full studio workout with you that focuses on handstands, and specifica...


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This was so awesome! I can't wait to get to the "playground". Thank you!
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I appreciate this. Would be curious to see how it would play with a less skilled person. Or maybe I'm about to find that out...
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Fabulous sequence and cueing
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Wonderful explanations and great choice of exercises. I cant wait to try! Thank you for you strength Carrie and your cueing Benjamin!
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I LOVED THIS......awesome!!
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Hello Benjamin! Great class! I'm always working on getting more comfortable with upside down work because of the dances I have to perform. I was wondering I noticed in my tendon stretch regardless of my flexibility I'm lacking the strength to pull the carriage all the way in and get my hips overhead. Any suggestions on exercises to help me get there? Thanks! ✌🏽❤️
Everyone - thank you SO much for watching! HK I absolutely hope that anyone taking this session will experience increased trust and a sense of accomplishment in their skills — even and especially if a full handstand or a stomach jump is not in the cards (yet or ever). I am still working on nailing the effortless handstand that Carrie demonstrates here in my own body. Her strength and precision is truly inspiring! Please let me know how you get on.
Thank you Analia! Whoa, the Tendon Stretch. I'd say that Long Back Stretch on the Reformer done with straight arms (check out the second class in my Reformer progressions) and Pull Ups on the Wunda Chair both address the usual sticky points. Also, this class shows the set up and first building block for the Tendon Stretch. Start with that, and let me know if that brings up any other questions. We'll figure this out for you!
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Thank you Benjamin!! All of the previous exercises were an awesome build up to practice handstand! I loved and revisited my handstand with joy:)
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Love your calm, yet precise style of teaching . And Carries form and precise response to your cues is lovely! Thank you !
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