Full Studio Workout
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 3169

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WOW! My handstand at the barrel has been the best one ever. I felt so light. Thank you Benjamin for an amazing workout, great preps and superb cueing.
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I was really afraid to do this class but glad I did! I was able to do most everything and think I could've done the handstands had I had a spotter. The only other thing I could not accomplish was the one legged tendon stretch and I think that was all just fear. My shoulders feel wonderful right now. Thank you!
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R-E-S-P-E-C-T to you and Carrie!! ;)
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Amazing I loved this! Thank you!!
This is fantastic! I learned so many drills for my handstands now. I actually got into my first handstand unassisted for the first time last week and now I am obsessed with working on it and nailing it correctly with great alignment. These moves will definitely help out! I especially am excited to try out the Tendon Stretch, and the movements on the Barrel. I haven't tried Grasshopper on the very bottom of the Ladder Barrel! I'll work my way up to that. Great session!
inspiring ! both of you!
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