Class #3180

Lengthening Reformer

40 min - Class


Find length in your whole body with this Reformer workout by Shelly Power. She teaches a creative class, adding modification options so you can make the class work for you. Her fun variations, like the Back Stroke into the Hundred, will have you energized and ready for your day!
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Hi, I'm Shelly Power from Polestar Pilates. Really excited to be back at Pilates Anytime with Juliana and Erin. And we're gonna do a fun reformer class. Let's get started. So go ahead ...


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Felt really good after this beautifully taught reformer class.
Some great tips and cues, thank you x
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Best side overs I've ever done - fantastic cuing to get the leg comfortable and confident in the strap. thank you!
Great class and loved the "grasshopper" prep from the box. Thank you Shelly Power!
Thankyou for this great class love the cueing and explanations and the grasshopper prep.
Thank You Shelly Power. Great tips and cuing . Looking foreward to try the Teaser on my clients.
A quick sunday treat🙏🙏
Thank you. Loved the cueing--especially the extra connection of being aware we're sitting on the mat to change the feeling. Could feel the difference in Teaser prep connection and balance!
Thank so yu for such a great practice and awesome cueing!:) I loved the standing leg presses alone with rotation at the end of the practice!!
Lovely succinct cueing Shelley, this workout felt great - challenging yet calm!
Beautiful class!! I feel energized! Loved your cues!
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