Class #3246

Ballet/Mat Fusion

45 min - Class


Get ready to work hard, have fun, and channel your inner dancer with this Mat workout by Deborah Harris! She teaches a class that infuses traditional Pilates work with ballet floor exercises. She includes isometric movements to intensify the work, paying particular attention to the inner thighs, turnout, and core stability. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat


Hi, my name is Deborah Harris, and I'm so excited to be back here at Pilates Anytime. Today, I have a very unique class for you, infusing classical Pilates mat with ballet floor exercises. You are goi...


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Beautifully challenging !! I love those ballet-infused Pilates workouts. Thanks a lot Deborah :))
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Wow, love this, thank you Deborah, I love all your classes!
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Loved this, many thanks Deborah.
As always, a fantastic workout, Deborah. Your directions are clear and concise. I enjoy all of your classes!! Thanks.
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I am listening to my body and it says WONDERFUL :) :) :) thanks Deborah!!
Excellent class, with wonderful transitions! Loved the pace and your awesome energy! Thank you for a great class and ideas for my own class!
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Thank you for a wonderful class. I really enjoined the new ballet variations.
Thank you all so much for the wonderful feedback. I put a lot of thought into each class and it truly warms my heart that this class really connected with you!
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very clear instructions, enjoyed the class so much :)
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