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Reformer Duet Ideas

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You will learn how you can layer movements for your clients in this Reformer workout by Troy McCarty. He shares what he looks for when he is working with his clients as well as the cues he uses to get the quality of movement that he wants. He also includes hands-on tips that your clients will love.
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Hi, I'm Troy McCarty. Thanks for watching me. I've got Erin, I've got Meredith, and we're gonna do a class, and I'm kinda gonna gear this class to some teachers out there. So, please enjoy. Okay, so, ...

The Teacher's Corner - Playlist 5: Teaching Tools


Troy ! So many useful cues and imagery for our teacher brains ! I appreciate your enthusiasm and sincere voice :)
Deborah Wasko Thanks Deborah. It is always nice to hear and see someone else teach. Sometimes it just enough of a spark to make us think or move differently. I have some other videos on PA I hope you will view them and let me know what you think!!
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really good useful cues and imagery and yes love the the solid sensible voice. only saying something, sometimes I just fill the silence I think ! so a good reminder for me
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A Sometimes silence gives that student just that bit more of concentration to put in to correcting a movement or maintaining a good postural habit. When I first started teaching I felt I had to fill the whole hour with my voice. I got over that really quick because it overwhelmed my clients. So happy you watched my class I have some others hope you will watch them also and let me know what you think!!
Amazing! Loved your short box series and the quadruped triceps! We are experiencing a “snow day” today in Omaha so I’m all alone in the studio, but cannot wait to do the end series! Cues were amazing. Thank you!
Connie Thanks Connie-- I love snow days I so glad I could be part of yours. Thanks for watching I have some others on PA I hope you get a chance to catch those and let me know what you think.

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