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Reformer & Tower Connections

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See how different pieces of apparatus complement each other with this Mixed Equipment workout by Amy Havens. She uses the Reformer and Tower to show how movements can feel different depending on what piece of apparatus you are using. She encourages you to think about where you can release more thoughtfully and where you can pull more consciously.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Tower, Reformer w/Box

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Hi everybody. I am really excited to be here for you and with you. I have Aaron and Leah and we're on two different pieces of apparatus just for variety and for fun, but also just you can recognize and feel the different, the difference in the way the exercises feel. Of course, one's more lengthening out. Sometimes there's more of a vertical orientation, a where the line of pool comes from a where you have to release a little bit more thoughtfully, where you have to pull a little more consciously. So we're just having fun with it and you know, you can choose one apparatus or get a pair of people together and workout together like we are. So set up for foot work. I've kind of taken a little bit of liberty to set them up, but you can set yourself up how you wish. We'll start with our heels parallel on the bar surfaces and yeah, take just a second for both of you to, and you at home, just settle into your body.

Has any good Polonious practice or any exercise, practice or yoga practice. Find your breath, bring that breath into your consciousness right now. Three or four large breath cycles, big rib cage breathing. Leah, Scoot your hips a little to your left. You'll be happy about that adjustment. Tiny bit more. Yeah. Sweet spot and left. Sit Bone forward. Yes. Beautiful, good, nice, strong, flexed ankles. And then take a couple more moments to desense your surfaces.

The back body surfaces, your head, your shoulder girdle, your ribs. Lumbar of course isn't so flattened and compressed. It's got some buoyancy underneath there and of course the sacrum. Heel pressure. Okay. Eight to 10 repetitions. This go ahead and extend and bend and extend and bend. Good. And three.

I'm just gonna probably not count completely because you could notice already we've got a little difference in timing. Range of motion is smaller on the tower. Range of motion is larger on the reformer because Aaron has a lot more distance that she gets to travel versus where Leah is. So all the while everything is this consciousness. The surfaces stay anchored. Pelvis is as level as it can be.

Nice job you guys. Let's say two more. Extend and bend, kind of absorbing that spring tension and press it up. And then let's change to balls a feet parallel heals ever so slightly lifted. And I'm going to say Leah, spread your space. Your feet. Let's do a little, I know it's different. Yeah. Good. And start with flection of your knees. So let me have you go. Inhale everybody there and now exhale, press it straight.

Inhale flection. Good. Exhale, stretch and bend. Yup. So Leah has the opportunity to look at her feet for alignment. Erin does not, but you're sensing the surfaces of your feet as well as you can. Even weight distribution across big toe to baby toe that each leg is doing equal effort as much as we can. Let's say alas too.

Of course they ever famous. Two more. Yeah. And the last one. And you'll stay in your flection for Leah. Different transition. I realized pivot on the fees. So heels come together and then here we go. Extending the legs and plea a and extend different language and we Yay and extend. Yeah, just feel your way through stretching the springs, closing the springs, stretching the springs.

Closing lot of energy out in the top of our head, out the sacrum and tail out the fingertips. Let's save for not doing the best job there and three [inaudible] and two and [inaudible] last one and in good pivot back out to your parallel Aaron. Oh, weed. Uh, Leah. Good. And straighten your legs, Erin. Straighten your legs. Let's work the cabs. Three accounts to flex the angles. One, two, three, your eyes. One, two, three, lower one, two, three and rise to three and one, two, three and arise. Two, three. Ankle flection for three and extension two counts.

One and two and one and two and one. And do one end to every time you're rising and lowering your ankles. Readjust that sacrum. See if you can keep dropping it heavy. Sometimes it likes to rock and the pelvis likes to kind of fall into posterior. Try just one more and then hold it in ankle extension and then walk it out.

20 changes. Find a little rhythm now with your changes like this ever good? This ever wheel like movement occurring? Nine and 10 I think in ten nine, eight, seven, six and five goods. Sacredness, heavy for three. Good. And to extend the ankles. One final inhale. Ah, exhale. Come all the way down. Bend your knees.

So Lee is going to drop off a spring. You can drop off one of your springs from the tower. Probably dropped the blue one. And then reformer. I'm going to drop off one of your springs. Do you care? Which I drop off. Okay. Aaron's letting me do the do it for her. Oh Nice. Get ready. Okay.

Single leg. So how about we put our right ball of foot on the bar. Leah is going to extend the left leg on the table. So are you for the table people and then Aaron will go straight out over the bar like this. Okay. So I'd like you to push your right leg long. Lift your left leg straight up and bent.

Reaching the straight leg along. We can exhale as you lift. Didn't heal reaching long away from the hip. Yes. Exhaling up, reaching long from the hip to the toes and up and lengthen. Good. Sacred stays anchored in level as much as it can throughout. Let's just do two more guys. Press extend. Yes. And lift and extend and just exchange legs.

Keep breathing as you do. Ready Go. And a press and reach. So it's never stopping. We're trying not to really stop and start a whole lot. So you just keep that body mind flow going, God and sacred drops. So it is more challenging to keep that sacred anchored when we're on a tower just due to the position underneath the bar versus the reformer.

So if you're at home and you know, well my wife did try that other apparatus, go find one play on it. It's kind of fun to change it out or ask your teacher, she'll, he or she will help you. I hope. One more time. Yes. Good. And then change. So let's go to, he'll single so he'll against the bar and same choreography. Okay. Just so you can keep that movement going. Go ahead guys. And extend and reach. So with Leon, the towers allow that side to get lower to your chest as you bend.

Yeah, almost kind of compressing your thigh on two theory. Go Nice Leah. Can't get that much compression on the reformer cause your leg doesn't go into that much flection, but you certainly can compress your stomach to your spine and press and reach. They've got a beautiful breath sequencing going two more. You guys pressing out and down. Good.

Last one and change really good. Strong reach of that straight leg. Here we go. And lengthen. So keep checking where your surfaces are. You've got your head nice and anchored. Your shoulders, your ribs. Remember the Lumbar isn't completely flat.

You've got a little bit of buoyancy back there, but your pelvis, sacrum are heavy. Your arms are long, even your palms are flat. Yeah, I mean the pads of the fingers may have a little contact on your surface. Reach and press. Last two. Yes, last one. Wallah. Okay, come on up and let's, she change for many to have Leah turnaround tower people turn yourself around.

Reverse tower happens here. Some Ridge Pelvic curl bridge here with some leg work. So you might want that or change it. Errands on to red springs right now. If you're wondering what I had her on, she just added a blue. Do what you want to do. You know, head rest down. Okay.

I'd love for Leah to put the bar up. Boom, you're on the balls of the feet. Pelvic curl your way up for Aaron. Roll your spine up to bridge Leah. They're doing the same exercise in their spine, right? Articulation to abridge. Now I want Aaron to move the reformer three times.

Leah is just going to roll down her spine. It's watching how the articulation to bridge is occurring differently in each of them. Good. Aaron, we'll come all the way in and she'll unroll the as well. Keep on rolling up and down the spine. Okay, good. And here you go. Roll. Reaching out through your knees toward me. Good. Aaron. Keeping your hips up nicely. Yeah. Feeling equal.

Weight distribution through your feet, your legs, your spine, your shoulders, everything in those surfaces level. Aaron will roll down here. Leo Will Roll Down Right there. Kay. Can we do that one more time? All the way through. So you get three more nice Leah and rolling up and feel that articulation eyes right to the ceiling. Energy through the kiss goal. That's right. And all the way. And then Aaron, when you come in, you get to unroll your spine on the next one. Okay, so the next layer we're going to is to add some leg extension.

While you're up in your bridge, have fun. Roll yourself up to your bridge again or your pelvic curl. This beautiful magician line, this tower line. Okay. Right leg out. Do three leg lifts and no one and lower and too beautiful you guys down and three and Aaron will place your foot. Lia will place her foot and they do three on the other side. It's magical one.

Beautiful guys. Add two hips, nice and high. Three. Place your feet. Take a pause. Breathe in. Unroll that spine. Any desire to do it again? Not really. Maybe we don't have to. We don't need to. You can if you want. We're not going to. Okay. Bend your knees. Leah will come out of that one.

And Aaron come on up to sitting. Okay. And everyone, we're going to make it to spring and change now. So taking down your red spring, take your foot bar down. We're going for a hundred and some coordination and a rollover or overhead. Okay, so we're going to take the safety strap away. Let the push through bar hang there. I want Leah to work with the Purple Springs, which you all have hooked up cause you saw on the description what you're going to need for your hookup in k. Erin's got her straps in her hand. So knees to the chest for both of you. First is lower your arms to your hips.

You feel your tension and you can take a moment or two to really reach and calibrate that tension because we know it's different. It's underneath Aaron, it's above Leah, so it's different. All right? So start to lift your head in your chest. Gals, all the way up. Extend your legs to where you want to go. Now I want you to make a fist today. Punch the air in front of you and start your small pumps. Two, three, four, five. Exhale into three, four, five. Exhale into three, four, five. Nice.

So the breath never stops if you need to at any time, put your head back down. You please do that for yourself. Gorgeous. You're right up just in the perfect place on your shoulder. Blade tips. Good. You're stretching too long. Legs away from your chest and your stomach deep against your spine.

Two more into three. Four, five x into strong women here. Bend your knees to your chest deeply. Let your heads go down. Fold your elbows. Rest for a second. Good coordination is next. Just like the regular way we would do it here we do it here. Ready? Go Up to the a hundred position. Legs go open. Close. Bend the knees, elbows stretch, open, closed. Bend the knees and the elbows.

Three more. Stretch more with your arms and your legs. Stretch Open. Close, bend and Ben. Last two, stretch. Open, close. Excellent. You guys. Last one. Instruction. Open, close, and Ben, and relax your head down. Okay. Headrest is still down. It is. Okay. Leah, Drop Your Springs Tower, people dropped your springs, you stay and you're going to put your hands on the, pushed your bar that has no spring on it. Yeah, and I'll have lia start with a bar above her chest and her legs to the ceiling and Aron legs to the ceiling they look like in her in the same shape they are. Inhale first the arms down for Aaron. Both of you, Leo.

We'll bring her arms down and go overhead and roll over. Now the rollover exercise. Perfect. Hold that position. So I want everybody to think when you're up on your shoulders, you are lifting your spine bones up, pelvis up to the air above you. Okay. Open your legs just a little tiny bit. Flex your ankles and unroll your spine and you still have a beautiful strong reach through your straps. When Leah comes down, she'll bend your elbows and bring the bar above her chest.

As she circles her legs back to the start position, we go again. Arms down for Aaron, Leah, Benzie elbows. There it goes. They roll over. Yeah. Allow your chest around a little bit more. I know there we go. Flex the feet open. Inhale, you're still reaching your arm. Moans long because they're in different positions.

But that spine roll your spine roll and as you come down and Leah Benzie, Elvis brings the bar above her chest. Aaron raises the arms. We've got it. One more time. Inhale the arms bend and stretch you nicely so she, I might actually have him do one more cause that was a really good timing of the roll of the bar and the role of the spine. Flex and open tracking right down the center of your spine. Miss Aaron. Beautiful. Yes, let's go one more Galson people. Yeah. So Watch Leo's. You're going to get the timing Aaron. I'll get the timing. Arms, legs, arms and royal roll. Roll. Roll. Yeah. Stay there for a sec. I just am going to throw this in. Lift one leg a little higher.

Yeah, I'm bring it down next to the other one and lift the other leg a little higher. Use Your glute to lift that leg. Let's do that each side one more time. And remember, your spine is still really nice and lifted up to your pelvis as high up in the air. Yeah. And then the second leg, gorgeous legs together. Wow. Okay. And unroll the spine wide with your spine wide with your back. You circle your legs, you can bring your arms up and just rest for a minute.

Well done. Okie dokes let's move on to some long box pull straps. So reformers get that ready tower. I have your yellow springs attached at the pretty low end spectrum of the frame. Reformer. Probably a red spring, maybe blue, maybe a yellow depending on the day and how you feel. Okay.

And let me try to size this up for Jay. Where are you? Can you put your hands up? I bet you in the right place. Yep. So she's got her arms almost all the way extended to the front corners of the Mat and want you both to let your spine get long. Let your chest drape over your box. Aron. Yay. Good. Pull your stomach up off your surface.

You know as much as we can cause that's sometimes that's what we forget about when we're prone is really how much can you gather that up. It'll shift when you start to pull, so pull your straps, but you're do your spine extension, your upper thoracic extension, pause when you get there. I really want you to take that moment to reach your chest even further forward toward your front frame and then lower your spine down. Drift your arms forward. Exactly. I've just got you. Just a little sense of my hand. You guys are fine.

Do the thoracic extension come up into your upper back one? Take a moment. I'm just right here. Push your chest forward a little bit more. It's a little more gather. Yes and all the way down. Long through that spine last to like this shoulder blades. Initiate that arm pull. Yeah, a little more gathered with the Scapula on your back.

Beautiful at your end coming down. Nice job. Wow. You're super centered on the mat. [inaudible] for you last time. We need the feedback because when we're prone we can't see on a map. We don't know where we are. Sometimes you guys stay there. Turn your palms face down. Now I want you to do four times.

Open your arms to a t like you're taking flight. Close your arms. So you see the spring is different on this. The tension stays the same with the rope on the reformer. Gets a little slack out here on the tower. So that's okay. It's not that easy. However, two more pull against you and widen it out.

And last one, pull it towards you. Widen back out to a tee from your teeth. Just float down like a leaf falling from a tree. Just fall, fall, fall. Take a moment. That's your moment. And bring yourself back up to the tee position with your arms outstretched, your chest reaching forward.

And I'm going to ask Leah to pull the springs back a little bit more so there's tension in them, a little more toward your hips. And same with Aaron. Make small circles with your arms here. Small circles, five each way. Generate that from where your arm meets your shoulder blade. Four nice and five the other way. One good to ever long body here. Three, where's your stomach? And four, they know where their stomachs are and five and just relax it all down.

K, take a moment in that relaxed place. One more and I want both of you to take your strong arms, pull them right back along your hips, raise your chest. Let's isolate the triceps. Okay. Bendon stretch your elbows. Five to eight repetitions. So it's a little softer spring for Leah because it is not so soft over here.

See how the exercises kind of interplay it can sure to not kick the wrist too much, but it's definitely been driven by the tricep in the rear shoulder. I'm not counting. How about one more? Think I just gave you a couple. That's fine. And roll all the way down. Yes, let go of those springs round your spine. You can come up to a cat back if you'd like. Just rest for a moment and rest in your round cat. Take a few breaths in it.

Nice work guys. Everybody at home, we're moving next into a teaser. Aaron doesn't have anything to really change as far as setup. On the reformers, you might change a spring, the Cadillac or your tower. We have our [inaudible]. We don't need that. Let's, what am I doing? You know what to do. Um, so pattern is to set up with the red spring from the top. Okay. What am I doing? Reach up and get that bar. Okay, Ha always the teacher. Hey, hooking up the springs. All right, so again, bodies are long. Leah's arms are long above her, but Aaron's arms are long out to the side. I want both of you just to kind of think first to collect your dominoes into you. Place your shoulder blades on your back.

You'll just keep your legs on the table for now. Okay. Teaser the gets to do an upper body teaser. Aaron does the full teaser right now. Go, go, go. And just in case I'm just here. Yay. Don't worry. And Roll back out and roll back down. Reached retreats to me. Yeah, you're not off the hook off.

Now you go into teaser and role. So both in reaching their legs out and up. Palms are up for a Miss Aaron. Good. Where your shoulder blades plugged onto your back. You guys still gorgeous. Rolled down. Reach your spine. Let the lumbars feel that Matt, Lumbar, Lumbar, lumbar. Yes. Again, in scoop and lift, always reaching out to go up. Look right at your toes, Leah. We'll do three bend and stretch elbows.

Aaron does three arms down and scoop down and reach down and read both of you. Breathe in first. Roll it down by reaching more through your legs, stomach, back away from legs all the way to do it again with a little flair. Jazz hands for me. Roll Up. Okay. You're going to do little arm circles. You're going to walk a leg down with a leg up with a leg.

That's how you can make it spicy for two different people. Aaron could probably do a leg. I'm not going to have her do a leg. She's busy with your arms and then the other way. Yup. One more for Leah. Meet the legs in the middle. Meet the arms in the center. Inhale. Exhale, roll all the way down and finish.

Great. Nice. You guys dropped the straps. We're going to set up and then we're going to set you up for the a rollback bar on the Cadillac or in tower side overs on the reformer. Alright. Getting into the lateral side body. Let's go on this side. Erin's asking where to put the box I like on the balance body.

I like it in front. Yep. Okay. Leah is going to set up the tower springs on the top of the frame. Thank you. Yeah. Perfect. Okay. Lateral work. Super Fun. I don't care what direction you face because you get to go both ways, as you know. So Lee is going to grab the roll back bar, interlace the hands and put that right above the head.

Aaron's going to hands behind the head so you can see where we're going here. Lean out away from your frame. Oh, this is a lean. This is a pole. She got her feet anchored. Aaron's got her right ankle anchored. Now inhale here as you come up, bend the spine to the side. Inhale, reach out on your diagonal. Good. Exhale.

Bend yourself to the side. Let me feel your ribs open up nicely. Yeah. Inhale, I'm going to start to let go. I'm letting go. I'm not going to start letting go. Bend, bend, bend, yes. Two more times, gals. Big Breath. Exhale. And we will see you. Bend, bend, bend once again. Yeah, and as you bend up, bring up that lower abdomen, abdomen, abdomen. Bring it up. Hold, hold, hold. And then release. That's enough. Other side. Simple, not so simple.

I mean maybe, I don't know. I think it's harder over here. More physically challenging. Yeah, absolutely. So if you know your self needs to kind of dial it up, do this version next time. Ready? Lean out. I gotcha. You really don't need me back. All right, so we're in here on an inhale. Your long, your exhale, you're bending, you're lifting up into the bend.

Press your feet. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale. Long as you come up. And Ben, I'm going to let go. Inhale, exhale, bend, and open up that side. Open, open, openness. Narrow this one, two more. Inhale. Exhale. Yeah, it's a completely different animal over here. Good. And all the way up. Perfect. Okay.

Face this face forward. Tuck both feet under your strap. And Leah just round forward into a roll back a couple of times and just sit up and do short box round just to even out your spine like twice for roll back and just maybe twice. Okay. This is just a neutralize that spines. You don't feel like you've kind of overdone on either side and then we'll be moving into the next sequencing will be some hip work and they're both getting what they need out of this neutralizing moment. This transitional moment, this is harder on the abdominals. This is a little more of a stretch for the spine.

All right and then once you come up Leah just lets go of the bar. Aaron will come around and pick ticker box away and we'll work into feed in straps next. Okay, so I'm going to take the liberty and adjust the reformer for two red springs. She'll bring the head rest up and we'll work to purple springs of course for the feet and hips. Let's just go ahead and start all the way along. Feed in the straps. Yeah, great.

Oh it's the moment. They're both doing the same feed, at the same, the feed at the same time. Most of my most favorite things to watch. Okay. We have our feed in our straps now and I'd love for both of these scouts to start with their uh, in a frog. Okay. You can have your arms long by your sides on your tower or you can have your arms holding the polls right now. I think arms by your side is just fine. So start from frog, everybody. Just nice flow out and in, out and in. So we're back to this wonderfully elongated body, a sacrum and pelvis that are anchored in level.

Kind of a low level task at this point just to easy frog. So let's just take one more you to stretch it out. Hold out. Okay. Stay in that external rotation open. Close the legs five times. You can play with the foot direct in a direction you can flex point. I'll let them choose what they want. Yeah. And again, you're trying to keep that pelvis as level as possible.

Good and close. Open and close. Once again. Yes, open and close. Once you close. Everybody come to parallel. Nice parallel legs. Let's go up with the legs about 90 open into circles. I'm thinking six repetitions for, for each direction.

Just have a good flow here. Check your rib surface and make sure it's still really snuggled down on your mat. You're not starting to get pulled up with tension in your back. Okay. Yeah. Energy out the top of the head is if there was a wonderful antenna right about the top. Yup. That was nicely. Yeah. Okay. By the way, for six.

Yeah. And who, yes. Inner thigh is also not just hamstrings. Inner thighs right there. Three more down. Nice. You guys. Beautiful. And last time and pause. Okay. Actually come back to a frog position and extend your legs long bow and Arrow or Russian dancer, Peter Pan and then offer all the names.

Yeah. Right. So we know, yeah, lots of different names. What the heck? Um, yeah. One leg bins into almost a frog while the other one pulls away and then they meet in the middle. This is all done in that external rotation. Okay. So I think on the tower it's a little easier, but exercise, [inaudible] reformer, the tension stays a little bit more throughout the tugging of the legs and the straps on this when they gets a little softer right there. Little more attention here. Open meet in the middle. And then one more time you guys or yeah, and pause.

Now I'm just throwing this at you. I normally don't do this here on the, on the reformer the caddy, but open the legs about the width of your pelvis and straighten your legs to so weird parallel. Flex your feet. Okay. It's challenging to keep the space here. Equal distance. Bend your knees. So thing frog, but your legs are apart. So it's almost like a squat, I think you could think and then direct it from your heels and push six times harder here. Easier on reformer because again, you've got independent feedback now on the Cadillac or those springs. The springs are under you here. So it's easier. I think it's my opinion for myself.

I know what's my I would prefer would be this one, but what do I need to do is this one and my hyper mobility. I would probably be better here. Yeah. One more super duper and extend and then bring both legs together. Okay. Soften your knees in. Let's take your [inaudible] out of there. We're not doing what I thought I was going to do and changing my mind and I want us to do a little sideline leg though. Okay, so roll over to your right side.

Put Spring a change here to one spring. I'll do it for Aaron. Put the strap on your left foot front. Spring, back, spring, I mean front strap. Back Strap. Okay. Aaron on the reformer has her bottom knee bent. Leah's got two straight legs and they're slightly in front of her. I want both of you to turn that working leg out. Get your external rotation.

Okay, here we go. Up, down. Inhale your leg up. The spring. Does a lot of the work here. Pull the leg down. Now remember, we're endeavoring to get this leg longer than the other heel. Here we go. Inhale it up. Exhale it down. Whole different ballgame on the reformer. Exhale and reach. I'd see on the reformer, we're trying to keep more of a hip stack orientation and I think Aaron might let me help her do a little more. Go, go, go, go. Oh Mama Mia.

Awesome. Now where are you going to pull from the booty? Start at the hip. You would the back of the hip then the inner thigh. Yes. I'm not counting guys up and down. Let's take it two more times. And Leah will too. It's the back of the hip and she's long with this beautiful long leg.

She's already gotten. They get longer. Longer. Yep. Up and down. One more. Now it gets harder for reformer. Parallel leg front, back. Here we go. Forward leg, back line with your hip and forward. Good and back. And they're both doing such a good job of keeping the hips stacked. Yes. And a long top waist. No hiking on either one of these gals.

Four bye. That was better. You were starting to sneak a little hike in there, eh? Okay. And then hold your hip extension. Just hold that hip extension. Take a couple deep breaths in it. Good. And then bend your knee to get out of that exercise. And we'll do the other side. So not a whole lot of choreography, but some good stuff for the hips. Turn out, up and down.

And then parallel form front back. Yeah. Strap on the foot. Bottom leg bent for reformer. Two straight legs on caddy or tower since the length again out the end. Tennis part of your head if you had one. Okay. Yeah, that nice moment. And notice that beautiful stretch here.

We go there and turn out. Here comes the leg. Inhale up and exhale. Gimme gimme a reach and lift from the back of the hip. [inaudible] exhale end down. Exactly. So we're trying to keep the hip stack. There's a moment that we allow some hip movement. Nice, Erin. Wow. And then from the hip. Yes. Three more because it's a bigger, bigger activity here with that leg. It's okay. Go ahead. On the way up, if the pelvis moves a little right, it allows actually some really nice lumbosacral movement here. Good, Leah.

Okay, that's important. We don't want to lock that sacrum so tight all the time or so stable all the time. That's probably enough. Come on down. Parallel front, back. So the focus on this for you to just keep the top waist long. No hiking and for everybody else it's really easy when the lake comes forward of us to lift the hip up the side body. Try not to and use those glutes again to bring that leg behind three more times. Inhale, front, back and front. Nice job and back and last one, front and back.

Aaron will keep her leg in extension just right in line with her hip. Lee is a little bit further behind so he'll is behind the sit bone a little and she's going to get a little extra love from me right here. Yes. And then bend your knee and take your foot out of that strap. Gorgeous. Hang that up. Next two exercises were facing the back of the apparatus or you're facing the tower. Jess expansion. Sigh. Stretch, chest expansion. Thigh stretch.

All right, I'll just so you know, at home and at the studio where you're at, she Aaron's keeping herself on a single red spring and Leah has got herself in the arms springs. Okay. So I'm going to have you go through chest expansion. I want both of you here. Actually. You know what? Get a home. Hold the roll back bar. Ha tricked Ya. And I want you to move back away from the [inaudible]. So Aaron's gonna walk her knees back and hook her toes on the edge of the carriage. Leah's going to bend her toes down and dig her toes down. Ta-Da.

Okay. So what I want you both to feel here before you start pulling on the springs, your hamstrings and how yeah, the Hinton beautiful iron that the really presses right against your femur and the femurs forward. So your pelvis is forward. And then think about your ribs being back just a little bit. Okay? So this is a strange one for, for me to cue you lean back like an inch and pause. Stay there for your chest expansion. Here we go.

Inhale your arms back. Exhale the arms forward. So here's you keep going. So you're going to think of ribs back, pelvis forward nicely. Uh, yeah. And for God, that's amazing. Ribs are back. Pelvis is forward. Good Aaron. So when you inhale the arms back, you're lifting and expanding your chest. Hold the arms.

Now rotate your head to one shoulder to the other. Shoulder. Look straight forward. Arms come up. Inhale, pull. Hold the arms there. Turn your head, the other shoulder, your other shoulder center arms come up twice more. So just like the hint of hint, hint, hint of a thigh stretch. Yes. You feel the difference? Yeah.

It's like you're previewing the thigh. Stretch. Nice. Aron and turn and turn and center and arms up. Okay, now we're thighs stretching. Now Aaron walks her knees forward. Leah can either stay there or come back a little and exactly. Take the feet flat. Okay.

I'm a fan of looking at the ropes and just on the reformer, just that's where you know your head can go. And looking at the bar, here we go. They're leaning back. You're keeping that beautiful plank line, my goodness. And then bring it right back up. And as you lean your body weight back, you're pressing your shins down. We're thinking I'm right behind you. Sacred under, toward the space between your knees. I know her wells. I think this is okay. And come on up and again and up the front body. These two hip points are walking their way up.

There you go. There you go. Knees are down into that mat. Nice girl. Okay, two more times. Leaning back, stretching your knees forward into the surface with that. They're on knees forward. Yeah. Oh good one last time. If either one of you want to do an upper back arch, you can. You don't need to.

I think someone will. Yay. Look here. Yay Anna. All right. And then once you're all the way up, you can release your straps in once again in your springs cap back just for a moment, just to release and change the spine. Okay. We're nearing kind of the end here, but I have a little more arm work plan for you.

So Leah will turn around and she'll use the long yellow springs for arms. You'll turn around. Do you want when spring blue, yellow. Red. Okay. Start with your arms by your sides. You can tuck your toes down. That might, okay. Ready? So just start your arms here. Feel the hamstring work again, right into that, the pelvis and the thighs, right. And then scoop.

Let's just do three scoop to a level that works for you. That was nice. And two more simple doesn't mean easy. Well, Nice. Last one. So as the arms come down this time for these two, your, your spine will grow tall or taller and we'll merge that into arm circles forward. Probably just shoulder height. Separate the air. Separate the air. Take your chest wide. Yes. Is that too easy? If this brings feel too easy, you could walk away from this brain's a little bit. That's fine. Last one.

That direction? Yeah. Taking a cut through the air. Open. Open, open. Now you'll reverse the direction of the arms breathing in as you lift the air. How close it grow. Taller as your arms come down last to their hamstrings are still working beautifully because their hips are still open. Neither one has gone back into hip flection. Last one.

Okay, good. Now hold here. Change your arms for hug a tree. Just three times. Inhaling. Exhale. Make it more stomach. Now looking up at the horizon a little bit. Nice you guys. So good. Inhale. We're going to merge that right into a little solute. Action. So bum, boom, right here or shave the head. It's your choice. Three times. Reach. Stretch those ropes. Good. Aaron? Yeah. Stretching the springs. Two more triceps. Yes. Last one, three.

Now I want you to lower your arms. Come back into a little flection of your spine. Crouch back almost like a knee stretch. I'm throwing this at you. You'll come back up into high kneeling and just raise your arms. You're going from a lumbar flection to extension.

Now carried into a little bit of upper back extension right there, and three, two more times. So you're going down into your contract, your glutes. Remember that's going to help you press the hips forward, raise the arms and carried into little upper back extensions. Very small. Nice. One more time and flection. Yes, and extension all the way in. Joy. Can you stretch your spine to the fingertips more? My Gosh. You guys gorgeous. And then just upright your spine. Lower your arms. Release the tension. We're going to finish with the hip flexor stretch. Okay.

Lunge or a split lunge. While you lie on your stomach. I'm going to help my friend here. Bend the knee. We're in our eaves lunge stretch now, so I'm helping out one gal HIA. Aaron's going to take herself back. It's about the thigh, the thigh, getting some stretch through the hip flexor.

So all I'm doing here with Leah, she's got most of it in our own, but I'm just pulling my hand underneath the distal end of her a leg bone here and lifting it. Okay. Now my hand here, she's going to press back against me slightly. And if you don't have anybody to help you, you would just grab ahold of your own foot. She'll show that and carry on, right? And then you bring your carriage home. And just two more for Aaron and Leah can maybe lift her thigh a little higher.

Yeah. Good. Is that okay on your sacrum? Okay. Yeah. And then lower one more time and then Aaron will come in and change the other leg and then Leo will change legs. Nice. You guys. So always try to, you know, start out as squares. We can really, you're not, yeah. You're doing it and lift just to a place where it works. Dominoes still collected.

We're not quite done yet until it's done. Yeah. And then in, there we go. Yes. So if you can keep your heel nicely pressed against that shoulder block, I would love that for you. More heel. Yeah. Drive that heel back. Ah, right. Nice. Aaron. Yeah. Heal. It is hard. It's hard and come forward. So as you come forward, bring your hip point up. Good. One more time. Heal.

Good. Yes. Okay. Was that your three? You probably did three. And then go ahead, let go. Leah and Aaron come up and just give yourself both a standing roll down. So step up off of your apparatus. You can face out. Thanks you guys. Beautiful work today. So that's the middle example. We can roll it down on how you can play with two different apparatus in the similar session or the same session.

If you're used to doing all those exercises on this, try it on that and vice versa. A Little Ying-yang action kind of deal. One more time. Inhale, maybe arms come up and exhale and roll it down because they do compliment, right? All the apparatus complements each other and it's important to experience the different exercises on various apparatus rolls. We wouldn't have it available for us. So challenge yourself. Thank you guys. Thank you.


Thank you! It is a very nice idea to have same exercises on different equipment!
Really fun approach, Amy!
Loved. So good for all of us to revisit how the same exercises feel on different equipment. Thanks for this!
That was fun! I did the work out on the tower until we got to the sideline legwork, then switched to the reformer. I love the side over options using the rolldown bar on the tower. Love you creativity Amy! Thank you
Excelente! Ideal cuando falta un Reformer!!!
I loved this class , simply because it connects apparatus workouts in different ways . Thank you Amy
I needed this like water today. Thank you Amy:)
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That was really fun to see 2 people doing the same thing on different apparatus. It was also good how you pointed out the different settings and springs for each one. I would love to see something like this with one of them being a mat, so you could see how to modify the moves for a mat class.
perfect thank you for sharing.
Amy S
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Wondering if you have ever done a video on comparisons between different brands of equipment and the effects that might have on the same exercise? Or to someone's experience ? I had the thought while watching this particular video and maybe it's one of those times where I need to just keep my thoughts to myself:)
Thank you for being such a wonderful resource for the community of Pilates enthusiasts and teachers alike.
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