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Traditional Mat Flow

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This class is for the experienced Pilates enthusiast. Adrianne teaches in the style of Romana's Pilates and offers the intermediate series straight through. Don't let the shorter class time fool you. You will work out hard! A solid understanding of the exercises taught in the level 1/2 class is critical prior to taking this class.
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Dec 29, 2009
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All right, you guys, you're gonna sit up for your mat and have you started at the front of your mat and cross your legs and try to sit down nice and gracefully. Good. Place your hands at your hips. You'll lie down on your backs. Going into your hundreds. Bring your knees into your chest. Take your legs to 90 degrees. Start to lower them down to a 45 degree angle or to a level that you can control your spine. Start to lift your head, lift your arms. Begin your breathing.

Deep breath in, or five x three by really reach out long. Two, three, four or five pushing your shoulders down. 22 three four five lots of energy in those arms. 30 in two, three, four, five out with here. 5.45 x five 52 or five four five lifts this site just a little bit except for five 72 four five really exhaling, feeling those spines sinking in deeper. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. Last one or five x five bend your knees, rest your heads. Extend your legs out on the mats, getting ready for your roll-ups. Take your arms just straight up and breathing.

Inhale, start to exhale. Peeling one vertebra off the mat, round over to the toes. And these are fairly quick. As soon as you're over you come right back down and curl your hips under and over. Lengthen all around. Back Down. Nice soft shoulders and up and over to the knees. Try to put your nose between your knees and we're up to the thighs to more exhaling. Scoop all the way over. Soft feet, tight seats. Last one, and up and over. When you lie back down and you're getting set up for your leg circle right knee comes into your chest. Give it a slight stretch. Take your right leg up.

Chesler Open. Gaze down towards your stomach. So your next or long and begin your circles around and up to the nose. One. Lengthen your leg up and out of the hip. Two and three working in the hip. Four so anchor that back more. Five reverser circle and one feel this sinking.

Two and three up. Four, up five and Ben. Journey switching legs. Just soften your feet. SMART, left knee, or your feet. Take the leg up and begin your circles. Don't let those hips move around. Up One up to make that accent kick up. Three, four. That's it. One day and five rivers around. Up One. Drop Your Chin. Yes. Two up. Three up.

Four last one and five Ben. Journey. Okay. Switching by. Sitting up. Place your hands at your hips. Sit your bottoms at your hips. Grab under your ankles, going into your rolling like a ball. That's it. Try to put your heads between your knees as close to the knees as you can in a tight little basket and begin to roll and all right back up and go back. You're going to come right back up in balance. Three more and back. Head.

Stay between the knees. Try not to let that gap two more and back and oh we have last one. Shoulders relaxed up in balance. Place your feet down. Place your hands back at your hips. Lift your bottoms. Lie Back Down, right knee into the chest. Single leg. Stretch and lengthen the leg. Switch one.

Let's do eight sets to switch to three. Squeeze your seat. Three, four for each time. Scooping five five, six, six, seven, seven, eight, eight double leg stretch and deep breath in. Pull it together. Inhale, stretch back. Exhale. Keep going. Deep breath. Exhale. Three. Bring your knees to your ears as much as you can without letting your tailbone lift though. And six, two more. Inhaling, exhale. Last one. Deep breath in and rest your next for just a moment. Take your right leg up. Walk your hands up as high as you can. Again, keep the backs flat, so don't let your tailbones come up.

Start to lift your head. Left leg out, and two pulses. Pool, pool, scissor likes, pool, pool. Good. Shoulders out. Two, two, two, six steps. Three, three, three, three, scoop, scoop. Four, four, five, five, five, five, two, clear pulses. Six, six and six. Drop your head. Bend your knees, hands behind your heads, both legs, up lower and lift and lower. Just about six and lift. Pulling your navels in low or no hopping, nice and smooth. To go to a level you can control a flat back three. The lower the legs, the harder it becomes.

Curl into your sternum for up straight leg. Stretch them out. Long five last one, right into your Chris Cross. Bend your knee and stretch one one. Careful with your alignment here. Two, two, and three. There you go. Three to get that shoulder off the mat. Four, try to tap the crease inside of the knee. Five, five, last set and six. Six go ahead and sit up. Go right into your spine. Stretch forward.

Nice deep breath in. Arms are in front of you. And exhale. Put the crown of your head on the Mat. Go as low as you can and come right back up and open up your legs a little bit more. Exhale, take it down. Let your feet and sit up tall. Do more and tall and round forward as you can't drop your shoulders though, and come back up to more.

Exhale going further down each time. [inaudible] last one. Grotell exhale. Take it down. Grab onto your arches and just go ahead and give yourself an added stretch. Pushing your heels out. Going into your open leg rockers. You'll bend your knees. Just make sure you have enough room behind you.

Set up. Get into your open leg. Requisition. Theater's soft. Legs are a little bit wider and c curve. Go ahead and roll back. Try to come back up balance. Sit up tall. Keep your gaze forward and around. Back or rock up. Lift your back seeker roll back. Come up, lift your back to more. See Curve back. See Curve up.

Lift. Last one. Only ruling to the tips of the shoulders. So control the going back tall. Uh, excuse me. Corkscrews you'll lie down on your back. Walk your hands down your legs, legs to 90 degrees. Arms down at your side and little circles. Keep your hips still feet soft and around. Don't let those hips move. Just the leg should be moving here. That's it.

Very small movement and no attention in the shoulders and around and center. It's hard enough just keeping those hips up. Now add a little lift first for vertebra down around in a little. Lift up, down around a little. Lift up. Control it coming down. Keep your chins down so you don't hurt your necks. And up. Last set to the right around and lift to the left around chest.

Open lift bend journeys. Go ahead and sit up for your sock. Feet are apart and flexed. Last energetic your heels here. Don't let the feet shift. Twist to the right. Reach for your toes. Stay on that left hip. Saw that little toe off. Come back up in the center and twisted the left.

Really flexing those feet. Stay on that right hip and come back up and sent her out. Antar and reach scoop way back here. There you go. Shoulder soft. Come up. Last one, turn, stretch and enough flip over to your stomach's for your neck roll. So palms underneath your shoulders. You know, push into your hands.

You'll come up off of your chest. Heel should be together. Toes apart. You'll come up to where you're comfortable. Good. Exactly. And look to the right. Roll your head down, massaging the neck. Look left. Look Center. Look left down around to the right. It looks center. One more set. Look right down around to the left and center.

Keep your shoulders still as you're circling your head. Left look right, center lie back down. Come up onto your elbows, getting ready for your single leg kick in your Spinx position. So you make a fist with each hand heels together. If you can knees together, ribs are up, bottoms are squeezing, and kind of push your hips down into the bat. Good. Take your right heel and kick your bottom two times. And kick, kick and switch. Kick, kick. Really fill this up and kick, kick, kick, kick, left kick, kick, kick, kick, left, kick, kick. And that's enough.

Lie back down onto your stomachs. Take your hands behind your backs, going into your AA kicks and slide your hands up to your a hundred. Turn your right cheek to the mat. Glue your heels together. All right, so now you're going to take both feet at the same time and kick your bottoms three times and kick one, two, three. Duro up your feet and stretch. Very good and switched cheeks and cake. One, two, three. And reach to the heels. Really lengthen. Touch those heels way back there and switched cheeks and kick all one, two, three and reach. And now it's getting quicker. And switch and kick call. One, two, three, stretch. Drop your foreheads and that's enough.

Sit on your heels. Just stretch your backs out. Keep your hands at your side or in front of you. Whatever's more comfortable, do lift your tummies in a better stretch. Go ahead. All right, I'm going to have you guys lie into your back. Setting up your neck. Cool feet are hip with a park. Flex your hands go behind your heads. Try to keep the elbows wide.

You don't want them to come in ideally and only hip width apart. A hundred, 300 feet in a little bit. Alright, lots of energy at your heels. You sit as tall as you can and when you can bring your feet in more. Okay? All right, so here you go. You're tall. Go ahead and well you start lying down. Excuse me. Go ahead and lie down on your backs. All right, so you're lying down both feet or flex. Take a nice deep breath in and curl or peel off the mat around over.

Sit as tall as you can as you're moving. Try not to let the elbows pull in around down. So as you come up, don't let those elbows pulling around over. Sit up tall or around. Back Down. Curl your hips center again. Keep those feet hip width apart and up. Over. Sit up tall or around, back down, articulating the spine.

And we're right back up. As soon as your head stretch, stretch over. Sit Up tall and lie back down. One more time. As soon as your heads touch, come back up. Exhale over. Sit Up. Tall. Elbows Open. Tuck your chins. Lie Back Down. Okay, sidekicks, you'll lie on your left side. Right leg is on top. So line yourselves up with the back of the Mat.

Okay. Swing your legs front in front of you. Good hip on top of hip, wrist, and your head on your hand. Take that leg up. Hip level going into your front kicks off knee. Sofie kick, kick front. Swing it back six times. Kick, kick and two upper body stays. Still. Sorry for squeezing your bottoms as you stretch back.

Five. One more. Tick kick and six up and downs. Keep the hips on top of each other and reach the leg out so you straight up lower the leg down and stretch. So make that right leg longer than the left reach. Reach yes. Three and feel a stretch in your side. Four and five. One more time and six right into your circles. Five and five circling one and two. Three shoulders back, four, five and reverse. One, two, three.

Soft News, four, five and enough land to your stomach's going into your transition. Beats Palm on top of palm. Yeah. Okay, Ken is move your legs to the left a little bit as well as your hips. Okay. Long legs stretching out long. Now you're nice and centered. Lift your legs off the Mat. 20 beats first 10 slow and beat. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and quick. One, two, three, four, eight, nine, 10 and enough rollover to the left. Or excuse me, you're right, side to your left leg is on top. Swing your legs forward.

Hips on top of hip. Nice straight line behind you so that your hips and shoulders line up. Take your leg up, hip level, soft feet. Both feet are soft, soft knees. Frank Kicks and kick, Kick Fret and swing it back. Six kicks, kick, kick to make that second kick. High little kick, big kick, three and little big four. Little Big Five and two mark. Or excuse me, one more.

Andina up and down. Stick the leg up towards the ceiling. Reach your leg out in squeezing or thighs. One length in that left leg. Take the energy out of your knees. Very hard not to get into the knees here. Three naval, still pulling in for using those powerhouses. Five last one up and circles five times each way and one, two soft knees three, four, five reverse one, two, three, four, five and ina lunch to your backs.

Setting up for teaser one. You'll bring your knees into your chest. Your legs are, excuse me, arms go straight behind you or your legs can go up to 90 degrees. You're in your Pilati stance. Heels together, toes apart and arms are back. Going to start to round up the lowering the legs to 45 degrees and start to peel off the mat. Now level the legs at 45 degrees. Don't let them move in and reach for the ceiling. A lie back down, keeping the legs steel. As soon as your heads touch, come right back up.

Reach for the toes, reach for your ears a lie back down. Last one, up to the toes. You'll hold your position. And now teaser to lower the legs just a little bit and right back up. Just the legs. What? Just the legs down and up. Three times two, last one and up three. Everything lies down together. Arms go down, heads go down. Arms can go straight back behind you going into teaser three and everything peels off the mat at the same time. Reach for the toes. Reach for the ears. Lie Back Down with control and everything's together to the toes, to the ears and down. One more time to the toes, to the ears.

Lie Back Down and rest. Sit Up for your seals. Lift your seats. Sit at your bottom. Hands inside the legs. Find your seeker. Three claps. All right, drop your head. Keep your gaze at your stomach's at your navel. And one, two, three, go back. One, two, three, up, six times. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three.

Upkeep your shoulders. Soft. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. Up on the sixth one you'll come up to a standing position. Four and one, two, three back. Tuck your Chin and see the weight of the head doesn't take you back. And last one, come up to a standing position. Cross your arms, cross your legs.

Take your arm straight up. Straighten your feet out. So your heels are now together. You'll pivot around going into push ups, both arms up, walk down the legs, walk out into a plank. One straight line, elbows come into the ribs, heels up. So shift your weight forward. Alright, here you go. Let's just do three. Bend your elbow, Skim your ribs. End Up one. Drop your hips a little bit too. That's the whole body together. Three, walk back to your feet. Drop your head.

Do One more set. First roundup or articulating. Take both arms, straight up. Deep breath in. Exhale, walked down the legs. Walk out into your plank. And one straight line. That's it. Push your hips down, squeeze your bottom, and to fill this up. And three, walk back to your feet. That's enough. Drop Your Chin round up. Try to keep your hips on top of your ankles as you come up. That's it.

Take a nice deep breath and come up to your toes. Inhaling and exhale. Drop to a flat foot. Shake yourselves out. Eh, you guys did great.


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Great class when you're short on time but need an energizing workout!
Yifat I
i love this class!!!! when my baby takes a short nap and i know i don't have much time i take this class and it fills me with energy for the rest of the day!! :)
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Awesome "pure" classical mat class...loved it!
Pure, classical pilates the way Joseph intended. Thank you for the invigorating workout.
Nice fast paced classical matwork! Good class Addrianne!
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like the mini but great workout..wish there were more of these!
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Nice little mat to do after one of your 40min reformer sessions!
This is a challenging, quick little workout that I can always find time for. I wish that there more like these so that I could switch them up.
This was a good workout in a short amount of time, and it was easy to follow even without looking at my computer. My only feedback is on the side series, which wasn't that challenging.
Thank you Hanna for your comments. I am glad you found this easy to follow and enjoyable, and thank you for your input about the side series I will take note.
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