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Functional Reformer

40 min - Class


You will activate your muscles efficiently with this Reformer workout by Tom McCook. He integrates functional movements in regards to your hips, spine, and feet so that you can find new connections in your body. He bases his class off the concept of Anatomy in Motion by Gary Ward so you can understand how your spine moves in a particular way during every day activities.
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Hi, everybody. I'm Tom McCook. I'm back here at Pilates Anytime, very excited to be back. I'm here with Amy and Sara. I'm teaching a Reformer class, and it's gonna have an integration of some function...

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Well I have to say that I love the attention to the anatomical details so that the body can do what it's designed to do. Thank you so much Tom. I hope you have more to come on other pieces of equipment with respect to better gait.
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Great class...really useful to feel how to make Pilates exercises more functional and how to they relate to gait...looking forward to more...thankyou Tom!
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Thank you Lynn and Vicky, I appreciate your encouraging feedback. The inspiration from Anatomy in Motion with Gary Ward and the Franklin Method continue to inpsire and reveal my approach to Functional movement training and Pilates. All the best and thank you Pilates Anytime!!
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Really enjoyed this class. The hinging glute work followed by the bridge felt amazing on my back and glutes. I intend to incorporate those combined movements into many of my workouts. Thank you!!
I too appreciate your detailed anatomical details. You’re cueing was spot on. Could feel sit bones widening and narrowing. Feel amazing after doing this. Thank you Tom! Oh and I loved your version of sidearms .
I enjoyed the cueing and simplicity of this class! Thank you!
Thank you for this wonderful informative class. Really do feel the difference in my body when done.
Really great, Tom--you get me thinking about it all in a new way. Thank you!
Tom, that was amazing. I have been teaching Pilates for 15 years and have taken a lot of continuing ed workshops all over the US from many different teachers/programs/methods. I loved this. Made me think about these exercises very differently. Now that I'm in my 50s and had a total knee replacement a little over a year ago, my primary focus has been alignment before I even think about movement. Moving with so much precision was hard work; I felt it everywhere and was actually sweating at one point. I'm sure Amy and Sara would concur.

Wow, again, amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.
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Thank you all for your feedback! Really great to hear you're feeling the difference and benefits of embodied anatomy as a way to improve focus, self correct and go deep! Thank you Lori for using this class as a platform to make a difference in your practice, well done!! Thank you Pilates Anytime, your absolutely the best!!
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