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Introducing New Concepts

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How do you introduce new concepts to your students without throwing away everything that you have learned in the past? In this tutorial, Tom McCook shares how his work with Gary Ward and the Franklin Method have changed how he sees the body. He tells us what is inspiring him at the moment and how the changes in his own body have impacted what he teaches his clients. He also explains how he encourages his clients to understand their own bodies better so they can begin helping themselves.
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Jan 07, 2018
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Hi Tom,
Happy New Year!
I totally agree with what you said. The more I approach different kinds of movement and exercise methods, I understand that it is important to integrate all these in Pilates teaching.
When are you going to Hong Kong? Looking forward to learn from you.
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Thanks for this! I have personal experience with problems with my gait resulting from previous injuries and resulting changes in how I carried myself. So I am trying to soak up as much as I can from the wonderful teachers on this site. I am going to look up this book right now.
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Very interesting especially that you have fixed your neuroma, I was told by a specialist that I would just have to live with Morton’s Neoroma ( or give up running). So going to do a lot more research on the topic. Thanks.
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Thank you Tom. Great reminder that we can slowly add in new learning skills to our clients. I did a gait and posture course back in 2009 and time to revisit it with better understanding now.
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Just finished Gary and Chris’ course. Feeling very inspired and glad you’re passing on the messsage.
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Wonderful - I so enjoyed listening to this video- this is exactly how I am feeling about teaching at the moment- thank you so much.
Thank you all for your encouraging feedback! Keep learning and integrating, it's the roots of inspiration!

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