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Class #3354

Day 10: Range and Power

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 10! On our final day of the challenge, Sarah encourages you to let your energy move throughout your entire body. She uses the range of motion from the previous class to give you power in each exercise. You will feel your whole body with creative variations to exercises like Reverse Knee Stretches, Tendon Stretch, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

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Jul 02, 2018
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Pilates Play: A 10-Day Challenge of Fun: with Sarah Bertucelli


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Took me 11 days but finished!

I learned so many new little tricks, new exercises, modifications and definitely some things I need to work on! Such as tendon stretch with one foot... yikes! I could get back foot down with no problem. it was the coming back up. I will keep working on it.

I loved your variation on the twist with feet on the wood rather than foot bar. And the build into the twist with one foot anchored to the ground, a great way to prep someone for it.

Thank you so much Sarah! I just loved this challenge! Putting in in my favorite bucket! Enjoy the rest of your summer and I hope to see another class from you soon! Xoxo
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Sarah! Thank you so much! This was a delightful surprise from start to finish. I now have some grumpy body parts...and some that are pleased! It’s a great reminder that changing our focus even when we “know” the work is very powerful and effective! Cheers and Blessings!
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Hi Sarah! I completed the challenge and very much enjoyed it! Days 9 and 10 were particularly challenging for me. I intend to work, I mean PLAY, harder on the more difficult exercises 😃
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Love the wiggle!
ML as you know, I love to wiggle and dance! Thanks a bunch for playing. Miss you.

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