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Intermediate Reformer

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Kristi teaches a level two Reformer class. Grab an Overball for the warm-up (exercises can be performed without one) on the Reformer. The straps will also be used early on to do the Spine Stretch and Saw. Practice Side Lying Single Leg Work, the Short Box Series, and Breaststroke in this informative and detailed class.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Overball

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Dec 11, 2010
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We are going to begin. Okay. Mandy. Aaron, you good? Good. Okay. So let's have you just start. Um, can I have you just come on this side and backups so you don't hit your form. We're just gonna do a standing rolled down facing that way. Yep. Facing that way. Good. All right. So here we go. Just take a deep breath. You're standing parallel and on your exhale, let your head fall forward.

Your upper back, fall forward. Yup. Yup. Good. Go ahead. Go ahead all the way. If it feels okay to you, if you don't want to, that's all right. To inhale, exhale, feel the backs of your legs engage just a little bit as you feed the spine, the hips into the back of the legs to grow taller on the way up. Inhale. This is all about relaxation right now, right? We're not overthinking right now or does exhaling to go again. Yep. This is their chance to let go of any unnecessary attention.

And inhale, exhale. Feel the sitz bones pulled town in. Good. And can we go for o one more. Inhale, get all exhaling down and has your arms hang easy. Just keep them on your back a little bit. There you go. So all the action comes at the spine and inhale, exhale to come back up. Okay. So I have your bars, your bars, your springs kind of loaded up here mostly cause I don't want the carriage to move. So, um, take a seat onto the edge of your reformer carriage feet are going to be reaching out over the bar. Straight leg. Exactly. Exactly.

Oh Mandy knows exactly. I'm going to do. And then Aaron skew way forward as far forward as you can without feeling like you're gonna run into the springs. I'm putting the little over balls behind you. They're quite flat or mushy and purpose. If I put them in, you know, don't let them be off center. So start straight back. Inhale on the exhale, find the hipbones and pull them backwards into the ball. When you feel the Paul try to pop it. So you are very much rounding the back, keeping your heads with you. We're going to go about there or is there a midway? I Dunno. Start exhaling. Pull the abdominals backwards into the ball, so that's what you want to feel first.

You don't want to feel the shoulders go forward first. Go ahead and straighten out your backs at the top. Inhale, exhale. You feel the belly button pull back, you find the ball. It's almost a lean back, but you're in fact are rounding good this time. Take the arms up just to sort of challenge that. Your eyes are still forward before anything start. Exhaling.

Feel the abdominals. Precedent the ball, the arms can now go forward and roll forward. Roll Up. Excellent and straightening your spine. Inhale up. Exhale, roll back. Then that's it. Good, good, good. Take the arms up. Allow the pelvis to be tucked and enjoy it. Exhale, arms down in front. Let's do the arm part again. Inhale. Just loosening up. Yes, and exhale for the ABS. Popping the ball.

That's the energy's going backwards into the ball. One more of those exhale. Arms will come. You can start to follow that up. Leading. Beautiful. Beautiful. All right. We're going to go a little bit further. Inhale. Exhale. Roll down and back. Yes, yes. That's a better view, isn't it? A little lower.

[inaudible] and bring the pubic bone towards your chest to the AH, lovely arms again. Inhale, exhale down. Inhale up. I'm changing it. Take the hands behind your head. Lice the fingers. Exhale. Just breathe into the wall. One. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe into the ball too. Beautiful. Relax the legs a little bit. Don't let him part.

Thank you and for not interested in seeing much, but hopefully you're feeling that you're shaking. Yes, you're not supposed to happen. Let your arms come forward. W pull yourself up on the next exhale or when it feels right. Pull the shoulders back a little, Mandy. Thank you. Stretch forward for a moment. Okay, no big deal. Good. Bend your knees. Set your feet on the foot bar. They'll still be together.

Just arches comfortably. Make a coat cozy. If at this point you feel too crowded, you can wiggle back a little cause I'm still not going all the way down yet. Reaching forward. Very similar. Very similar. Inhale. Exhale. Roll back into the ball. Yeah. Good inner thighs. A little good from here. It's going to be more pelvic tilt than anything.

So you inhale, exhale. It's not going to be big cause you're almost there already there. Exhale, pole one. There's three x helpful too, and it's intention three on the next exhale. You're rolling up. Yup. This time when you stack your spine, either grab onto the back of your legs or reach your arms up and now we go again. Same thing. Exhale down inner thighs and good. When you're there, inhale, you might feel the back of the legs kind of kick in. One. Exhale, two. Yeah, 30 next exhale. You come up all the way. Lovely love.

Yup. Thank you. I'm gonna take the ball out, Mandy. We just move your ball out too. I'm taking it. Reach the arms forward and same thing, but no ball. Our same distance but no ball. Yup. Here's a tip. Press your feet gently into the bar to use your hamstrings.

You're not extending your legs. You're almost holding, I should say. Yeah, go a little lower. Aron more. Love it. Inhale the balls there. Pretend. Exhale. Push the abs down to come forward. You can use your feet a little bit, so it's not really going to help you, but it does in a way, right? It's, it's like all of a sudden, and I don't think it's a cheat. I mean kind of, but, but here's the deal. If, if you're not here now and you're not in your yard, your hip flexors, but do it again. Exhale, roll down, enjoy it. It goes deeper. Thank you. And we're going to use it in our short box series. So that's why I'm saying it now. Inhale, go lower Aaron a, are you hitting s things? Exhale, press down to come forward.

Use the fetal little. Ultimately, you don't need the feet at all, but I want that drilled in when I get to the short box. Last one, just like it. Inhale, exhale. Down we go. Yes. And loving. Much better with the shoulders and Chin going with you. Now inhale. Yeah, I'm seeing that two and exhale out from getting a little crooked. Hmm. Ah, exhale. Come on up. Right. That's what we did. All right, so now scoot. If we're going to do a full rollout, not married, not very many. So make sure you're near the front edge and kind of look back and make sure your head's going to go between those shoulder rest. We do have them down. Okay, here we go.

Last couple like so exhale to go down to keep your face with you. Yeah, there you go. Simple. While you're there and your arms won't be able to go behind you, your head will touch, but they'll just stop and they lightly touch the shoulder rest. Here we go. We come on up. Keep your head with you. Yeah, yeah, you're okay. You've got plenty of strength for that. Excellent. Keep the curve this time.

Your right shoulders over hips and inhale. Exhale. We go down at ease. Nice man. Inhale, start to come up. Exhale off. Good shoulders ever so slightly back. That's it. Simple.

Okay. We need to when, uh, going down one more time for you Mandy, and I'm going to have you do a little adjustment when you put your hands near your hips and we're going to adjust your, well maybe not go all the way down. What is that rest Manny? Um, okay. That's it. You're fine. It was just something happening in the movement pattern. I'll keep, I'll keep an eye on it. Okay, so now I got to come. Um, both knees up to tabletop grabbed the posts behind you. If you don't have posts, you get to use either your shoulder rest or you could take your arms out to a t. So this is supine twist. It won't be that big because of how I have the shoulders.

And that's nice if you can have the elbows down. You do. We come to a, to your right in here. Start the exhale, feel the rib cage melt back into the carriage. The legs themselves are quite soft and to the left. Inhale, the hip does lift off, the knees are lined up and exhale and all I'm doing, um, you're fine. Mandy is keeping the shins parallel and exhale good, and I'm not even going to go like that to you. Yep, so it's swaying right? This isn't one that's blocky. It's not really rigid. It's meant to be kind of fluid. Let it feel good. Let it be kind of the warm, not kind of, it is a bit of a warmup.

It can also be relatively intense when you get, well, we've got to finish this side. Exhale, center. Let's add just a little something to it. Come to the right. Inhale. Exhale. Extend both legs. Inhale, the top leg is going to reach all the way over. Exhale, lift the opposite hip in. Line up the big toes. Great. The top leg, the lifts to open up to the other side. You're right Mandy. Exhale, come back with that first legs. Stay there for the inhale. Exhale. Both legs come back to center and fold. I think I got this from Kathy Kuri somewhere down the line. Inhale, exhale, stretch, and it's like the waist is stretching the top leg.

Inhale up to go over. Now lift the hip to take it out. The other one to match it. Top leg comes back in here and then reach the right leg to Max the left. Hold it here. Think long without strain in the feet or the legs. There you go. You nail. If you haven't exhale, we slide back to center with straight legs and fold. Let's do it again.

Email to the right. Exhale. Grow the legs from out of the waist. The top leg opens up. Pelvis level. Exhale, bring the right leg over and now, right like reopens. The left leg comes up and matches it. Look at the big toes. Are they lined? Inhale, hold. Exhale, back to center and bold. This must be the last one to the left. Inhale, reach. Exhale, find ease in the upper body. I know it's hard with the arms there. Open it up.

Inhale level pelvis. Lift the hips. You get rotation at the waist. We reverse it. Top like back over. Re lifted. Hold. Inhale. Little squeeze in the inner thighs while the rest of your legs relax, including your toes. Aaron and back to center and fold. Lovely. Just carefully rock yourselves up all the way. Yeah, cut. Oh, perfect. Look right where you are. Perfect. Oh, you're actually both a little close. I'm going to do rolling like a ball, but to make it more interesting. Let's take some springs off.

That was not at all what I meant to do. A bit much. Okay, so two, two, two red springs, two full springs is a good idea. Spring bars, you're out. Okay, so the carriage isn't gonna move. Um, now here's the thing, right? I know you guys. I know that you know not to let your heads go all the way. So when you roll back, we don't need to worry too much about the shoulder rest thing. It is worth taking a look to make sure that you are centered, which I believe you are. Okay. So no flipping the head's back. All right, here we go. When you're ready. Inhale. Roll back. Exhale up. Oh slash right is it? Well just try a few.

Yeah, we are going to get to it. We will get there. It's weird. It's kind of scary. Now inhale back up. Exhale. No, you shouldn't move the carriage at all. So all that's telling you, and we know that you have that little bit of a flat spot, right? So we know that I would like you to have that feedback one more time cause it's not gonna hurt you. You're keeping in good shape as best we can at the moment. Go again. Inhale back. Yes. Do you see now, I mean that feedback alone was worth it. You, oh, I don't even think you opened up a lot.

I think you just sort of didn't want it to happen. I don't know what you did. Whatever you did do it again. Here we go. Inhale back. Exhale up. A little bit of the kick of the legs, but I'm actually kind of okay with that. I want to watch from the side feeling good. Do we need challenge you? I think so. There we go. So now keeping, cause you're so flexible.

I'll be right there. Maddie coming closer. If you can now just pull the lowest ribs away from thigh. Good on the letting go. Okay, here we go. Inhale back. Okay. So that's what that's, so instead of letting the legs come and go, [inaudible] hands behind your legs, push into your legs. Legs are going toward the window. A little. Open it up.

Keep that shit the whole time. Nothing changes. Not your elbows. Nothing. Here we go. Inhale back. Exhale up. Last one. Inhale back. Don't let the legs any closer, even if you don't get back up. Okay, so that's the way you were going to get it. I think there's a little bit of a hit hit. Yup. Out. And rather than getting up, it'd be better to just keep it all open.

Okay, ready? Extend. You're going to roll down. Extend the left leg into the effort. Single leg stretch, holding onto the right knee as you slowly roll down. Thank you for understanding that. Lovely. Off We go, single leg and it's in our exhale and switch and exhale and we'll get and, and reach. Reach. Okay, keep going. Keep going. Now again, you've done this a million times, man. He's already done it once today, so we're gonna soften, but pull the leg in closer.

The reason I'm saying that as you both know how to stop at 90 and keep your pelvis still challenge it. Pull the new way and Mandy Way and why not? Yep, you're holding just fine. Excellent. Bend both knees in. Press Yourself, rock up. Just push into it and rock all the way up. That's how you're gonna get better at rolling like a ball too. Okay. Give yourselves a little look over the shoulder with a straight spine. Easy neck, slowly roll down. Again, same starting position.

We're going into double leg stretch, just so you know. Here we go. Inhale, reach, Xcel, circle round. Inhale, reach. And since again, you held the pelvis still, you might as well challenge and make it a little different for you. Come in closer, right? That's just how we always do it, so we might as well mix it up a little. Excellent. Excellent. Can I change it again? Go out and hold it when you get there. Exhale. Raise the arms and legs a little, not your body. Just the arms and legs. Inhale, exhale up. Oh, I feel like I'm in total like a puppeteer. I love it. Lovely. You guys. Good. It's a bit low. If you're holding fine, it's fine.

I'm only doing one more. Absolutely gorgeous. Hold that hand. Go behind your head. Bend your knees. Can you take a neck break with your shoulder as there? Does it frame it perfectly? Yeah, you come right back up. I think I would have needed that. That's why I did that. All right, Chris Cross.

Let's go to your right so that that knee will be bent and all. One, one and two. Two. Good. The Reed, feel that imaginary pane of glass that your inner thigh or inner leg is crossing or sliding against. Good. Good. Huh? Loving it. Loving it. Let's go for more. Three more. Two more, Ben. Both knees, hands go behind your legs. Push the legs away from you. A little. A little tuck of the pelvis is appropriate. Then just rock yourself up.

[inaudible] Nice, Nice. Okay. Sit yourselves back up, right, right up against the shoulder rest. And what we're going to is a light spring, so I'm taking it down to about a a. We went blue for you. So we have spring bars in and blue spring bars out and yellow grabbing your straps for spine stretch. Okay. Yep. It's I w I started with with them and I flipped it to the handle. I think it feels better. It may wrap around you a little bit. So you may decide to go to the sem. So here's the deal. Separate your feet, right? If you want to bend the knees, you're welcome to. But not you. Um, two straight arms out.

You probably could externally rotate pretty easily. Yeah. Great. Even better. All right, so let me just check things out for a second. See and we don't want to rely on the shoulder rest. I'm not sure you are. Can don't go forward. Just go up. Thank you. Wow, that was good. That was good. Yeah, I think you're fine. I think maybe just a subtle ribbon.

Okay. So it's an inhale. Your arms aren't going to go down much. They'll wrap around you if you do. So exhale, spine, stretch, feel that opposition. The arms are really not doing anything. Head can go down a little bit more for you. Nice man. He had can go down a little more few to Mandy, then feel how broad, just take a second. Feel how broad the shoulders are that the energy is not in the arms.

It's in the ABS. Like, let it go there. Inhale, exhale and roll yourself back up. Excellent. Lovely. Inhale and exhale. You'll feel the ABS. It's set up to go down. Good. Head down a little sooner, Mandy. [inaudible] [inaudible] good. Inhale and exhale to roll up. It's looking good. So the thing to kind of remember here and you both look good is it would be very easy, even in good form, just to energize the arms too much.

So when we get there, I'm going to ask you to relax and I don't mean drop or bend, I just mean lesson. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale, left down. Yes. Yes. The carriage is moving. I love it. Love it. Good. Stay there. Somewhat relaxed your arms without changing the bent or straight cause they were good and straight. And inhale. We're not coming up yet. XLC If you can find your abdominal contraction deeper. Lovely. Inhale.

Exhale. We'll roll back up on this one. Oh, you don't need it. This light for this one. That was for the saw. Okay. That's all right. Easy, right? You don't, you don't need a spring at all, right? It's a mad exercise. Good, good. That's right. That's right. Good. Good answer. Take it to the side. It could be done a little heavier too, and it's the, for some people that they feel that opposition more easily.

This one on the other hand, this is the song. You're going to be happy. We're here lifting up. Good and perfect. You feel that now, right? It's like I don't even have to see it. It's just great. Let's go to the right. We're going to inhale to rotate.

You're going to lose resistance on one strap. Right? Keep that other one going behind you. Even though it feels like it's not. Do anything now, reach out to soft. That little toe kind of looking around the knee. Right? If it wraps, if it wraps you around too much, you can go on the inside. Then inhale, roll back up in rotation. Try for extension, but in fact you're going to be slightly around. Sorry, I shouldn't have said roll up, but okay, good. And then come back to center. Be Slow about it cause you're gonna catch tension and the hips don't move as you go to the other side.

[inaudible] XL reach. And again, if it starts to wrap around, you just rather go more forward than a little tiny bit less rotation coming back up all the way to vertical, all the way to vertical and then back. Good. Okay. I'm not loving what the cord is doing to you, so no, I think I'm, we're just going to live with it, but I'm gonna think about it and see if I come up with something. Here we go. Inhale, rotate. Yeah. Oh you mean inside of the foot? Yeah, let's do that. Just go inside of the foot and find opposition to that. The abdominal is there. Can you still find the work? Okay. And then roll back up or lift back up. It's not a full hinge.

There's a little bit of a Tuck. Let's go again to the center and soften the legs. But they're straight and we go, well done. Well done and reach. So we've decided to go just inside sort of chopping up the big toe chopping off. Right. Good. And roll back up. The real point isn't, it?

Is a the rotation. So that's what we're going to play with next. That's right. So now are you guys okay and hip flexors, feet together. I won't have you here. Maybe for your feet. Don't move. Just twist to the right. Good. Come back to center. Yeah.

Oh yes. I love that. Nice job. You definitely gonna feel come on back to more one each way. Yeah, you can definitely feel one side more than the other. You're going to feel the shifting of the legs wanting to go to one side. Um, and that's appropriate. Sorry. And it's appropriate. Um, but you don't let it happen. I mean, you're going to see some, right? But you try, you knowing that that's coming, this is one of those places you do anticipate twist a little more Mandy, to take this front arm this way. Yes. And then back to center. Okay. Are you warm enough? Put those away. Good. Love those.

Love those. Okay. So now we're just going to adjust your bars. I'm going to just quickly do it. I normally go spring bars out just based on these reformers. Three red will be perfect. Three red, it'll be fine. And you go high bar. Low Bar. Good.

Excellent. Okay, so we're going into foot and leg work a little bit lying down. All right. Um, I'm thinking headdress partway up. At least if you're, if you, either way is really okay, but put heals parallel. And so you just did all this work for lifting. Lengthening. We're going to keep that idea. Yeah. Okay. Liking it. Let me just double check what I see. Okay. Inhale, prepare. Exhale.

Elongate yourself out there and stay there. I always like to do one little look here. Yes. Okay. So for both of you, um, don't think about your pelvis for a minute. Think about the back of your thigh bone and reach it into the carriage. As you think tall. Now let me move you.

Are you okay? Like that? Yeah. You'd better have hyperextension. Yeah. In your knees. Yes. Okay. So what you the hyperextension you're fine, Mandy. Just for the moment. Think about pressing down on your heels toward the springs to start to bend your knees, but bending them with activity, not just releasing them. That's fine. Right? Major hamstring. Good. Perfect.

I've still got you in too much of a tuck though, I think. Yup. Is that okay? You don't fill out too arched. Okay. So that's your challenge. Here we go. Inhale, bend, exhale, push out. So a subtle downward pressure for you if you're not feeling the hamstrings at all. Inhaling in exhaling out. Good. Nice. Very good. Can you feel unawareness to the hamstrings? I'm much more with the great, great.

It's just a way that's been working from me mostly when I stand. Um, ultimately, and again, I'm going to bring this up in a few more exercises. So bear with me ultimately just keep going. Um, ultimately what, what was I gonna say? Uh, I have no idea. I'll find, I'll find it later. But do you see what I'm doing with your feet? I'm just not letting them go with you. So that's what we mean when we say the feet don't move. The angle actually looks a little different, but they don't.

Excellent. Just do one more, however many we've done and slide down to your toes. Next time you come down to the bar. I mean to the stopper all the way down, both feet at the same time. Cause you're skilled practitioners. You can hold your pelvis there and here we go. Exhale, push out.

Take the second just because I'm good. That's it. And pull in. Good. You got it right. And exhale, lifting off your feet. So it's a cue I use a lot. Keep going. I'm a talker and out. I'm a queue. I've been using a lot in my Palladio's life lately is don't push with your feet, but lift off your feet. Very different experience. I think. So once you're here, you don't have to add tension in your feet. You simply use anything above the knee. You want to lift away.

Yeah. Good, good. Let's do four more, a little bit quicker. Let's go out and pull in and out. There we go. And pull in two more out and pull in one more out. There's gotta be one more. Right? Anyway. God, that's so scary to me.

He's come in, turn your feet out. So plotty stands off. We go lifting off your feet. Get there. Good. Pull yourselves back in and by pull back in. I don't mean with your toes, I mean with your hamstrings or just resist coming in. So we're doing this for your shoulders, right? Yeah, yeah. That's okay. Yeah, it feels better to you. Good. I'm happy it doesn't change your shoulders, you know, doesn't it? A little [inaudible] this feels more. That does. Yeah, that does it. The difference was you actually, I think you started that way and probably just in time. Let it go.

So it's there again now it's okay. So is that enough? Sorry. Sure. One more just in case someone wanted more. Okay, good. Come on. Back. Parallel feed. I need to do just a little bit of calves and we exhaled. Lengthen out there. And Are you going to watch his hamstrings? Right? It's a tough deal. It's almost like you want to pull the bar towards you. Here we go. Inhale, stretch the few dander. Exhale, lift of one. Inhale down. The same cue. I'd give you about just keep going that you're not pushing the feet.

I'm totally aware of your working your feet, but you are in fact lifting off them and stretching down and lifting up and stretching down. That's good. I think you're doing a quite a fine job on those hamstrings, don't you? Yeah. Good, good. You can feel that. I'm sure. Yeah. It's one of those things that for those of us who hyper extend, you almost always have to be working at as soon as you don't, you're back into that spot. Yay.

I'm calling for tomorrow and I'm skipping prancing. Unless you, anybody objects crazy. Lee. [inaudible] come on down. All right, well done. So we're going to do sideline work. So let's just turn to your right. Yup. Just leave the foot bars as they are. You're going to lie on your side. Your head is going to still be on the headrest. And um, do we want to try what we saw sell rail doing. Okay. So normally Mandy and I would do stack tips. What?

We're going to stretch out that bottom leg. I haven't really taught it this way. So here we go. It's exciting to me. I'm not going to do that. Let me stick to, I play with that on my own. You can put the address up. Absolutely. In fact, I please put the headrest up if it's not already. Then as far as your arm's concerned, I'm gonna use Mandy for this. Um, what I would do is either as, as you have it on the post, but then also use this one for now. Okay. Okay.

Just so we know you're in the a position that works. Yeah. And we're going to stack right up on the hips. A scoot your hips back a little bit more. Yep. Okay. So the position is neutral. Yeah. And so for you, what we ain't gonna do, Yana that's okay. Actually. You are fine. It just needs to reach. Do you feel my hand here? Yeah. Reach your butt towards the foot bar.

Yeah, like that way. Okay. Okay, good. So muscle focus, glutes. Here we go. Exhale. Full extension out. Be Aware of the bar below you and draw back in. You know what? I think you need Aaron? Yep. Here's what you need. Come down. So yeah. What you have to do. Sure. No, no, you don't. Oh No, no.

Don't blame your Achilles tendon on that. Absolutely not. No. You're just going to move your foot forward. If anything, you've got a long lower leg, but we had you to two straight on here. Shift your hips further back. And I love this, this way. There you go. So if you feel like you're running out of room, um, you probably are running out of room, move your hips back, pull the ribs in with you, your head can come forward. Right. We have to adjust the hole. So you're on a bit of a diagonal now. Perfect.

Here we go. Out we go. Press fully out there better. Yes. And then N. Yup. Almost everybody's going to do that a little bit. Have to have that foot forward. Good, good. It would even be okay. Yeah. Like your toes come off a little. That's fine. Yeah. So now that you're there, you start asking questions like, okay, am I feeling this in my low back? No. If you are, we have an adjustment to make. Am I feeling this in the glute, particularly that top one or then we're, we're pretty good.

I'm going to encourage this. The attempt. Oh, for sure. Oh, bleak. Yeah. Are you kidding? Yeah. Thank you. When you get out to straight attempt to find somewhat of a stretch, that's probably too big of a word. But yeah, the, the sense of lengthening through the front of the hip. A couple more. Excellent. Yeah. I can just see where we could go with this lower leg, huh? Yeah. Loving it. Loving it. Nice Rail. Okay.

Let's do a little bit of pumping here. Just 10 short but quick one. So it's one and two and three. A little bit smaller, Mattie. There you go. Give yourself 10 and on the 10th when you go all the way out, I think this must be, yeah, all the way. Enjoy it. Get the hip stretch a little longer. Press the hip the longer mandate longer. Just thinking further out the far end of the reformer kick. Come on down. Yay.

Well done. Okay. Um, I'm just going to flip you. Yup. Other side. Good. Yes. Better. Yup. Can't wait to work out tomorrow. Now. Good thing for Facebook, right? Seeing all these pictures. Okay, so we're stacked again. Almost everybody's going to have their hips edging toward the back of the frame and we just watched both of you on the hyper extension in the back too. And then all you have to do, Aaron, is you're, you're a little rolled back, so just be like, you're right on top of that lower hip. And if you do, I'll leave you alone. Let's just go like that with me. Okay. Here we go. Exhale, press out one, take the time to make sure it feels comfy to you, sort of company and bring it back and press it and drag it back. Yup.

So you guys look fine. Just keep going. Do you feel when you bend the knee, there's that little bit of what maybe feels like your butt's sticking out? Yeah. Good, good. It's really common to round the back as you come in and you don't want to do that. Do you guys look good? I just want to make sure you know what's going on with that. Excellent. Let's go for three more starting there. One awfully calm, 10 pumping when? After your third one.

So now we go. I'm going to one and to start, go with me for Manny three and your fine. Four and five and six. I know that's more than 10 phase seven, eight, nine all the way out. Get along longer than you think. Fantastic. Come on back down. Nice job onto your backs. Yeah of sort of and I'll change the springs for you. Okay, good.

I can't do it. Taking red and a blue and taking you bay green and the yellow. With everything else off, reach back and grab your split straps and push out just to put your feet in or however you normally do, but do it gracefully and safely. Fabulous. Okay. I'm just leaving your foot bars where they are for now. Good. Okay, so basically neutral spines, heavy ribcage and we're going into down circles. Exhale as you lower down, take them around and absolute stillness. You find your anchor point in the center of your body.

Just keep going, Mandy. Okay, I'm going to try for one thing here. Come down. Hold. Give me this hip a little longer. Is that it? Is that it? Okay. And then maybe it would feel better if you slightly the rest of your ribs this way. I mean, maybe it feel really weird, but can you do just like two more lines and one more exhaling down. Once you finished the exhale down, pick your legs up. Inhale up, open, exhale around. So feel okay or, and you still look pretty straight.

Good and open. End around. Keep doing what you're doing. And I want half as much energy and your legs in both of you as I see now. Okay. Most of the energies just holding you still. That's right. Exactly. Your feet are just, you don't even know they're there. You're moving that strap from the highest point of your leg is even here when you push out. It's not from the feet. Not just gravity.

Go to Mars, playing with that idea. Lovely and down. Okay. Stay right there. Everything. Okay? Yup. Yup. Just a second. Okay, so now we're going into extended frog. Open wide. Stay there for a second. Relaxed, but don't go any wider, Mandy. Imagine energy going further out your feet, but don't say, don't actually move the carriage. Bend the knees to bring it across to bring the heels together.

Care doesn't move. I'm Aaron. Narrow your knees up so they're not quite so turned out. There you go, barely use and only use what you need to straighten your legs for now fully extended and at the end of it you can squeeze your thigh bones as hard as you possibly want to, but don't include the quads. If you can help it. There you go. Open wide, maybe a little less wide for you. Just for a moment. Take a moment, relax, but send the energy further out the feet. Rebend absolute stillness there. Well done.

And then you grow the legs out. The further your legs extend, the deeper the abdominal contraction open. I'm not really giving you a breath pattern because it's sort of, I'm taking my time on. I said, breathe how you need to. I usually exhale here if you want a breath pattern as we straighten one more like that. Opening out relaxed feet, drag the legs into touch each other. We relaxed. For me just for today and then out. Good. Let's reverse that. Bend to frog. Hold back a little. If you're really flexible here, cause I'm going to have you relax when you get there. Open wide.

Here's the fun one. That's so Kay. You might just move the carriage a little in just for me. Okay. Relax. But don't widen knowing no up, no down. Straight across pure abduction. No hamstring, no nothing. Here we go. Bend to frog. Open. That's good. Take an inhale and kind of relax at the hips and now he likes are way too long for me to do what I want to do. No, that's okay. That's okay.

And you're coming skimming straight across. That's a downward pole there. That's a little bit up. There you go. Didn't it kind of feel like you're coming this way even though you're like, we're coming together. Yeah. Okay. Open Y. Go ahead and Aaron, we'll catch you up. And where are we Ben to frog your rate. There we go. So that's going to go with you for a second. And you're coming straight across. Yeah. You have a little bit of an upward press too. I think so.

Right. It's like coming out here. It's a rotation to be okay. Did you find your probably rotations line to do that? But I almost don't want you to think at all. Okay. I almost just wanted to be, I bought to bring my inner thighs together and I don't, yeah, we're going to, so last one, few minutes go wide again. Actually just skip the frog. Yeah, it, they're soft. They're, they're pretty [inaudible]. Yeah.

And now tailbone down a little bit as you reach long like that. Less less legs. Yup. Yup, Yup. Yup. Exactly. That makes sense. Do you want without me holding you and Mandy, you can come out of there. So it's like your legs are getting longer toward the foot bar. That looks better to me.

Martin aside. That's the point for this one. As far as all the stabilization. Okay. Put the straps away. Put Your headrest down. I'm going to keep it light tension here. Um, and we're heading into lift. Huh? With a, let's do it in plotty stamp today. There's, that's friendly. Yeah. So we're turned out are externally rotated, right? Good. Love it. Alright, it's light. So know that going in. Okay.

It means it's going to be hard for you guys to keep it on the stopper. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. Carriage stays where it is. Exhale, roll through the low back. There's your rolling like a ball right there. Keep going. Keep going all the way up to your shoulder blades as if your knees were reaching out over the bar. Oh, she's camping. Come out. No, don't, don't hurt yourself. And I like it. I'm going to play cause I'm not sure. Just bring this part down a little. That's fine. That was really good.

Did you feel that extra little? Yeah, that was awesome. That's hamstrings, right? And then roll back down. It's a good one for you. You actually look like you might. That's a bit crowded. Yeah, it's a bit crowded for you. Actually. You'll like that a little bit better. Here we go. What happened? Hello Sophie. Silly late XL skirt. Here we go. She says, so Maddy, think you got it. Just think of pulling your hips towards your heels. Yeah, it's going to be an hamstring so you may not go all the way, but that's the deal. Yeah. So, so you know you were in class, so be careful and then roll back down. What you can do. Mandy's go parallel on your heels. I'll give you a little more room.

Yup. That'll give you a little more room. Here we go. Rounding up again. Inside edge of your feet Mandy. Just a little thank you. Alright, here we are. We're pushing out almost all the way. Push, push, push your, your ribs are going to drop just with your hips naturally. And then you re lift, recheck, pull all the way to the stop or hold it there and love it. Go out again. Well good. And in and up. Yeah, we're not going all the way. You guys are doing good.

Let's do it again. Press out, but you are going to end up lowering a bit. Okay. Then everything in one piece. There it is. Yeah. It should feel kind of good as far as doing it that way. Good. Now when you come in, all you're thinking is tuck and push up. Sorry, I guess you got two things to think about. Good out and again, yeah, this part can go down a little bit for you until we get these a little looser. Yup. Next time you come in, stay in and roll down on. Once you're on the stopper, you know what you might benefit from for a couple of weeks is not going fully to the height of your upper, to the slant board holding this part back.

So you're still slightly scooped here to get the stretch there. Yeah, I think it'd be worth it. Okay. All right. Let's try out a springs are still good. One and a half. Basically reach back, grab your straps and if they're all right with you, I'm going to skip the a hundred right now and we'll go right into a coordination. Okay. So your knees are coming up to table. We'll have straight arms. Um, again, just leaving the bar, put a little resistance if you haven't already. And I like it. Inhale, exhale up. Wycombe everything shoots forward. Legs only. Open-Close inhale, bend the knees and think like you're going to curl higher, but just stay where you were and all the way down, head touches. Exhale, the curl up right show, open, close. Inhale, bend, knees theoretically. Still inhaling as your head goes down and we're ready to go again, it's about the spine. Open-Close bend the knees and down we go. Uh, go again. One more time. See. Okay, good.

Bend and down. Have a tip for both of you. I'm sorry, rest my fault. Um, can I do it here? I think I can do it here. Maybe I do. Thanks. I do. Thank you. Just something to consider because you both are doing it as described. You know how it's supposed to be. I'm just going to suggest, and this would be true for mat work as well, what you're both doing, if you're looking at my arms, you're coming up to here. Do you see the downward slope? Shoulder to wrist. Okay.

Technically I don't think there's a problem with that, but the downward a little bit. I don't know that it's affecting your abs so much, but I'm going to suggest there and then there, okay, this kind of, Gee, you lose something there, right? It almost now they're there. It's no big deal. But if you can lift him up a little bit [inaudible] well there could be more of a fold it. In other words, if you kept linked, that's actually kind of the point. I hadn't really thought of it like that. If you, if you keep it all linked and by linked, I mean I still have this really nice resistance, but if I go any further, there's nothing I got nothing anymore. I have nothing to push into. I mean you could, I could do it better down here, right? I could do better, but I'm going to say just either level or for to you to today since this is kind of new risks ever. So slightly sloped up board. Okay, good. And for moment, just for first you don't do the open, closed part of the coordination, just sort of into the a hundred out of the a hundred just so you can play with that. So finding your starting position. We inhale, get ready, and here we go. Exhale to curl up, check your arms and then gently shoulders.

Almost like forcing the arms up. Yeah, I'll go ahead and go down. I'm ready. You need a little bicep contraction so you're not hyper extended. Imagine you're going to pull the strap there. There. Now go down again. Let's go. No, just same way. And then just pressure. Hold it there and then pushed to me. Pushed to me.

Not Higher, not high. Your higher enough. Okay. And down. Yeah. More abs and [inaudible]. You have a [inaudible]. It's a direct opposition. Last one here of, of the resistance. Good. Good. And all I'm doing to you, cause if those hyperextended I'm pulling, I want you to fill up the handle. I gave you slack. Go to go into it with the armpits. I'm sorry. Like Oh, okay. Yup. And Open your hand.

I'll lighten up a little biceps contract. Yeah, there we go. There you go. Great. Okay, rest. It's enough of that. Okay. Help yourselves up please. And I'm jumping straight to short box. Okay, fair enough. You know what? I changed my mind. Sorry. Sorry Mandy. I'm going to give you a stretch first. I think it's appropriate for where I'm headed with you.

So one spring and let's have you come on too. I'm kneeling, kneeling on the, the carriage. Tell me if you want any patsies carriage is kind of, it's nice, but it, it gives, uh, let's put the right leg at first. Thank you. Straight out of the hip. So we're going to not have it right in the middle. It's going to be right over here. You could probably handle it, but I don't want to, I'd rather it be more like a skeleton. Okay. So here you are.

You're kind of upright. All I want you to think about for now is lifting your chest and you guys both already looked pretty good, but I'm just going to say lifting your chest but bring the pubic bone with you and tell me if you don't feel a stretch yet. Okay, you got it. Okay, good. If you didn't, and I see you're both off the step or a little perfect. Fine. If you wanted more and we're going to hold it for three to five breaths. So just get cozy. If you wanted more.

My suggestion would be to push the carriage away from you, but don't move the body. Not any, not at all. If anything, the body goes up as the carriage goes. Yeah. As just one way of doing it. Alright. We close. Let's go. Inhale on your exhale. Best you can. You kind of keep, well, push the carriage out. I'd probably want to change it and push the carriage out with the front leg. That's right. If you can have the hands on, I would like the heel of the hand.

Yep. Good. Maddie. Very good. I think that's plenty. Okay. Ms [inaudible] chapters. No thank you. We are switching it to a hamstring stretch, so let's go for it. Stop there for one second. And the reason I'm stopping you is I want to have your flat back. Yup. Okay.

That's good. Your level. So if you can keep that and straighten your knee. Great. It's up to you. I'm happy. I'm happy. Good. Well done man. All right, big inhale, exhale. And then you're going to draw yourself back to that first stretch, lifting your sternum, lifting the pubic bone. Lovely. Lovely.

Hmm. Let's change legs. Let's just change legs. Yep. For Time Sake. You could repeat it. Yeah. You have changed so much. I mean, truly it's been, it's cool to see. I haven't, I don't know if I ever really gave you a private before, but yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. You were all way trained out. I remember. Now I do. I remember this. I remembered the changes. I just couldn't remember that session. Okay, so we're lifting the chest. We're lifting the pubic bone. Good.

Yeah. You feel it, Aaron, are you having a balance? I don't want, I mean don't, don't make it hard balance. I'd rather, I'd rather you hold actually, do you have the room too? That'd be good. And I feel like you can push the carriage a little. Stop me if I'm wrong. Okay. Okay. When you're ready, you exhale and press out and what you're able to do, go ahead and shift your arms forward. As your body comes out, you're able to just kind of keep the shape. You don't have to let go there, I don't think. Right. Do you see, you know what you were starting to do about to release the hip and I don't think you need to. Yeah, you're good. Are you getting the stretch though? Yeah. Okay, good. Good. Yeah.

So this is a suggestion, the idea that as your leg is going that way, your foot is already there. You encourage the sit bone the opposite way. It's just, yeah, that's the mindful stuff of it, right? Always look for more number, how many times you've done some of this stuff. And if I'm to be Uber Picky, which that's what you pay the big bucks for it. You should have your foot balanced. And I'm looking at yours, Mandy. Yes. Okay. Come on in. Good. And now we'll grab the short box and yours is fair. Okay. So we are locking down the carriage because we don't want it to move. Um, you know, the way I'm going to do it, yours probably is going to be all the way back to probably both of yours. I like mine emphasis slightly off personally and, but I'm kind of short compared to you guys. So if, if here's the answer Mandy, if you go back, cause I'm going to suggest going over, if you don't want to go over, don't go over.

But if you go back and you don't feel supported and you're back through one, don't keep going. But also sometimes if we adjust the box a little, you can make it better. But I do the Bassey version, which is, um, and I like this even though I, we could easily go into a straight leg version coming to the front edge. You both seem like you're there arm over arm first one, not going all the way over just so that we can say a few things. Remember the hamstring thing, so your feet are securely under there. Put your feet together. Aaron's said that you can go over more. Yeah. Yeah. You're there as a downward pressure for now. Um, not to push the carriage, but just to hang on for the moment.

Inhale on your exhale, you ex roll away and you're going to go back. Yep. Good, good. Here's the thigh bones again, kind of pressing into the box. Feel that. Keep going if you want to. Your legs are naturally straightening out. That's good. Inhale, keeping the curve when it becomes appropriate. Let the knees bend again. Okay. Exhale coming forward. Keeping the curve until the shoulders end up over your hips.

You're getting a little crunchy for your, how long your body is and then straighten up. I'll get you on the next one. That's okay. My fault. Inhale. Exhale. We roll the hips away. Good, good, good, good. Let your head drop a little. Good. Can you talk any more, Mandy? It's okay if the fee come up. A little inhale, exhale. And we around some like keep coming, keep coming, keep coming. And then from the low back we inhale and the abs a drop. Good. If you want to go over now, it'd be the time Xcel to roll back. I'm not sure if your hip flexors are up for that. So yeah, let's not keep going. Keep going. Keep going.

Cause you're gonna if you feel like you can go over. Okay. For now I want you to let the arms just hit the box and in case you need them. Lovely. Then Chin toward chest. I'll get that out of your way next time. Refold the arms pressing down with the thighs. Bend the knees when it becomes right. Oh it is down. Good, good, good, good.

And inhale to rise up. Knees will be bent naturally. I would scoot you forward. Yep. Here we go. And exhale back. Let it feel good. Just sort of milk it at this point, if you had no trouble Erin, you can just, I still think just stretch the arms out for today since I don't get to work with you enough. I sometimes even bend the elbows and kind of use them a little. Oh that looks heavenly and then when it becomes appropriate, Yup, Yup. And You keep trying to Tuck, it shouldn't go deeply and it shouldn't go on your back at all. Then the knees. Now let them release basically and then stand up straight. Yeah.

Flat back that back. Yes. Here we go. Right. So Nice. Well done. I'm good. Here we go. Inhale, lean back. Stop. Bring your ribs down, Aaron. Start exhaling. Think long and then come up. Inhale, go back. Here's your eyes. Here's your eyes right here. Exhale. Come here. Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely. Again, inhaling back.

So what you're both doing well is taking your hips with you is really nice. Exhaling. There's no doubt those hip flexors are working. Um, we try to make the abs feel it more by semi relaxing the hip flexors here, but they are in fact assisting you. Probably. Good. Okay. Tilt pretty small, right? So we're, can I show you best? We are going. Just think up. You've got, you're really getting this lift thing beautifully. Aaron. Come up and over to one side. It's not going to be very big.

Kind of anchor the left side, but it will slightly lift for today. I'm asking for it. Exhale and bring it back. Okay. Think up. Kinda easy on that part. Coming over and exhaling. Good again and you feel it. Don't you good. What you get to do is you're getting a little short here.

You probably do feel it still, but I'm going to try up here for you and now just sort of up close there so it's a little less shortening and back to center. I try and try this. It's going to be the same effect for you. Try with your finger. Sherry Berkowitz taught me this. Um, fingers are on the ceiling right evenly and just for now we're going to go skim. There's, there's, Oh, what? All eight of them are still touching the ceiling. Still all eight of them. You didn't let them come off good.

Now that's about as far as you'd go and just think, don't, don't make this big thing to pull this one as you stretch, give me this rib thrust into my hand. You're going away from there. Okay. A little more of that. Okay. Yeah and Yep. Okay, so I actually messed you up. You are better without this cue. Give me your ribs into my hand. There you go. Now put your hands back behind your head and do one more your normal way because it was better. There you go. And then back up. So what you were doing really well was just going long, long, long feeling goals sides and now you're pulling away from it cause I messed you up. Yeah, somewhere in between these chairs. Yeah, there it is.

Basically what you have to do, not now, but close your eyes. Shake it off and go back to your old way. Okay, good. Yeah. Relatively even um, twist. Here it is. Inhale, rotate to the right. Still inhaling as you lean back on the diagonal. Good. Go, go. Good. Excellent. Exhale. Come up in rotation. Still rotating back to center. Inhale to the left.

Still inhaling as your hinge back. Start the exhale to come up. Still. Rotation and center. Nice job. Inhale theoretically, still inhaling if you need that breath, take it. But I do like how we get to exhale here and center and make it easy on your neck and shoulders. So they're just going along for the ride. Add Up. Great. Okay. [inaudible]. I know you only got four of those, but I'd be the other one. Did death. Okay. They were there.

Good climate tree. So you're hugging you, Megan. [inaudible] looking for a long backs. You're welcome to lean back if you need to, although you're good. Here we go. We hugged three times. You've won. It's all about back extension two three. Extend the leg up. Keep the long back. Fabulous roll. Not Roll back.

Lean back almost to take the leg to 90 degrees. Now you start walking down the leg from the pelvis. The leg is attached. Yes, it's firmly under there. Everybody happy? Either arms to the box or if you feel comfortable, go all the way over with the arms reaching back. Use the hamstring. Lift your chest a little Mandy. There you go. I'll get you on the next one.

You're okay. And then walk back up. Keep that leg at 90 walk up the tree like that to three. Now you can roll. Bend the forward knee as it needs to is you get flat back. There we go. Yeah. Happy. Okay, here we go. Bend and pulse. One long back, two, three and Legos up. Take the whole unit back to 90 now walk down and look down one to keep going into the weld. This is what we don't go get with you. I'm, you're not down here yet. If you're going to arch to say, now I've got your head now stick your chest out, let your head go back here, back behind you. There you go. Okay. Is that okay? That's where you'd be.

Don't don't do the arms yet. Now Chin toward chest first. Go ahead Erin, we're following you. And now walk up. Do you know what we're doing there? So you get to make sure you are all the way in the well, all too often we go, we know where we're going, we get to sort of level and we start looking for the bag and you just, it feels so much better when you, you can see it like you're just as in your face all of a sudden. Okay. So I'd rather you kind of feel like you're dropping than hanging out in space. Three answer to like, take that piece back to 90 and our easy, you walk down, you really don't even need your arms do to keep lowering your upper back. Keep lowering your upper back. Go ahead Maddie. Go ahead. It's okay.

Keep lowering it. That's it. Right. Fag, it looks she can't even talk and she's resting on her hair. That's okay. But now, so you've got to be careful coming out, right. Cause you, there you go. Find your leg walk up. That's it. That's it. That's it. All the way up. Finding your nice long spine and Ben, I'm not going to go to that one. Another one tonight. I'll get, I'll give it to you. Yeah. Switch legs.

That was three, right? Good way different. I mean, yeah and good. Yeah. It's like, and it's hard to know cause you can't look in a mirror or don't look in a mirror. Just feel okay. If I can still go, I can still go and lengthen. Here we go. I think. Good. So what am I gonna do with you? What am I going to challenge you? Exhale, pulse one and get dealt two and three and extend your leg. Yeah. Okay, good. Can you bring it closer? No. Okay. You're happy. [inaudible] good, good. And here we go.

We walked down one to keep lowering into the weld. If you're going to go back. Yep. And Go ahead and circle. Your arms are reaching long just outside the frame to come around and to look down a little Mandy. Good. Yeah. You just get to keep bringing your head forward is all okay and good and fold. Here we go.

And that was very good though at the extension two thery and unfollow. Let it feel good. Just take care of that back. Now you roll from the pelvis? Not from the chest. One, two. Nice. Aaron. Yeah. You want to feel my hand before your head goes back? I want you to feel my hand. My hands down here. Keep lowering down.

Uh Huh. Uh Huh. Uh Huh. Yeah, I did move my hand. Your right and how you can look back a little too. Yeah. And then she to chest up. You come. Good. Was that three? One more. Thank you. Just waiting us. Good job and one and two and three and stretch.

Good. Good. You got it. Go ahead. You're on your own. Feel it. Use that right. A hamstring. So it helps you have you reached through the hands. You didn't have to touch. You just want to feel like keep lowering down your head. Might even hit this a headdress one day Mandy. Maybe even now.

And then Chin towards, just don't lift yet. Good. Good, good, good, good. That I was gonna have to crack that and I didn't, there you go. All right, let's move on. Take your boxes and let's just go along box and do that now. So what you're doing well Mandy is you're getting yourself down there and then you are articulating back up rather than lifting. Yeah, that's great. That's great. Okay, so we are going into breaststroke of course. So we need one. I think blue is plenty. I'm Mandy.

Why don't you just leave your spring guardian one red. Good. And you're going to bring your spring bar out cause you have the blues. So bring it towards the foot bar. Cool. Okay, lovely man. He knows how I like to get on. So it's going to be thumbs in the straps facing the foot bar ready to go in your core and all twisted. So turn around. So you're coming from this end. You're probably used to it facing the other way.

You knew that I was thinking I'm like head pulling straps. Oh well that's cause I always do that. Okay. Over the top. All right, so chest is mostly on the box and good. I'm just going to line up your arms before we go and I'm liking what I'm seeing. I'm liking it and actually let's not make you so crowded. Let it come out a little so that you can drop here. Yeah, I mean it's like, let's face it. None of us are going to look like the pictures all the time.

Well not all of them. Not all of them. Lower the elbows a little. So this is another place where in g basically the elbows are going to be ever so slightly lower than rest. So do look at that. You're okay. See, there you go Maddie. Right. Okay. Reached the legs, then they are going to end up hovering a little, but it's more of a sensor reaching, so like that. Yeah. Okay. Here we go. It's an inhale. Extend the arms forward. Don't worry about lifting much. Circle your arms all the way around and then fold knowing the elbows are going to be nice and low. Well done. Okay, Mandy? Good. Here we go. Inhale to reach.

Circle around. Know that you want to feel somewhere between and around the shoulder blades. So Aaron, I'm curious if you went a little lower with your extension. We've been playing that with you and see if you can feel that more. If you can't, we'll let you go hire a Mandy just a little closer together.

Here we go and I'm with you and I'll extend. Circle around. There you go and skim and pulled. Good. Watch your feet. They're happy. Everybody. Can we do two more? Luckily, how are you doing on? You're good for that. Now that I've said that, I'm going to actually have you use me.

Push into me and you can go as high as you want, but you have to push into me. Pushed into me. Good. Stay up there as you circle around. Push into me. Good. And now lower. You got one more man. Mandy, you can be done. We're, we've got one more here. You use me. I'm not going to push on you. You should like, here you go. Keep using your legs. Keep using your legs. I promise I'm not pushing on her. You can tell when she lets her legs go, she drops. So you care for one more. Now that you know what you're doing. Okay.

So before you do your arms, I want to feel you push up into me. There you go. Go ahead. Push into me. Use Your Butt. Good. Go ahead. Push into me. Don't give up on me until your chest is fully down. Well done. Well done. Okay. Carefully coming off. Just like mandated. Grabbed the box. Who [inaudible] were you? Rack them.

Give yourself some room. Are you doing a roll down? You're done. Yup. Right. We've done a rotation in the SA standing comfortable. Yep. Good. Inhale, check and see if it feels any different. You've both worked hard to build. It went very well. Exhale when it feels good and roll down and feel the space between the bones, right? You just lengthen, you supported, you gave yourself more room. Inhale, exhale to roll and allow yourself to be taller. This is not the place to tighten much.

It's like let things rise as they do. One more, however far you want to go, and we're not over contracting coming up again, just lifting, just standing tall, being light on ourselves, being glad for the time you took for yourselves and you are done. Thanks you guys. Bravo. I appreciate you matching two. Great. Thank you. Oh, good.


Kristi, I loved the creative warm up & detailed execution on reformer exercises! Always learning!Thank you!
I love your classes Kristi and you're very knowledgeful but sometimes I feel as if you talk too much and that kills the flow of the class, particularly when you're adjusting! Otherwise outstanding.
Thanks to you both. I agree with you 100% Pele. I often think if I would just stop talking it would flow better for people watching. The challenge for me is that I am in fact teaching a real duet to Mandy and Erin and I can't let them "flow" without making adjustments pertaining to proper technique. I'll put some thought as to how to do this more fluently in the future. Thank you very much for the feedback.
Keep talking Kristi!!! I love your comments and instruction. You drop little diamonds here and there. As an instructor, I love it! Thnx Laura
I agree. Keep talking! It is so great to hear Kristi teach an actual class. The cues, the adjustments, are the true gems. Keep it real!
The student must 'graduate' to a level of fluidity thanks to the vocal and physical cues provided (in this case by an outstanding instructor). Keep up the excellent work, Kristi!
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I'm curious: I was taught that the single leg stretch should be done with the knee's NOT coming in so far, rather focusing on the torso lifting toward the knee's. Either way is acceptable?
Amazing class Kristi, it's great hearing all your instructions and cues, we can never get enough. I hope one day you will come to Australia for a workshop or BASI course. See you again soon.
I love Australia!
Summer, the single leg stretch is taught holding the knee back from coming all the way in in order to help teach and maintain Pelvic and trunk stability. Once that has been established it is perfectly fine to draw the knee in closer as either a variation or to challenge the exercise differently. In fact, traditionally, the knee is drawn in very close to the shoulder. Give it a try and see if you can do it without rocking the pelvis or dropping the upper body.
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