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Creative Reformer Variations

40 min - Class


Challenge your balance, stability, and control in this Reformer workout with Mariska Breland. She teaches a mix of traditional and non-traditional exercises that she has learned from her teachers, personal trainers, and teachers at her studio. You will work your entire body with variations like the Iron Cross, Control Front, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Hi, I'm Mariska from Fuze flautas in Washington D C and today I'm going to do a little bit of a reformer workout that has some classical plottings and some non-classical and some thing...


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Wonderful workout Maiska! Loved the combination. Could you let me know what you mean by PNF? Thanks
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Thanks Mariska! I loved it!
Please let me know when you plan to come to Europe ! I would love to go to your workshops-
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Mariska, I hope you also do another mat workout while you are visiting pilates anytime. I love your creative combinations and repeatedly do all your workouts so I'm hoping for a new one. Thank you for all the workouts you post, and for always making me laugh.
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lovely session with some fabulous variations. Thank you
Hi Tova - yes there is a mat class coming from this visit! Serenity -PNF is a type of stretching where you contract a muscle, hold, and then relax the muscle, and that enables you to stretch more deeply. Hope that helps!
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Thank you Mariska!!! I hope you filmed a mat class too- i do your classes regularly and would love a new one
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Loved the back body and unilateral work! My hamstrings are yelling “HELLO”from Maryland. Can’t do it all and probably never will be able to, but can do most and some real gems in there. Thanks for another keeper.
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Yes, I agree with Lauren! But a good level 3 chair class( if anybody cares what I think!) Great class Mariska! Thanks so much, I love your work!
Thanks all! And yes, there's a mat class coming! (Note that I also couldn't really do the whole workout... Goals!) I'll plan on a chair class for next year!
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Thank You for this lovely class! Love the new variations
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