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Find your own resistance with this Mat workout by Adrianne Crawford. She teaches Reformer exercises on the Mat so you can find new ways to connect to your powerhouse. You will enjoy variations to movements like Short Spine Stretch, Stomach Massage, and so much more!
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Good afternoon. I'm Adrian. I'm going to be teaching a reformer mat today. So everything that's going to be done on the mat is also done on the reformer. Um, we will be doing more of an intermediate type of reform or mat. So we're going to be doing a lot of this line down. Go ahead and lie down. We'll be good.

We're going to start with your footwork just like you would on the reformer. You're going to have your, your heels together, toes apart in your plotty stance. Your heels will be high, so more pointed foot. So we'll have more of a pointed foot and we're going to start with your legs at 90. Okay. So start with your knees bent as if you were on the reformer. Your knees would already be met and then you're going to begin.

You're going to stretch legs up and come back in fake of the toes, rather pointed kind of with the heels up on these reach all the way I use zip up those legs and you want to keep moving and think of relaxing your shoulders, your neck, but also think of staying tall. That's it. Sorry, marsh stretching up. So this is your warm mouth on the reformer and last one. And now you're going to transition. Come back down with the legs with the feet together. Knees together on your arches. So now you're wrapping your foot around that imaginary bar.

You're going to now stretch the legs up. Pool the waist in. Stretch the leg up. Pull your waist in too. Sorry. Keep going. Try to keep those shoulders from tensing. Five. Keep your next long. Six, 10 times seven, eight, nine. Transition to your heel. So now you're on the heels and you're going to push up bed and zip up those legs. Feel that wrap on the stretch. Good.

Three n four n five lot of repetition here. Six. Think of drawing tall in your backs while you're moving those things. Eight, nine. Let's hold the out. Turn your feet out. Heels together, toes apart. Flex, flex point, point and now point, point. Point the feet. So your tendons stretch down, down, down with the heels up, up, up the heels.

Good. Sorry for keep those legs long. Five keep your spines long. Seven eight, nine and come back down. Rest your legs for just a pause. At this point on the reformer, you would grab your straps and go into your hundred. So let's pretend take your arms straight up.

Take your legs straight up, lower them down, come up into your a hundred position and breathing in two, four or five. You can challenge yourselves here and go lower with the legs if that's comfortable for your spines or your backs. Good. I'm going to pull on the girls a little bit. I'm going to reach you out longer. That's what I want. Squeeze your seat. Good. Oh sure. Three or four or fat fat, two three, four, five, four, five, three, four, five, two more above those hips.

Don't let those arms go too low. You'll feel it more Walmart, rest. Go ahead, lie back down. We're getting ready for your short spine here. So this is where we put the straps on their feet. So your legs exactly would be, and you'd have a strap on each foot. You're going to start by extending the legs out to about 45 degrees. Take the legs over your heads. Hold, keep those hips where they are as you bend your knees and now everything's going to come down together. Feet, hips, articulating spot and then stretch out.

Lift up and over. Bend journeys. Articulate down that next couple. We're going to add the legs going straight. You're going to go over first. Keep those next longs. Keep the shoulders relaxed, bend your knees, keep your feet, drop your seat. So you're going to try to think of skipping those thighs on your chest as you come down and then come back down tomorrow. Reach out, lift over, hold. Keep those hips up, band.

Keep the feet there and start to roll down, articulated. Really feel each vertebra down. One at a time. Last one and reach out. Up and over. Very nice. Bend and roll it down. Staying in that position.

Bend your elbows into a coordination position or you know, lift your head. Look at your power house though. Your heads are up or we're going to have the knees bent to start your in a Plati stance. And now arms, legs go out together. Hole Open. Close the legs, not too wide. Bend journeys. Bend your arms, keep your heads up. So heads are up the whole time and reach out. Long really stretch.

Squeeze your seats. Open. Close, knees in, arms up. We're going to add Chris Cross beats here and to go out at whole. So the legs cross, one, two, eight counts three, four, five, six. Don't let your backs come out. Seven, eight, knees in first. Arms Up. Blessed. One more time. I reach out. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight in with the knees up with there and rest.

Let's have, we're going to actually go into your rowing here. So sit up and face each other leg straight. You've got your straps there underneath your shoulders. Your sitting tall hands are at your chest. It's called from the chest. Stay on top of your hips. So you're tall the whole time.

Arms go straight up to 90 arms go down. As they come down, you grow, tolerant, your backs and arms come up. Circling arms up to the side. Stay Tall. You're not going anywhere. Lift, lift, lift, lift. So you're not going to go down. Just the arms. I know. It's funny. Okay. So from the hip, inhale up. Exhale, straight down. Arms go up. You stay tall. As those arms come down, just lift your backs.

Don't pop those ribs up on. There we go. One more time from the chest up. Low lift circle. So we're just doing front rowing. Drop your heads. Look at your powerhouse interior. See Curve hands on the mat at your hips. Keep those feet flex as you stretch towards your toes.

Reach out to your head, stay down. You are here. You're going to pull those rooms back as you start to sit up. Keep reaching those arms lasting up as your head round up to sitting. Arms will end up shoulder height. So arms are here. Exactly what you just did. Arms come up. You just did this a moment again. Arms come down, you go trawl tall, tall. Good.

So now that you understand what's happening, drop your heads. We're going to go a little bit faster. We're heads down and now stretch out. One. Set up quickly onto two lifts. Three, six counts. Four, five, six. Really get those feet flex. Push your heels out and stretch one together.

Sit up tall to lift arms on three. Open for thought, six last [inaudible] and from the hips. Stretching one around, up sharp to lift. Three circle four, five and six. Very good. Let's cross your legs. We're still in that front. Rowing exercise, so together. Good. Yes, a little knees are actually bent. You take your straps, you lift them up into a shaving position. Fingers are going to be together and diamond shape behind your head.

You're tall, your backs are really long. Very good. Let's lean you back just a little bit right there and now. If you have some heavy, heavy weight, you're going to push the arms, stretching them out, grow taller and Ben back behind the head five times and lift your spine. Lift your waist. Very good to reach resistance, really through some thick, thick air there.

Three I want to see your ribs lifting up and pulling in. Two more. H. Last one out. Hold over the arms, the side into a hub. Lean back just a little bit. Good. You're still tall. Look forward and hug together. Push it away and hug together.

Romana used to come over and make us push us. Push, push, push, push. That's it. Yeah, and push, push, push, reverse your breathing. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Oh, there it is. Address. Okay.

Let's go ahead and set up for your stomach massage. Okay. This is where it gets a little more challenging for your balance and whatnot. You're going to start with your knees bent and as if you are on the reformer, you're going to bring those feet up off the mat. You're in your seekers so you're holding onto the edge of the reformer. Ideally you want to try not to fall backwards but more in that seeker up and over the hips. Good. All right, so your hands will stay down but your legs are going to begin to stretch out.

You flex the feet. Point Ang bring the knees in and push up. Flex point in as stretch, flex point in. Can you bend those elbows more and round forward. That's it. And in three more out flex point in on that end, I want to see that scoop happening. Ready out. Flex point and scoop.

Walmart out. Flex point and whole. Take the arms back. Sit up tall if you need a rest and drop your legs for a second. You can otherwise begin. Push out flex point and grow taller. Push out. Flex point in. Find your months out. Point in three more out.

Normally you do about 10 of these on the roof armor, but here because you don't have any resistance to support you, well we'll be nice to you. Put your feet down, arrest feedback up on the bar, on her toes. Arms Up. Now you're going to straighten the legs. It's called, you're reaching. As you bend those knees, you're going to try to lift your backs, reaching up, up, up with her spies and straighten the legs and bend the knees and come back in and lift your backs tomorrow. Good. You can grab onto the top of the knees if that helps you. Come back in and I left last one. Push out. Come in a left.

Now it's going to get hard. You're going to straighten the legs and twist to the right. Come back and bend the knees, straighten the legs, twist a left, coming back in. Straighten the legs to the right. Keep growing tall. Straighten the legs to the left and arrests.

Go ahead and drop your legs and just fall forward. Aren't those fun? Let's go ahead and go to a standing position and we'll get you into your long stretch position. So if you are on the reformer, you're holding on to the bar, your feet are on the rest. Go ahead and walk down, walk out, heels are up and you're going to have your shoulder slight. You're slightly behind your wrists, you're up on your toes. And let's have your heels together, toes apart. Is there an apply to stance? You're going to have your hips down. So you're in a plank position, correct.

And then you're just going to count to three. Three counts can go over the bar. One, two, three, push back as you go over that bar. I want to see your chest open. Shoulders drop rib. Stay up and get those ribs up. And one, two, three, push back left here and what? Open your chest more open here. Drop your chest, mark. There we go. Now one, two, three. Back. One more time. One, two, three.

You walk back to your feet and around to stand. Good. Take your arms up. Walk back down. This time your feet are going to be hip with, apart. As you walked down, you could open up the fee whenever you want. We'll walk out into a plank. I'm sorry. Let's start it up in your plague or up position. So the hipster have your up stretch. So if you are on the reformer, you're gonna push out. You're going to go into one straight lie.

You might have to move your hands a little more forward. Push shout. And then I want you to scoot back up and come straight back up into your v ready, heels up. Keep those heels up. Ready. Heads down. And now you're gonna push out one straight line and use your powerhouse. I want to see lift from here up. That's it. Tumor, push out. Beautiful. Lift your head and chest open. Lift your head. Open your chest. That's it. Now come back up.

Got Well Mauritania. Push out. Open the chest, lifting from here. There you go. And come back. I walk to your feet. Round yourselves to tall again. That's it. Let's do an elephant. Arms Up. Oh, we're getting a little sweat on.

That's good. All right. You're walked back down. Okay. You see this? How much the springs help you? It's very different without the springs. All right, so you're in an LFM position and I'm going to have you walk out a little bit further forward with your hands and then you'd to walk back towards your feet and scoop up, up, up and forward with the hands you're walking forward. And then like an elephant trunk curls into, towards the mouth.

You're curling back up into that powerhouse. Drop your head, Mar. Look at your Table Two more times. Forward and up. So I should see a lift happening in those ribs as you come back in last one, forward. And, uh, walk all the way back. Come up to stand both arms up. Take your breath, arms out.

Get those ribs together. Drop the hands and both of you can sit back down on the mat. Good. I'm going to have you actually kneel onto your knees here. Palmed underneath the shoulders. All right. You're going to do Naly knee stretch series with one leg, so your end curl, your chin towards your chest, goop up. You're in your Si. So one leg.

Let's start with me. I doesn't matter. Keep your hips level. That's going to be the challenge is not letting one hip come higher than the other. Let's start with this leg. You're to take the knee, the leg off the mat, push back, stretch it all the way back. Bend your knee and round your back as you come back in. Yes. Okay, so a time pushback. Scooping it. Feel as though if I were behind you or you had something to push against, that there's resistance out and under. Back and under. Good tumor.

Out in soft shoulders and switch legs. Knees can be more hip width apart. Yes, and in, in, in, out and in. In, in. So really get in, out under with those hips. I'm talking about the under and in Walmart. Time out in and rest. Good.

Let's go into an arch. Back. Knees. Let's have your knees. Hip with the still. Same thing. One leg. Okay, but now you're open. You're going to push out with the leg and open the chest as you come in and push out just five times and into reach. As you push back, level your hips. So hip align with hip. Drop that hip.

That's where you should be and in out. And that's not switch legs for shout. Open the chest. Yes, just five times. And reach out last one and sit back towards your heels and just stretch for a second and then you're going to rise up to your toes with the knees bent. Okay, so you're actually going to have your hands down.

You're up on the toes with the Neasman and then your stretch and bend. As you come back down around your backs, curl into it. Think of your hips getting deeper underneath you. If you need to walk your hands back, you can, Eh, curl, curl, curl, go low and push up. Go Low with the knees way down and then stretch up and come back down.

Now no momentum. Stretch up without momentum and come back down. Two more stretch under last one, stretch and all the way back down. I'm going to have both. You lie back, contour back there. I do a quick little backstrokes and teasers and then we'll finish with some running. Alrighty. So this you'll start with both knees in hands above your forehead. Correct. You're going to start with your heads up. Look at your stomachs.

So you're here. Arms and legs are going to mirror each other. So arms and legs go straight up to 90 you're inhaling, you're exhaling as the arms and legs open. Inhale, reach for the toes, squeeze your seats, stretch out. Long hold, hold, exhale. Come back in two more times. Straight up. Open together. Sharp hold, hold and come back in while mar up. Open together. Stretch, hold, hold, come back and ready to reverse those three times. Go straight out this time.

Hole Hole. Open the legs, lift, bend and come back down. That's correct. And two more stretcher. Hold open up together. Last one. We're reaching out. Open, lift and together and rest. Everything can go down. Let's have you sit up still. You can, you can turn to face each other and you'll do your teasers here.

So we're going to lie all the way down as if you are on the rear former, you would have straps in your hand, your palms will be facing up, and your straps would be at your side. So bring the hands at your side. So Huh. Now you're going to curl up into a teaser, so everything's going to come up at the same time curling up. Now you've got your straps, now you're gonna lower they arms. I lift them three times. One, two, three.

Everything goes down together and do two more sets, but now we're going to add some arm circles. Same thing, but you're going to add circles with the arms. You come up, you hold. If you need to keep those knees bent to keep balanced goal for it. Open, grow tall. One big circles that better to up circle three, come back up. Nice and graceful. Brewing yourself down. That's fine. Little more time coming up. You're reversing your circles. Come on up. Always think about resistance. If you had the springs, you would have resistance. Go Down, resistance, come up, powerhouse. One, go down, bend your knees. If it's getting tough to Walmart, time up and everything goes down. Yes.

Are you sure you guys happy you can run now. Bend your knees back into your chest. Stretch the legs up, Ben. One knee, straighten the other and just alternate. One. One, two, two. We'll just do ten three, three, four, four, five, five, six, six, seven, seven, eight, eight, nine, nine. Ted, ted. Both of you stand. I'm going to do 10 jumps facing each other.

You're going to have your feet hip width apart, parallel or just slightly turned a bed and you're going to jump up. Landing soft as you can't. One, two, three, four. We used to have to do 105, six. All they make you do 10, seven, eight, nine, 10. Keep the legs wide. Now big. Actually, why don't you guys face forward? Legs are wide. You're gonna do a big circle. Arms come and up, big circle around and then you're going to go down and stretch. I want you to hold and bounce three times arms kind of fall between the legs.

One, two, three. As you come up, bend your knees and articulate. Round up three more times. Same exact things. Arms Up. Exhale, go down about one to the next. Relax. Three, four, ring it up. Last one up. Lower Bounce. One, two, three. Hold the down. Bring your feet together. Hips on top of your ankles. Begin to rise. Arms will finish above your heads. Up to the ceiling. Breathing in, breathing out. Let the arms drop to your side.

Continued to grow tall and you are done.


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Great workout but the video jumped around often during the workout.
That was fun! Stomach massage was the hardest for me.
Just took and loved this class Adrianne! I love how dynamic, commanding and clear you are! I'm also at the end of a day (11:45pm) and feel a whole lot better for taking class with you.
Nicole, i'm sorry you had trouble with the video. If you continue to please contact us at support@pilatesanytime. In the meantime, here are some possible things that may help from our FAQ" page... FAQ's
Thanks Kristi Cooper . It worked perfectly the second time around. Still a great workout..
Loved this class! It felt great to stretch and do the smooth moves in moderate pace.
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Enjoyed this and some lovely ideas, but just felt that it needed a role model instructor as instructions not always easy to follow. (Admittedly I do not do reformer, so the fault may be with me?!).
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Loved reformer on the mat! I’ve got so many ideas flowing now! Yes, the springs do assist us. Stomach massage was a challenge, wow! Thanks for a great class!
Lydia ~ I'm sorry you're having trouble with the video playback. I know that is frustrating! Here are some FAQs that might be helpful in troubleshooting. If you continue to experience issues, please email
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