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Energetic Reformer Flow

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You will feel the energy surging through your body with this Reformer workout by Meredith Rogers. She teaches a more advanced class, reminding you to listen to how your body is feeling today so you can stay safe during each movement. She includes fun variations for exercises like Rowing, Side Overs, and much more!
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May 02, 2018
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So it's coming to my attention that we haven't done any advanced reformer in awhile. So that's what's happening today. Um, I just like to remind you that it's always important when doing the advance work, not to do anything that feels inappropriate to your own body today. So feel free to modify, remember to breathe, and generally just stay in the moment and look after yourself. Here we go. I've got three reds and a blue springs set up for foot work and we're just going to start with the legs reaching over the foot bar and the body right at the very front edge of the, of the carrot. So taking the arms forward, lifting the arms up, opening the arms and opening the heart and taking a deep breath and then reach the arms forward and around the spine. Exhale as you roll back, pressing the legs down into the foot bar, bringing the body down. Take the arms around. Yep. Reach forward scooping up your energy. Roll up from around position at the top where the shoulders are over the pelvis.

Lift the spine, open the arms, lift the heart. Exhale, reach forward. Draw the navel to the spine and will roll back. Sending the legs out in front of us. Rolling back, rolling back, rolling back. Arms come up, arms reach around. They come forward. We deepen into the center of the body. Roll forward, shoulders over the pelvis. Inhale, lift the body, open the arms, lift the heart. Exhale around the spine and roll back.

Creating energy in the arms. That inward hug with the inner upper arms. Head down, arms open. Reach forward and roll up. Ah, ah, ah, at the top. Hollowing through the waist. Lift the right leg just off the bar. Roll down, not all the way this time just to the shoulder blade. Inhale, exhale. Bend the knee and curl the spine to the thigh. And inhale, push your way to come down. Exhale, bend the spine.

Bring the knee in towards the chest and push away to lower. Exhale, pull in. Inhale, push away. Exhale, pull in. Inhale, push away. One more time. Exhale, pull in. Inhale, push away. Take the leg down, take the body down, reach the arms out to the side. Feel the openness in the chest. Reach forward and roll.

The body hollowing through the waist at the tough. Float, the right leg and roll down and inhale. Exhale, curl to the fat that comes to the body. Inhale, push the Lego away. Excellent, cruel to the really hollowing out through the waist. Push away, and three more energy in the arms. Deep Curl, deep connection in the trunk.

One more time. Exhale, curl lower down. Legs go down, arms come out to the side, stretch the chest open. Reach forward, roll up and lift the body. Open the arms out to the side, lift the chest, push the arms forward, XLT around the spine and roll back. This time we lift the leg at the bottom. We're going to bend in, rotate, push away, and come down. Bend in, rotate. Put a shoe in. Come down three more times.

Exhale and exhale and down. One more. Exhale and down. Put the leg down. Don't go all the way down. Just come up and right back down. Exhaling as you go at the bottom, the opposite leg floods and we turn and lift and then push away. Turn left, and then push away. Three to go. Excellent twist. Feel that rotation happening around the trunk. Here's two. Oh wait, one more. Rotate reached. Yeah, let the leg come down. Rule up, lift the arms, lift the spine, take the arms behind you, push into the carriage with your arms, lifting your sternum up, and then coming around with the legs. Set the foot bar up.

Yeah. All right, so we've got our foot bar up when it come down onto our back. Advanced beginning, intermediate. No movement is, no workout is complete for me, for my body without a pelvic curl. So here we go. Rolling the hips up, feeling the hips lift up, getting the opposite energy from what we were just doing. India. And exhale, soften the throat. Drop the chest, feel the space between the ribs. Keep the arms long and straight. Roll all the way down.

Tailbone touches in here. Exhale, press down with the heels. Roll the body. Long arms, long spine in here and excess. And no matter how advanced we take our work towards the middle and the end of our session. It's always good in my mind to warm up the body with some basics and exhale to lift. Hips up high in here and exhale to lower down.

Feeling that head stretch away from the tail, feeling the arms reach out towards the foot bar. Last one. Inhale and XL to roll up and inhale and exhale to peel the bodied. Keeping the heels on the foot bar, flexing the feet. Press the carriage away and bring it back. Press away and bring it back. So as we work to warm the body up, just check in with all your pieces.

Shoulder blades are in the nice and flat back of the legs. Initiate that press. All minerals are connected to the movement. Breath is connected to the movement. Working towards being right here in this moment all the time and the last two and one more. Bend in, come back in onto the toes, pressing a feel the lift of the heels and then keep the heels still as you bend and reach as you're coming in. Try to feel that you're maintaining the length of the springs.

It's a different way to say resists the springs, but it's a nice way to think about it in my mind and when you go five out and pull back out and pull back out and put in two more last, come in, bring the heels together. Knee, shoulder distance apart. Add a wrap. Pull, pressing out and resist. Tail is heavy. Spine is long, eyes are soft and five foot for pool theory. Rapping through the back of the legs to bring the carriage in. One more time. Out and back. Take the heels to the outsides of the foot bar.

Generate a little addict or work a little inner sigh control. Press out and pull back. Stretch the legs and lengthen the spine to come in. Stretch the legs, getting that full extension feeling that you're lifting the quads or lifting the knee Katz up with the quads. As the knees are straightening, we do five and pull back for generating awareness, generating awareness around the center of the body. Last two I think. And then one more time out.

And then moving to the toes on the outside of the foot bar when in connection to all 10 toes, stretch the legs and resist and press out to pool, press, act and press at using the breath. Finding a breath. Doesn't matter what breath, but a breath for every moment. Checking in, going deep five and four and pull three, two and one. Hopefully you're getting a little bit warm by now. Bring the feet into the center, press out and he lower the heels. Feel the length out through the top of the head. Just pause for a moment there and then he heals up and pull under and lift all the way.

So can we find the connection of the heels all the way up the top of the leg where the back of the legs connects to the hips and we do five draw down four don't just drop but pull three. Don't just drop, but pull last two one more. And then prancing. We go down with one up with both alternating. And as we do this, moving from side to side in the body, we want to make sure that the pelvis is steady. Spine is steady or working through both feet, not just the one that's getting a stretch, but pushing into the foot bar. Lifting one heel high as the other heel draws down, and we'll do three more repetitions to each side. Here's one and two and two, three and pause. Give yourself a stretch.

Change sides. Give yourself a stretch. Okay, lift both. Bend in, take the feet out over the top of the bar, lift your arms, lift your head up, roll up all the way. Drop the knees over the foot bar. Pull with the arms and lift the spine and changing springs. Going down to one red. Turning around, taking the straps and placing them over the knees. [inaudible] kept pretty close to the shoulder blocks.

And then just measure your distance before you lift your leg. So that inflection, I can only just reach to touch the shoulder blocks from that place. Bring the hands behind the head, fully support the head with the hands. Draw indeed. Lift the seat and in, he'll take the legs out and pull that. So we use those deep hip flexor muscles to move the straps. The move, the carriage we use, our abdominal muscles are deep abdominal muscles to stabilize the trunk.

Last for an reach, Siri Anri Cha to enter each ja, pull and reach out at rotation. Turning the body as both knees. Pull in, lift up into it and ex center. Think of lifting higher as you're coming into the center. We're going to do three more to each side. Three trying to keep the pelvis stable. Two and two and last time and last time we got ready for this with our warmer. And then find your center. Lift both lanes and ball. Six pull and then yeah, don't worry.

If you feel your hip flexors, you should and down, but you should also be feeling your abdominals. Here's number two, our last time and then we're going to take the legs down. Reach the arms. Four roll up. Up, up. Oh, I was afraid I wasn't going to make it there, but I did. I hope you did. To take the straps off the knees, put them back, come around at a blue spring and lie down. Feed into this Straw.

Yeah, warming up the hips here, heels together, toes apart. We take his legs out and we bring them back. Feel if I'm still feeling the burn in my abdominals, I don't know about you, but if you are, let's tap into that here. It's a nice reminder and a wrap through the back of the legs. I don't know what you for. Lengthening the spine. Three heavy through the tail two and one and two circles down, around and back of the leg.

Press down around and together. Feel the connection to the back of the thighs. Feel the connection to the back of the size. Each time you press down and feel the connection to the front of the body as the legs come around and up, we'll do four more. Feels great to me.

Theory our island in up to all round up and last time press all round in up and then we take it in reverse. We open, take the legs together and open. Take the legs down and together and list down and together and lift. Still focusing on the breath. So bringing your awareness inwards, working deeper and deeper. So working beyond the choreography, feeling into the movement to had last time. Bring the heels together.

Press out, bring the legs up to vertical. As you exhale, press into the straps and lift the body. If the body open the legs, roll the spine down. There's a, there's a gentle pressure into the straps to hold the carriage still underneath us. Feel the spine come down right through the center of the Mat. Take the legs down and together and inhale, lift and exhale. Press into the strap. Set a roll up and that nice longs position open.

So the feeder reaching away. Light pressure into the straps as we peel the body down. Yeah. Well we'll check in with your shoulders, Meredith. I just busted myself with my shoulders and my shoulder blocks.

One more time here and roll up. Okay. Can't push too hard into the straps cause then the carriage will start moving away from us. Okay. Just the right amount. Take the legs down and together. I think we should do three short spawns because they're nice.

They feel good. So we can come this time all the way in. Yeah. Touch roll app. Then the niece, right. Articulate the spine down.

Opening up the space between the heels and the pelvis, allowing the FYS to drop down. Flex the feet, bring the legs through and stretch out. Pointing the feet as we fold the body in half. Touch the carriage to the stop or roll up. Bend the knees, roll down. Okay.

X and bring the lake through. Last time. Fold in half. Coming into touch. Articulate the body at stay supported. Stayed around in the spine. As you draw your knees down. That can be an exercise in and of itself. Who Roll the body down? Flex with the fee. Bring the leg through.

Take the feet out of the straps and into the hands. Yeah, start with the arms just above the shoulders, the legs out out on a 60 degree angle. We press the arms down, bring the legs up in. Oh, okay. Continue to press down with the arms as we rise up into the Jacqueline and then peel down. So see how the long spine could potentially prepare us to move into this work. Tailbone drops, legs reach away, arms lift up three times. Exhale, lift and oh, reach out.

Feel the connection, the commitment to the back of the legs and roll down. The arms are long and straight. Yeah, controlling the carriage arms come up, lakes come down and here's the last one. Left. Roll over and Ah, got it.

Yeah. And then peeling down, peeling down, peeling down, coming all the way at Ben Knees. Put the straps away. Take the hand handles where the straps live in your hands. Control balance. Similar. Inhale, exhale, reach up and over. Lengthen out through the spine. It's that length in the spine that allows us to find the vertical shape.

Take one leg into the well and one leg into the air and Oh, poor change, po Po. I'm feeling as though I'm trying to pull those pegs apart. Pug pegs apart. Lifting notice with the leg, but with the back extensors. Poor. Poor, yeah. One more time to each side, keeping the elbows wide and both legs. Whoa. Yeah, so there was a little instability there. Can see it in my body.

Nobody's perfect. I'm happy to be a reminder of that. Take the legs forward, reach the arms up, lift the roll up. Oh, the way you make that time and push. Lift the body, lift the body, take the head and turn it. Look over one shoulder center during, look over the other shoulder center.

Yeah. Okay. So let's take the feet off the foot bar. Go down just to red spring one red spring, but the hands on the foot bar. Take one foot out to the outside of the frame and then reach back and put the knee down on the reformer. Trying to Shimmy the Shin up as perpendicular as, as tuck tucked into that, um, shoulder rest as you can. And then just reach down, lifting the heart.

Think of biasing towards pressing the pelvis forward. I know this is simple, but sometimes simple is important too. And then let's come all the way up and switch sides. So getting the knee right up into that shoulder bar. Other foot's out on the floor. Press the knee away. Lifting the heart, lifting the chest. [inaudible] breathing. Returning to the moment, gathering up for what is to come.

Yeah. And then coming all the way back in. Step up onto the reformer. Bring the heels up and keeping that red spring. So heels halfway up the shoulder block, reached down. Look for a long line and then take the heels out and exhale.

Draw from deep with him to bring the carriage in and in here. [inaudible] deep with and to bring the carriage in and inhale back and exhale and inhale back and exhale. And then let's bring the body out. Long. Pull the carriage forward. Keep the carriage still at the stopper at reach up and back.

Press out, find your long stretch. Push through the heels, energize the legs. Come forward over the foot part. Touch and lift back up. Reach out, pull through. Okay. And Lyft, let's reverse it. Go Out, press the carriage away, lift this spine, bring your legs underneath you and then reach back out over the arms.

Keeping the reformer and out. If the hit, bring the carriage into touch. Keep the reformers still as you bring the body out over the arms last time out, lift the hips and bring the body out. And then let's lift the hips back up. Coming down onto flat fee. Tiny again, that nice flat position with the body. Take the left leg out to the side around and up behind you.

Externally rotating that hip, lift the leg up into the air. Both legs or arms are active. Articulate out and touch. And as the lay comes underneath you, we feel that we're trying to lift that straight like even higher and and back and lifting the straight leg last to att and back in one more time and back in. Take the hip, open it up.

Then the knee reach the heel out and around towards the hand on opposite side stretch. So like back up, bring it out to the side to place it down. Free extending, refining that long spine. Take the leg around and up externally, rotating the hip, get the nice height. Maybe my Arabic is not as impressive as some, but I assure you I am doing my best. So we energize. I like reach it up and out and lift up and push out. Draw in from the center of the body. One more time out.

Lift up, open the hip, lifting the leg, even her ope. Keep that carriage and try not to pull the bar towards you. Push it away from you cause you bring the leg around behind you. Okay? Bringing the light back up. Bring the leg through. Bend your knees, bring the heels up against the shoulder box.

Put a blue spring on, round back towards your heels. And inhale, taking the knee out. Resist and out and resist. And so keeping the trunk stable as he work that round spine. We'll do two more and one more. Stay here, stay low.

Lift the knees and we press out. Input in, out and round the back. Keep the knees low to the carriage. Keep the upper body stable. One more time app in. Bring the knees in. I'm taking my blue spring away. Bring the body forward over the foot bar for the down stretch. Reach down young gate. Reach out. Yeah.

How always when things are challenging, we just come back. We get deep. Be Checking, lifting up, lifting, lifting two more times and lifting up one more and all lifting up all the way in this time, coming up onto the fingertips, keeping the pelvis press forward. Take the arms off the foot bar, reach the arms, press the hips forward and dive backward. Take the arms around to the side, down to the size and come down. Take the foot bar down. Keep the same spring unless you're on a red and a blue, in which case we'll lose the blue. So I'm on a red spring.

Now turn around and to make sure there's a little space behind us. We've got diamonds in the ocean today. It's so beautiful. Arms reaching out in front in the ILT. Then the arms. Exhale, roll the body down. Bring your arms with you. Continue to reach out with your legs. Take the arms down and back from here. Keep the body where it is.

Pull the carriage with your arms. Then fold forward over your length, lifts the arms up, bring the arms around, keep the body reaching forwards as you bring the arms all the way to the start position. And then bend XL rounding down, reaching the legs away. Take the arms down, push the carriage. Now keep the carriage. So as you come forward to touch, reach up, reach around Scapula, slides down as the arms reach for roll. Bend your arms. Exhale, roll down. Inhale, reach out, pull back, float forward. Reach up and around the front and we'll just go one more time. I may have said that differently a minute ago. This is the present moment, so we're going to go with what I'm saying right now. Reach, press back, fold forward, lift up, bring the arms around and through. Sit the body. Yeah, arm is out front.

Bend the arms. Inhale, bring the arms down into the body. As you roll through your spine, take a pause and then articulate the spine up in Ford. Keep the Elvis tight. Sit Up owl, I mean by that is don't let them go wider than the shoulders and bend. Bring that 90 degree angle with you as you roll your spine down. Let's add five bicep curls, hero and reach the legs away. Two, three, four, five. Reach out, lift the arm. Find your extension.

Say up arms. Come forward and bend and roll back that five bicep curls deepening into the trunk. One, two, stretching along through the legs. Everything's involved. Last time. Benton 90 lifts the body. Reach the arms and sit up. Last time. Bend and roll. Back pose and float and pull. Three pull four and pull.

Five reach up. Sit Up. Take the arms in front of you. Pull one arm down. Let's go. Left arm down, right arm up. Lift and rotate and center right arm down, left arm up. Lift and rotate and center. Continue to alternate there. And Center.

Reach, rotate and center. Reach. Rotate. And we'll do three more total. Here's one and last time and come all the way through. Set the straps away. Turn it around. [inaudible] sitting right up against the shoulder blocks. Take the straps over your thumbs.

Take that arm so that the straps come just underneath the arms. Lifting the spine tall. Take the arms forward, rotate, lift the body up even taller as the arms reach around to the top. Rotate the palms forward to catch the straps and bend. Exhale forward, keeping the body long and stable. Rotate. Grow the spine and bend. Take the arms forward. Go down then up.

Okay. All around to the sides. Last two, Ben, reach forward. Go down, stabilizing the trunk. Lift up and around. Last time.

Bend forward and internal rotation. Spiny long gates. Open the arms wide. Bend the elbows. Exhale. Curl the body down. Bring the elbows right down next to you. Then stretch the back out. Lift the back up and open. Bend.

As you roll down, bring the arms down with you. Reach the spine long. Hit that long straight back. Sit Up and reach around and bend and roll down. Reach out. Lift up and around.

Did I say last one? I didn't mean it. This is the last one. And her each. Yeah, Eh, lift that. All right. Set the straps away. Put the foot bar back up. Come on. Sit on the foot bar. I'm still on the one red spring.

Gonna bring the arms just to the sides of the pelvis. Wrapping the hands around the foot bar. Take the legs out straight and holding. Here we bend the arms and straighten Ben arms. Strange. Trying to keep the carriage as still as you can. Last too. Yeah.

One more. This time Ben. The arms art. Typically the sprint. Lift the hips up. Keep the hips lifting high as you roll the spine back. Lifting up out of the shoulders, roll the body down and articulate. Forward. Hips up high. Push the carriage away even as you're pulling it in.

Push it away all the time. And back. One more time. Bend. Yeah. Roll up dominoes in po the kerogen. Straighten the spine. Step in and sit down. Catch your breath. I let allow me to catch my breath. Okay.

Ready for the tendon stretch that's happening. So we come to the edge of the reformer on her toes. So falls of the fee. Wrapping the hands around the foot bar. Drop the head down, round the spine. Keep the carriage. So as you lift up and drop the heels down towards the springs, push into the bar with your arms. You need that backward pressure.

Heels draw down. Take the carriage away. Oh, the carriage back in. It's almost like a somersault. And take the carriage, a weight in here. Pull back in, coming all the way in and two more times. Press pull back in. [inaudible] who back in like I know the way to the end. Get a box. All right, so we've got our box. We're going to put the box on short box.

Thanks. Take the foot bar down, load up the springs are going into side overs. You're welcome. I know everyone's thrilled about that. I certainly am. If you know me at all, you know that I love these kids. So we're going to take the foot underneath the strap and I have a special special surprise today we're going to take one I'm at. We're going to interlock the hands and then take that shape down in here and reach out. Feel the energy going in the direction of your very straight arms.

And in inhale and exhale, pausing at the top, last too and up. One more time over separate the arms and take the one arm all the way down. The opposite arm reaches over. We push the strap away with the foot. I'm just pausing for a moment because we all deserve that stretch. I don't, I don't, I don't, I know that ideal anyway. I was gonna say, I don't care who you are, but I do care who you are. I think we all deserve the stretch no matter who you are. So we're, I'm rotating now down and breathing and then I'm going to come back around and let the pelvis rotate open. Okay.

Continue that. Push away energy with the foot. Good. And then come back, take the opposite arm across to the other side of the frame and lay the body out long. Okay. And then help yourself up. Okay.

Change sides. [inaudible] so he have one arm down to begin. The other arm reaches overhead. We make a laser beam with our body and then arc over the box and reach out, arch over the box and reach in the direction of your arms and arc over the box and lift up twice more in here and x last time. Keep that leg reaching away. Inhale and exhale, separate the arms, reach all the way over.

Taking that top arm overhead, pushing out through the heel and the opposite direction. Maybe a small, small quarter. Turn with the chest, reaching it down towards the floor, eh. And then allowing the pelvis now to open to roll back top. Tell this is rolling back behind the lower pelvis. Okay.

And then we're going to come around and we're going to reach forward rotating the body and between the two sides of the frame and stretching forward. Yeah. Helping ourselves that [inaudible] turning the box long ways and I bring the foot bar at and just, I'm, I'm uh, re springing my reform. I've now have one red spring on the reformer foot bar goes up. We're going to lie on the bottom.

Okay. So placing the hands is to the outside of the bar. Keeping the thumbs with the fingers. Just gonna energize through the body. As the arms press, we're lifting the body up and then bending the body down. This is not an advanced, you say, oh, that's all right.

Yeah. And bending down and reaching out and bending down. One more time like that. Reaching out and now here in the lift the legs and lower the body. Lower the body and lift the spine. Push out, lift the legs up. This, this spine push. Lift the body. Yap. Pulling out over the foot bar. One more. Push shot, lift up, push back down. Then the arms and a stretch the arms.

And now this time as we lift the body, we bend the knees, reaching the back of the head towards tips of the, and then stretch back out. And then the knees lifting the back. In my imagination, I can touch my toes to the back of my head. Believe you me. I know that I'm well away from that, but that's what I'm trying for. Let's do two more. Ben. Lifting the fires off the box, reaching around, touch the back of the head and down, eh?

Yeah. Oh, the way down. Bend the arms. Hulda likes to just hang for a moment. And then while you're down there, you're looking at the springs that I just put a blue spring instead of a red spring on. Help yourself up off of the box. Come around to the front of the reformer. Ta reach over to, I put the hands on the box and then we're going to dive in. If you're letting the back reach out long in here, right.

And then press the box away as you ripple through your spine. Stretch the back. Well, any of them dive down. Okay, so it's not so much about pushing with the arms as it is about just allowing the arms to come with the spine. So the spine moves the carriage rather than anything happens. I mean, you feel your arms, maybe you might feel your shoulder stabilizers that, oh, all good. All good things. But we want to just let the arms come with the spine holding at the bottom, spreading out through the hips and bend the elbows.

Scapula draws down, downloads, lift up off that bar and then press. And one more time. Pull the boxing. Press the blocks away. Roll up all the way. Lift the body up. Hello, my name was just a floater. Feel the lightness in your body. Open arms out to the side. 15 the chest, opening the heart. Breathing into the moment.

[inaudible] close your eyes and just feel the energy as it moves through your body and take that with you for the rest of your day.


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Great class! Thank you Meridith! Always enjoying your classes!
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Great class good flow.. Thank you
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Great class Meredith. A nice start to my day!
Thanks y'all!
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happy surprise in our inboxes today that Meredith had a new reformer session. thank you for a lovely class.
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What an awesome workout! Thanks Meredith!!
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Such a lovely surprise to find a NEW Meredith Rogers reformer session today!! Came home from work to do this and I was not disappointed (I never am from you, Meredith). Thank you!
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It is really energetic:)
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Lovely class, great flow!
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Very energetic! I too loved the flow of the class. Thank you:)
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