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Connecting to the Mat

40 min - Class


You will find a connection to your Mat in this workout by Lesley Logan. She encourages you to draw from your imagination to use the feeling you get when you are working on the Reformer to help you deepen the work in your mind and body. Whether you only use the Mat or you usually try to avoid it, this class will help you find the parallels in each movement.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm Leslie Logan. We are here for eight awesome Matt workout. And here's the thing about the mat workout. I think some of us only map it out and others try to avoid the mat as much...


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Challenging class, probably not ideal for me because I don't have much experience on the reformer or other instruments and therefore it was a bit too much talking about these for me.
Katia Hi Katia, Thank you so much for taking my class! I'm glad it was still challenging for you. I can totally understand where you are coming from. For this class and my next Reformer class, I was hoping to connect exercises from other parts of Pilates to each other. However, my other mat classes (2830 & 3158)are just solely talking about the mat. xx~LL
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loved the flow! classic advanced Pilates, a real mat class even without taking about the reformer all the time....
with some changes i can use it to teach my classes. thanks!
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Lesley, I loved how you integrated the reformer work directly into the mat flow as they are both reinforcing the other! I like how different angles can be achieved by mixing up the mat work with different apparatus. Good job!
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It's amazing how just thinking about how your hands or feet are positioned on the reformer engages muscles you ordinarily don't think about when doing this same work on the mat. Thanks for a great class and a challenge to find new movement!
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Aahhh : the two way stretch....
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Wow Lesley Logan I loved the class and your cueing was perfect! It is awesome when you actually imagine and "feel" the bar and the straps in your hands or feet how that makes you engage and connect your body in a totally different way! That is why the whole Method is as simple as that: a mind/body conection. It was really helpful! I am SO glad to see máster Saul Choza doing the class! He is extraordinary, same as you! Saludos desde Costa Rica!
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Merav thank you so much!! I hope your classes love what you took from this. And, if you're up for it my new Reformer class takes the ideas of the mat through our Reformer exercises. xx~LL
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Traci yay!! I am so happy you enjoyed it! And, I agree, it's so nice to think about the different angles and how they help us and challenge us! xx~LL
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Kandie so true! I love just playing a little bit to find new ways of connecting! I am so happy you do too. Thank you for taking my class xx~LL
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