Class #3479

Anti-Gravity Mat

45 min - Class


See how you can use what you learn in Pilates to fight gravity in this Mat workout with Monica Wilson. She focuses on lifting the arches, inner thighs, and powerhouse so you can find a strong connection to everything in your body. Working with this mindset will put you in the correct alignment so you are ready for the rest of your day.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Magic Circle


Hi and thank you for joining me for this mat class. I call this class an anti gravity class. Many times I teach my clients and they're wondering how do they take what they do in class along with them ...


Love this class Monica! The fact that you got a great white shark to jump out of the water at the 35:48 minute marker makes it all the more special! Thank you!
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Beautiful work Monica. I really enjoyed this. Your cuing forced me to go really deep! Thank you for a very enjoyable class!
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That was wonderful. Helped with practicing being very deliberate and mindful about my movements. Really had to concentrate to pull everything in. Felt like i worked my mind and my whole body. Thank you Monica!
Towards the end my left leg was burning and I also have sciatica nerve pain down to my second toe due to the disc problem....but i am not complaining: I enjoyed the class a lot...good workout...thank you Monica
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After this class, I fell tall, strong and confident with my posture and I walk as if the world would belong to me ! Thank you, Monica !
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That was awesome Monica! I really love your queue about lifting the pelvis in and up. Help me to remember to do that. I know I will be walking taller today. This is going into my favorites. PS,,,love your pants! where are they from?
I loved it šŸ’–
Thank you Monica, I love anything with alignment and strength.

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