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Anti-Gravity Mat

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See how you can use what you learn in Pilates to fight gravity in this Mat workout with Monica Wilson. She focuses on lifting the arches, inner thighs, and powerhouse so you can find a strong connection to everything in your body. Working with this mindset will put you in the correct alignment so you are ready for the rest of your day.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Magic Circle

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Hi and thank you for joining me for this mat class. I call this class an anti gravity class. Many times I teach my clients and they're wondering how do they take what they do in class along with them for the rest of the day. So we're gonna touch a little bit on that, but we are approaching summer and I always like to think about how we want to use everything we have in place to fight gravity. So we have our lifted arches. Inner thighs are powerhouses lifted up.

It's just a really great way to think about your mat work. So we're gonna use tools to give us feedback. So we're gonna use our magic circle. If you don't have a magic circle, you can grab a ball just a little bit deflated so that you can push on it, even if it's not deflated, if that's all you have, that's great soccer ball, whatever you have, don't let it stop you if you don't have something. And also a pair of two pound weights. We're going to do a lot of standing work after our mat work and a little bit before, a little bit of standing work with the magic circle and then arm weights as well after our mat work. And if you don't have two pound weights, then use maybe two soup cans or something like that from your pantry.

But you don't want anything really higher or heavier than two pound weights. So let's get started. We're going to do some standing foot work, meaning you're taking the roof footwork from the reformer and you're going to put it, um, right here. So it's as if we've lied down on our reformer carriage in a Pilati stance. Okay, so we're gonna, this is the way you want to start an end your session, and we're going to learn how to fight gravity here, right? So our feet are in Pilati stance. The weight is on the ball of our foot, and we're going to lift up our arch, which is going to lift up all our front line of our body.

It's going to connect to our inner thighs and you're going to lift those. It's going to connect to your pelvic floor and your lower belly right here, which is gonna connect to your powerhouse. And it's going to slide all the way up, increasing the distance between the top of your hip bones or your pelvis and your rib cage. Instead of all your way being heavy and bearing on your hips, you're going to be able to lift up out of your waist. If your upper back falls into your lower back, which is so common, you want to use that powerhouse to lift your sternum or chest bone forward and up.

And all of these things create such a more beautiful line in your body and gives you so much more confidence. So try it. We're going to re focus on this shape throughout our mat today. So I'm gonna hold it up at shoulder height. I'm just going to gently press with my arms and I'm going to rise up onto the ball of my foot, which is a little hard on this cushiony Mat, but I'm gonna really lift my inner thighs, lift my pelvic floor, lift everything, hold my heels up while I bend my knees. But I'm still sliding up a wall, even though my, I'm going down my energies, fighting gravity and going, I'm going to press through my heels. And again, I'm going to slide up an imaginary wall, lifting my arches, lifting my inner thighs, pelvic floor, powerhouse, everything up. And again, rising up easily.

The heels stay together and you're gonna bend the knees as you keep your energy lifted and lifted and lifted, and you're going to roll through the foot down to the heel and then lift everything. Your stomach should be really scooped in an up. And we'll do one more. And we're going to draw up our front line all the way out the crown of our head, right? And we're going to bend the knees, keeping our energy up, and we're going to roll through the foot and we're gonna rise up, lifting up, sliding up and imaginary wall. And we're going to reverse it for three. So we're going to keep our energy up and lengthen that tailbone down.

It's not sticking out behind you. Roll up onto the ball of your foot. Now really push the ball every toe to lift the arch. To lift that inner thigh. Everything's up and coming down. You should have already be super slim, tiny waistline. Again, bending the knees with the heels down, then rolling up onto that foot, and now you're going to push the ball of every toe and your heels are glued and you're lifting your inner thighs to your pelvic floor, to your powerhouse and head and coming down. That's a lot. One more at bending the knees. The knees need to follow the line of your toes and then you're going to roll up evenly and pushed into the ball of the foot.

Draw those inner thighs up, powerhouse up, up, up, up, and control. Like you're going down on an egg shell and you're so lifted that you can cross a foot and lower yourself down and pulling up in that powerhouse. Easy does it, and then you're down. Now we're going to lift ourselves back. Keep looking at that shape. So let's start with a hundred. Bend the knees, please. Circle between your ankles and your arms are long by your side. So remember we had the whole front line lifting, so you're going to inhale and exhale.

Drawing the belly in and up to lift up your head. Arms are ready, but now as the legs extend, squeeze a circle and feel that whole lift through your body and it's inhale two, three, four, five. Excellent. Nine more. So you're looking at the arches and the feet are not flexed. They're pulling the arches towards you. Your inner thighs are pulling towards you. Your pelvic floor is, you're just drawing everything up so that your arms can pump freely as quickly or as slow as you want. Your neck doesn't feel any tension and inhale and exhale. That's 60 your lower back's really anchored.

Okay, that's 90 [inaudible] and Bendin. Let's go ahead and sit up and we're going to put it between our inner thighs and we're doing this to really squeeze the inner thighs, that lower belly, and we're going to pull that front line with us or waste lengthens as we go down and we're going to inhale, lift the head, draw everything in and up, and that's what brings us forward so easily and again, press draw those inner thighs, pelvic floor fighting gravity, right? Pulling against something that's giving us feedback in with the air. And exhale, it's called close chain. One more press drawing. Everything.

Everything's lengthening away and in with the air and same thing. And now we're gonna slide your leg straight and reach your arms. And we're going to now visually get that arch. So here we go. Press a circle, draw those arches towards you, those inner thighs, the pelvic floor, the lower belly, and then you're going to stretch back. And now it's as if we're standing and our arms are up above us.

So do the same thing. Arms lift, press a circle, lift the head to look and pull that front line towards you so that you can scoop it and pull it back. Arches inner thighs, Eh, stretch it back. Three more arms head Oh, all those muscles towards you. We don't want any muscles sagging during summer, so it all pulls up away from the floor right tomorrow. Stretching and get some arm work here. Low arm work today. And one more time. [inaudible] make sure you're exhaling and inhale to start pulling those inner ties.

And right. We're going to put our circle down by our side for the single leg circles. Hug your right knee and straighten that right leg up. Either stretch behind your calf or behind your thighs, fine legs, a little bit turned out. We're going to start with that link, so we're going to press your arms down. Reach that right leg up, sly that left leg long and anchor. We're going to reach that right leg down. And guess what? Right here.

Every time is your goal to get that inner thigh or start with the the inner thigh. Pelvic floor is scoop into the mat and up here. All right, so you're always trying to reach out like that. So pull it up with your belly and let's do five and cross. There's that shape cross and it's again, it's like you're standing on one leg one more time and we're gonna reverse open around, up, open, around, up reaching. Keep thinking about pulling up to one more and hugging that knee and we're going to slide this one straight. Engage in the back of the thigh and see and stretching this left leg.

Same thing. Press those arms down. Stretch that right leg, reach that left, reach a down seem thing here. Do you have that lift in the arch and the inner thigh on your whole body? Pull it up with the powerhouse and five circles. Cross around him. Cross around him three and crust or open up last one and reverse. Gain that line every time.

That same shape and two and one more and hug it in. We're just going to do rolling like a ball to have some foam with rolling. So we're going to inhale, lift the head up and exhale. Roll up and lift your bottom forward to get into position balancing. And let's do six rolling [inaudible] and in with your back and him.

See if you cannot feel your bottom collapsed on your body when you're back there though. Your Power House lifted up over your shoulders to be safe on your neck as well as by gravity, right, so and exhaling and two more. Three more. Let's do three and to lifting it up. One last one. And we're going to rest your feet down and put your hands behind you and lift your bottom back. We're going to get ready for series of five. All right, just a little Justin.

So draw that in that whole line. It's almost like the rollback as you get into position, and that right knee just floats towards you and right here, take a moment. Do you feel the lift of the inner thigh, that um, and that arch, the pelvic floor and switch. How about now? Do you feel that whole links and now to tempo, right? Left, right, pulling up, pulling up, pulling in, up, up. Two more. Last one. All right, grab your circle.

Let's visit this with some feedback or your ball. Whatever you have. We're going to take a breath and exhale. Lift up your head and shoulders. Now this time, keep your hands where they are and your head up and just slide your legs forward. They slide, they slide. It's like you're standing. You should have that lift through your body and pull it in and squeeze it forward too. You engage those inner thighs, all that feedback, and now we're going to go out and we're going to hold while we reach in the opposite direction and pulled together. Now four more to tempo.

Exhale all the way out, all the way in, all the way, all the way in the way. One more, and rest your head while you put your circle down. Good job. I bet those are not easy. We're going to do single straight leg coming on up and then right leg up, left, lay down again. I want to see you. I want you to call this leg here and then pull up the left and switch. So really reach out that right leg.

Feel that same connection, pull up the right and switch so you're not letting go. Feel that connection and pull it up with your powerhouse. One more, and now let's let him fly flat flat cause you're reaching and pulling up against gravity as if you're standing. Stretch, stretch, one more. Set, stretch, stretch, and rest the head. Excellent job. Let's put it between our ankles and we're going to do the double version of that. Hands behind your head. Take a big breath. Exhale, press your circle and dry your pelvic floor and lower belly in and up to rock up your head and shoulders. Legs go up. But same thing.

Get that feedback. Take them as long and low hold. Can you feel that feedback? Pull it up. It's just like you're standing hold. Pull it up and reach and pull it up. Reverse it, go down.

You'll squeeze it up down and squeeze it up. One more long. Squeeze it up. Good job. Bend the knees down and we're going to take the circle away. You can do it with Chris Cross, but we're working on that line. So I want you to take a breath and dry everything up.

And now stretch just your left leg. All right, so we're pulling that left arch, inner thigh powerhouse, and that's what helps us lift and twist. Now though, right? Let's stretch that. All of that is lifting and that's what helps us to tempo two more sets and twist further, further, further, and twist further, further, further, and pulling in in and pulling it in, in and hugging your knees. And we're going to go ahead and sit up for spine stretch forward. Grab your circle on the way up. Here we go.

Always pretend like you can grab onto your ankles when you're sitting up. Place your ankle, your heels on the sides. And this is one of my favorite feelings. You're going to put this circle just about an arm's distance away from you and you're make sure your shoulders don't have to reach, but you're going to stack your spine up, right, one bone on top of the other, and then one heel of the hand on the pad with the other heel. The hand toes are pointing up.

I love how I really can feel my powerhouse lifting in and up when I do this. So it's not in our mex or size. You're gonna take a big breath and as you exhale you're going to draw those arches, inner thighs, pelvic floor, and you're going to try to pull up into your ribs as you exhale, expanding your lungs. So the more you push down, the more you lift, lift, lift, and release. Two more. Take a big breath and exhale, drawing everything up, up, up, up, up, and switch hands. Left hand is on top right, one on top of your left and pull those arches inner thighs and feel that scoop. And we're lifting up against that, pressing down and coming up.

And one more big breath and pressing down. And we're lifting up against that, pressing down to three and keep that in mind for when we do [inaudible]. All right, we're going to do open like rocker. We're gonna use a circle for some feedback again, but just have a little bit of fun with it. So place it between so it keeps your, um, your, your body, knowing where it's at.

So we're going to pull those arches towards us and those inner thighs and it's just going to draw us back and exhale up and rock with the inhale. Exhale, expanding those lungs and everything's drawing towards you and exhale and three more. And try to use that feedback. It's hard to talk and rock, but I want you to use all of this to now keep coming forward forward. Not with your lower back, but with your upper body where your powerhouse lifts up your sternum, your ribs away from your hips. And let's do one more like that. Rounding. I'm coming all the way up so that you're almost on to your sit bones.

Squeeze and roll down. You're ready for corkscrew. We're going to pause when we go down. Squeeze, pulling all of that feedback. Go to the right circle. Pause. How are we looking? Are we school? Keep going to the left and center. Reverse. One more. Pass feedback. Inner thighs comments center.

Now we'll circle through it. Press your arms down, draw everything in and up. And Circle who left and rivers. Okay. And one more set and left. Feels good. Alright, we're going to put it down, but come up with it.

So taking it out of the legs, this is saw. So we'll slide back a little bit and we're gonna put a heel on each block and we're going to take it in your left hand and extend it out. And we're going to draw all of that feedback. It's how you're going to walk away, right? It's how you're gonna drive your car and be at your office desk. Okay?

And we're going to twist to the right and we're going to place it down right next to our right leg. And as we go forward, we're going to lift, lift, lift, leave the circle there so you can switch your hands, twist, lifting everything, place it down. And as you press down again, you're thinking about lifting, lifting, lifting, leave it there so you can grab it in your left hand and twist and placing it. And lifting. We often collapse on our thigh here, ups leave it there so you can transition. And this is all about keeping that lift from the gravity, right? So we're going to pull up that of our waist, pull up under our ribs and leaving it there for one more set.

We're going to twist and placing it down and lifting as we press lift, lift, lift, leaving it there. Last one. And placing it down. And press press lift. Lift. All right, we're gonna put it down by our side. We'll revisit it for single leg kick.

Let's go ahead and flip over for the neck roll. So now we're going to take that shape and put it on our belling and to talk a little bit with my head up so I don't talk right into the headphone, but the feet, you should already feel that lift in the arch. You're squeezing your bottom into the mat so you're feeling your lift of your inner thighs and pelvic floor and your belly can almost be a tunnel off the mat. It's going to lift your sternum forward. Hands are right under the shoulders, and we're going to pull up that front line so that it gives us a beautiful back bent to the right around left and look forward, left around right. And now keep pulling your arches towards you. Keep pulling your inner thighs, pelvic floor, powerhouse everything out again.

[inaudible] so we're really doing a back extension by extending that front line of our body. Reverse [inaudible] and lengthening dad. Great. Grab your circle, place it in the heels of your hands. That way you can push your arms down. Squeeze. And guess what? Draw that line and watch your bodies transform as you hold up against pressing either a ball or the circle. Lifting the legs add right to left to right, to left to chest is up to, we used to say we could watch a movie on your chest. It's that open.

It's like a screen. One more set and left handouts. Enough. Let's put the circle between your ankles. All right, and place your hands behind your head. Still getting that feedback. We're gonna have our arches lift pelvic floor from those inner thighs that are squeezing. We're going to lift the legs up. We're going to pull them in.

We're going to keep them up while we squeeze her inner thighs long and we're going to lower it down and we're gonna lift two, three. We're going to do it on the other side. [inaudible] and lift two, three. And here you go. Press those inner thighs, lift them long, pull them in, extend keeping that feedback. Use your powerhouse to lift. And one more time [inaudible] and using that long line. Okay, enough of the circle for a second. Just a second.

And you're going to pull up in that powerhouse and stretch. You can also flex the toes. You can also grab your feet. Just don't collapse your belly onto your thighs. Let's go ahead and flip over and see what it does for our neck bowl.

These are all exercises I'm sure you've done, but we're doing them with a different mindset, how you can take this with you for the rest of the day. So I want you to put your hands behind your head. Press with those inside of the foot and pulling up the arch in the power house. Take a breath and exhale down. I'm going to pull that line, pull it, pull it, and that's what pulls my, and here we go. Exhaling forward in with here and pulling that line.

Four more. In what year? Arches inner thighs. You get the picture. [inaudible] inhaling. So really lengthening that waist, right? One more [inaudible] oh man. Really pull the arch by pressing. Pull it as I pull the pelvic floor and good control.

Bend the knees. We're gonna roll to our right side and we're going to place a circle between your ankles. And we're going to get some really good side work here and Legwork, which is gonna teach us what to do in our standing. Let with leg legwork. All right? A lot of times we think so much about how much we squeeze and how much beautiful leg definition we're going to get that we forget to do all of the lifting.

So you really don't want to feel like your side is on your mat. So right here, think about the arches, those inner thighs and pelvic floor. And I want you to think about a tiny waist. I want you to pull your waist. I want you to tighten your obliques here, and I want you to draw everything out the crown of your head. Your hand should not be a headdress. It should be like neck pole.

It should be here. So with that in mind, pulling in and up, press and hold. Two, three, four, five. You know what to do. Let's do 10 pulses. One, two, three, four, five, six, lift, seven, eight, nine, hold and release. Let's rock it back a little and we're going to put the bottom foot inside and we're going to slip the top outside. And we're going to do the same thing. Reaching out, scooping it stretched two, three, four, five. And now you know what to do. Let's stretch. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, lift more. Nine, 10. Alright. Put It on the outside. Tilt it back.

So we're also playing around with the vigor, with the tempo here. Hand behind the head. Who? Boy, we're going to draw those inner thighs or start with the arches. Pull it in. Everything up to the ground of our head. Squeeze a circle and we're going to pull it up to the re and down. Good. And now we're going to drive everything up.

Squeeze a circle with that and lift two, three, and down. One more. Pull in that waste whole in squeezing those inner thighs. It's giving you feedback. If you're doing this with the ball, it's a little tap. Hold it up. Roll to your belly. Small pillow for your forehead in 20 beats, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten one two. Keep getting that feedback.

Fighting gravity out the crown of your head, other side. Okay, so now you're on your left side and the same thing. You're getting that feedback. Watch the top foot. Are you sick? Lean? Are you willing in the knee? You know all of this is gonna. Either Rick have it or it's gonna. You're going to really get into a lot of strengths.

So pay attention how much your foot is working. All right, this is my strong your leg, so I'm noticing that my trying to cheat a lot with that. So relax that foot. Draw that arch, draw the inner thigh. Said you're going to work that hip and let's get that hand behind you again, tiny waist and you're going to press and hold two, three, four, five release and now work at for ten one two taller for like you're standing. Seven, eight, nine, 10 and release rocket back a little. Slip your bottom foot in and the top one in as well.

Both are turned out hand behind the head. Pull it out. Two, three, four, five release. And now 10 outer thighs. Here we go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Power House lifts nine 10 and release. Okay, bottom foot go. I mean top foot goes on. The outside rocks your magic circle back, bottom leg slips inside and comes forward. Here we go.

Hand behind the head again, top foot, not working. Instead it's lifting towards you. Everything squeezes. Draw that tiny waist and that's going to float up to three, four, five and down and everything. Squeezing and drawing up that front line and you lift effortlessly. C on bench. Better connection. I had that time and down.

I hope you're able to regroup too and squeezing and drawing everything in and that and your effortlessly lift higher, higher and deeper. Nice job, Ben. The Nice slip, the circle behind you. Whoops. And lie onto your back. We're going to bend the knees into your chest and then we're going to do some teaser and seal. We're ready for our standing work, so always super important placing it. We're going to do teaser one and two. What does that mean? So we're gonna pull your belly in reach. Let's start with the legs. Actually press your arms down by your side and you're gonna reach your legs.

Cause this is the shape, right? So you're trying to gain those inner thighs, the arches, the pelvic floor, drawing it in and up, maybe even a little lower. And that way you can effortlessly float up and then go down pulling that line with you two more. When you're in the right alignment, everything falls into place. Last one. And so you can challenge that with your teaser too and everything down. And we're going to hug the knees in and we're gonna roll up and we're gonna do our seal.

Make sure you're still centered in the mat and we're going to do six seals. Remembering that it's a massage. See if you can not let your inner thighs be Jello here. You should have taught inner thighs and they clap your feet together. So tight inner thigh, clap two, three, drawing and everything in an up to three and same thing. Sorry, I forgot to tell you to clap back there. Inner thigh, two, three.

[inaudible] yeah, one, two, three in with the year. Exhaling. One, two, three. In with here. Two, three exhale. Let's do one, one stand up, two, three, letting go. Use everything to lift. Lift again. So easy when you think about it the whole time. So now we're going to grab our circle for some standing work. All right? So let's stand in a wide shoulder with apart.

But as if we were in Palladia stance and we're gonna put this circle between our inner thighs, okay? And we're gonna think about drawing up. So when I say drop your arches, that really makes you want to make sure your ball of your big toe doesn't pull up to that ball of every foot, just like you didn't. Your standing foot work stays down, but the arch wants to have a little gray binder. It doesn't want to collapse, okay? And we're going to draw all of that up. Become nice and slim and trim with a tiny waist ready for summer, right? So everything's in and out and your arms can lift.

If you have a hard time with balance, go ahead and find yourself something to hold on. Maybe a wall right now just to put your hand on the wall, but we're going to draw everything up and if you can keep that, we're going to balance on, take our way over to our left foot. So slowly getting off of our right foot and our left one will be right under like a plum line. And we're gonna pull everything in to Lyft, right? Isn't that our theme? We're going to hold two, three, four, five and release. But now let's play and do a little vigor here with 10 pulses. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Let's switch legs. All right, I think I'm going to be thinking about y'all later tomorrow. Tonight when my legs are burning. So here we go.

We're going to do pulling up the arch in the front line and pull it in and squeeze [inaudible] two, three, four, five release. Now let's take it to tempo and one, two, three, four, five. You can do this. You have all the confidence to walk into any room. Nine, 10. Brilliant. Let's put that foot down. We're going to rock your right one forward so that the pads are one in front of the other. Okay. And I want you to do the same thing, drawing everything in and up and we're going to slowly take our weight off that front leg and we're gonna pull it towards us. Pull two, growing taller, not like errr and release. And now we're going to do a 10 pulse and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and release.

And now you can rock forward on that leg and it's the back one that's going to come up. And then we'll do the same thing with the other. Like here we go. Make sure you're have your balance. And the magic circle position could kind of throw you off too. Lifting that whole front line, lifting your pelvis and pull it in. Two, three, four, five and release. Let's do a pump. One, two, three, lift five, six, seven, eight. Innercise. Lifting to hold and release. Woo. Rocket back.

We're going to open up, right? And I lift this one up a little bit. I'm going to shift bringing my left foot in front. Making sure that that's right in the center. Go ahead and it's a little closer to my heel. There we go. All right, drawing everything up slowly lifting up that front leg and here we go.

Pull in again, not like gripping, but all about length and ease. 10 pulse. Here we go. What? Lift higher. Three four. Lift us up. Five, six, seven, eight, nine. Hold and rock forward on that front foot and we'll take the back foot slowly up front. Foot is turned out for better balance. Lifting up as is sometimes where you really feel whether your hipbones are pointing down or whether you have a good lift in it. Alright, back click and here we go. Pull it in as if you're dragging it towards you. Three, four, five release. And now a 10 pulse. One, two. I'm trying to find balance. Five, six, seven, eight, nine. Hold and release.

And we're going to bring that foot to the side. Whew. We're done with our leg. Grab your circle and now we're going to get a taste of our arms because we're going to do some sides. I want you to put it not on your hip bone or your waist, put just on the side of your hip and your arm's going to be long. And a lot of times we do side work and what happens is as we push over, so you're going to work equally this side to not get pushed over with these. Okay? So we're going to draw up that equal Poli stance. Everything's in and up, and we can either have this arm here or on your hip.

Let's just go ahead and have it on your hip, shoulders, mind, light to roll forward. So I'm gonna really work on that. Pulling in, bending the elbows backwards and hold to lifting more. Four, five, release. Let's do a 10 pulse. Here we go. One, two, lift, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, hold another side. We're going to put it right here. So remember, don't push over. Be Very aware that you're keeping your box nice and square. Lifting up everything from the front line. And here we go. We're going to pull in, lifting more, find those inner thighs, find that pelvic floor release. And now 10 pulse, one two three Oh hand five six seven eight nine hold as you lift, lift, lift, lift, and release. Okay, we're going to hold it now just in front of us at shoulder height.

And I'm going to give you a little side view on this one so that you can see how much I am leaning my weight forward onto the ball of my foot. Get that equal turnout here. All right, but I'm lifting up just like we did on standing foot work. And here we go. Squeeze. Two, three, four, five release. And let's do a temples. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and release down at a 45 pull it in. Squeeze two as we lift through the crown of our head. Release and temples. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven lifting, eight, nine, 10 release. And last one, fight. Gravity. Here we go. Nothing's given into gravity.

Lifting and pulling in. And one to hold. Three, four, five, really stand. 10 Poles to lift for five high are seven eight, nine hold and release. And we're going to put it behind us. So we're going to hold it right here, working our triceps, and we're going to pull in, get our body alignment, lifting everything. Squeeze two, three, four, five and now a 10 pulse. Here we go. One, two, three. Lift that Parris. Five more.

Six lift, seven a nine. Hold and release. All right, so now we're going to do an eight count pump up to the ceiling and eight count down. When you hit four you should be dead ahead. When you hit eight you should be straight up. The challenge is going to be to introduce what we're doing with the arm weights and that is Relevate or lifting on to the ball of your foot. Easy as can be if you've been working on your front line and fighting gravity.

So here we go. We're going to pump. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, easing your way down the six, seven and three more. One, two, lift three, lift that Paris by all the way to the ceiling and deck two like you're on an eggshell. Don't just collapse two more times. Work those arms, lift those inner thighs, lift that palace. And Dad? Two three four five six seven eight again, lifting three four five six seven eight dash two three four five six seven and eight. All right, let's grab your cans or two pound weights or whatever you have. So I have two pound weights and we're gonna Start with our 90 degree curl. Okay, so I'm going to give you the side view again, heels together. So the first few exercises we're going to do with flat feet or our weight more on the ball of the foot. Then on the heel.

And then the last ones we're going to do in Relevate. So drawing that front line up, our arms lift at shoulder height and we pull in as if we have legs, springs attach to the opposite wall, resist them. Four more arm weights. Standing work. It's all about posture, it's all about balance. It's all about fighting gravity. I would love one more to see you walk around for the rest of the day like this. Hold the arms out, bring them just to the corners and you can see them out of peripheral vision and pull them in. Legs.

Springs are now attached to the walls to the side of you. So you're really imagining that and working your arms, lifting up the crown of your head, no tension in your neck. Right. And resisting. One more and resisting. Bring them down. We're going to do the zipper. So we have a sweatshirt on. Nice Hoodie and we're going to zip it up.

But this time we're going to lift our heels. So we're lifting up. Here we go, lifting as our elbows, not our shoulders. Lift, high hold. How's that line? And push down with great energy as you grow taller and four more and pushing. Here we got three. I'm really talking to all my little muscle groups and pushing down and to rising up and pushing. Yeah. And one more. Okay. On this one, hold. How has that line keep your arms going.

Keep them going. Keep them going and come down as the weights go behind your head for shaving, elbows wide and shaving, coming up and coming down and arches, inner thigh, pelvic floor and powerhouse to those weights. And then we have two more. Oh, they finally felt that connection and down. And one more. I had to kind of push my hips a little more. Hold and bring the arm weights forward and stop at shoulder height.

This time. Push down and back as you rise up. [inaudible] powerhouse. Look right left, and then forward [inaudible] and release. Notice I said that while I was looking ahead. I usually lose my balance while talking. So here we go again. Starting to look left first. This time. [inaudible] not easy on Relevate. Whew. My bombs. My bottom is burning.

One more set. [inaudible] Ooh, that's a good scoop. [inaudible] and releasing one more. [inaudible] yeah, it's really sink. Now we're going to do our circles. So we're going to stay here and we're gonna just hold them and we're going to do the same thing as those pumping, but their circles.

Let me go ahead and turn forward for those and getting that front line again. And you're gonna Relevate so a lot of coordination here. Here we go. And one, two, three, four, straight ahead, five, six, seven and eight. Reverse them. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Again, it's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and reverse them. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Again, two more sets. Circle the upper arm, not from the elbow down. That's eight and down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. One last set. And then we'll do lunges. And we're done. Three, four, five, six, seven. How's that gravity and yet two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. All right, grab your weights in your hands.

Put your right heel in the middle of your left arch. We're gonna lunge out to the right and our arms are going to go straight out from our shoulders parallel to the floor. Try to make your entire body parallel to the floor parallel to that leg. It's going to hold my weights here and we're going to go and lunge out on the count of three really fast. One, two, three and go. So you're out trying to be parallel with the floor. Arms hold.

You're going to slide those inner thighs and pull in and again, stretch, hold two, three and pull up against gravity. Next one and last one. I want you to do three arm lowering. And lifting. But thinking of the app, ready and stretch out. Hold and down with those arms and pull your powerhouse up down with those arms and pull your Perez up down with your arms are up and pull in fighting gravity. Nice. Let's switch other side almost there.

Really Nice job today. So we're going to lunge out to the left. Ready? The count of three. One, two, three, London out. Hold two, three. Pull it up with those inner thighs. Lifting up everything. Yeah. Oh, two three. Polling up to three. We're going to do our three pump. Here we go. Oh, you really get into that point in your belly and down with the arms, but lifting from the pyros down with the arms lifting. One more, Dan. Pull it up and in and, and, and we're going to regain this position. I want you to lift up everything through your body and I want you to press down as you exhale and you did a fabulous job. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Rhythm and Dynamics: Intermediate Mat Workouts


Love this class Monica! The fact that you got a great white shark to jump out of the water at the 35:48 minute marker makes it all the more special! Thank you!
1 person likes this.
Beautiful work Monica. I really enjoyed this. Your cuing forced me to go really deep! Thank you for a very enjoyable class!
1 person likes this.
That was wonderful. Helped with practicing being very deliberate and mindful about my movements. Really had to concentrate to pull everything in. Felt like i worked my mind and my whole body. Thank you Monica!
Towards the end my left leg was burning and I also have sciatica nerve pain down to my second toe due to the disc problem....but i am not complaining: I enjoyed the class a lot...good workout...thank you Monica
1 person likes this.
After this class, I fell tall, strong and confident with my posture and I walk as if the world would belong to me ! Thank you, Monica !
1 person likes this.
That was awesome Monica! I really love your queue about lifting the pelvis in and up. Help me to remember to do that. I know I will be walking taller today. This is going into my favorites. PS,,,love your pants! where are they from?
1 person likes this.
I loved it 💖
Christine T
Thank you Monica, I love anything with alignment and strength.

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