Class #3425

Strong Mat Flow

55 min - Class


You will feel freedom in your body after this Mat workout with Monica Wilson. She teaches a strong and athletic class, designed to work your hamstrings and glutes. She starts by laying down some groundwork by connecting to your body and then moves on to more vigorous exercises.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


Hi, today we are going to do a intermediate advanced Matt working a lot with the teaser, but a lot with the hamstrings and the glutes. We're going to be, I'm just really getting a good...


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perfect explanation;step by step through the all exercises...great class...thank you Monica...
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Great cues. It made things deeper in my body.
I had the best time teaching this class and I am so glad my cues are helping you get deeper connections! Thank you for your feedback:)
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Great workout but a bit too ambitious for me! I’ll return in a couple of months.
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loved it !!
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Love love love .
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Thank you, Monica. Loved all the focused cues!
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Thank you, it was soooo good!
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Very good workout! Found the instructions super clear and that really help with a deeper understanding and connection to your body. Thank you
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Lovely class, good level two. Particularly your instructions for the boomerang were very helpful. Thanks!
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