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You will feel freedom in your body after this Mat workout with Monica Wilson. She teaches a strong and athletic class, designed to work your hamstrings and glutes. She starts by laying down some groundwork by connecting to your body and then moves on to more vigorous exercises.
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Hi, today we are going to do a intermediate advanced Matt working a lot with the teaser, but a lot with the hamstrings and the glutes. We're going to be, I'm just really getting a good athletic, strong, vigorous workout. But in the beginning we're going to lay down some groundwork and see if we can really connect with our body and feel certain placements. And then we're just going to unsweet get that. We're going to really go for it. So make sure you have a mat. You don't need any props or anything else. And we're going to be starting off with the Palani sit.

So come to the front edge of your mat and heels are together and toes are apart. Great. And start by feeling the weight of the ball of every toe. Start making a connection there, the side of your foot, the heel. And then see if you can feel yourself resist gravity by lifting up your arches, lifting up your inner thighs, not locking your knees. And then see if you can even engage your pelvic floor and your lower belly and you're pulling in and up. And then your arms just float up, one on top of the other like HYDRIM of genie and your crown of your heads even reaching up and you really just changed all your energy from being heavy and into the mat to a little bit leaning forward and a nice lift.

Keep that lift in your powerhouse, but one foot in front of the other. And I want you to keep lifting your belly in and up as you lower yourself down to the mat. Go forward a little bit close to the action. Here we go. Keep pulling in and up. Ran a very nice, lift your bottom all the way to the middle of the mat and then stretch out. Lion out. Just go ahead and roll out. Reach your arms back and stretch and like there's a horse pulling each of your arms and each of your legs. You're just being pulled in all directions. Nice.

And then bring your arms up to the ceiling and leave your head down and bring your arms down by your side. Go ahead and bend your knees and put the feet flat on the mat and be aware right now of your Peloton frame, your Polonius box. Do you feel both shoulders, the scapulas may be too on the mat? How about your hip bones on the back? Can you feel where your hipbones connect to your sacrum on the mat? Can you feel whether your tailbone is tilted up towards you or if it's flat?

Can you feel if your waistband is on the mat just like you pulled up against gravity a second ago? See if you can let go of any tension that's holding your body up off the mat. So take a big breath and as you exhale, see if you can release the tension between each of your vertebra in between each Rhone as you go down from the crown of your head, or even between your ears all the way down to your tailbone. Take a few breaths here and just feel the weight of each bone on the mat. Sometimes we talk about like like a wet slab of cement and you're going to feel each bone super important. On the next exhale.

I want you to draw the right knee into your chest and give it a good hug and you should still feel every bone on the mat and then put it down and then exhale and bring in the left and hug, hug, hug. Good. How do you feel that in your waistband? Put it down and you're going to exhale and bring in the right leg, but let's hold it and straighten that leg up to the ceiling. Turn it out a little bit in that hip joint, grabbing behind the thigh and point and then flex the foot. Really pointed as pointed as you can get it and flex it.

Start to be aware of your left leg. Are you pushing with it? Don't let it be working. Circle that writing goal three times and then you're going to reverse it for three times. There's waking up, sending signals throughout your body and hug that knee back into your chest and we're going to put that foot down. It's not going to push into the mat. As you exhale, you're going to bring in the left knee and you still feel both hips on the mat. Straighten that left leg up, turn it out a little bit.

You should feel the weight of both junctions there of the hip bones to the sacrum as you point. And as you flex, if you can keep your scapula as the back of your shoulder blades on the mat, your shoulders nice and open. Let's circle that ankle three times. Circling it. Good. Just feeling every bone in your back is on the mat and reverse those circles. Waking up everything. And then I want you to hug that knee back into your chest. Awesome.

And then put the foot down. Good. And I want you to hug in the right knee. Good. And straighten it in this time. See if you can slide your hands up to the back of your calf and point and flex. So just really getting a good stretch here, but releasing everything else in the mat and circle that ankle three times and see if your left legs working too much right now. Try not to grip in that left quad or push with that left foot.

If you haven't reversed these circles, circle reverse it. And now I want you to push your arms down into the mat. Can you wake up the back of your arms and your triceps? So those are pressing down into the mat. I want your waistband pressing down into the mat so you're pulling your waist back into the mat and I want that right leg reaching as long as you can to the ceiling. So touch the ceiling with those toes even for me, Mandy, thank you.

And with your waist anchored, reach out that leg down the middle of your body and then scoop it back up with your powerhouse to more magic and pushing down a paddle so that you activate the back of your thigh and pull it up one more time. Maybe you can get the back of your seat working as well. See a nice dimple form and pull it up this time. Go all the way down and leave it on the mat. Reaching long out of that hip joint. Keep it on the foot, on the mat and bend the knee is sliding that foot towards your seat.

And then slide the leg straight, engaging the back of the thigh and seat and bend it. And we're going to do this one more time, two more times, and bending it. I want you to feel a deep scoop in your belly. Really connect with the back of the rib. Hold the leg straight this time. See if you can feel the back of the thigh and seat. This is going to be feeling we're going to use whole class today.

Really important feeling. Bring that leg up by pulling the waist into the mat all the way up with that leg and hug it in and you're going to put the right foot down. And let's do the left. So the waist pools in. Exhale the left leg in. Straighten that leg up to the ceiling. Slide the hands up behind the calf if you can point and flex, make sure the weight of your left hip is down too. Yeah, and circle that foot.

See if you could open the collar bones on the shoulders and reverse that circle. Very nice. Now actively press your arms down so you're anchored with those triceps powerhouses angered, but reach that left leg up and it's going to sweep out pulling that fi like literally out of your hip and then pull it back up with your powerhouse to more the right legs not working so that you can feel your stomach sink and really scoop in and stretch in the opposite direction and pull it up. And we're going to do one more where you're going to go down. Remember, if you're activating the back of the find seats, stay here until your foot goes down to the mat. And now let's slide that foot in three times.

You're going to slide it in and then slide it out. Engaging the back of the thigh and glute and bending. We all want to keep lifting our seat, not letting it sag it. Also, we're gonna do a lot of that work today. One more. Lengthening out that leg, keeping a good scoop and the rib is engaged. Let's keep the leg long now and then bring it all the way up. And I'm going to use that reference quite a bit today and we're going to hug the knee back into your chest. Nice job everyone. Put that foot down.

Good. And maybe bring your feet, Brianna, just a little closer to you, a little bit wider, or do a lot of like shoulder bridge work today too. So press your triceps down and right now I want you to tilt your pelvis away from you. I want you to be very aware of what your pelvis is doing during your mat work today. And I want you to tilt it towards you. So obviously your tailbones up now in your waistbands really glued and tilt that pelvis away. Maybe you need this lower back stretch. Maybe you need to wake up some things and you know, make sure that you're not gripping.

And now we're going to think about those inner thighs. Pretend you're hugging a midline. We're going to keep the feet apart and tilt that pelvis towards us. Your waistband should be pulled into the mat. But now let's activate the back of the thighs and the glutes and start lifting our bottom. And we're going to lift up our seat. And then the next bone, and you're like a strand of pearls. Beautiful. And while you're here, see if you can even continue to reach the thigh bones out of those hips, taking the knees over the ankles more.

Hold it there and then keep your seat up as long as you can. And let's articulate your upper back between your shoulder blades, between those scapulas. It's melting down and you want to always lengthen, right? And so we're stretching and we're lengthening. And it's just one bone at a time until you're completely flat with that sacred. Let's do one more time. We're going to scoop in. Think about maybe hugging a midline. Activate your pelvic floor, your lower belly back of the thighs and glutes as you pull up your spine.

One bone at a time. Make sure you're reaching your hips long. And then we're going to come down by emptying the lungs, expanding the upper back, right? Expanding that upper back. Really get a good stretch there cause you're gonna need it when we do the a hundred and the roll up. That's right. All the way down with that tailbone. Beautiful work. Ladies, go ahead and slide your knees together and your feet together and put your hands one over the other behind your head. Good. Love your bodies. They're looking so good and engaged into the mat. Pulling intake.

Keep your head down for a moment and you're going to take a big breath. And as you exhale, see if you can even open up your elbows. Yep. And we're still not gripping in our spine or gripping in our body. Instead we're allowing the spine to relax so that that powerhouse can work even more. Another big breath and you're going to exhale pulling in your belly so that you pull your ways back into the mat. I love it, Mandy.

That's what we're going to do next. And big breath on this next exhale, that pulling your waist back is like a seesaw on your head. Should just rock up and look at your belly staying there. Take a big breath. If you've tilted your pelvis, untilt it as you exhale and pull in your naval more beautiful big breath. I want you to even try to pull your waist muscles into an hourglass waist. See if you can engage those obliques. Big Breath on your next exhale.

Just come up a little higher so that your weight is more on the bottom of your shoulder blades. Big Inhale, and now I want you to exhale. Going down. You're going to pull your waist into your mat and push your head into your hands and take a big breath and we're going to exhale and come up with that again. Exhale, scooping in. I love how you're so engaged. We're gonna keep the pelvis where it is. Big Breath, maybe unreleased hip flexors, just a little for me as you pull deep into the mat. Big Inhale. We're going to start working now. On this next exhale, I want you to slide your hands on your thighs and you're gonna reach past your thighs and stay right there. Beautiful. And start pumping. Inhale two, three, four, five and exhale. Expanding the lungs on the mat.

Really feel a big round upper body. I love it. On your next exhale, I want you to slide your right leg straight on the mat, engaging the hamstring, engaging it's on the mat. On the next exhale, you're gonna keep that right leg long and lifted long up to a comfortable level for your back. Good. Let's do the left leg on this next exhale. Strong pumps for me. Slide that left leg straight there. You go all the way down and then you're going to bring it up where it's comfortable for your back and wherever that is. Awesome. While you're doing this a hundred I want you to imagine that I'm saying, oh, we're going to go ahead and roll all the way up.

That's where your upper stomach should be. That's it. That's about 60 inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Don't forget to engage the back of the thighs and seat. Maybe you could even tighten them and push down and imaginary pedal. Right now that's 80 in with year two, three, four, five. Exhaling, scooping in that waste is pulling to the mount. One more breath here. Very nice.

And now I want you to keep pushing actually the legs down to the Mat and push your head down to the mat in the opposite direction and reach your arms back. We're going to do the roll up the legs, the hamstrings and glutes are pushing down into the mat. The arms come up, head to your chest and you're going to exhale and reach and just enjoy a stretch. Go and forward stretch, stretch, reach, reach, reach. Mandy, go ahead and lift your body forward so your heels are almost at that front edge. Good. And you know, let's use, if you want [inaudible] you have something, put a strap under that would be really good for this exercise right now if you don't, you can do it. Start off as a roll back with your knees bent and that'll be just as effective. And we're going to start pulling our wastes back. Lets go head, stays down to your chest and you're pulling your waist back so that your waistband goes onto the mat and then the lower back, middle good.

And then everything stays down. Good. And now bring your arms up and just your head and hold it there. Good. And I want you to try to exhale and come up just a little bit. Great. Stay there, take another breath. And I want you to exhale and open that up or back a little bit and come up one more inch. Really get, that's it. Big Breath. And on your next exhale, keep using that and roll all the way up. Stretching.

Just trying to expand that back a little bit more. Nice and round. Let's do the same on the way down in with the air. Start going back and exhale. Let's pause when you get to your waistband. Hold it right there, Mandy. See if you can take another breath with me and exhale and just pull your waste away from me into the mat. Down, down. Yeah, opening up that back.

That's beautiful. And then rolling the rest back. Nice. Good. And let's do five more to tempo now. Arms head and exhale all the way forward and pull your waist back. Open up that lower back, middle, upper and former arms. Head, opening the upper back as you go forward and rolling down. Lower back, middle, upper good. And three more arms head. Beautiful. Keep pulling your ways back as you stretch forward and rolling back. Yes.

And stretch. And two more arms. Head, upper back stretches. Lower backs. Oh is pulling back. We're pulling a heavyweight back. Good. And one more arms. Don't forget about pressing the back of the thighs and glutes down especially right here. Press them down. Dry Your pelvic floor. Lower back. Great job. Hug in the right knee. Good.

And straighten the right leg up to the ceiling and stretch it again. Good. And we're going to press your arms down by your side. And you've been here before already. So you've got your spine anchored into the mat, your waist pulled down. And I want you to just reach that right leg down for a moment.

Reach it all the way out of your hip, reach it down, see if you can get the back of the thighs engaged in the seat and pull it back up with your powerhouse right up to your nose. Now really quick tempo. We're gonna stay up up and we're going to do quick tempo. We're going to cross around up crust, around up, three, around up, pulling the waist in. One more. Cross around, hold, reverse and reach around. Up. You can open up. You want the leg to be free. You want the powerhouse to be anchored and strong, but the leg to reach out and free reach even longer than your bottom. Like give me one more and hug in that knee. Good.

Slide the right leg straight from the hamstring and glute. Draw the left knee and so your right leg is really anchored. Your waist man's really angered. Extend the left leg up. Stretch it towards you. We're going to press your arms down by your side. We're going to reach the left leg out and down, and you had everything anchored scoop in to bring that layup so that you can move this leg freely. Here we go. Cross the body round up, cross around, up.

You're right back in the thighs anchored your powerhouses, anchored your triceps are anchored. One more and let's go the other way. Open around crossing up. Good. And feel the freedom in that leg. Reach it out of the hip and three up and scoop in it. And yes, better one more and around up and hug in that knee. Nice job. We're gonna stay here.

We're gonna leave rolling like a ball for later. I'm going to slip. Keep your left leg in. Just gonna slip this strap off. So your left leg was in. Yeah, there we go. And slide your right. Actually just keep the knee in holding onto it.

I'm gonna let you do that, right. And I want you to take a big breath and exhale. Pull the waistband in. Round up your head and shoulders. Do you feel as anchored and controlled as you did earlier? Reaching that right leg, really long, lifted a little bit. Good. Now stay here.

Use your powerhouse to hold that left leg onto your chest. Reach your arms long by your side as if you're doing the hundred. Take a breath and I want you to open those collarbones yet. Curl up a little bit more. Arms really long by your side. And we're going to switch legs, arms stay where they are. Right leg in, left leg squeezes, long pull the left leg in from pooling your waist waistband and switch.

So you're really anchoring that belly and you're really pulling up. Good. Imagine that you could get your ear next to your knee because you're curling into it. You coming up that much. Oh yeah. And coming in as evil in that leg. There you go. Right. And make sure that legs coming all the way and one more set, right? Laughed. Now bring both knees in and slide your hands to your ankles.

All the way. Curl your head between your knees. Good. Keep your hands on your legs, straighten your legs, reach your legs long. They're going to go forward. Sorry. Forward. There you go. And then bring them back in and you're going to stay off the mat. Yes. And the legs go forward. Yet your hands are like gripping.

And then slide them to your ankles. There we go. And they reach forward. Nice job. And then I love your upper body right now and reach that upper bar. Oh yeah. And in this time, the legs do the same. Start it, hit that position, but then reach the arms back, back, back, and circle and the legs go forward and your arms redrock hit that position. Beautiful. You've nailed all that position now and reach your, it's really in your body and in. And give me one more. Yes, Brianna, give me one more. Good.

And now bring the right leg up, left leg forward. Make sure you're pushing down imaginary pedal with your left leg. One, two and switch the right leg pushes down. Imaginary pedal. Good and switch. Keep the other good and switch. Good. Now slide your hands up to the ankle and switch up to the ankle. Yes. And curl up your weight a little bit more as if you're going to roll up into a teaser and reach. Those legs are long and let's switch quickly with vigor.

Here we go. And switch and switch and fast and switch. And there you go. They're free cause your powerhouses solid. That's it. Both legs up, hands behind your head. Take a big breath and see if you can exhale and curl up a little bit more. Pressed the back of your thighs as you go down with the lay eggs and pull them up and press the back of your thighs. Maybe your head press into your hands and up and reaching long end up and to reaching. Pull your weight up a little bit more. Yes, give me one more like that.

Really feeling your weight on the bottom of your shoulder blades. Bend the right knee and twist to it. But now imagine that I'm asking you to come up into a teaser and switch to the other side. So I want you to feel the weight of your pelvis on the mat and switch one more time, right? Yes. And last time if I said come up and do a ds or yes, that extra inch hug in your knees, rest, rest, rest.

Really great job. Inhale, lift your head up and exhale. Slide up to a seated position. So you're going to sit up, spine stretch forward. Heels are open onto those boxes and your arms are just going to be straight up at shoulder height. We're going to bring them forward. Good. And you get a little break. Take a big breath. Growing tall. How tall can you go?

Can you still press the back of your thighs and bottom on that mat? And now exhale down. Your head goes down, but your waist pulls back. Try to touch the crown of your head forward down to the mat, but your waist is just keeps opening up your back, opening it up, and then inhale, stack up your spine and exhale down. Head. Open up that upper back member. I made you do the roll up, pausing and roll it up. So we're going to open this lower back more. Come on, give me, ah, yes. Align that body right at three more. Head down and exhale. Open up that upper back. Oh, that feels delicious.

I'm sure. And you're gonna just keep stretching and stretching and then start from the lower. Yes, yes. And one more. Lifting off that seat, opening up that upper back, opening up that lower, that's it. Using that powerhouse to stretch and Poland back up. Beautiful. Nice job. Alright, now I want you to go ahead and bring your feet together. Good. And lift your bottoms forward.

We're going to get into rolling like a ball position. So we're going to grab onto your ankles. Good. And I want you to pull your waist back to change your center of gravity and open your knees a little bit and draw your head. Good. Good. And I want you to go ahead and stay here. I'm actually changing my mind a little bit and have your same position, but the arms are going to go between the legs and hands on top of the ankles on top. We're going to switch to right there. Yes.

And I want you to push the ball of each toe onto the mat. Yep. Where's, where did it start off with? Open leg rocker. And we're gonna extend the right leg up at an angle. Yes. And put it down. We're pushing both ball. The ball of both feet, not just the tippy toes, but the ball of the foot. Yeah.

And now extend the left. Beautiful. That's it. And put it down. Remember how I said I want you to be very aware of where your pelvis is. Let's see. Do you feel the sip phone? So let's do the right leg and you should feel both sip ons really even cause you're pulling your waist back and put it down and we're going to do the left leg. You're pulling your waist back away from your thighs. That's it. And put it down and we're going to extend the right leg and you're not shifting your weight at all on Steve there.

And we're going to add the left as you really pull your waist back and balance is easy and bring the legs down. We're going to start with the left. Extend the left and the right foot's down, right the ball, the foot. You can feel that all the square and concentration and now add your right leg up, up, up as you pull the waist back away from your thighs and bring the feet down. Excellent. Let's do the right leg up. So the left ball of the foot is there. There's some type of message keeping your body square.

Let's extend the left leg as well. Hold two, three. Let's bring the legs together and you're just feeling that strong powerhouse and you're going to open them again and bend the knees, bringing the feet down. One. We'll start with the left. Left goes up first. Waist goes back, right leg goes up and you're feeling your pelvis. You're fueling your waist back. Bring the legs together. Maybe you can even squeeze the inner thighs. Tone those up.

Open the legs, staying there. Now let's go for some rock and enrolling. Let's pull our waste back. As you inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll through that upper back. Inhale, roll through the lower back. Exhale, roll through the upper back and in with the air XL up with some energy. Let's do three more. Rolling back and come right on up real quick. You don't want to hang out back there. Two more. Rolling back. Find something that you're looking at right ahead and one more leg.

Stay about the width of the Mat. Hold it right there. Squeeze the inner thighs together. Draw your waist back. It's still there. Okay. Keep all of your energy into your powerhouse and now assume rolling like a ball position. So you're bending your knees and you're still keeping all of that c curve and do six more. Rolling like a ball. Lower back. Exhale, massage that upper back. So easy for you. Now inhale, exhale, rolling up. Good in with there. Exhale, rolling up. Beautiful in with ear. Exhaling up.

Let's do two more in with the air. Pretend you're rolling up for a teaser and I'm going to make you do your upper body one more lower back. And here we are rolling up into a what? Into a teaser. So show me your teaser extending the legs. That's it. Leave the legs, roll down your upper body. Reach the legs up at a 90 degree and just press your arms down.

You're ready for corkscrew. Let the legs fall to the right. The waist pulls into the mat and say, circle around to your left and center. Reverse the waist pulls into the net around and center and right. Let's think about your legs. Are you feeling them? Are you feeling them in the quads?

Try to get the back of the thighs as you go down around. And one more set to the right around incurring that waistband and last time to the left around. Scoop it in good and hold them center. Inhale, lift your head up and I want you to keep this l position as you sit up. So rock up, come on up to your legs. Go down. Everybody goes up and keep coming. Good. Slide back and get your feet on the boxes for saw.

Can you feel the weight of both? Sit bones on the mat. Arms now are straight out to the side, back of the thighs. Sques squeezing down bottom, lifting in that waist, twist to the right. And now can you feel your left? Sit bone down. Keep it there as you exhale all your air past your pink Quito. Good, good. Yes. The waist pulls back to sit you up.

Twisting to the left and right. Sit bone stays there as you squeeze as, expand this long more. Yeah, pull it into here a lot more. Keep that anchored and inhaling up and twist to the right. Good. And pull back your waist more. He yes. Uh, good. And pulling back your waist to start aligning that spine and to the left and blow out. Expand. Oh, that's so nice. That's such a big stretch for you.

Very good. And pulling up from here. Beautiful. One more set ladies. Lifting off your seat. Keep the back of those thighs working. There we go. Long back of the arm and lifting up, stacking up that spine in one more to the left and expanding pool round this whole area. Pull your waist back just a bit more. So nice and rounding up. And now it's time to work hard on our stomach. Let's squeeze our legs together. Flip over onto your belly. So you're going to be a long, beautiful lean machine right now.

And I want your hands just by your underneath your shoulders. Good. If your back is really tight, then you could move your hands a little forward. Three inches and a little out to the side. Absolutely. But first of all, we're just gonna stay here and align you. There we go. And we're going to feel our pelvis. You need to have your pubic bone down on the mat.

You can't have any space where your hip flexors are. You need to press. Use Your glutes, use your bottom to press that area down into the mat. So important on in the opposite. You need your belly to have a little tunnel under it right now, so work really hard. Press your bottom down. Get your belly to pull out. Now with that, can you get the side of your hips to work and to make your legs get longer and pull out of your hips like we've been doing? Blinked in them.

Hold this for one, two, three and just release everything. We're going to do it again. You're going to press your pubic bone down. You're going to press those hip flexors down. By using your glutes, you're going to create a tunnel under your belly button, and then the side of your hips are going to work really hard to lengthen those legs out of your lower back and now release everything on the next one. We're going to come up for neck roll, so pelvis is anchored into the mat by strong muscles. Powerhouse is lifting your belly button up. Legs are lengthening, your stomach is working so much to resist gravity that you can easily lift up your head.

You can try to use the upper back right between the shoulder blade muscles and you can put your hands now on the mat, Mandy. Yeah, and they'll start coming up. Come up as high as you feel you can lift with your powerhouse without hurting your back. Okay. Hold shoulders. They don't move. Look over your right shoulder. Circle the Chin around the shoulders. Don't move. Look over your left shoulder. Look forward at other way. Left around to your right and then look forward.

And now you're going to come down trying to lengthen, bending the elbows coming down length each vertebra. Let's regain that pelvis. Press your pubic bone down. Use Your glutes, lengthen those legs tunnel under your belly button, and let's use our stomach to lift up our head, to open our chest. Keep lifting with your stomach. Your stomach should feel like it's lifting all the way to your sternum, all the way to your chest bone. We're going to look left first around to your right.

Look forward and hold. Did you lose your belly or use it still in? Look over your right shoulder, down around to your left. Look forward. Now this time as you come down, pretend you're pulling the whole mat behind you and stretch your whole spine in front of your hands and those legs are still lengthening long. Beautiful job, ladies. Come up onto your elbows right up onto your elbows. [inaudible] you can. Let's go ahead and on today. We're going to keep them arms distance apart. There we go. Nice.

And you can either do what Mandy's doing with flat hands or fists, whichever one, but I want you to anchor the forearm into the mat and pull that nap back into a little bit so that you're really lifting up your chest and opening it up and you've got some muscles in your arms. All right? Remember those legs? You pushed your pubic bone down, you lifted a tunnel under your belly button, your legs were together for me, Mandy, really together. Yes, and there are reaching long. Can you lift them straight up? How high can you lift them without bending? Don't take it in your lower back. You got a tunnel under your lower back. Keep them up like that and we're going to do the right kicks, the bottom of twice two and left to the leg.

That straight is really reaching out of the hip. The other one's really trying to stay up off the mat right there. Both the thighs and knees are up right to and left to reach it out a little longer behind you. Keep the tunnel under your belly. One more and we're going to put your right facial cheek on the mat and your hands go together behind your back. Good as high up as you can get them, and then lower down the elbows. Good. All right, I'm already seeing a little break in the bottoms. Let's not do that. We're going to press your pubic bone down.

We're going to squeeze our bottom down. Lengthen your hips, lengthen those legs, and now with straight legs, how high can you get them? I want to see light under those knees. Squeeze your inner thighs together as you put both feet in. Three times. One, two, three. Press those legs down. Lift your chest to three. Switch cheeks lifting. Kick two, three. Press those legs down. Lift up with your tunnel under your belly and switched cheeks.

Lift those knees up. Give me some light under there. There we go. And lift two one more time. Here we go. Long legs, pubic bone down. There we go. And lift two, three, and rest. That was really pretty round. Your backs. Sit onto your heels. So we have a mat that we just got to work with and we got to feel where our pelvis was, where our powerhouse was.

So next time when we are doing it in a plank position, you're gonna nail it, right? You're going to feel all that. So we're going to flip over quickly. If you want, you can use a strap at the end of your mat. Otherwise, slide as forward as you can. Good and have straight legs and feet are flexed and hip width apart. But start sitting up. Put your hands one over the other, behind your head today. I want you to just go for it.

A lot of times I want you to make sure you break it down and stay in the only position, but I want you to think about it like teaser right now. Now I want you to push the back of your legs down into the mat. Push your heels away, take a big breath, sitting up tall and now round your back and exhale down as your waistband pools back one bone at a time. As soon as you're down, you're going to inhale to lift your head. Exhale all the way up. Roll up into a teaser and inhaling up. Not figuratively. Thank you, and lifting off your seat and you're going to go back pulling your waist back first. Let's get your waist back. Yes, there you go.

And now in with the air and pretend I'm telling you, there we go. Using the word. Pretend that I'm telling you to get up and to do lifting up good. And going back, pulling your waist back, back, back on the next three. We'll go back a little taller first, so we're going to end with the air. Exhale.

Inhale, sit up tall and start rounding down just for a little bit. Good point. And now stay like that as you lengthen. There we go. There you go. Beautiful. Two more like that in with the air. Exhale back. Beautiful powerhouse. Inhale, sitting up tall. Good. And then round your lower back by pulling back your waist a little and then keep that length as you go and reach. Push those heels away. Push. Push.

One more time in with the air Xcel. Kiss your knees this time. Yes. Rolling up again. Lift off your bottom. Pull back your waist just a little, and then keep lengthening. Even pull on your neck. Pull on your neck. Pull on your neck. And that's why it's called neck pull, right? So let's lie on your right side. Facing that way. Good. We're going to do some sidekicks.

And what I want you to feel here right now is freedom like you did in your single leg kicks earlier. Mandy, slide back to the back edge of the mat. Perfect. And then bring your feet forward to the front edge. There you go. Bring your elbow back a little bit more. Good. That's it. So we're starting to get into what's going to be our plank positions where our feet are on the floor. Good. Have one hip over the other. We worked a lot in the beginning of just staying really square on the mat, releasing our spine. Yeah, having our waist pull back and I want you to maybe bring this foot back forward, just a little Aha.

And we're going to lift that top leg so it's a level of your hip. Turn it out in that hip socket. Good. You can keep your foot relaxed, but it's all about strong waist pulling back and we're going to move that leg freely, kicking it forward and taking it back and just sweep it forward and take it back. Let's see together where everyone's forward. Everyone's back, everyone's forward. Everyone's back and forward and nothing moves in your square. Palladio's box. Yes. Four. Keep that leg at hip level. Don't lift it up as it goes forward. Yes.

And reach it out of your hip as you go back. Reach it out of your hip as you go forward. Make that leg longer than your bottom one. One more forward. One more back and legs together. I want you to put your left hand right on top of your left hip joint right there so that it's locking it into place. Then to get your hand to Mandy, so it's going to be like that. Yeah. Okay. Waist Bulls back.

Let's use the outer thigh on your left leg to push up. Yes. And then squeeze your inner thighs completely together so you're really feeling the outer thighs. You go up so that you don't shrink in that waist and then you can hold it just a little bit more steady and there ya go. And inner thigh and two up and squeeze. Good job. One more. Yes.

Feel that hip and hold it there and staying there with your hand on your hip too. We're going to do five little circles circling forward and back. We don't forget to go back. Don't forget to go back. Yes. Three steady, no movement and reverse it. One to steady, three, four and five. Nice job. Enough of those. We're going to lie down on your belly. Why? Because we're going to push your pubic bone down.

Make a small pillow for your forehead with your hands. You're going to use your glutes to shape them. Foreman, pressing him into the mat. You're going to lengthen those legs long. Where's that tunnel? Under your powerhouse? Yes, under your belly. And now lift the legs up as high as you can. Now stay there. You know how wide your mat is.

Open the legs that wide and now squeeze your inner thighs all the way together like you're zipping up. No, no slighted at all. Do it one more time for me. Open that wide. Keep them a pie and squeeze the inner thighs all the way together. Now see if you can get that range of motion super quick. 20 Times. Here we go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Inner thighs all the way together.

Powerhouse. Lifting off the mat, back of the thighs, working hard to lift the leg. Five, four, three, two, one. Nice job. Roll to your other sides here on your left side. Your legs are a little bit forward to the front edge. Good. The elbows on the back edge of the mat as well. Take it back about three more inches. Good.

And your bottom can go back a tiny bit to that feet forward. Left, right hand is in front of your belly. Lift the right leg up a little bit. Turn it out a little so nothing moves in our frame and it's our waist that's pulling back, but that leg gets to move really freely. Okay, pull your waist back a little more. There we go. And sweep it forward and sweep it back and sweep it forward and sweep it back and forward and back. There we go. Forward and back. Make sure it doesn't lift up high lifts up high to your nose, but not up above the hip and fore and back.

Good and three is your powerhouse. Use your seat. Two more powerhouse as it goes forward. See as it goes back after you finish those 10 legs together, right hand on top of your right hip, and we're going to lengthen first. Why not? Let's lengthen that leg and hip a little bit more and then keep that length as that outer thigh goes up and squeeze the inner thigh. Good. I'd love to see your waist pull back even. Oh, that feels good.

Now pushing out her thigh and waist pulls back as your innercise. And three, I know I can't count and four things. This is about six, but one more and up and hold it here. I love how you're working. Pull your waist back more. Yes. And five little circles goes forward and back. Tinier for me, Mandy. Yes. Yes. Keep your top hip a little forward. Perfect to one. Reverse that. Yes. Good. Much more control on this side. And three, four, and five and enough legs together. Lie on your back. Your other back.

Yeah. And Bend your knees into your chest. Then the men hug women. Nice job. You can kick them and shake them a little bit if you want. Good. Now put your feet down on the mat. Good, good, good, good. And I want you to slide your right leg straight, engaging the back of the thigh and seat and slide it in and do that with your left. Bend the right knee, knees back in, and now do your left where you engage the hamstring. Gluten. Let's see.

Feel your waistband scoop in the opposite. Oh, there we go. And Ben in that left leg. Let's do the right goes long. Nice. Feel that scoop. Use that mat to give you back feedback and right leg bends and the left goes out. Yes. This is what your leg is going to feel like when you're up in the teaser and bending again. Good.

Now I want you to bend both knees into your chest. Good. That's it. Nice. And I want you to extend the arms up to the ceiling and back. Try to keep pulling in your powerhouse. Nice. Extend the legs forward as if you're on a reformer and you're pushing them out and now you're going to roll up into your teaser rolling up. Nice. Nice.

Nice ant rolling back. Pull your ways back. I'm going to let go. You've got this and arms back at rolling it up. Your waistband pulls back, sliding your hands almost on your legs, all the way to your ankles and then rolling down. Give me one more time. Nice job, Mandy. And coming up sliding your hands all the way almost to your ankles. Come on. Give me a little more upper body.

Now stay there for me and the back of the thighs. Press your legs down. One, pull them up, back the thighs and glutes. One more. Pull that waist back and now everything goes down. But the same time waste in hamstrings, middle and then head and toes and back up scooping it all the way up. There you go. And on the way down, hamstrings, they're gorgeous. Very nice. One more time and open up that upper back on the way up. Empty the lungs.

You got it. Keep opening the upper Baca and arms up and then rolling back, back, back. Fantastic. Really Nice job ladies. Hug those knees into your chest. Release the back if it started to get tense at all. We're gonna flip over onto your belly again.

So flip over long arms, long legs. I want you to keep your [inaudible] frame on the mat. I'm going to slide your feet over just a little. Good. So you're plotting boxes on the Mat, right? How's your pubic bone? Is it down on the mat? Are you pressing your hip flexors down? Because you're using your glutes, your tunnel under your belly button.

Remember that feeling? Now I want you to keep all your limbs on the mat, but we're going to lift up your right arm and left leg higher. Feel the evenness of your plots. Box on the mat though. Put those down, powerhouse lifts, and you're going to do the left arm and right leg. Really feel. Can you, can you feel that right hamstring and glue and put it down? This is a great PT exercise, right scooping in and let's lift up the right arm and left. Feel that nice long arm.

I love how everyone's arms stretched right now and put it down and now the left arm and the right leg. Feel the work in that hamstring and glute. Yeah, powerhouse. Good and down. Now pull up. Go that tunnel and lengthen those legs and everything. Lifts an inch and then your right arm and left leg a little higher and your head lifts up out of the water. We're going to swim. Here we go. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four. Touch my hands up here. Yes, we're at that upper back. Exhale two, three, four and melt into the mat.

Round your back. Sit onto your heels. Beautiful job ladies. Keep pulling your waist back up off of your thighs. Stretching that lower back. Stay here and with your stomach scooping into your lower back. How far can you reach your arms away from you? Don't take your body with you.

Just reach out of your body. Glue the palms of the hands down. Tuck your toes under so your feet are flexed. Good. And lifting the waist, lifting your powerhouse. Go into your plank position. So you're going to go forward. Your hands could go forward more. Okay, there we go.

And you're going to find your pubic bone is not, there's no mat, but pretend there is. So press it down. There's no space on your hip flexors. You're squeezing the glutes lengths in those legs. Reach them. How's that tunnel under your belly? Keep that and we're going to lift just your right leg hold.

It should be lifting from your hamstring and glute staying there. Stretcher, left Achilles Tennant by rocking back on that foot. Then pull yourself forward with your powerhouse and hold your shoulders over your hands and switch legs. Right leg goes down. Just one lift with the left leg. One rock back one. Pull it forward and bring that foot down. Pause. I need pubic bones pushing towards the Mat. Bottom squeezing down.

Heads aren't hanging there long and now let's get that right leg up. Rock back. Pull it forward down with the foot left leg up, rock back. Pull it forward. Hold. Get that foot down. Let me see a set of five pushups down, up one. Pull it up, elbow straight back by the rips. Lifting in the waist and bottoms helping out. And two more. One more. Good. Now hold it up. Hold your weight up from that floor.

Take your right hand to your left and we're going to twist. Lifting up our weight towards the ceiling as you twist all the way to the other side, and now you put your left hand back on the mat behind you. Good. All the way. Keep going for me, Mandy. We're going to keep turning. There we go. Good. That's all right. And Go ahead and lower down for a second. That's fine. Okay, so stay there. I like your positioning.

Sometimes I like to lift from here instead. So what we're going to do is be careful that your knees don't hyper extend and push down for you if you need to keep them a little bent, keep them a little soft. We're gonna engage just like as if we're lying on our stomach. We're going to lift up our seat and pretend that our pubic bone is up onto the ceiling and our glutes are not letting any space. Scoop it in. We're going to alternate. We're going to kick up the right leg and flex it down.

Let's do the left up and flex it down and right and down and left doing great Mandy and right and down and left. Good. And stay here and can you give me five tricep dips. Dipping one. Touch your bottom. Lift, dip down. Lift. Do you got it? Dip down. Lift up your seat. That's it. Two and one and lower down your bottom completely.

And reach for your ankles. And we're going to do kneeling, sidekicks. So you're going to kneel on your right knee. You're going to face this way. So you're going to keep your left foot on the mat. Bend the right knee under your hip. Yes, right hand is on the mat and you should be a perfect box. So let's bring that right hand back. About three inches. Yes. Good.

And then take the shoulder now over it. Good. And this foot is going to be right there. Good. You're still imagining we're going to bring this hip quite a bit over. So we're, that's, we're gonna come this way. There you go. And now your hand is going to be there. Good. So now you're still imagining you're on your stomach, so you're pushing your pubic bone forward, your glutes, and that makes this great straight line of your hips over your knee. And now sliding the left leg.

As long as you can lift it up to hip level and you're going to kick it forward and take it back beautiful and forward and taking it back. Wonderful. And really think about how this feels on this leg and what muscles we're going to do. One, we'll get that leg high or form of Brianna up you go. Yes, that's it. Knees together on the mat, lifting up tall, and I want you to hold it here. Bring your arms straight ahead of you, and we're just going to do chest expansion. I need you to feel your pubic bone again on an imaginary mat and squeezing your hips. Scoop your belly in, and you're going to end with the air lifting at your belly all the way to your chest. Look right, look left, look forward. Don't lose your posture. Just exhale and again, squeezing your hips forward in with the or look left. Look right, look forward.

Keep your powerhouse lifting up to your chest and release those arms. Now keep all your weight up and just seesaw over to your right. Other side. Sorry. Yep, you were right. I was wrong. Left hand goes down, left foot on the mat. Good. Okay. So now we're going to keep your leg down for a second man, yet I don't want you to attire it out. Right hand behind your head. Good. And I need you to squeeze forward quite a bit more. Thank you.

Good. Bring the left hand a little forward. Thanks. Good. Now sliding that right leg. As long out of your hip as you can lift it up to hip level and five kicks. Pretend there's a fire here. I want you to work this hip. Get it up. That is not easy.

I now and scoop and we're gonna lift it up. Yes. Two more powerhouse. Getting it up. Yes. Reaching it out. One more. Finally found something I can challenge Brianna with. And bend the knees down and lifting up tall. Good job. Go ahead and sit down, but face forward, we're going to do boomerang feet are forward. I want you to cross the right ankle over the left.

Hands by your hips. Could maybe slide forward just a little bit. That's it. Nice hands by your side, right? All the way there. Good. So I want you to see, can you get your weight off your legs by pulling your waist back, pulled back a couple inches, just a couple of good. Now keep the energy in your lower back and lengthen those legs and hover them over the mat. Lift them up without going back any further. Okay, now go all the way over and pause with the hips over your shoulders. Strong legs open and switch.

And now keep your arms down and rule up into a teaser. Don't lift your arms up. Don't lift your arms up. Hold them. Keep your waist pulling back. Now with your waist pulling back, use your powerhouses. Slide your hands all the way towards your toes. Get them their toes, toes go forward, forward, forward, forward, forward. And then the hands go behind you. And then they big circle as your legs go down.

So we're going to hold those legs up a little longer. Next Day. One more time though. Hands by your hips. So you pull back the waist to lift up those legs over you go open, strong switch. And now keep your arms down as you roll up. I want you to keep your arms down cause I want you to keep using your powerhouse and slide the hands all the way up to your ankles. Keep your legs up in your hands. Go behind you on your waist. Good. Nice Mandy.

And then keep using your power house to go. Come towards me. Come towards me. That is a lot of work. Big Circle with those arms. Beautiful. Grab your ankles and stretch, stretch, stretch. Lift your bottoms forward for seal knees. Open arms go between the legs. Yes. Good.

And now feed her almost. I want you to think of that open like rocker. And they're almost pushing there so that you create that much length and space. Ooh, I like that. Shape. And Clap two, three and roll back your waistband clot two, three. Open your upper back two, three and in with the air. Two, three and exhale forward two, three. So massage that lower back massage, upper back. Two more. Breathe in with the air. Exhaling.

Last one. You're gonna uncross your legs back there and you're gonna or you're gonna Cross them and roll up all the way through. Good. Keep rolling up. Nice. Very nice. Ladies, let's stand in front of your mats on the floor. Sorry, not literally in front. This way over here, Brianna, come join me. Good. And I want you to stand in your Pilati stance and I want you to think about, you just lie down on a reformer. Okay. We actually just pulled up.

So I want you to feel the weight on the ball of every foot. The weight on your side of your foot and your heel. No locking those knees, drawing it, even the inner thighs and pelvic floor. And let's keep our heels together cause we're going to pull up our waist. Rising up onto the ball of your foot. Feel the weight of the ball every toe. Okay, scooping in.

And I want you to stay up there with your heels and plea a or bend your knees, but your belly is always lifting the crown of the heads. Always lifting. Go as low as you can. I don't know what's going on. I just hear crackling back here. But she just ran a marathon. So you know, and now we're going to roll down our a heels until they're on the mat or on the floor. Make sure your weight didn't go back. Keep your weight forward. You could slide a card under your heel and I want you to wrap in, squeeze, draw everything up and feel the back of the size you feel that you feel your seat. Feel the powerhouse, but now feel light in your neck and in your shoulders and in your head and feel that freedom for the rest of the day. Thank you for joining me.


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perfect explanation;step by step through the all exercises...great class...thank you Monica...
3 people like this.
Great cues. It made things deeper in my body.
Monica Wilson
I had the best time teaching this class and I am so glad my cues are helping you get deeper connections! Thank you for your feedback:)
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Great workout but a bit too ambitious for me! I’ll return in a couple of months.
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loved it !!
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Love love love .
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Thank you, Monica. Loved all the focused cues!
Thank you, it was soooo good!
Paulina W
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Very good workout! Found the instructions super clear and that really help with a deeper understanding and connection to your body. Thank you
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Lovely class, good level two. Particularly your instructions for the boomerang were very helpful. Thanks!
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