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Learn how to get the most out of each movement with this fun Mat workout by Dana Santi. She focuses on tightening up a few things in your technique so you can clean up your practice. Her humor and creativity make this class fun so you will want to swipe this class to the right!
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Hi, my name is Dana Santi and today I am with my beautiful girlfriend, Catherine Ross Nash, and we are going to do a very clean, is clean as we can make it and a clean mat. And we're going to just hopefully tighten a few things up and loosen things up. So ready, wipe this class two. All right, lie down and let's bring our arms behind us cath. Okay, from here, just keep the legs to gather and reach the arms up to the ceiling.

Bring the chin into the chest, lift the feet and pump and breathe. Inhale and exhale and two and exhale and again, three. Okay. And exhale. Nice, strong arms for and exhale and five. And exhale six. And exhale, big breaths. Big Arms.


Okay. And exhale. There's a lot to tone. Inhale, tighten it up, tighten up, exhale and inhale and [inaudible] exhale. One more time. Inhale, we must, we must increase our bust. I don't need to put your arms back, your legs down. And now from here, arms come up, Chin roll up. And let's grab the strap because we have it can, we'd like to strap on.

I love the strap on. And now roll right back down and from here, arms come up, Chin in. Roll up and round over stretch, stretch, stretch, roll back down and home. And again, arms come up, Shannon. Roll up and stretch, stretch, stretch. Now tighten the inner thighs a bit. Roll down, pull the belly button towards the tailbone and again, arms come up. Chinon roll up and over.

Roll Up

Stretch, stretch, stretch and roll back down. As we roll back Cath, think about rolling back onto a small barrel. And as we come up, think about rolling. Get the button to the barrel first and then the middle, and then the chest and right back home. And delicious. Yes. All right. Single leg circles.

So cat's gonna use the Poles. I'm going to keep my arms down at my sides and I want the right leg to come up towards the ceiling. It's hard to get me off the pole. You are good at your pole like my man. Now take that left leg. Keep it real secure. Take the right leg and you're going to cross it way over. Cross it over, cross it over.

Single Leg Circles

Now bring it down and around and come back up and cross down, around and up. We're going to keep that left leg really stable and up two more. Make them big and up and cross and up. Now let's reverse it. So open, keep that leg nice and stable. That's in the strap. And again, open and up and again, open and up.

Use that leftover bleak to nail that left side down a little bit and open and home. Switch the legs and now your left leg up and from here, cross the leg over. Cross it real big. Lift that hip and now down around and up and cross down, around and up. I can feel my waistline getting nice and cross and up because that waistline is enormous on you. Cross and up and one more.

Cross and up. Now reverse it around cross one and around. Cross two, around cross three, around cross four and around cross five and bring the leg home. Okay, Chin into your chest. Sit yourself up. Take both feet, grab him. We're going to stay as tight as we can.

Okay, and from here, drop that head down. Now roll backwards and come back up and again, roll back and come back up and again, roll back in the whole time. Pull those obliques away from the hip bones a little bit and up and again. Roll back and up. Now close those legs up you. I'm not even going to say it.

Rolling Like A Ball

Roll and come back up and just do one more that way. Rural and come back home now from here, go ahead ly. Back such an unnatural position for me. The right knee into your chest. Now give it to little [inaudible] polls. Poll. Paul switched the legs, Paul Paul and switch Paul Paul and switch Paul Paul. Nice strong arms.

Single Leg Stretch

Paul Paul, Paul, Paul, your right leg and your left leg. Now both knees in. Bring the chin into the chest, reach those arms and legs away from the center and then bend the knees and pull them in and reach them away and pull them in. Reach him away and pull it in. Reach it away and pull it in. Now let's just do the legs cath and reach the legs out and then bend and bring it back in and reach the legs out and bring it in.

Double Leg Stretch

Reach them out and bring it in and reach them out. Now stay there. Let's live that right leg up and grab up high. Now from here, aim that top of the head towards that knee cap. Now let's not cave. Try to switch.

So we're going to try to come up to the leg more instead of pulling the legs so close and over our head and switch and try to lengthen it up. Do you want it at 90 and switch? So little, little, maybe a little past 90 I don't want the, you know, horse split over the head and hold and switch and switch and switch and switch. And one more. Yes, both legs together, hands behind classmen and now lower the legs and lift up and again, lower and lift and again, lower and lift again. Lower and lift two more. That's it. Tighten the chest and tighten the tricep to the back of that upper armpit.

Single Straight Leg Stretch

One more [inaudible] and now Chris, Cross, elbow to knee. Hold it. Two, three, switch. Hold two, three, switch. Hold it. Two, three, switch. If we had a drink on each side and there was a straw we could sip, you know, that would be such a motivated sweat and sweat. You should see how I twist when I have a drink, which, and then release. All right. Sit yourself up, spine, stretch forward. See. And if we had one right here, we would be amazing all. We're going to put our heels in the middle of the boxes and take your hands. Let's start here. We're going to find the tailbone a little bit. Okay. And I want you to just take the hands and just walk them forward a bit.

Double Leg Lower Lift

Okay. And take the elbows and kind of place them down. Now keeping the middle stable. Tighten the chest a little bit and now don't move your torso. Try to extend the arms further out and hold it and then come back home.

Criss Cross

Give it another try. That was juicy. Walking out, we're going to just place the forearm down. Okay. Keeping our middle stable feed or just straight up towards the ceiling. And now reach the hands further out, trying to keep them in that same position. Hold it [inaudible] and then come back home. Now that we know what it feels like, let's try it and we'll just going to take the arms straight out.

Spine Stretch Forward

You always have to know what it feels like first. Exactly. Well you got to know you got your buy and hold on to it and then come back home and one more time and lengthen it out and hold it and then come back home. Now open like rocker. So let's bring the legs up and we're going to go wider cause we like it wider and now roll backwards and come up. Well it is our class and hold it. Roll back and come back up.

Open Leg Rocker

I've seen you like this and again, roll back and come back up. A lot of people have and rolled back and up and again, roll back and up. One more time. Okay. And then home, close those legs. Oh right. And now come on down. Hands to the polls if you want, or arms down at your sides.

I've got a slide down a little and let's do tick-tock. So from here you're going to take the legs, keep them together. Let's go. Legs, go to the left and your head's going to look to the right. So go over and you know, calf go real big. Go down, go down, go down, go down, go down and then come back up. Cause if you don't go all the way, you don't know what it feels like.

Tick Tock

Oh you got to go all the way up and again over and come back up one more over and come back up. No corkscrew. So from here you can keep your hands where you have them or put them down at your sides. Bring the legs over the head, hold onto it. And now from here, palm down towards the right side of the spine, over and to the left. Lift and try to tap into those low abs and over the head.


Now go down to the left and around and right and up and to the right and around, and just keep the feet side by side and to the left and over and come home. Let's put our legs into the boxes. Feed into the boxes and we'll do saw. So from here, arms out. Find Your tailbone, not your front. Tailbone, the back tailbone and twist to the right and twist a little more. Drop the head down. Aim The pinky finger towards the pinky toe. And now from here, come up, twisted, and then turn center, twisted sister, twisted sister's twist.


Drop the head down and stretch, stretch, stretch, aiming the top of the head towards the knee for now and center and twist. Drop the head down and stretch, stretch, stretch. Come back up and center and twist and drop the head down and stretch, stretch, stretch. Come back up and center. Okay, close the legs. How about we face this way? So we faced each other. So smart. We know race is fun. Okay.

Take the arms a little bit more in front of you and we'll make the two fists now. Legs together. And I want you to tighten the chest a little bit. Tighten the tricep to the back of that almost upper arm pit if you can find it. And now from here, lift both legs, take the right foot, kick it in two times. Kick, kick, switch, kick, kick. And we're keeping the legs lifted. So we tighten the tushy. Yes, I wanted to say ass you just did and tighten.

Single Leg Kick

Well this is going to be an x rating anyways. Yes, exactly. This is on that no one watches list, you know that one. And kick kick one more on each side. Kick, kick, switch, kick, kick and release. So I think they have to pay extra for that so we don't get anymore and not anymore any wrinkles. Let's bring ourselves a little forward and just let your head go straight.

Such a good pain, right? Take the hands behind your back. And now from here, lift the thighs as three kicks, one, two, three. And now lift the chest, stretch, stretch, stretch and head goes down again. One, two, three and lift it up. Stretch, stretch, stretch and again. And one, two, three, lifted up, stretch, stretch, stretch. One more. One, two, three. And stretch, stretch, stretch, end, release. I love that. Had positioned. Yes. Sit back onto your heels and stretch for a second.

Double Leg Kick

Now let's come up to kneeling and do thigh stretch. Good. His hand. I'm so good at. We're so good on your knees. Reach the arms long in front. Now come to me. Oh baby. Come to me. Come to me. We get our hamstrings and now we thigh stretch back and then we come back home.

Child's Pose

It's so good to get both. So little forward and we've got to be just as good in the front as we do in the back and or the top. You got to go to come in and Gan stretch and home. Okay, let's go into neck pole. Yes. So we're gonna use the strap. Take your strep feet and strap them on.

Thigh Stretch

Reach the arms behind your head. And now from here, pull the arches into that strap. Tighten the front and back of the shoulder joint. And now lift the arms up. Head up and stretch over. One, two, three. Roll to sit. And now roll back down. Yeah.

Neck Pull

And keeping the arms right where they are. And roll up round over. Stretch, stretch, stretch, roll to sit. Yeah. And Roll back down. Now as we hit those blades, push your head into your hands and your hands into your head and just lengthen out those last few inches. Oh, it's all about those last few, Huh? Roll up and stretch, stretch, stretch, roll. And now roll right back down. If I really push into my hand, I can feel those last few inches. That lengthen.

Yeah, they just get longer and roll up and stretch, stretch, stretch, lift and roll back down. And one more time. Oh yeah. And roll up and stretch, stretch, stretch, lift and roll it down and release. Okay, let's lay on our side and we'll do some side kicks certainly. So we're gonna line up with the edge of the mat and we can take the foot. It's kind of anybody's call plays that in the box. Don't place it in the box.

Okay, let's just try to get the side of the foot to touch the mat surface. Okay. Hand can come in front. And now the back hand, press your head into your hand in your hand, into your head. Now the top leg cap, we're really going to move that leg. We're going to get it nice and loose. I like Hay and to the front, forward, forward and to the back. And again, forward and back and forward and back.

Forward and Back

Forward and back to more forward and back. One more forward and back. And now the top leg. Just kick it up two times. Now tighten those inner thighs on the way down and up and tighten and again up and tighten to more. Really latch onto them calf.

Lift and Lower

I got them baby and up and home. And now small circles. Circle around. Stop One. Circle around, two, circle around, three. Circle around for circle around and reverse and one and two and three and four. One more and five. Now let's bend the knees.


We're gonna do the clams. Nice. Yes. So neon top of knee, side of the foot, touching the side of the foot. Take that top knee and just lift it up and bring it down. Nothing's like a little clam too and up. And three. I like bigger clams. Sometimes I look like a clam. I know. Yes and five.


Although your clammed bigger than my clam six. I have a very talented player. Two more. Seven. One more eight now for fun. Let's lift the defeat up. Alright, now we go again. One there's a bigger opening on this one, two and three. Sometimes bigger is better for yes and five.

Six, two more. Seven. One more. Eight and bring it home. Okay, switchover. So would you say the size of my clam matters? Size of the clam really matters. Okay. Sometimes it's good to have a big clam and a small clam variety and they make it better. Plam family k top leg comes up and forward and back and to length and back.

Three reach it back. How many did I do? What do you think you'd think I was counting? Yeah, I'm feeling it. Let's see. I'm going to just feel okay. Just feel, I feel like we usually go by feel. Yes. Kind of like cook forward. Yeah. One more. C eight. Yeah, it's hot.

Forward and Back

And now go up and [inaudible] tighten those inner thighs like you have never tightened. 'Em Huh? Up and down and again up and tighten. Two more up and tighten. One more. Up and tighten. And now small circles, circle around. Stop one, circle around two.

Lift and Lower

Sometimes we have to take the stop so people can catch their breath and hold it and hold it. And now reverse and one and like it. Cause I get to Titan to how sometimes your partner needs to catch her breath. I said her, I'm keeping it clean cause it's all about clean. Exactly. And now from here, bend your knees, clam, clam and top knee one and come down two and three.


I think my clam smaller and for mine's definitely needs a little bit more of an opening. We got to get those, you know, suddenly I'm a Yep. One more. And now lift the feet and open it up once easier. So much, two, three. All we have to do is just lived our feet and it's so much better.


We can always just put pillows under our feet. Right? It's not about holding your feet, lift your feet. And release. Okay, come on down and now sweep your feet around to the front. All right, sitting up. Now we're onto teaser. So let's start this from sitting and maybe let's separate our legs just so we can do a couple with the legs open and a couple with the legs closed.

Teaser 1

Okay, from here, variety roll back and let's go back pretty f pretty far further than we normally would. Lift your arms up and now lift the legs from here, lift up and then come back home and two and come back home and three and come back home. And for now hold there. And then let's just drop the legs and bring the arms home. Now bring the legs tight together. Really tighten it up. We had no open it to be able to be able to close it and roll back a little further than we think. Lift the arms and now lift the legs. Let's keep a matching arms and legs and come up and then back down and up and come back down and up and come back down and up.

Hold it. And now let's unfold. Let everything go. Come to me and now up. Oh, sorry. And unfold. You're so unpredictable. I am. That's what they say. And up and come back one more time and up. Hold it. Hold it, hold it, and then come home. Okay.

Teaser 3

Now let's come to the front of our mat. And from here, let's end with this seal. So we're going to take, and let's do this one that we like with the soles of the feet together. It's a little bit wider. And now from here, roll back. I'm waiting for your Mama. Come on and roll back. Now. Clap the feet. One, two, three, roll-up. Hold it there and clap my hand and roll back. One, two, three, roll-up. Clap my two hands. Whoo. Roll back. One, two, three.


Roll Up. Ho and one, two, three. And we are done, sister. Yeah.

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LOL. You girls are cracking me up. Always a good time to clean up the Mat work, thanks for the fun!!!
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I had a lot of fun...thank you
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Fun way to start my day sistas!
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Just titillating!
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Love you both so much ! That was great !
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You ladies are hilarious! Loved that!
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Uplifting fun class thank you both
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I had a lot of fun doing this and enjoyed the playfulness! Just a thought, please don’t forget someone is watching this video and we may need some cueing. If I couldn’t see my iPad I was turning my head in weird directions to see what you were doing. Really fun and feels great too thanks!
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Loved the humor and playfulness of this class!
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