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Clean Mat Flow

25 min - Class


Learn how to get the most out of each movement with this fun Mat workout by Dana Santi. She focuses on tightening up a few things in your technique so you can clean up your practice. Her humor and creativity make this class fun so you will want to swipe this class to the right!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, my name is Dana Santi and today I am with my beautiful girlfriend, Catherine Ross Nash, and we are going to do a very clean, is clean as we can make it and a clean mat. And we're going to just hop...

Girl Time with Kristi and Meri - Playlist 5: Fun with Friends


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LOL. You girls are cracking me up. Always a good time to clean up the Mat work, thanks for the fun!!!
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I had a lot of fun...thank you
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Fun way to start my day sistas!
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Just titillating!
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Love you both so much ! That was great !
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You ladies are hilarious! Loved that!
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Uplifting fun class thank you both
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I had a lot of fun doing this and enjoyed the playfulness! Just a thought, please don’t forget someone is watching this video and we may need some cueing. If I couldn’t see my iPad I was turning my head in weird directions to see what you were doing. Really fun and feels great too thanks!
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Loved the humor and playfulness of this class!
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