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Allow your body to move and feel the flow with this Mat workout by Meredith Rogers. She teaches her favorite exercises in a special Girl Time class with Kristi, Amy, and Sarah. They work on being connected to their minds and body while having fun at the same time!
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Today is a very special day. If you look around the room here, you might notice some familiar faces. Yep. I got my girls in the house today and I'm super happy. It's girl time with one Mike. But it's going to be a collaborative effort. So if there was a request from any of the students in the class, you will know and we will do. Um, if you need to modify, you should, we will all modify as we need to for our own bodies. And let's get started. So sitting up tall, placing the feet out in front of you, flat on the Mat, taking a hold of the back of the size.

Close your eyes. [inaudible] just take a moment to bring them your awareness into your own body, to be present in this moment, in this space and breathe in and feel as you breathe in and that you can increase the levity of your body. Increase the ease in which you sit here on your mat, increase the depth of your mental connection and just, you know, maybe mentally checking in with what you need for your body today. And you can open your eyes whenever you're ready or you can keep them close. We're going to inhale and then move.

As you exhale round your spine. Keep the shoulders over the pelvis. Pull forward with your arms as you pull back through your ways. I'm so excited. And who lift? Oh, there might be some giggles I have to say. And Xcel around this spine. [inaudible] spine and lift this way. And I don't know about you guys, but there's nothing in my world.

He more rewarding than working with a room full of people whom I love and around. Yeah, and lift and around your spine and keep your hands on your thighs. But this time we're gonna roll back. So just allow your arms to straighten. Slide your hands down the outsides of your thigh. Push into your thighs with your arms in here. Exhale, slide your hands up your thigh, round forward over the pelvis and lift the spine in here.

Exotech the tail under. Press the arms into the thighs. Allow the arms to straight and roll back. [inaudible] letting the arms string, using them to assist you if necessary. Excellent. Cruel. The body [inaudible] and lift. So something I like to play with here as we exhale and round down and allow the arms to straighten it. Push the feet down and away from you.

Push the feet away from, yeah, and then as you're coming up, think of pushing the feet down, but pulling them towards you and lift the body in hell. We'll do two more. Exhale round the spine. Push the feet down. Now they're not moving at all that it's just energetic forward reaching, oppositional, moving. Inhale. Exhale. Pull them towards you. And we use that pool to find the back of the legs or find the backside of the body to help us find the back side of the body. Lasts one around the spine and roll back. Okay, so at the back at the back, we're going to take the arm closest to me. It's going to open.

We're going to turn and we're going to look at it and then come back. Inhale over to the other direction. X, I'll say, come back in. He'll open me. The other arm could slide up. The side could grab onto the side. Inhale, open Erie. That'd be very mean to my friends. A right away open and reach this as the last one and back.

Open and reach and back and scoot in for a pelvic curl. Feet on the mat, arms on the Mat, head on the mat. Inhale, exhale. [inaudible] under pelvis lifts up often that we roll the pelvis up. Hips up high, arms long. Take the arms overhead. Inhale, exhale. Roll the spine down. Reach through the arms, reach through the arms really hammocking or flexing deeply in the lower back as the pelvis comes down, take the arms through space, push them onto the mat and roll back up again, so feed her on the mat. We've got back of the legs working email.

Take the arms overhead and exhale. Roll the body down. Feel that the arms could help you feel old sensation of growing longer. Take the arms down. Inhale, press them into the medics. I'll curl up. Inhale, arms reach back. Exhale, articulate this spine down.

I had arms come down. We go two more times. Exhale, press the feet down. Lift up heavy through the shoulder blades, light in the neck, arms reach overhead. Inhale, lifting the hips. XL, roll the body down. [inaudible] arms come down. One more pressed down to lift. Hold at the top. Lift the left arm in the right leg. Place them down without changing anything else in your body switch.

So we're just marching in space and switch. The hardest part for me is as one foot comes down and the other one's preparing to lift. Can we do that without a lot of shifting and down and your h and down and reach? We're going to go do one more to each side after this. So here's one more to each side.

Both legs down, both arms up here, you know, roll down. Okay. Take the arms out to the sides. Lift one lay followed by the other leg. Legs are connected together. We're going to take the knees over towards me in you and pull back through center and inhale to reach away. Xcel, supple back, lift one hip, come onto the other. XLC come back. How deep can you go in both directions.

And then by deep, I mean connected, physically connected, mentally connected. We're going to go with three more times total. One more time on each side. Last time, come back through center. Place one foot down, then the ever reached back.

Put your hands behind your head. Glue your legs together. Feel that the feet are stuck to the mat as you curl your head and chest up. Imagine that you're trying to lift your feet, which you have already glued to the mat. Hold. Push down into your feet, curl your pelvis towards your nose as you bring your pelvis back to the mat. We're gonna lift a little higher and now we're going to go down.

So a suggested breath pattern could go like exhale to lift. Inhale to lift the pelvis. Exhale the lower the pelvis, but lift the chest. It's like magic. And then exhale to come down. And again, exhale to lift. Inhale pelvis. Exhale, pelvis, gem chest just floats up and down.

Last one. Exhale, lift the head and chest. Inhale, took the tail in and your feet. Exhale, lower the spine. Oh, it's cramping. Cramping is contagious. And take it down. And now we lift up. We do the same thing. This time as your pelvis comes down, take your hands off your head and reach for your thighs. Lift a little bit higher, or just connect or commit.

Let go. Arms up, hands behind your head. Turn towards me. Exhale. Inhale, stay lifted. As you come to the center, feel the weight of your head in your hands. Twist and center to [inaudible] and center. Sarah told me that she really wanted to do a lot of chest lifts today. So that's, that's Sarah's first. This is, this is first, Sarah. And then across to the other direction. We're just going to one more time, Sarah. So get what you can and your, and one more time and center.

We're gonna find center. We're gonna take the arms forward. We're gonna take one. They got and the other leg out. I were gonna reach up and back. I lift the ribs off the mat and let the back arch. And then as the arms come up, we're gonna bring the head and chest up posteriorly, rotate the pelvis, get the lower back to touch and roll up and then just reach all the way forward over your legs. Roll your body all the way at flex your feet, hands behind your head and we're going to twist towards me on a double XL. We go pool, pool and centre and pool. Pool and center.

Let's do inhale. Inhale, center. Inhale. Inhale. Exhale. It comes around. Lift on the inhale, lift on the inhale. I do a couple more to each side. Let's say two more towards me. Two more away. Center rotate. One more time. This is for Christie.

Have to be very clear about how many completely we're doing. Pause here. We're going to turn towards me. Now you're going to side Ben, so I'm taking my right elbow to the outside of my right knee. Grow the spine back up tall again and find center so we twist it to same side. The elbow goes to the same side. We're not crossing the body and we roll up and we come to center and inhale, twist x, round.

Grow Tall, find center. Inhale, lift and twist. Exhale, dive over, roll up and find center. [inaudible] lift and twist. Exhale, go down, lift up and center. Last one, lift in twists, go down, lift, find center. Reach forward, round the spine, bring the shoulders over the hits and then draw the knees in from there. Taking the hands to the ankles, tipping backwards just behind the pelvis. So you feel that you're using your abdominal muscles just to lift the leg slightly off the mat. Press the into the knees and the or the shins and the shins into the hands and rock. Inhale and exhale.

And in here and that and back and back. And we know, hopefully all of us, but that is isn't about being perfect. It's just about moving your body and having fun. So all right, Christie says she's having fun. Amy's having fun. Sarah's having fun. I'm having fun. So we are accomplishing the goal. Yeah, we're doing Polaris and no one needs to be perfect cause it's ain't gonna happen. Not for any of us. Last one.

Okay. Take your hands to your knees. Push your knees into your hands. Here's where we get to play with not being perfect. Then to control your roll down onto the mat. Control your roll down onto the mat. Bring the knees over the hips, hands on the shins, elbows. Why? And we double leg, stretch out and bend and in and then see you that the feel, the reach, the stretch of the arms and the legs away from one another. Inhale to exhale.

Inhale to exhale. I feel like this is all my favorite things to do. I'm going to give you guys and I hope you like, I'm just going to do all my very favorite things and if you have a favorite thing you tell me. So we're gonna push the knees into the hands. We're going to come up the way we came down. No, it's not easy. No, it's not perfect. Oh, I cheated too, Amy. Good. And so now we're going to go both hands to the left knee, right leg out straight. Push your left knee into your hands and rock back.

Rock back. Single leg stretch position. I'm going to do five. Five. That's 10 Kristy. Five four, four. Push down on your to grow your body to two. We come back to the left knee. Push your knee into your hands.

Reach your straight leg away from you. Rocca stay around James the hats. So we pushed it into to the hand roll back. Here we go. We switch five fat wide arms. Feel your back heel, the back of the body into the back of the body.

Here's number one, and then we come back to the right knee. And who do you use the momentum, right? It is rock up. That's even maybe more fun. And then like so you can go, but we're going back to the left. You can either use no arms or you can use arms.

I'm going to go back. I know. I think it's almost easier without arms. Hands behind the head. We twist to the lay twist. Five, five, four. So the left knee goes in, the right leg goes out. We bring our body into the middle, arms forward, hold on, rock up, whatever you need.

Rule change legs in the air. This is it. We can do it. Rolled. Yeah. Hands-On in that twist is fine for sliding the undercarriage. Ribs underneath top ribs coming over the top. I believe this is one one, right knee and left leg out.

Bodies in the center. We're gonna roll up. Oh No, I'm stuck that, that's okay. I don't mind both legs in who are gonna. This is fun. Ready, roll back. Kick over. We're going to do a bunch of times and then roll down. This is the fun part. So just feel the reverberations of the body as you bend in and then a roll back and kick light on the arm and then just allow your body to move and roll down.

We bend in Curl and rural hacking. Kiko, right. [inaudible] flex the see Rhoda and then curl it. Let's go in tight. Two more rock back. Is that Enough Sara? Is that enough? Is Two more enough for you? Okay. How many more?

Sarah says maybe two more now. Okay. Ooh. And um, had comes up Ra. Okay. Road. Ooh. Then take the ankles, stretch the back as you stretch the legs.

And now we rock in here. I haven't done this exercise and I no idea how lifts, oh wait, maybe a couple of weeks for him. He's right back here. We go all together now back and push your shins, your ankles into your hands. Lift up on your legs to take the legs back. Push the shins into the hands to lift yourself up. One more back, Gloria legs. Sit Up. I just need to get on my mat. Take the arms out straight.

Inhale, spine stretch. Excellent Chin comes into the Chelsea. Take the body forward. Draw back through the abdominals. Push out through the feet in here. Continue to push away with your feet as you build the spine back straight again. One bone stacks on the next, on the lower one, and the head comes up in your.

Feel like your head is filled with helium and let it bring your spine up straighter. Exhale around forward feeling the abdominals. Pull back, allowing the body just to melt over the thighs and then push the feet away as you roll up through the spine. Lifting, lifting an inhale and exhale. Rolling down and inhale and exhale. Rolling. No, we'll just do two more. Yeah. [inaudible] just so happy and just so happy and inhale. Exhale, lift.

[inaudible] and in here and Exo, adding spinal extension. We go down to reach out. Feel the back. Come out long. Feel the Scapula drawing down away from the ears, dive back forward and lift that. I like to think about it just like as a rebound. So it's a gentle down or a focus down and then you hit that and that long position you get that beautiful back extension and then the rest of it it's like just fall and lift and inhale. Just move and around and reach out.

And it looks the same. Feels a little different. One more around and read. Yeah, and fall. And when I say fall, I don't mean like take, make it out of control or whatever it, let's do this for the saw. So just so we've got some space for our arms or just towards me. We'll stretch the arms and dive ticked up.

Spine out with top, arm out with the forward arm. Refold the Elvis and find center in her rotate. Xcel split the arms in di, lengthen out through the spine. Benny arms come center and spiral. That could be easy too. And Re so if we believe it's going to be easy, maybe it is and it's just an idea and just keep believing. I believe it's gonna be easy.

We believe it feels amazing. It does feel amazing. I'll argue with anyone on that or not. I'll just believe it and twist. We'll do the one more to each that after this one. So we reach out. Ben, then ease our way, center and ease across and Richa and elongation.

Bend and center. And last one, twist to dive, to lengthen, to bend, to come to center. Take the arms behind you, slide or step the legs together. Push them out away from you with the center of your back. So meaning like below the shoulder blades. Draw the abdominals back. Stand on your heels and lift your hips up.

So we feel the, the full length of the spine as we press up towards the, towards the heavens, and then sit back down and feel the weight of the feet into the earth or the ground or the carpet or the Mat. And feel the body as it lifts up and sit back and exhale, lift. Okay. And inhale back and we just go two more times. Exhale to lift.

[inaudible] and back. This is my favorite exercise, I think. No, it's one of my favorites. I am your friend. We can differ in opinions and then sitting down and reaching forward. If I were your friend, I wouldn't let you stretch, but I'm letting you stretch so that just proves it. And then roll down there. Just coming into the shoulders. Ladies. Just come into the shoulders. A less like drown. Hold onto it and pull. Pull, change, pull.

Pull a change. Stabilizing the trunk as the legs past one another pool, pool, pool, pool. Another good example of how much I love you, but choosing this exercise for you. Last time. Both legs up, hands behind your head, both legs, down, both legs back so that you're pushing with the back of your legs and you're reaching away almost like we did with the pelvis, like in the pelvic or in the chest. That, so you're trying to lift high or as the legs go down Sarah. Stay with say with the group. Last one. Yeah.

And we're going to split the legs in. Twist three more. Two more. I'm Sarah Zoned out. We'll forgive her for that one. When both legs up, both knees bend. Scoot in for a pelvic curl in here. Exhale, roll up. Feeling your feet on the floor, standing on the right leg, lifting the left leg straight up and take down. Flex back down, keeping the hips lifted.

Feel the length of the arms. One more time. Hold the leg up. Circle it to the inside. One, two, three. Hold the pelvis. So two one circle to the outside. Whoa. Two, three, four, five. Roll down. Piking your leg in towards your body.

Take that straight leg all the way to the ground. Lift the bent knee up and hold it in the opposite hand. Untwist here, welcome. And then come back into the middle. Both feet down onto the floor, feeling the feet on the mat, rolling back up again. Once we get up to the top, we stand on the lesson, take the right leg and then it goes down and pulls back. Push and then swing long arms easy on the shoulders.

Last one and we circled to the inside for five Oh four how's having a little personal earthquake over here? Three. It's like the mat was moving out from underneath me and one guy, the other hold on to theory or fun pool in packing the leg. Piking the leg piking the leg in, lower the leg down, lift the bent knee, twist. Hmm. [inaudible] and then come back in [inaudible] and Ben. Denise.

Yeah. Okay. So take the arm that's closest to me and lift it up over your head and then turn on to your side facing me, facing me. So we're going to go elbow down on the mat. Let me do a little shout out to Mr. Benjamin Degenhardt for giving me permission to move my spine in the sidekick. It's amazing.

Um, not that I needed your permission specifically, but I um, I was offered to me and I'm loving it. So that's what we're going to do ladies today. We're gonna lift the top, like you're going gonna kick that lead forward and allow your spine to bend and then push it back in that are pushing the head into the hand and Ben Pool and our, he just feels good. And Ben and I'm tight and I could use that stretch this one. And I'm tight. I could use this stretch and we're in control, but we're not having to hold everything still just for the moment. We're allowing our bodies just to move and to feel that flow of life one more and to take the hand from behind the head, bring it around to the mat, rotate the chest down and roll kind of over the bottom size.

So you're kind of on the outside of that bottom side. Take that back leg and lift up and lift up and lift up. And I'm using my arms to pull my body forward and up forward and think that's six. That's the goal. Come back through center. Cross that leg over the bottom like then both knees, take the opposite arm in the air, lift your body, rotate through, come back and bend, lift your body, rotate through, come back. Nice job though. And then Zoe's doing class with us in the back and lift.

She's doing amazing and reach through and back and bend and we'll do two more. Any idea how many that was? Guys? This is awesome. Thank you Amy. So we work together collectively to keep track. I appreciate your assistance. Okay. And now we come back, we bend. So I had the bottom leg out from underneath the topic, leg and lift.

Take that arm you were just resting on and reach up and over. Up and over. And then comma, arms come out to the side. We're going to hinge across. Hand comes down. As you exhale, pull your abdominals in and rotate. Now pull back on your hands and lift your chest through your arms.

Now push the mat away around the spine. Open the arm Baca, lift up and reach up to go over. Okay. And then back. All of my favorite things for all of my favorite lady and rotate around Elan Gate. Hey, just want to give you a class. It just makes you feel so amazing and then open and uh, and Oh over and just feel that he is like the body just comes back. It's just easy.

It is dad. And then it just reaches and yeah, you're guiding it. You're telling them what to do, but you can feel into it. You can make it more intense. You can make it a lighter around. Oh pen. I can't keep my knee on the mat and I'm going to be just fine with that. I to reach over and now let's do a little quarter turn chest to thigh, Huh?

And then we're going to come back in the lifter. I'm going to bring the legs around to the other side. [inaudible] so creating a straight line between the shoulder in the pelvis. If you want it to be a little easier, you can just bend in. The bottom knee are more, more easier to stabilize or to control.

Hand behind the head. Top light comes up and we let the spine around to bring the leg in. Let the spine extend to bring the leg back and breathe however you want. [inaudible] I imagine that your breath is doing the leg moving. Your breath is moving your body. Imagine that.

[inaudible] okay. I think we have to fall forward, back, forward and back. Take Dan turn. So I'm rolling over to the outside of my thigh, pulling, pushing down with my arms, but also pulling my chest up and through taking that leg up behind me and pressing up six, five. Every time the leg lifts the spine goes more forward. I can't even count the six. Where are we? Two. Thank you. And one and legs cross arm comes up so you can bend your knees a little bit and we're going to lift up.

We're going to reach underneath of us and to unwind and we're going to bed and we're going to lift that. Now. It'd be a great place to exhale if you feel like it and we're in here and Ben and three more lifter. Bring it through, open it up and bend and two more. If I say that each time I'll keep Kat underage and open. Maybe Trish because I may or may not last time, lift that unwind, bend and then we just slide by like out from underneath the top. Lay come up into a seated position, taking the arm up, we reach over to the side and then the arms come out to the side.

They just float up there in space and reach across it, kind of translating through the ribs. Exhale, reach her around the front in here. Lanes in the spine out. Pull back on your hands. Exhale. Push away on your hands as you around. Open lift arm floats up. We take it over and come back up.

Reach out. Hand comes down around the spine. Lengthen the spine. Round the spine again. Open lift, dropping the hip as much as you can. As you reach over the top, we'll just do one more, uh, over and spiral.

I for some reason, just then when we did our spirals, we're thinking about spiraled him. It's just for your information. You know how they call it a spiral ham? Almost cuted that way, but I didn't cause maybe that's just how I was feeling in my body. Like a ham and then, okay. I just had to share. Amy Thought it too.

He must be [inaudible]. Oh my God. Oh, Chrissy. Yes. We're quarter turning. Sorry, I got distracted by the hand. Okay. Oh, I don't think I'll ever do that exercise again without thinking about it.

I rolled have come up onto your hands and knees. Oh my God. So we're coming onto the hands and knees where we have, we've got knees underneath the pelvis, hands underneath the shoulders, don't matter. And then we're going to press the shins into the mat and we're tucking the tail under it and we're just rippling through the spine and allowing the spine to go into any Ben shape that feels good to you. And then leave the head down. Start with the pelvis, let the back go in the opposite direction. So we let the chest come through the arms, we lift the head, we see all this pelvis opening up behind us and we live the heart.

And then exhale, Tuck the tail under, pushing to the mat with your hands. Okay. And then reverse it. So head stays down. Pelvis, arm bones, pull back, knee bones pull forward. Lengthen. Let's do one more exhale around the spine. Push down with your knees.

Okay, cool. Forward with your knees and back with your arms as you reach out and round. One more time. We're rounding. So what we're going to do here is a little knee stretch hall road. All we do is we go a little deeper into the ABS. We push down to the tops of the feet and we float the nice, okay. And then come back down. [inaudible] [inaudible] the pelvis, re-engage the ABS, push into the top of the feet.

[inaudible] and back down. Three more times we're homeless spine. Tuck the tail. Push into the feet and lift and back down. Two. Yeah, one more.

[inaudible] and, and then lowering all the way down onto the mat. Taking the upper arms next to the chest. The head can rest on the mat or can float just off the mat. Feel a sense of energy through the legs. Slide the elbows and the shoulder blades backwards.

And then just start using that backward glide in your arms to send your spine, your chest forward. Continue to reverse. Articulate your spine, coming up as high as you can without putting pressure on your arms. Then allow yourself to press into your elbows and then allow your elbows to lift and just come up as high as you feel like you want to. Could all use that stretch to the front of the body, reverse the go down the way you came up so the chest is lifted as the elbows go down, and then we just lay the spine back out on the mat and then look up scapula slides, arm boons pull back, coming up. Then present to the elbows. Reach the elbows away from the floor, lifting the spine up. Keep the energy in the legs.

Keep lifting through your chest as you bend your arms and then lay the spine down. Eyes go down. Last, we'll do two more. Eyes up, chest up, scapula slides, elbows, press, elbows, lift, body lifts, and then we go back down. Okay, back down. One more time. Sign that upper back. Lifts the chest through the arms. Feel that you're taking your body forward as you're lifting and going forward as you lifting it up, minimizing compression on the lower back. Bend your arms.

[inaudible] pause there. Stretch the arms in the legs. Were swimming and inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale. And when to three an hour. I was just going to do one more best. Sika [inaudible] everything lower is bring the elbows in underneath the shoulders, pull the chest through, lift the naval, often at list the legs app and we go right like kick, kick, left leg, kick, kick, kick, kick, pulling the chest forward. All the tie, pressing the arms into the mat and lifting the chest out and forward. We'll do four, three, two, one. Are you guys cramping again? Both legs, that strain. And then let's just go all the way down.

Marina pressed into our forms. We're going to come up onto our, I need, I just want you to reach way back and sit back on your heels. Keep their arms reaching way out in front of you. So from here we're gonna do another spinal movement. We're gonna roll the spine, tucking the tail under, somewhere around shoulders, over hands. You'll put weight into your arms. Allow the pelvis to drop through, lift the chest and lift the eyes and pushed into the knees and push into the hands and around. Pulling the abdominals back, like someone's pulling you back to, you're trying to reach forward and then roll through the spine, letting the hips come forward, lifting the chest through the arms.

Okay. Round and reach back. And we'll just do that one more time. Roll through the spine. Yeah. Hips come forward, eyes left, chest reaches forward and ah, and around, in this time you can just continue sitting back until you arrive on your feet.

Yeah. It's taking a couple of moments and pausing and then rolling yourself upstairs. You're just sitting on your feet, sitting on your bent knees. And then just taking the arms forward, allowing the arms just to float up. And as they float up, feel that same floating sensation in your body. Oh, Ben. Soft and down and reach forward and uh, [inaudible] ah, one more time for it. And uh, okay. And Sa. Okay.

Turn into the center. So Coursera, you turn this way, Amy, you turn that way or towards each other. Chrissy, you turn towards me. I turn towards you and we give each other [inaudible]. I'm going to go and now trade partner is [inaudible]. Oh yeah. Zoe [inaudible].

He did so amazing. One of them.

Girl Time with Kristi and Meri: Fun with Friends


Great energy and flow thanks Meredith!
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awesome class as always! I love girl time
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wow! so needed this today!
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I wish I could work with you ladies. So many laughs..
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I appreciate girl time with my virtual PA friends too. This was one of the very best of the transmitted ALL of the energy, love and respect you feel for each other AND stayed anchored in the practice . Yay!!
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Lmao! spiral ham! I agree with whoever said they would have loved to be in that class! . I also found it much easier to roll back and up without holding on after doing single and double leg stretch. Thank you for the great class!
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you are all amazing...thank you for let us join you...
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Just lovely xxx
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Feeling like part of the club. Thanks for a great class with great ladies.
Thank you ALL for spending time with us!
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