Class #3421

Mat Flow with Friends

45 min - Class


Allow your body to move and feel the flow with this Mat workout by Meredith Rogers. She teaches her favorite exercises in a special Girl Time class with Kristi, Amy, and Sarah. They work on being connected to their minds and body while having fun at the same time!
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


Today is a very special day. If you look around the room here, you might notice some familiar faces. Yep. I got my girls in the house today and I'm super happy. It's girl time with one...

Girl Time with Kristi and Meri - Playlist 5: Fun with Friends


Great energy and flow thanks Meredith!
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awesome class as always! I love girl time
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wow! so needed this today!
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I wish I could work with you ladies. So many laughs..
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I appreciate girl time with my virtual PA friends too. This was one of the very best of the transmitted ALL of the energy, love and respect you feel for each other AND stayed anchored in the practice . Yay!!
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Lmao! spiral ham! I agree with whoever said they would have loved to be in that class! . I also found it much easier to roll back and up without holding on after doing single and double leg stretch. Thank you for the great class!
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you are all amazing...thank you for let us join you...
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Just lovely xxx
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Feeling like part of the club. Thanks for a great class with great ladies.
Thank you ALL for spending time with us!
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