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Smart Moves Reformer

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You will feel challenged in all planes of motion with this Reformer workout by Jared Kaplan. He plays with the variables from his Moving Environments Reformer and adds more advanced elements. He includes creative exercises to test your strength, balance, and coordination so you feel connected to what's happening inside your body.
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Aug 30, 2018
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Hi, I'm Jared Kaplan. I'm here with my friend Marimba. We're doing an advanced reformer workout that I call smart moves. It is featuring compound multiplanar exercises and movement. If you click over to the moving environments tutorial, you'll see a bunch of the variables that we're now playing with in an advanced workout. I want you to feel like you are challenged in all planes of motion. You're going to work hard and you're going to have fun. Let's go first up, side split with translation so we have a sticky pad set up so you don't slide around. I want you to have your hands to start just nice and easy on the pelvis.

I have you on one red and one. Sorry, one red spring to go out nice and smooth. Back up tall. Just do two of those to get yourself warmed up. Making sure your pelvis doesn't sneak back behind you as you go. Great. Next up, hands behind the head. Here's where translation comes in. You're going to reach out, you're going to hold, keep the carriage steady, translate your rib cage towards the foot bar side, bend the other way, and make a long diagonal from your elbow to your knee as you pull yourself to come in. Then back up to vertical. We're going to do six of these, reaching out hip to the extended translation without changing the carrot yet.

Find the side bend. Then pull from the left elbow to the right knee on that long diagonal. And again, just warm me up through the abductors, their rib cage, the trunk, and pull up tall. Yeah, two more reaching out. Yeah.

Translation side bend. Reach from opposite elbow to knee. Almost like you're pushing the carriage away to pull up last time translation side bend and pull through. You're going to switch to one blue spring. You're gonna take your arms out to the sides. You're going to slide out again.

As you pull up and in against the spring, you're going to rotate towards the shoulder rests for a twist back out. So we call this wind up. You're gonna wind yourself up towards the ceiling as you work this whole spiral around in. How's it go out? Pulling through? Yeah. This is a new series to you. Go for four to six Reps.

If you want more of a workout, go for up to nine back out you go. Inhale, find the height. Work through both legs as you pull up and through and rich. Pull up two more times. When you go out to the side, walk through your pelvis, doesn't sink back. Try to stay in extension and then get the rotation from the whole body.

Staying on this side after this last repetition, when you go into ice skater standing up, we're now going on through one red spring working the carriage leg. First your can you keep your body way over your left leg, small hand through the hip. Centering your body. Push out. Really find the weight grounding through the foot, bar foot as you reach. Make sure your weight isn't too far forward over your toes. Really balanced, warming up both the abductors and your stabilizers on your standing leg. Arms can be across your chest. They can be on your hips. Nice and easy.

Up to nine. Good. A little tempo going. We want to get some circulation through the body on this first side. Now pausing, switching, pushing out with the carriage. Reach through the foot. Bar, legs, slide back in. Watch my pelvis.

No on leveling. I'm trying to really keep my weight over the carriage leg, tracking my head, my trunk, and my pelvis as I reached through control tempo as I come in and reach good, smooth action as your glide pelvis stays. Totally level worked through that leg control tempo coming back in. Good. Starting to breathe a little deeper now. Okay.

Spreading the toes out. Smooth glide through the spring. Let's go last one back in. A little more dynamic. Now adding on, you're gonna push out again. Hold, switch through. Keep the pelvis level control back in. Let's get a little flow going in hell.

So if you think of sliding across a park bench pelvis, nice. And even try not to hike up. No Tweedledee or tweedle down here, sliding through. You can add the arms here just to get a little counter spiral rotation or you can keep them nice and steady. [inaudible] can keep showing you with the dynamic arms. I'll keep you steady here so I can focus on my pelvis. Remmeber is going to think full body, nice and smooth.

If you want to go a little lower for a little more work, go for it. You got it last time and in great. We've got another side to do. Let's turn it around. So back to the side. Splits with translation. Starting with one red spring coupled prep to go out. Let's go three and too.

Last one. Adding the arms with the translation. Hands not classed behind you, but nice and wide. Press out hold, translate. Right side bend to the side of the shoulder. Straps come back up to vertical. Press out, translate to the foot bar, side bend, long diagonal thinking through elbow to opposite knee backup. So just really taking the time to focus on what's happening inside the body against the load out through space. If you have waves to look at like you do right now.

Get some fluidity going using metaphor to help inform your body as you move through where going he go two more times. See if you can get a little more stretch reaching from the elbow. Way Up. If you had a thousand balloons tied to that elbow, do come up in, in. Let it suspend as you still ground through that opposite knee to work your hip changing to one blue spring. Please. Arms out tall spine.

Get your hip extension first sides split. Now winding up to twist towards the shoulder straps back out. You go in health. Find your height and rotate. That's two. Here we go. Three, I want you to drive this action not from the hands. I want you to think of really rotating through the center of your mid line from the tailbone through the top of the head in a rotation.

The limbs are just an expression outward of what's happening deep in your spine. Connecting through the hip joint. Reach the arms wide as you spin around. Breathe your back, creating space through the ribcage. You get full rotation for your body. Okay.

Dynamic through space against the spring last time. Great. We're going to go back to your red spring. Doing well. Take a little breather, but let's keep moving back up to ice. Skaters standing nice and steady foot bar leg stays still full vertical reaching through. Once you bend carriage goes out. Nine rich lock my pelvis. I'm really trying to keep it level so I get the full action of my hip joint ab duct.

I'm thinking about really grounding my whole side here. If you need an extra challenge and you want hands behind the head to get a little more load to the upper back, you can go there. Okay. Spread the foot out. Sense your body moving through space. What's the stable? What's mobile? Okay.

Switching sides. Find your anchor first, then move a little more challenging. Good, so you might notice one side easier than the other. You're human. This is the chance to work on it. Can You keep working without tightening up the challenging position dynamic through space, balance, strength, flexibility in motion. Go a little deeper. Hello, hamstrings. Hello. Booty one more.

And now let's move ice skater opposite arms. If you want, press out, hold translation. Come in. Don't give up on that last moment. So this is where it counts. You've worked to get there. Can you control the n? Here we go. Three smooth glide. Okay, you can breathe too. Once you get the pattern, groove it. Let yourself move.

Be specific with the intention. Don't give up on form, but challenge yourself. You're using the arms if you can, to help you anchor out through space from the feet. Whole body. Here we go. Burning a little bit. Last time and in good. You're going to rest. Come on off the reformer for a second. We're going into a plank hinge, so your elbows are going to be down on the reformer you're going through.

Keep your red spring, so coming into a nice, easy squat, quadrupled position. Anchor. If you can your elbows and make an l through your hands flat back, you're going to reach out. I'm looking for a long plank here. Now here's the hinge. Lift your tail up. Bow the head down. Say Hi to your feet. Go back out. That's one bend too.

So I want you to really focus as we go through that. You're not caving through the shoulders. Reach the carriage away as you come out. So even as you hike the hips up, can you extend the thoracic through the Serratus? Oh, well I'll take their work through it going out. This is what makes this advanced. Everything's working.

See if you can reach a little further long through the lumber. Yeah, reach up. I remember. How's it going? Easier if you have a friend to do this with. Okay. Sarita's Hulu using the shoulder blades last time.

Reach out. Okay. And extend. Good. Bring your knees down. Nice work. Shake the arms out. We're not done yet. Side Tarzan. Lift your head rest up or give yourself a block for your head.

You're gonna want your foot bar up. You can also do this with a jump board, so just want to make sure you have enough distance. As you lie on your side. The top leg is going to be on the bar, bottom leg resting on the carriage. Make sure your strap is ready to go. Staying with this spring. So really simple. To begin, I want you to extend your top leg push out. Then you're gonna add a pole through the rope to leave the carriage away from the foot bar reached through the foot. Careful here, let's go. Slow to start.

So here's your beginning. You're gonna pull through, but the head relax. Leave the foot trailing, but keep the hip where it is. Slow control back in. Deep breath, exploding out. Paul through the arm. Good back in. I'm going to bring the kid strap here just so it doesn't bang around. And again, slide out Paul.

Now Murmur is going to show you how you can make it a little more fun by actually pulling through the rope. I'll do it with her. So as you're pulling with control, little rock climbing action, careful, reverse reaching through the toes, sense your foot through safe and come back in again, pulling through, using both arms for work in coordination and reverse trailing leg. So I am really working through this top hip. It's not sagging, it's active reach. Here's where the hip comes in. Can you work this side as you go, even though the upper body is working and again all through reaching and back out two more times. If you need a simpler version room is going to keep going. I can just bring my elbow in and hold. That's fine. Work to where you need it.

A little more advanced. Get the straight arm going back in. If you have enough height like I do, you could pull all the way through, easy on the release. You don't go flying. Reach for the foot bar and back in second side, so top leg again on the foot bar. Make sure your neck is in a good supported position. Let the head go. Let's do the straight arm first. Here we go. Paul, through rich, Lat, tricep, hip, all working, rest and push Paul.

That's an easier range for me. If I want to challenge it, reach on the rope a little more load. Now I'm working my arm back in and go push, pull. You'll notice like I just did for my own body. My bottom foot was trying to help like a dolphin fan out there popping up. Let me let it relax and back in. You could add the rope pole if you want options or you can hold on and give herself a full pull up. If you feel like you want to work, your strength can always go back to the rope. Here we go. Push Pole, reached the leg and go to more. Pull through whichever variation you're doing.

What I want you to get is the information from the lower body, from the foot out, the arm, dynamic, Tarzan, swinging on a tree, leaping, pull through reach. Keep this leg work. And last one, push. Pull. Okay, you got it. Careful landing. And let's come on up. A job. Okay. Moving on. Long stretch with a hip variation. So your foot part is gonna be up.

You're gonna stay with one red spring. What I want you to do is start in a squat position, so get your feet nice and anchored a little forward from usual so you can sit the hips back. Depending on your height, you're then going to reach yourself all the way out. Holds Mountain climber leg one in there in. You can come back in or you could then add a variation across others that across then out, other side, out and back in. Now you did it once. Change your spring.

If you need to just have myself a little more challenge. Here we go. Number two, let's get a little flow going. Knee in at a time. Cross, cross, work out, out, all the way in and explode outreach. You'll notice I'm not over the bar. I'm working at this angle for a reason to make sure that my shoulder is healthy, my Sabritas are working and I'm breathing hard for Ya. Then back in, reach out. Let's go in in a cross cross.

If you need a little extra work for today, right here, you're going to give me a pushup. Breathe. Thank you again in cross, cross out. You go work the hip. Don't move the carriage. Push up. We're gonna do one more right here. Come on knee. Anchor the back leg. Freeze the carriage. That's where the work comes in. Don't collapse one pushup.

Now let's sit back. Give yourself a momentary rest. You got one more? So let's go reach Nikki county broad off her back, crossed the body. Whole thing's working, hip out, hip out. You got it. Push up and relax. Not Easy. Good job almost there archer, you're gonna turn around and facing the back. You got one red, one blue.

So safety's important here. If you need a safety sticky pad, go for it. Your knee is going to come far enough back and your foot can touch and your knee can rest on the carriage. Your other leg comes up into a lunge. Take a moment. Get your strap. So you're ready. I'm going to choke up a little bit for my height, 90 degrees.

If I can now leave my back leg where it is, I'm simply going to pull. That's the easy version. Go again, full vertical. Let's begin with that. Three times a charm. We're going to add rotation. Next. My other armor is going to help as I twist my trunk around back out.

So I'm going to mid lunge position, adding rotation. If this is too much, go back to adjust the pole for safety and stability. If you're already here with us, really rotate and then counter rotate. Make it full. For those of you a little more advanced, once your foot is touching, pause, want to anchor yourself back. You're going to add a standing lunge.

Control the tempo down. Rest the knee, pull through. Let's do three of these. So you're going to go into your lunch, come on up, come on down, pull through, release, come on into your lungs. Come on up, come down. Then right away into the twist and back out last time, whichever variation you're doing, stay with it. One more rep and back. Let's go to the other side. So we're challenging your balance, your stability, your coordination, precision. And let's start with the Paul. Get yourself organized sense of your foot. Sensor, back foot sensor, your trunk.

I'm going to show you the full version. Murmurs, gonna modify as she needs, which you're going to do for me as well. Here we go. Rotate Paul. Rise again. Five more. Move your whole body through space in this environment. Twist, compound actions.

Lunge and twist. Last time. Use the ground. Use your spine. Good job. Next up finishing. We have an assisted front squat. I want you to load up for your body.

I'm going to go all the springs with a yellow on. The last one remember was going to about half, so she's got two reds, green and a yellow. Adjust for your body height. You'll see what we mean in a moment. So both straps on for safety. Wrap your hands around. Then I want you to just sit, Tuck your toes under, come on up. If you can get your feet flat.

This is your ideal starting position. Okay? If you need to safety a sticky pad, which I'm now calling a safety sticky pad, my disappeared room is going to use her so she can show you. No thanks. Friends are helpful. So just for safety, you can put it on there if you don't need it, you're good. So from here in a squat first version, I want you to just sit up as tall as you can, retract the shoulder blades. You have a nice vertical line from your ear down through heels going through a little bit of a forward lean. Here's your full squat stretch position, and then again, slight retraction come to vertical.

This is where the movement will begin. Let's do that one more time. Adjust your shop so you're comfortable for lean. So in this retraction, I want you to slightly lean against the springs through your loaded. You're going to rise up to where you're comfortable. Let's start small. Then back down. You go as vertical as you can.

If you want to challenge yourself, here we go again. Keep the lean. Get up as high as you can. For hip extension, you do not have to go all the way. We're going to go for a total of nine. Whatever distance you can do, so up you go back down. Beautiful. Use the load of the springs to help your spine organize. You have to anchor through your feet.

Retract your shoulder blades to build your torso through the pelvis. Watch yourself. If you're leaning too far forward, try to get back by using the springs. Careful you don't lose. It goes slow on the way down. You got it. Once you get there, calm down. Let your joints do the work. Let your breath do the work.

Two more please. You got this strong, controlled, powerful. Last one. Take your body through space. Use everything you got and down. You're gonna lean forward for safety. Put Your straps back on, knees down, hands off. Most important, high five when you're ready. Nice work. Thanks for joining us.

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Excellent class, indeed , and challenging as well. Boys are gonna like it
Okay, that was amazing !!!!! well done Jared :))
Praveena C
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Wow. That is a fantastic full body workout. Thank you Jared.
1 person likes this.
Thank you Filippo ! Game on, boys! =) Deborah Wasko , Praveena thanks for the feedback - and for working out with me! This is my favorite go-to series when I'm a little short on time, but eager to get that workout in for the day.
3 people like this.
Wow! That was great! I loved the beginning side over move while kneeling. I believe even “some” less advanced clients may be able to execute that move. Thank you!
Suzanne M
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Great moves! I really like the wind up rotation on the knees. And the hinged plank on the forearms is perfect for clients who don't like to be on their wrists. Thank you!
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Thank you so much Connie and Suzanne ! I love that kneeling side translation / stretch and how it opens up the next Wind Up/twist too - definitely useful for EVERYONE! And Suzanne : great point about those with wrist issues - this position helps streamline the work to the trunk and the opening of the thoracic spine while the upper arms have to work against the spring; a beautiful combination!
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Subscribing to Pilates Anytime is to get INSPIRED by creative people like yourself !!

My Q is : having a dancer background, it sounds funny that your fav number of reps is...NINE.

Must be an explanation ...
Jared, great class! I loved it, challenging kneeling work and squats! My NFL player is going to love it! It's nice to hear about the importance of the serratus!!! Congrats from your fellow student at Kane School!
Jared and Marimba, high 5! Love all this multi-plane movement. I can see concepts of functional fitness all through this workout which is so useful. I talk to my clients a great deal about the importance of lats and serratus being strong yet elastic, rather than locking or getting rigid. So important for the shoulder girdle to have good conversation with pelvic girdle.
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