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The warm up might have you thinking this class will be basic, but Meredith gradually introduces intermediate and advanced exercises with such ease you'll hardly know how you went from a Pelvic Curl to exercises like the Leg Pull Back, Jacknife, Control Balance, Side Kick Kneeling and boomerang. You will congratulate yourself for participating in and completing this is a well balanced class.
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Jan 01, 2011
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Okay. Starting standing today, reaching the arms straight down the sides of the legs, lifting in opposition with the top of the head with a standing roll down, we begin. Inhale. Exhale, letting the chin fall towards the chest, focusing on the contraction through the center of the body to support and protect the spine. As we take our body down towards the ground, we're going to inhale, lengthen the spine, perhaps a little further XL rolling the spine back up, checking in with your body, seeing where you might be tight. Inhale, exhale, rolling back forward. Stretching the spine, but supporting from the front, preparing our body for what's to come and lengthening down and to exhale and come back up. We're going to do that just two more times. Inhale, exhale. Rolling down, giving ourself a chance to connect our mind and our bodies together to connect our breath with our movement. Letting the breath move us.

Here's our last one for the day in here. Folding fo, loosening up through the back to the backsides of the legs, through the neck, through the shoulders, rolling up at the top. We're going to raise our arms forward. Reach the spine energetically upwards. Stretch the arms out to the side. Feel the chest stretch there. Let the arms come all the way down to the sides of the legs. Inhale, the arms go forward and up as they come out to the side here. We're going to fold forward into a flat back position. From there, exhale hollow through the waist. Reach the hands towards the Mat.

We're going to walk forward into a plank position. Taking a moment, feeling the strength of the legs, the strength of the sh shoulder girdle. Inhale, exhale. Pick the hips up. Press back into an upstretched position. Lift up onto the toes. Start to articulate the spine back forward. Landing in a front support position, pressing back through the heels so we lift, lifting onto the toes, moving the spine like a wave. We curl lifting up through the center of the body. Shoulders over hands. Inhale, three more to go. Lifting the hips, press the heels weighed, then rise up onto the heels. That happens from the middle of our bodies.

We reach forward. Press back through the heels last two times. Picking up the hips, sending the spine straight forward and rising up onto the chosen. Rounding back through. One more time. He had a little press through the heels. Lift the hit all rise up onto the toes. Reach the body back forward. I lied.

We're going to pick up our hips up. Coming back through that up stretch position. Pause there. Pressing the heels towards the ground. Bend the knees. Look between the hands. Hop to the hands. Sit down on the mat. Moving on. Knees bent. Legs together. Arms reaching straight ahead. Exhale.

Start to move the pelvis rolling back into spinal flection. Find the bottom side of the rib cage. Breathe in, breathe out. As you take the spine first forward as the shoulders come over the hips, we lift the spine back. Straight. Exhale, starting from the pelvis, pressing the inner thighs towards one another. Feeling heaviness in the shoulder area or out underneath the shoulder blades. Exhale, roll forward. Yeah, and we left just continuing here to mobilize the spine to warm up the abdominals. So thinking about the backsides of the legs, the inseam of the legs, folding forward and lifting tall. Last two times. Exhale, we go down in to Ipaas. Exhaling to roll forward.

The further the body goes up, the more the abdominals drop back towards the spine. Inhale, tall. Exhale, rounding back one last time. Looking. Each time we move our spine for a little bit more depth, a little bit more activity and its powerhouse. Exhale, we're coming up at the top. We're going to raise our arms up towards the sky. Lift the chest, lift the eyes. Exhale, roll back all the way and move my feet in a little bit closer to me. Preparing for a pelvic curl. When to get up, down on the mat. Let's separate the feet and large arms long and straight. Inhale.

Exhale. Start to move this pelvis. Press the spine into the mat, curl through the spine, reach the news flow word over the feet, ribs down, or we're below the pubic bone. Anyway. Inhale, exhale. Starting from the chest. Feel each bone of the spine come down individually into the ground. Inhale and in neutral position. Exhale, we roll back up focusing on the backsides of the legs on the slightly posteriorly tilted pelvis. Inhale, exhale. As you round down through the spine, tap into the arms, her reaching them in the direction of the feet in here. Exhale, folding inner thighs are active, pressing the feet down into the ground. Inhale and exhale. We articulate back down. Arms are long and straight fingers her reaching forward to energetically.

Last one. Exhale to a roll. This time we're gonna reach our arms overhead. As we inhale, feel the shoulder blades heavy down the back. Exhale, roll down through the spine, but reach the arms up behind you. Once the tailbone arrives at the bottom, reach your arms out to the sides. Place them down. Pick up one leg followed by the other leg, supporting through our middle spine. Twist supine towards me. Inhale two, exhale and inhale. So we just continue to gently move, warming.

Feel the knees connected together, the shoulders down on them, working in both directions, through abdominals, excelling, coming home, and y'all coming across one more to each side please Nia to exhale. Last one to exhale. Once we arrive in center, place one foot down at a time. Reach the hands back. Fully. Interlace the fingers behind the head for the chest lift. Exhale, picking up the chest, looking just above the knees, finding neutral pelvis, but looking for a flat back. We pause. Exhale as we lengthen the body back down, working the spine in both directions. Inhale, exhale. Pressing the ribs into the ground, folding from just underneath the ribs, allowing the head to stay supported. Inhale to Xcel and length the body down.

Keep going, excelling till the left feeling even here, a slightly supported backsides of the legs and Xcel to come down. One more time to hold at the top. Exhale any of this time guide the hands behind the thighs. Just lift a little bit or we look for more focused or more intensity. Let go. Stretch the arms only over the head. Exhale, push the arms down and like you're pushing 10 pound weights. Inhale, stretch the arms overhead and exhale. Press the arms down.

Inhale, stretch the arms overhead here. Can we look for that intensity can be lifted even higher. Exhale to reach down. Hopefully the answer is no. We should be as high as we can. Last time. We're gonna raise our arms up, re interlock the hands, put them back behind the head. XL to lengthen again down to the ground, working in both directions, Xcel and Tacoma. Inhale, hands behind size. Just gently guide yourself slightly more forward. Let go of the legs, raise the arms up, place them back behind the head.

Chest lift with rotation towards me. We turn and we come back center. The pelvis stays adamantly still inhale back to center. The head stays still in the hands. It's not a leaning from side to side, but more of a lift and turn in heel center. So we're looking for flection with rotation. Inhale back to center.

Exhale to rotate. Inhale back to center. Hold there. Inhale and exhale. We take it down. One more time like that. I'm going to add a leg lift. Exhale, lift. Inhale hands. Exhale, guide yourself forward. Inhale, reach up and back. Hands behind the head. As we turn towards me, we're going to pick up that inside leg. Exhale. Inhale, brewing it back to Ya XL. So even harder here to keep the pelvis stable even harder here on the abdominals. Inhale back. Keeping the elbows wide, but just inside our field of vision.

Last two to both sides. Curling forward towards the leg and back and forward towards the leg and back. This it forward. Center. Cross the opposite way. Find Center, reach forward. Pick up one lang, pick up the other leg, arms reach back over the head as the head and chest come down.

Coming up into the a hundred prep just for a couple of [inaudible] we were hitch. As you inhale, work your way down. Stay strong. Exhale to left feeling as the arms reach overhead. The bottom side of the rib cage is staying heavy on the Mat. Exhaling till the lift had an in through this one more time. Exhaling to the left. Inhale, hold.

Stretch the legs and exhale. 101, two, three, four, five. Breathe in and two to three, four, five pumping from the upper back and three looking for depth. [inaudible] finding ease in the movement, making sure the back is flat on the ground. Halfway. Well, arms long energy through the fingers. [inaudible] last for, I don't know it was Christy. Am I wrong? This is 10 okay, we're finished it. Christie says Ben.

Then he is lower the head and chest. Stretch the legs out on the ground. Just for one moment. Let the ribs lift up off the ground, arch the back just a little bit. Then press the ribs back down into the ground. Raise the arms over the shoulders, pick up the head and chest. Curl the spine. Forward the role. Stay Long. Stay round, shoulders down. Exhale, we'd go down tucking the tailbone again, manipulating the spine from the front of the body. Always important to keep the legs strong.

Yeah, and moving with the breath. Exhaling down the spine, back of the head touches as the arms are already traveling. Overhead. Lift up and roll and in to exhale and come down. Yeah, and inhale, lift, annex, heel [inaudible] and then down. I think just one more full roll up here. Feeling slight pressure inwards in the upper arms.

We're going to come all the way down. [inaudible] arms down at our sides. Bend the leg furthest away from the mirror window. Whenever that piece of glasses stretch the leg up, flex it, circle inwards. Inhale full circle and exhale, warming up the hip and knee anchoring through that bottom straight leg to exhale. One more full circle, arms long, shoulders down. Pause at the top. We go the other way. Drop in pull. Remember that the abdominals are moving the leg just as much as the leg is.

The muscles in the legs are working more. So even inhale last cycle and exhale as at the top bed and that knee hold onto the outside of it and twist. Looking over the opposite arm coming back to center, anchoring that by leg down on the ground, back down on the ground. Then the opposite leg feel the thigh bone heavy and the hip joint is a leg stretches to the sky. Flex the foot. We go into the body first circle around Ana is the exhale on the next circle and then he'll stirring the femur. Feeling kind of gentle rotation within the hip socket.

Pausing at the top. We go the other way in. Yeah, to exhale, hollowing out through the waist annex and a little more to exhale. Bend that knee. Take a hold of it with the opposite hand and stretch across the body to the opposite side. Turn the eyes away from that bent knee. Lots of cracks and pops in my back today. Come back to center. Bring the opposite leg up as well. We're heading into the double leg.

Single leg stretch. Chris Cross was in my mic. Holding onto the knees, curl the head and chest up. Hallowing pressing the spine into the ground. Double leg stretch. Stretch the arms away back and circle that. And in here they go behind and narrow and we circle back and the legs and arms stretch and we contract through the middle.

Nothing is just relaxing. Got a lot of energy on the circle of the arms, a lot of energy on the bringing in of the lay eggs. Last four and then three to come on and to all round. Here it is all around. Hold here, single leg stretch, holding the left knee, stretch to the right leg and change. As you're holding onto your knee. Maybe you're using your hands to just slightly help you maintain that upward curl energy through the straight leg. Feeling the back side of the legs working last for three, two and who one coris cross, one crossing across through the ribs, keeping the height as we come through the center again, the head is always heavy in the hands. The legs are strong. Enact five, four, three, two, one. Back to center. Both knees bent. Lay the head down, stretch the arms down along the sides. Rollover, stretching the legs forward.

Inhale, bring them to vertical Xcel. We roll over looking for control there. Flex the feet. Separate the legs, lower the legs, but continue to lift the spine. Exhale, articulate down through the spine. Boone Bible. Find the tailbone. Point the toes. Circle to touch. Inhale, exhale over in separate flats. Exhale down. [inaudible] one more like that. Breathing in, paying attention to the arms. Whoops.

Very common for the shoulders to want to creep up into the years here. It's our job to keep that not happening. Point, circle, touch inhaler and oops, I meant to reverse it there. So here we go. We're going to just keep the legs together, keep them flex, lower them down, lower the spine down. Durag and the legs are right across the front side of the body. Lower the legs.

Point the feet separate. Lift XL over strong legs. Legs together. Toes down. We're rolling. Pointing the fee. Circle and open. We're rolling over. This is our last one. Flex. Squeeze.

Lower the lanes and slowly bring it down. Once we get to the bottom, we're going to bend. Sliding the legs down along the ground, heading back into a roll over to get arms over the head, near the ears. Lift that and chest and curl with. Control this spine. Take a stretch all the way over the legs.

Oh, rolling up through this spine. Heading into the spine. Twist. Let's bring the arms out to the sides. Palms up, lifting the back. We exhale towards the ocean. It's a double pulse. One, two, and back. Yeah, to the back of the room. The arm stays straight across. Were lifted.

Thinking about growing tall or as we create that rotation, any rotations going to happen from the [inaudible] bleak. So my recommendation is to focus there and back. Enjoy length in the spine and keeping the legs strong, keeping them from shifting back and forth on one another. Back to center over to this side. Pause, raise the arms. Inhale, feel the spine grow as the M. Stretch overhead. Drop the arms, but continue to lift the back. Come back to center. Let's exhale now. Oh, I think I just changed the breath on a that we can breathe, right? You decide what breath pattern you like better. You don't have to use mine, which I haven't even given you, so let's give you one. Inhale. Exhale, strats.

Inhale, press down, butt up and XL center and inhale. Exhale, stretch the arms. What I meant by that is as the arms press down, the spine reaches up and back to center. Once again, dive the spine forward [inaudible] and roll up all the way. Separating the feet for the spine. Stretch forward. Feed. Flex legs are straight. If we can arm straight out in front in here, growing the abdominals and allow the head to travel forward. First folding just under the rib cage. We stretch out through the spine.

We inhale at the bottom. Exhale, feel energy or a lightness in the spine. As you resect the spine, coming just up to sitting, looking forward, breathing, and exhale. We fold forward again, ribs back, shoulders back. The rest of the spine moves forward. Inhale and exhale to come. It's critical that as we move our body forward, the abdominals are pulling back for support.

[inaudible] spine starts with extension. Inhale, exhale. Taking it forward. Inhale, leading with the arms. Let the hips press forward, the tailbone back, finding a flat spine. Exhale. Take the body further forward and roll back in healing as we arrive at the top, excelling to take it forward. Inhaling total length and upwards to the spine, reaching out and forward, excelling to reach back down and roll back. Changing it. Exhale forward. Inhale, sign, slap back. Let's just let the hands drop.

Use the hands to reestablish a flat or straight or back. Then just allow the arms to float back where they were. I'm going to turn towards the ocean on the exhale and he'll feel the spine grow further forward. Exhale, turning to the back of the room and he'll come in back keeping the feet flex, sending the ribs across the body and he'll coming back. Last one, head stays framed between the arms, all the movements occurring at the spine and he'll back. Take the body all the way back forward and we'll lap one more. Inhale, exhale. We take it forward again in heel growing into extension. Once again, once you get there, we're going to allow the hands to just draw. Use that as an opportunity to find a more strong supported, float the arms back up. And with that just a little presses.

It's almost like you're floating your arms continuously. Not only did they float towards the years, now they're just trying to float behind you and as they float behind you, the abdominals, press back with them. Last five, four, three, two, one. Take it all the way forward and bring it back on. Bring the legs back together. Hands behind us. Back support, followed by leg pullback, arm, straight leg, strong abdominals in. Here we go.

Pressing the feet down into the ground using the backs of the legs to support us as we left, keeping the shoulders stable and down as we just gently tap the hips. Exhale to come up in our thighs. Strong. Pressing the chest stuff out of the shoulders. Inhale, we sit down and exhale. The abdominals are heavy like they're being pulled towards the floor. Oppositionally of the hips which are lifting. Inhale to sit down last two times.

Exhale, we lift [inaudible] then inhale to sit down. Leg pulled back coming up. If you need to bend the supporting me, that would be a good way to modify this. Here we go. The left leg, pull it up and yeah, way back like it's going to pull behind your head. Last three, two more. Last one. As you place a foot down, re-establish control. Pick up the right leg one and pull it back too.

And here's three, four, two more. And last time foot goes down. Lift the chest, sit down, bend your knees, rolling like a ball. Reaching the hands around for the feet and before we even pick our feet up off the ground, let's scoot him towards us. It's focused on the flection of the spine and then from there we just deepen the abdominals. That's what allows us to hover our feet. Here we go, healing to rock back and it's humbling to find balance at the top and he'll interact back and again and again to more than one way. Pausing at the top, just holding here for balance and placing the feet down on the ground momentarily. Sitting back just behind the pelvis for the open leg rocker, finding. Let's go the right leg first. Stretch it up.

Feeling that side pulled deep into the hip joint. Lifts this spine, sending the left leg up to match. Growing Taller through the spine. Here we go. Rolling back and hauling up, allowing the body to just lightly reach up and forward talking the tailbone, keeping the shoulders down and I again, the lower spine rounds that rocks us back. We roll up [inaudible] just behind the pelvis and then using the upper back extensors, we extend the upper back a couple more times back and forward. Hmm. And one way and forward. Pausing at the top. We're gonna let the feet go. As the legs lower down, we start to flex the feet.

They may be separate a little bit more. I'm just going to readjust. We're heading into the saw sitting tall, arms to the sides, palms facing forward. Let's go to the ocean in here and reach and length in the spine. Forward as you sit up to come back to center and he'll turn at the hips. Exhale, draw the abdominals back as the spine reaches for the length and now hen return and diving down, looking for the flatus back possible to you are raising the spine and returning center, removing with the breath. Exhale. Inhale through back extension.

Reach that back on behind you to encourage the extension of the spine as you're sitting back up. Press it back and inwards and and to length then and come center last two or one, two each side. Anyway, [inaudible] had stays in line with his spine. Bring it home. Last one, linkedin and bring it home. Arms down like sig, either the neck, Paul hands behind the head, taking the spine, showered, but continuing again as always to support through the front of the body. We're going to grow the spine up to strain in a hinge, back on the diagonal ever so slightly. Start from the pelvis as we roll back through the spine as the head touches, we're preparing to lift. Inhale, exhale, rolling.

Staying strong, floating the body forward. Inhale, lifting and Djing back, talking about this. Rolling down. Inhale, exhale forward. Stretching the body first. Then let's do two more. G to move the spine back to lift that in chest and let all the air out of the body as you reach forward over the size I have in line with the spine rolling up. Last one, fully talking under [inaudible] stretching forward. We're going to roll back up and to make our way down to stay sliding the pelvis out from underneath us coming all the way to all right. Then the left knee, bring it up in towards the body. Stretch the leg up, guide the hands just towards the upper calf. Lift the head and chest guide that leg towards you, anchoring through the bottom like it's going to stay here for a moment while he would give it a little bit of an additional stretch, let the head come down. Let's bend that left knee, stretch it away, bring up the right leg and reach for the cast.

Guide the head and chest sta and then just gently pulling the leg towards the body with the arms, with the abdominals [inaudible] and then coming down. Changing back to the left leg. Hamstring Pole. One, two, three, coming up. Oh, here we go. We find that initial position and then we try to pull the leg out of the hand. It's a double pulse and J. Yeah, and change has a legs pass by one another. The trunk stays supported and stuff. The bottom leg anchors into the ground. [inaudible] we're going to go one more time and then we're doing hamstring too, so here has hands behind the head. It's a double pulse with that same upper leg, pulling it towards the body.

[inaudible] and three pressing the chest upward, reaching the bottom like away for [inaudible]. Last one, hamstring three, turning to that upper leg. Pulsing it. [inaudible] double exhale. Double pulse on that top. Lay bottom leg anchored. Two more passes to each side. Here's one, one, two, and two. Both legs up, had chest down.

Arms that are lower the legs to where you can sustain a flat back. Bring them back up to vertical jackknife. Exhale, rolling off in heel down on an exhale. Slowly down. Eliana likes to travel in a slight diagonal. We inhale, exhale into the role of heart and heal. The legs go down and then they press up in a way first towards the sky and then away way away from you and then lift a little bit higher and we'll do [inaudible]. I think just two more here and lifting up. It's all about percenter.

Whole about the abdominals. Inhale down, up. [inaudible] good stuff, Christie. Yeah. Next heel down. [inaudible] all right. This is it. Lifting all, reaching off or going down in, Huh? And rolling down. Expand the knees, place the feet down, shoulder bridge coming up.

But let's do one pelvic call for free for fun. Exhale up, talking about the pelvis, feeling maybe a little bit different through the spine as we did in the beginning of class when we weren't quite so warm. XL reaching the spine down. I think I might need just one more. Okay. Since I'm choosing, we're doing one more. So here it is. Feel have a leg support you on. So you take one leg off, which is coming up right now. It's that attention to that supporting leg. It's gonna make a big difference as far as supporting the pelvis. Exhale, here we go. Keeping the left leg on the ground, right like up. Stretch it towards the ceiling. Exhale, take it as low as you can without changing the pelvis and float and it's down.

Ah, press just as much to the back of the free swinging leg as the supporting leg. Last five, four, three, two woo. Lift. Fold the knee. And as it goes down, the Hova stays strong. Other side. And here we guys down up, point down, flex up, strong, straight leg, strong arms. Well last five, four, three, two and one.

Pick up the leg bend to bring it back and slowly take your time. Bring your spine down into the ground and he's back into the chest. Hug them towards your body for a moment. Control, balance the legs. Once again, travel on US diagonal. Small s supported diagonal forward. We're going to bring them up in a roll ourselves over. Once you arrive there, let your toes reach down towards the ground.

Slide both arms around to the side and back towards [inaudible]. It's the feet. Before we lift one leg, let's try and lift the spine and then I think I'll go right like first. Gonna reach up. Now that leg starting to go towards the ceiling. I'm also away just like the Jackknife. It's a double pulse and an exhale. We keep the spine still and controlled as we change.

As the one leg drops down the opposite legs, we're reaching to the sky. Change change just a couple more times reaching up and the last time on each side. I guess this would be even one. Let's drop that foot down. Keep the spine line. Hold on to both feet. I'm just really use your arms to help you find a bit more of a stretch as you bring your body slowly back into the ground. Keep your arms reaching over.

How did you lower your legs on a on a diagonal head? These are one. Lift the head and chest rural forward through the spine. Raise the items in here, XL, starting from the pelvis where you just roll back, reaching the arms back overhead. Lower back supported. Inhale as we roll and Xcel as we rolled out, [inaudible] is where we need to find ease in our movement. Think about fluidity. We'll let the movement just be a part of you. [inaudible] rolling back up. Keep the arms just in front of the shoulders.

Teaser two arms. Go down, legs reach up. Exhale, legs come up. Arms come down for three. Pull up with the abdominal one way teaser. Three, rolling down legs, reaching towards the ground. Arms sending themselves overhead. Inhale everything slides back rising tall in the body.

Exhale from the pelvis, the arms drop forward, they drop overhead and we roll back up. One more to go. Rolling back. [inaudible] and rolling. [inaudible] MMM. Lower the legs here with me already. Stretch forward. Take a moment. Okay.

Rolling up through this spy that's turned towards the ocean setting up for the side bend. Stabilization of the shoulder is paramount, I'm sure as we all know. So let's just say that and get started. Um, free arm down at the side. We inhale to a side plank position. A long straight line energy in both directions. Exhale, pick up the bottom side of the waist. Feel as you reach your top arm overhead that you're looking for a stretch in that upper waist. India, we had back to our straight line and Xcel, we'd bend and come down. Inhale, exhale into a side. Bend up through the waist. Just the eyes turning towards the ground and he'll side plank. Feel strong in that position. Bring it to the ground. One x how we left top.

I remember reaching over her head and you know, we head back to side plank. Pausing. They're dropping the bottom knee down. Press the pelvis forward, lift the top leg and behind the head, and it's a double kick forward for the side kick, kneeling, and a single reach back. The breath cycle is exhale. Now an annual stretch. The head is supported by the hand, not in any sense, through pushing the head forward and back in fall and stretch up in back. Okay, the last four. Hmm.

Stretch, keeping the trunk stable. Two and one. I'm going to bend that knee for a moment. Set it down on the ground. Sit into the direction of that hip. Reach that free arm back overhead, stretching through the hip. Come back into the sidekick kneeling position.

Let's just let that free arm be free for a moment. Set the leg slightly forward of center. Stretch the bottom leg underneath it for the twist. You're going to exhale. Pick up the bottom hip. Reached the chest towards the ankles, dyed underneath that bottom arm. Reach back. Let's have her today. Christie with me. Here we go. Nice.

Beautiful stretch to the side of the waist. Inhale, lift. Exhale, rotate. Pressing the chest towards the thigh in yelling to come back and excelling to hover. One Word is reaching up, annex under and or reaching back. And let's just bend the knees here. Coming down. Bring the bottom leg out from underneath the top, like for the mermaid. Well Times to the science heading towards our left, reaching the spine out, placing the hand down, looking for a deep abdominal contraction as we spiral the spine around.

Inhale as we unwind. Yeah, so defy gravity. As you pull that on the pos, the ground, reach it up and stretch. Here's our India. Let's lift up. Exhale, bottom arm comes up and here we stretch out. The hand just gently finds a floor, big rotation through the waist. So you turn your body. Inhale, open, back out, shoulder stabilization. Think about it, lift and stretch over.

Here's our inhale. Exhale. So the leftover Blake's work or those stretching, obliques work, stretch out. This is our last one. Kind of turn the body around. [inaudible] bring it back, open, lifted up and take it for the last time over to the side. And let's just stay here for a moment. And then coming up, cause we're gonna turn around the, towards this way. The back of the room, hands behind us. Hip circles, the prep, the prep.

I don't think I've got the real hip circles in anybody's, you know, hip circles. Please feel free. We're going to do the prep today. All right, so sitting just behind the pelvis, the arms or back, the chest is lifted. However, the feet up off the floor. Stretch them out. We're going to inhale towards the ocean. Exhale down around Anna, keeping the spine strong. India spiraling around the pelvis, down around. [inaudible] in, let's go the other direction. Down around and in. Ah, and dropping the legs.

Everything are all the support comes from the middle of the body. This is it. Take the legs down. Stretch forward. Okay. Feel free to pull with your arms. I am. Roll Up. Turn around the other way. We'll do the whole thing over. So does that, nope, that doesn't work. Does it? Cause then we're on the same thing. Sorry.

Bad Transition. But here we all are together. Let's go. All right, so for the side bend, find the side plank. Find a rainbow shape with the waist pressing up with that bottom of bleak. Take the arm overhead, stretch the top side of the waist. Look down. Inhale as you hit the side plank position. We're bending to come out of it and we inhale to lift. Exhale, big lift from that bottom side, top arm up overhead.

Bring it back and bring it down. Just one more to go. Maybe that dropped the bottom knee for the side. Kick, kneeling, press the pelvis forward hand behind the head, not a lot of weight in the supporting arm. Top leg up, flex the foot and it kicks forward and it reaches back as the leg goes back. Utilize the back of the leg, the hip extensors to stretch the front of the leg. It's worth it. Keeping that supporting children's strong and stable. Keep it in the leg at a consistent height throughout oh last five I believe.

And for I'd say still in the hands, using the bottom obliques to keep the trunk lifted in. Still last to last one. Stretching the leg out in a way. Bend it folded in. Here's where we did our stretch. So just sit into that hip, reaching the top arm around towards the bottom arm with the supporting arm, preparing ourselves for the twist. So let's bring it back to the side kneeling position, stretching that top leg out, lowering it to the ground. Send the opposite leg out from underneath or out underneath. Anyway, inhale, exhale, pick up the bottom hip. Press into the legs with the spine diving down in her fine side plank and Axa to hover, man. Yeah, we left.

Exhale the hips reach off, they rotate around, bottom reaches under. Inhale to come back and XL tower. Just one more for the day and I'm sliding, bringing it back and we're going to bend to come out of it. Side the bottom leg out from under the top leg mermaid well times to the sides, we and aliens away. Please the hand down. Guide the spine around it.

Really strong abdominal contraction to make the most of the stretch there and he'll open back out next. So we defy gravity. Lift that bottom arm, stretch it up and then over this is there. Inhale, exhale, lift. Using those obliques, both arms out straight in and turn when healing to come back. Excelling to lift and stretch over. Yeah, lift arms dropped to his tee shape. Here we are a last one. This feels good. Reach around.

Let it feel good. Bring it back. Don't take it all the way over the top. Okay, I'm all the way on. I'm going to turn onto our hands and knees. I've got kind of a plan here, Chrissy.

I'm not sure how it's going to translate that. Let's see what happens. Okay, here we go. Hands in Isa, front support position, holding that position where you're heading into the lake. Pull Front. Let's go the right leg first. It just reaches out and back. Trunk stays stable. Three, two, one. Hold that. Flex the foot. Bring it to the side. Fi and back. And as I like travels to the side, the body stays strong in center.

Here's three. Here's two. Here's what come back. Place the foot down. Three [inaudible], pushups, shoulders, reaching down the back. Two, three, lift the hips. Walk the hands to the feet, pike the hips, straight up into the air. Roll Up. Exhale and all day on an exhale, finding the ground walk forward. One big step, two little steps will get you there. And here we go. Left leg straight back. Five, four, three, two and one. Take the light to the side out. Two and three. Place the foot. Oh four and five placing the foot down.

We're going to lower ourselves to the ground all the way coming up into the single leg. Kick elbows, bent fingers. Interlaced, strong through the backs of the legs, pulling up away from the mat through the front of the body. Shoulders down, chest up over the legs. It's an inhale for four counts. One, two, three for a, I dunno. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Exhale. That star breath an next accent. The trunk is strong. [inaudible] and still on. The way to make that happen is to focus on the contraction too.

They hip extensors through the abdominals last to exhale. Exhale, exhale. XO. One more. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale both legs out. Lower them down. Lower yourself down. AA, kick. Turn the head towards me. Interlocking the hands behind the back, bringing them way at the back, dropping the elbows to the ground, abdominals in half of the legs. Strong abs. It's again a three kick counter. Now it's three kick count one, two, three.

We stretch on the in half and give out links, not heights. Turn. They had the other way almost to the ground. Hands high up the back. [inaudible] two three, similar to [inaudible], the single leg kick. If we can make the kicking about the hip extensors, it should allow us to see real strong through our us, through our center. As we kick and reach one more Chrissy and kick, kick, kick, reach pass. Bring the arms to the side. Place them back underneath the shoulders. Lower the legs, down the chest, down.

Tuck the toes under. Can we push up from here? If you know you can't come to your knees for us, but let's try Christie. I think we can breath straight up. Three Pilati is pushups. Here's one. Shoulders reaching down the back. Two and three. Lift the hips up.

Keep the hips lifting straight up as you walk. Two, three and Rola. Oh, although way, looking forward, rolling back down. Childrens down away from the years, finding our way down towards the ground. Finding the floor with the hands to walk forward to three holding front support. See three more pushups. Finish at the bottom. Okay. Again, if you can't do this without proper support of your shoulders, do your three pushups if you're going to, and then bend your knees to come down or lower all the way down.

Untuck the toes. Stretch the arms overhead as you do so. Feel the shoulders heavily. Pull down the back. From there we're gonna hover the lanes. We're going to hover the arms. Let the head come just above the m's for swimming. It's inhale two, three, four, five and exhale and India an accent and meeting. You can be down and be.

Then be down. One more breath cycle please. No, no. Sterling. The body float to the ground. Let the spine rest or relax.

When you're ready to come on, place your hands under her shoulders. We're going to come up onto our hand. Underneath this time there's Presa round the spine, sitting back on the feet. Combination. Christie coming on. Okay, so the arms are still reaching out in front of you. I'm going to do it on a two breast cycle. We're going to inhale, prepare as we exhale, draw up through the center of the body, Tuck the tailbone under. Start to transfer the buddy through around shape.

As you press your hips forward, activate through the back of the legs, send the Chester the arms, allow the eyes to look up and forward. Exhale, curve the spine, pressing the ribs and the pelvis close together. Sit all the way back or almost back to the feet. Inhale prepared XL guiding the spine through. It feels like nice stretch here. Lots and lots of abdominal work. Shoulders reach down, hips press forward, eyes come up and then we inhale. Exhale, we reach back. Okay, so in that upper position, let's do it again. Exhale to curl, shoulders down, hips forward.

Let's use this inhale to look for more extension to look for stronger extension to stretch the abdominals and the hip flexors, and then we exhale to come back. I think when we're out to do it, here we go. We're rolling forward. Allowing the hips to press down, shoulders reaching down, send the chest through the arms. It's almost like you're trying to lift off out of your hands here in my mind. [inaudible] hmm. Let's come all the way back. Sitting on the feet.

Can you back just a moment of rest? [inaudible] cross the legs behind you. Rollover your feet, stretch your legs out. Try to walk forward along your mat with straight legs towards the middle. Kind of a long way to go. Isn't it from back here. It's all right. Kind of a weird transition, but let's move on. Butter a butterfly.

That's not what I wanted to say. I want it to say the boomerang. Here it is. One leg crossed over the top of the other. We're reaching the spine forward. Here we go. We inhale to roll back. The lobe that touches the legs. Lift up, we roll over. There's our exhale, uncross and recross. The legs start rolling down. As you roll down, your head lifts up. You hit the teaser, you reach your arms behind you. This is all happening on an inhale.

Stretch the shoulders, lower the legs and with control. Reach arms around to the side and forward over the leg. Let's do it again. Roll back, letting the hands come down. Find a place for the back and be flat as the legs lift. That's important. UNCROSS re cross the legs. We're rolling up.

We're reaching the arms forward. Lifting the spine, circling the I'm stretched the shoulders, legs go down. Arms reach around to the sides with control. And here's two more. [inaudible]. Exhale. Inhale, keep in high stretch. Exhale now shoulders down as the arms come around last time.

[inaudible] and grocery cross roll down in, Huh? Region. Yeah. Letting the body be light, fluid, free legs and reach around. Let's just reach rock feet. It's guide yourself forward over both legs. Come up enough so that you can cross the opposite leg on top. Take the body forward again and then we're going to roll at, let's bend the knees.

I'm just going to push myself. I'm putting my hands who's by my hips. I'm going to push myself up over my feet. So for right now, we're just going to press the weight of the body in through the heels. I think the heel stay quite close to the ground. Keep the abdominals from resting on the thighs, right?

They're still pulling back into the spine. We're going to press the hills down and lift the legs up. We'll lift the hips up and I'll use the abdominals like a pike to lift up onto the toes. Could you do that without hands as the question? Fold the knees in. Stay on the toes. Let the hips come down. Press the heels towards the ground. Here we go again. Press the feet down, lift the hips up.

It's like a pike. And here's even more of a pike and really light on your arm. Hands Rise up onto your toes, full the knees. Try to do that all with your stomach. Drop the heels to the ground. One more time. Press up with the legs. Lift the heels up, scooping up through the abdominals. Fold the knees and at the bottom. Press the feet down.

And then one more time just to lift the legs back towards stray. Once you get there, it must allow your body to hang forward over your lengths. I'm an encourage us to bend our knees here to feel the sensation of allowing the femur bones via strong abdominal support to sink a little deeper into the hip joint. As that happens for hips, you can feel the muscles of the low back just cascading forward, totally relaxing, totally relaxing the neck, breathing into it, letting tension out of the body. Congratulating yourself on a job. Well done. Let's start coming up. I'm gonna keep my knees bent.

Let me just roll through the spine and when. All the way up to standing. Once you arrived standing, we're going to reach the arms forward, Anna, bringing him around to the side. Inhale, the arms are going to come forward or we're going to go back into that Swan Day. CRMs are going to come out to this side. I'm going to take the body forward, flat back, hollow through the waist. Fold over your legs. Exhale to roll. One more time. Letting the body just move. [inaudible].

Yeah, and sometimes [inaudible] arms open. Feeling the energy you've created, folding forward, hollowing through the waist, head down, arms down, and coming up. [inaudible] that's a wrap. Thanks, Christie. [inaudible].


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Excellent! Meredith's classes always have the right balance between flow, concise instruction and talk. Since there aren't as many students in class, the class really moved! :) More classes at this intensity and level please! FYI, there's a slight technical glitch? in the first few minutes of class.
Thanks so much Pele. We had a good time in that class too!
Wonderful new year´s surprise finding a brand new class from my favorite teacher. Yeah!!!
You are awesome Joni! Happy New Year!!
Wow this is a really tough class, with my favourite The Boomerang! Thanks!!
Meredith - thank you for a very challenging class. Love the boomerang & exercises that work on building upper body strength. Thorough, full-body session.
Whoo---ee. What a workout. Hard to believe that before this year Pilates wasn't in my life. Your nearly daily classes are my gift to myself (and those that have to live with me <lol>)
Thank you for this challenging class. The exercises are advanced but the cues you provide help create successful movement and connection.
Revisiting the class and still lovin' it! It moves and moves and moves. Can't wait to take my first real live class in June with you and learn how to improve my home practice.
Joni...I am sooooo excited to meet you!! And thanks to the rest of you ladies. I'm so happy to be a part of this program.
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