Class #3573

Reformer with Props

80 min - Class


Learn how you can incorporate different props into your practice with this Reformer workout by Courtney Miller. She adds three tools that she uses in her personal practice to challenge your strength, stability, and control. She teaches in three segments so you can do the full class or just work on one section at a time.
What You'll Need: Reformer, BOSU®, Foam Roller, Theraband

About This Video


Hi Guys. Courtney here. I am so excited to be back on Pele's anytime I am filming a new workout for you, this reformer workout will incorporate three props that I have been using in my...


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So glad to see Courtney Miller is back!! I've missed these creative amazing workouts!
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Courttney is back !!! 👏👏👏💪
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Yay! Just finished the class. I have a shorter foam roller but I was able to make adjustments where needed (I used a ball under tailbone for the supine arm work). Can't wait to do the boss section tomorrow!
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So nice to see Courtney back...fantastic...I have to disagree on the Level Definitely not a Level 2, especially when the bosu and the standing work with the band come to play toward the end.
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I agree with Paola this is more of a level 2/3 ;)
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outstanding !!!!!!!!!! you are absolutely amazing !!!!
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Yes!!!! Another Bosu and prop class! Thank you for being so creative and clear teaching! Love it!
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Always love your creative work. Can’t wait to try all of these!
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Cant wait...........
I'm glad to see you again. :) Fantastic workout!
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