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Athletic Mat Flow

40 min - Class


You will build strength and improve endurance with this athletic Mat workout by John Garey. He starts with a standing warm-up that includes Squats and Lunges with Pilates principles. He then moves on to the Mat with more intense movements that will challenge your control and stability.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hey everybody. I'm John Gary and I'm here to teach you a math class and we're going to be doing an athletic mat class today. There's going to be lots of squats and lunges and but the [...


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I loved this extra challenge. Increased my heart rate and I think I'm a wee bit taller ;)
Love that 🥰 thank You 🙏🏻
That was awesome! I'll remember some of our modifications! Thanks
Thanks John for the challenging workout!! Great to have you back
Playful but hard working. Plan a shower into your schedule after taking this class.
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John is our favourite teacher ever. Love his clear cueing and warm manner. Wonderful lesson. Thank You from the UK. ❤️
wonderful workout. thanks from Turkey
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Thank you John. I found your reformer workout on youtube a year or so ago and have been practicing with you ever since. I appreciate how you integrate an athletic aspect into your workouts. Merci Beaucoup!
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Really fun workout. I enjoyed the athletic approach, and I love John’s positive energy
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Yeh John! Loved your cues re: shoulder blades to get more thoracic extension and flexion.
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