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You will build strength and improve endurance with this athletic Mat workout by John Garey. He starts with a standing warm-up that includes Squats and Lunges with Pilates principles. He then moves on to the Mat with more intense movements that will challenge your control and stability.
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Hey everybody. I'm John Gary and I'm here to teach you a math class and we're going to be doing an athletic mat class today. There's going to be lots of squats and lunges and but the [inaudible] version of them, I think you're really gonna like it. I'm joined today by three really fantastic movers. I'm so excited and two of them have the same name, which is really good for me.

We have Aaron and Aaron and we have g I thank you guys so much for joining me. Let's get right into it. We're going to begin with squats and we're going to do sumo squats or please if you will. So what I want you to do is stand with your feet about shoulder distance apart and yeah, if you want to be on that, you can, if you want to be off the mat, if that's more comfortable. And then what I want you to do is just kind of find your neutral here and then we're just going to come down into the squat position.

And once you're down into the squat position, I want you to stay here for a second till you feel the burn. Get to your knees to drag over the center of your feet. Keep your core engaged here, and you want to kind of keep your torso elevated with a neutral spine so you might be leaning slightly forward. Then I want you to notice where your weight is on your feet and I want you to center the weight on your feet and not just all the way in or all the way out. We want to kind of in between and then means tracking right over the center of the feet. Everybody kind of starting to feel that a little bit.

Let's come on back up. Let's do nine more. Not just like that, but just down and up. Sink and lift up and you're breathing. You're going to inhale through the nose as you go down and as you come up, you're going to exhale like you're blowing through pursed lips. So inhale on the way up. Now what I want you to do is start to increase that range of motion. So see if you can go a little deeper. Yes, I like to incorporate squats and lunges into every workout that I do with clients because it's so functional and it's such an important part of what we need to do as people to be able to live on our home, you have to be able to get down and up. So let's do two more.

That's probably way more than ten one more and come up. Now we're going to go into lunges. So step forward for me. That's it. And we're going to start with the front leg. You're going to lunge back. Yup. And come forward. Then you're going to take the back leg and lunch back. And what I want you to do is just notice that the front knee should be tracking over the center of your foot.

So I think of it more like a squat on the front leg with a kickstand for your back leg. So sink and sink you guys, warming up, respiration, starting to go up. He knows mine and huffing and puffing already. So back and up. But this is a great way to get your body nice and warm and ready for the work to come. Okay. Now one more. Now Lund back again. Yeah, back leg. Take your back leg behind you. There you go. And from here, what I want you to do is take your hands to the floor.

Now step the other foot back. And you're in a nice plank, right in our plank. We don't want locked the elbows. Want to be grabbing the floor. You want your glutes and abs engaged. Now bring your back leg forward. Yup. The one toward the back. There you go. And stand up. Yeah. Alright, so this is our lunch to plank.

Now what I want you to do is take that back leg back again. Hands to the floor, step back into your plank. Step forward with your back foot. Stepped forward with your front foot. Yes. Now take your front foot back first sink and then back, and then forward and then arise up and then that one back. So we keep alternating back and forward. And if you messed up, it doesn't matter. Just remember the next one. You switch back so you're not always lunging back with the same leg forward and up. And again, grab that fluid. Don't lock your elbows, abs in tight.

And uh, and they're thinking, if this is the warmup, what the heck is the workout? But this is a really good way to start to get all of your stabilizers and your body awake. And now we're going to stay back there. So back into your plank. Stay right there. Now just tack your shoulder alternating and you can take your feet a little bit wider. Yes. And I want you to exhale as you tap. Inhale, as you release on, you don't have to race. You can take it slow.

And now I want you to think about a few things. Try to keep your bum from lifting, tried to keep it down so your body is in one straight line. So if you can see if he can lower a little bit there. If this is too much, go to your knees, then don't wiggle. So don't rock back and forth. Try to stay right in the center. There you go. Now we're doing it the PyLadies way. You're controlling the movement, you're working your core. Give me one more.

I can hear the breathing and that's it. Now lunge forward and rise up. They brought their favorite leg forward to finish. Okay, now come on out. How are we doing so far? Pretty good. Turn and face me. Let's roll out our spines cause we want to get all that spine movement and as well, your legs are warm, your upper body's warm. Let's mobilize the spine.

So roll down through and stay there. In this position, your head should be relaxed, your neck should be relaxed, your arms should be relaxed, your knees should not be locked, they should be straight but not hyper extended. And your weight centered from there, you're going to roll back up from tail to head and give me a big breath in and exhale forward. So this is a nice little recovery. Move here. And then roll back up. And when we want to start thinking about is sequentially moving. So you want to start moving through the spine from your head. Keep going, hand your neck and your upper back and your lower back.

And then let the hamstring stretch and then roll back up. Draw in from the abdominals and stack the spine back up from tail to head. Shoulders open at the top. One more time. Exhale, flex forward. Sync through. Watch your not sinking into the back of the knees. Beautiful Job g. Have really nice and roll up my errands.

[inaudible] way up to the top. Last time. Roll down through, flex, through beautiful and roll all the way back up to the top. Now what I want you to do is just come down, flex your knees. We're not doing any more squats for a while. So take your hands and place them right here. We're going to do this standing Katz.

So I want you to articulate now from your tail instead of your head first, and you're going to flex the spine and come into a nice c curve in your spine, tailbone wrapped under ribs. Pulled in. Now lengthen from tail to head. Go past that neutral lengthen spine and go into extension. So you're going to let your ribs open, but your abs are going to be nice and engage. And once again, you're going to flex through, drop your head, let your shoulder blade spread apart here. Really feel that stretch and then lengthen from the tail all the way up.

Shoulder blades pulled back. Yes, and that will help get that movement in the spine. One more time. Flex forward. Beautiful articulation. Let your head just relax at the end. And I Sarah, and then go back to your neutral lengthen. And from here, if you want to take your feet a little bit wider, you can, because we're going to do a little rotation stretch here. So you're going to push into one leg and you're going to turn toward the side high iron and then come do the center and you're going to turn during the other side. Now we're going to let your head and neck follow the line of the spine, which is what we want to do in our Palladio's work. You're going to press into your leg and you're going to look back over that shoulder. Yeah. And then come through the center and do that same thing to the site, to the other side. Push into the side of the leg and look back and see near.

She'll over your shoulder and then come back to center. From there. You're going to roll back up. Now bring your feet just slightly closer together and take your arms out to the side here. And we're going to do a modification of our spine twist. Let's get an athletic stance. So it's slight bend in your knees, slight flection in your hips are going to turn that way. You're going to bend your elbow though, and just pull yourself back and come to the center. Good.

And then the other side, rotate and center. So that's at our inhale like and length. And use that inhale to lengthen. Exhale to the center. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale to the center. Really Nice. Do that again. And think of that spiraling up as you turn. So your ribs are rotating, your spine is spiraling up, your hips are staying stable and come back.

What I want you to think about is your hips going the opposite way of the way you're turning. So as you think of your hips going the other way, you feel that kick right into your obliques. Come back to the center. Go the other way. Think of their hips going opposite. Come back to center two more times before we're even getting that rotation. Xcel back to center. One more time. Breathing. Gimme that rotation and back to center.

Lengthen the knees and turn toward this direction and you're just going to do your saw. You're going to flex down over that leg and take your baby finger toward your baby toe and then stack your spine back up. Looking in that same direction and then come back to the center. Let's add our breath. Breathe in. Exhale, flex over. One Nice long stretch to the spine. Now come up, breathing in, yes, and then exhale back to the center. Nice. Yeah, let's rotate.

Breathe in now. Exhale, flex over. Think opposition, your back fingers reaching up, your forward fingers reaching down to help you with that rotation and then come all the way up and back to center. Let's do that again. Breathe in, rotate. That's it. Aaron. Flex over. Watch the knees. Keep them soft, then lengthen back up, breathing in, and then exhale back to center. Really Nice. And that was our last one to finish on that side with your arms here. Breathe in, reach one arm down your leg, the other one over and stretch, breathing. Come up. And we're going to do that same thing to the other side.

Exhale just whole x over and come back up. And let's do that again. Breathing. We're worried now. Reach into those top fingertips. Reach them toward that window, come back up and the other side reaching away and come back up. And you're inhaling over and you're exhaling back. And one last time, inhaling over and exhaling back. And you have a nice now standing warm up and we're ready to get into some work down on the mat. So what I'd like you to do is come down onto your mat, on your back and we're going to go into, we call them Ab preps. So it's really like the Paul Wattis version of a crunch.

So hands behind your head for me today. And what I'd like you to do is make sure that you find your neutral, meaning that your pelvis is level with the floor, your hip, your bones in front, and you have a little curve in the lower back. You're going to focus on maintaining that and you're going to flex your upper back and support your head with your hands. And then lower back down. You're gonna use your exhale to come up and an inhale as you lower back down, we're going to get the elbows to float forward as you come up. Yes, when we do that, you can allow the shoulder blades to spread apart when you allow the shoulder blades to spread apart. Look how much more thoracic flection you're getting now, and you're taking the strain out of the neck so you're not jamming the elbows foragers, loading them forward, and then open them back as you go down. And again, XL come up beautiful and lengthen back down.

Now let's let our eye level drop down as you come forward. Yes, and that also will help release some of the tents, tension, the neck muscles. We're going to add single leg lifts now, so lower back down and breathing. Now exhale, bring one leg up into tabletop and then inhale, lower back down. Pick your favorite like doesn't matter. Now switch to the other one. Come on up and lower down. What I want you to think about here is you're coming up and down is this disassociation and that means that your pelvis is not going to move, but your hip joint is going to move. You're going to keep that nice, neutral position in the lower back and you're still going to add that flection in the upper back. This is all what PyLadies is about. It's that control, that precision, that no really good body awareness can we do both legs? Exhale, come up. This is super challenging, so if you're having a hard time holding neutral, you can start with a slight tip back of the pelvis and strengthen the abs here in a stronger position and that will help if you're, especially if you're feeling it in the lower back. Let's do that again. Folding up the hips and flex. Beautiful.

Now we're going to throw that all out the window on our outset and we're going to come up into a tight little ball. The tightest ball you can and then lower back down. But with control, you're going to exhale flex up. Now when you unravel everything lengthens from the middle and all the way back out to your neutral, don't flick your ribs at the end. Beautiful and come up and full lax and then lengthen all the way out. And you're using your exhale as you come up. Never hold your breath. Come on up.

Yes and lower back down. And one more time. You're excelling to come up. Give me that strong, powerful crunch. And now lengthen everything back out into your neutral. Beautiful. Flip over right onto your stomach. I'm going to bend you back the other way. So we're going to start with your legs just resting down on the mat and you're going to stack your hands and put your forehead on your hands like so.

Then you're going to float up and as you float up your upper body, you're keeping the bottom rib connected to the mat and then lower back down and do that again. Lengthen up your elbows, float up and come back down. By floating your elbows up in this direction, you're actually allowing the shoulder blades to come closer together and you're getting more thoracic extension and then lower back down. Let's add that breath here. Inhale up and exhale down. Now keep the abdominals engaged and float up. Beautiful. Aron. That's it. And back down and keep the legs active guys. Don't just let them plop down.

You want to leave them down on the ground, but they're going to be taught. Posterior chain is active and again, up and lower down. Beautiful. Bend your knees, put your heels together and flex your feet. Your knees can be apart. Yes, just rest your head on your floor, on your hands. That's it. Now we're going to squeeze those heels together. So just flex your feet here. That's it. Aaron. Press the heels together and as you press them together, I want you to send your knees across the room and slightly lift them. Yeah, and then come back down. So it's not just up, it's up in a way. That's it.

Up Up in a way, and then come back. Yeah, let's do that again. Strong abs lengthen up and that heel squeeze is going to, you're going to feel that in the glutes. You're going to feel that in the ad actors. And let's do it again. Length and away. Good and really nice. Soft upper body. Perfect. And again, reach up in a way. Yes, and back down.

I know you're feeling your glutes right now. Two more times. Reach and back down. And one more time. Lift away and come back down. We're going to add those two things together. So you're going to start, you're going to squeeze the heels together. You're going to float the upper body up and you're going to reach those knees away and up and come back down. Let's do that on our inhale. Inhale up, elbows, float up, heel, squeeze together and lower back down. Let's do that again.

Float up and reach nice and lower. Back Down. Beautiful job. Let's do two more here. Reaching away. Float those elbows up for me. Lower back down. So let me see a little more. Lifting the elbow as you come up. Yeah. So the Scapula come together. Beautiful. And then lower back down. Guys, quickly push back into a shell stretch.

So seatback on your heels, spying, rounded. Just to kind of release the lower back here for me just for a second. And then you're gonna flip over onto your back. And we're going to go into our, what I call the hundreds start. So come on down and you can stay in this neutral position, or if you want, uh, a little stronger ab position, you can tip the pelvis back and just bring your legs into tabletop. Arms are by your side. Breathe in, and then exhale.

Show me the perfect hundreds positions. So what we did with Ab prep, you're doing with this hundreds position here, and then lower back down. So this is why I call it the a hundred start. You're going to float up, you're going to exhale, your arms are going to be soft and your shoulders are going to be rounded slightly forward, just slightly. That gives you really good upper back flection. Now hang out here. Breathe in five counts. As you exhale, stretch those like slowly away and inhale, come back. And now that leg movement should take five counts. So you're gonna exhale, two, three, four, five. Now breathe in back. Yes. Nice Tia, and again, XL out. Good. And inhale, come back and soften your elbows. Just round them for me. Yes. So all the tension is in your abs, not in your arms or your shoulders. And come back in. You got one more of those.

This time we're going to stay out there. Hold that now the legs are straight. You're going to lift them up and then exhale. Lower them down as far as you can. Stabilize that spine. Come up slowly and exhale down in a way that's in now, don't rock your upper body. Lift the legs, but don't rock yes and lower back down and come on up. And now as you lower down, you're going to crisscross those ankles.

Little Cross crosses with the ankles. That's it. I'll do my hands cause I can't do my feet when I'm standing. And then again, lower down and come back up. Breathing in and you got one more set here. Lower down, live dangerously, go a little lower. Keep those abs nice and flat. Now Bend your knees, breathe in and exhale lower all the way down on that mat. Beautiful. From here you can stretch your legs out. Reached through and roll up. Legs can be separated here just slightly for this one, for this version of the half rollback.

So you're going to come forward here and imagine that you're holding onto a roll down bar. Like if you're on a Cadillac, you're going to roll back, exhale, and then you're going to roll forward. So we're just going halfway back here. You're going to roll back through. Exhale and inhale, come forward. Good. Initiate that with some glute work to get the tailbone underneath yas and that will help you get really good flection in the lower back. Let's do that again. XL Roll back. Now this time as you come up, don't just go over your legs. Sit Up tall and extend and then exhale full x back.

Inhale, come up and pull the elbows back and extend the spine. And exhale, flex and roll back through. Good. And inhale. Come up and show me that extension. So lift your sternum, Yaz and Xcel flex through. Let all the air out now. Inhale, come up. Breathe in tall. Yes, and one more time. Exhale, flex back. But keep going. Keep going all the way down. All the way down to the arms. Go up over your head. Full roll up. Arms come up. Breathe in. Exhale, flex and roll right up over that both legs. Shoulders are relaxed. Roll back down. Lengthen all the way back out. How are we doing over here?

We good. Aaron, Aaron and XL G. Yeah, you're doing well. And again, roll back down. Yes. And arms reach over. Let's do just that. Just one more time. So roll through. Flex over. Now you're going to roll all the way back down and stay there. That's it. Once your arms are back, just circle them around and reach them and put them by your sides.

Bend your knees, put your feet on the floor and push your hips up. Should feel really nice on those hip flexors right now. Just getting a really good, uh, glute activation here. Relax the hips. Just a hair. Good. Now what I'd like you to do is take one leg and reach it up to the ceiling.

Yeah, good. Now from there, what we're gonna do is just lower your hips back down to the mat without rolling through the spine. So hinge and then press back up. Inhale to lower. Exhale, press back up, reaching through those toes. Inhale to lower, and exhale, depress up. That's it. As much as possible, keep the lower back in that neutral position. And again, inhale to lower and press up. Now you're gonna stay there. Can you push up a hair higher? Keep the abs really tight and give me leg circles. So circle across your body first around it up.

The goal is to make this nice big circle without your hips going all over the place. So it's our one leg circle bridge combination. Now go the other way in hell as the leg goes out, exhale to come back up. Just keep the breath flowing. Push into that bottom heel as much as you can to get your hips a little higher. Give me one more. They're working now. Bend that knee.

Place your foot on the floor, your hips. Go down and lift your hips back up. Lift the other leg up and we go into our lower left. So drop the hips down and press up. Good and inhale and exhale up.

You're pressing mainly through the heel of the foot to get really good gluten hamstring activation. You've got one more. Press up. Good. Now the leg goes across your body, around and up and again across the body and around and up. Beautiful. Breathing on everyone. Give me one more here. Now we're going to reverse that circle going the other way and around in a beautiful control through the pelvis. That's what you want. You want that, oppose it. That centering leg here really grounded and you want to feel that opposition of toes reaching up, heel pressing down and come to the center.

Bend your knee and this time roll your spine down through. Roll it all the way down through perfect. Reach behind one leg and glide up to a seated position. And from here, how are we doing? Go ahead. Let's do some rotation. Sitting tall. You're going to take your arms out to the side. We're going to turn toward our windows first. So up here rotate.

Go a little further if you can a little further and back. So we're doing three pulses in hell. One girl, a little. Tell her to grow a little taller. Three, keep the weight centered on your sit bones and rotate. Three and two at one and back to center. Don't swing the arms, move from the ribs and lifting and lifting him back to center.

Good. Now let's bend that elbow in the direction we're going. That's it. And squeeze behind that shoulder blade just a little bit and come back to center. Beautiful. Do that other side. Rotate lifting. Nice flat abs. The whole time back to the center. Legs are grounded on the floor. One more set. Good, and two, and three and last time to the other side. Rotate, lifting, and two, a little taller. Back to center. Now just scoot your seat towards your feet. Reach for your sins, and we're gonna roll. Inhale down. Exhale forward. Find your balance.

Inhale down, exhale forward. And I want to hear that breath on this inhale. Now let me hear that Xcel more. Inhale. Let me hear that XL. That's to get your abs engaged and I'm going to bring you right back up. Give me that XL. Good. Control it at the top. You've got it. Inhale back.

Exhale up. One more time. Here we go. Nice strong apse. Hold it up at the top. Hold it there. Show the control shoulder balance. Now bring your right leg with you and go right down into your ab series. So leg reaches out and you're going to switch outside. Henry just for the ankle if he can, and reach and reach and reach. Good.

Now upper body is flex. Just like in that hundred start position, pelvis is not moving. They're bringing their leg in as far as they can and you can without hiking up your hip on that side. That's it. Good. All right. Now take your hand behind your head and just turn it into obliques. Criss Cross. Good. Let's slow it down though. Hold through the center.

Hold the other side through the center. Hold. Yes. Feel that control. Show that strength in that position and orange. So it's picture time. You're going to rotate and hold. Pause for your picture and smile and then go to the center. Go to the other side. Hold. Yes. Whenever something's really challenging.

I always think there's a photographer there and that, and you've got to get, you got to hit that pose. You got to hit it perfectly. So think about that at home. You've got to rotate. You got to reach, you got to hold. And that's do that to the other side. Reach and hold. Beautiful. No html. It's, I call those hard move. Looks calm. Bliss up here. One more time to the side. Now come to the center. Reach for your shins. Breathe in. Exhale.

Everything reaches away except your spine does not move. Come back around and again, take off your big hat here, circle around. Good. Bend the elbows and take off that hat and then circle around two more times. Reach. Don't let the ribs and hips leave each other. Keep them close. One more time or each. Come around, send those legs up to the ceiling.

We're ready for scissors. Split the legs and pulse for two and switch pulse for two. Now I don't want you to throw away the bottom leg. That's as important as a top leg here. So that's the reach and reach. Good reach and reach. Yes, you got it.

One more set last time. Now both legs up, picture, relax down. Put your feet on the floor, push your hips up and exhale. Beautiful work. Now while you're in this position, this is our recovery position. We want to reach the knees away from you and you want to keep your abdominals tightened. You want to feel that length through the front of the hip because that's what this is all about. And then set your hips down. We're going to go right into our shoulder bridge full shoulders. So hips come back up, reach one leg up into the ceiling, flex that foot, bring it down. Region away.

Exhale. Inhale. Bring it back up three more times. Reach it down in a way. The hips don't move. Nothing moves about that leg. Good. One more time. That reach lift. Bend the knee. Put that foot down. Reach the other leg up. Keep reaching through this knee here. Yeah, and lower down. Flex the foot. Inhale. Point up and to more. Reach it away. Oh, I lied. Two more. Now we've got to make sure you're balanced. You're not walking around in circles later in the day. That's it. Last one.

Now bend the knee. Put your foot on the floor, and again, this time we're just gonna roll through the spine and really release all the way down through beautiful work. All right, from there, flip over onto your front. We're going to go into our breaststroke so we can kind of do the prep for it. Before. Now we're going to do the full thing. So legs are reaching out. They can be separated. You want a nice, tight glutes, hamstrings, calves, everything really taught in the lower body. Die Forward with your arms and hover like you're diving into water.

Center your head between your arms. Then open the arms out wide, lifting the chest and reaching your arms back. Turning your palms toward each other here for me. That's it. Now from here, just make sure the neck is nice and long. Beautiful. And dive back into the water XL. Nice. Nastia and inhale. Just float the head up. Yes and dive forward. Reach. And when you reach, notice the scapula coming together.

Help you lift the sternum and dive forward. Reach. Inhale, open back. Hold that position back everybody back. Turn the arms back, reach them. That's it. You got it. Now exhale, dive forward. Flex and reach. Inhale, pull around and lift. Exhale, dive forward. Inhale, pull around. See if he can lift a little bit higher without going into the lower back. Yes, and one more time. Reach forward. Beautiful job. Come around up and this is the last one or that was, and then release down. Come into your hands and knees and give me a kneeling cap here.

So just round your back, curl the tailbone under, hollow out the ABS. Nice Aaron. And just relax the upper traps here for me. Perfect. And just breathed there for a couple of seconds and then we're gonna move on. You're gonna flip over onto your seat. You're going to take your feet as wide as the mat, arms out to the side.

You're going to turn toward me three. Then you're going to exhale, flex out over that leg. Inhale, come up. And Xcel back to center. Remember, your head needs to go with your spine, so as you flex over, drop your head yes and come back up on that line and rotate back to center. Beautiful. Breathe in and rotate. Flex over opposition with your fingers. Reaching away from each other. Come back up and exhale back to center. Good. Grow Tall. As you rotate, Xcel flex over. Inhale, come back up and back to center. We're going to do one more on each side. Inhale, rotate. Exhale, flex over in health to come back up.

Exhale the center. We're going to finish on that side. Rotate, flex over, come back up and come back to center. Once again, Scooch your seat toward your feet, reach back and hang on to your thighs, right by your knees and lengthen and find that balanced position there. And let's do a little rolling like a ball from this position. So you're gonna not rolling like a ball open like rocker though. Like what? You're going to fuss this fun and roll back. You're going to come forward and lengthen the spine at the top.

Let's do that again. Flex the spine and roll back and forward and lengthen your breath can help you here. You inhale to roll down. That helps you expand the ridge, you ribs, you exhale to come forward. That helps you engage the abs rolling back coming forward. And you're going to hold this balance position here and you're going to extend the leg toward me. Just that one. Reach it and then don't hold onto the ankle. Hold onto the knee.

Now extend the other one and come back down and let's do that again. Extend and then and the other side, extend and Ben and now both reach and then two more reach and then one more or each. Hold. Reach for your ankles and let's roll. Inhale, flex the spine, exhale, come forward. Lengthen at the top, show me that balance and control in, held down into the mat. Exhale forward and then open. Good again, flex the spine to roll down and then lengthen and lift. Beautiful, and one more time. Nice control you guys. This is awesome. Now come up, lengthen, let go.

Hold it very then and place your feet right down on the mat. Beautiful work. That was really, really good. From there, take your legs straight on the mat and they can be separated about shoulder distance apart. Bring your hands in front of your head or if you've got really good shoulder mobility, take them back here. You just don't want to jump your head forward and roll on down to the Mat. Now you're going to inhale, begin to come up and then XL, reach your arms forward and then stack your spine back up. Let's do that again.

Roll back sequence through the spine. Now start to roll forward. Inhaling, and then exhale, reach the arms forward and then stack up hands go back behind your head. Hang on there, hinge. Don't flex, hinge, hinge. When you can't hang on to it anymore. Roll through the spine to go down. Good. Inhale, begin to come up. Reach the arms. Exhale right over your legs. Hands back to your head. Lengthen up now stay there, hinge back.

Give me some good control here. Reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. How far can you go? And then control. Flex through. That was so gorgeous. Beautiful, beautiful job. And one more time. Flex forward reach. Now stack the spine up. Place those hands right by your head. You're going to roll down through right at the end and grab onto it and control it all the way down to the end.

Beautiful. Come forward one more time. Grab onto your legs if you need to sit up tall. That was a lot of those. Now you're going to hold your arms out in front. Just like actually, let's take them behind our head. They get this a little bit harder. Yeah. Okay. So you're going to turn toward me. You were going to do an oblique rollback. So you're going to roll down and turn toward me right here. Yeah.

And then come back up. So we got this rotation and full action down and come back up. One more. Same side. Now when you come up, you're going to take that opposite knee and bring it to the elbow and then you're going to come down, come up and we'll reach elbow to knee and flex back. Come up and elbow to knee. Good. One more time. Back and up. Elbow to knee. Now put your leg down.

We're going to turn the other way going back first. So you're gonna roll down and turn. Yup. And just come back up. So flex, backward, rolling and rotating and come back up. One more like that down. Now you come up, lift the opposite knee and elbow to knee and then back through. Roll down and then come back up.

Rotate and touch a little brain work for you as well. Rolled out. Come up and turn and you're doing great. And come up and turn. And one more time back and come up and turn and sit up. Nice and tall. Beautiful. Come up onto your knees. All right, so from here we're going to do a little side leg work. I love this series. You're going to take one hand, we'll use this side and you're going to place it down on the mat.

In your other hand, you can go behind your head if it's more comfortable to go in front of your head or just at your temple, that's fine. And then what I want you to do is shift your weight onto that leg and out of your arm. Yeah, and hold that position lower hand, lift the leg, inhale down, exhale up, and three more. Lift a little higher up. You can two and one. Now hold it here, bend it and reach it back as far as it'll go without letting the whole pelvis go. So just the leg goes back. Inhale, flex in, exhale, reach back, inhale, flex. And Are you shifting towards your hand? Shift over onto that leg. Who's come in reach? I caught them two more and her reach out. One more. Reach out.

Now flex that foot and give me some pulses. Hold on. Before we do that, turn your toes and knees down. Turn your heel up now pulse up or 10 and in a little higher, eight and seven. Shift onto that like you got it and three and two and one. Hold it. Bend it in. Now you're going to sit on that hip or right over onto that side. Ah, yes, we good? Come on up and for middle smiling so I know we got them.

You're going to come onto this side and same thing. Let's shift onto that leg. Place your hand, wherever it's comfortable, and then just lower and lift. Inhale down, exhale up. Keep your breath flowing. When in doubt, brave and up and up and hold. Shift onto that leg a little mart that sit now, bed in, breathe in, and exhale, reach back in. Inhale, bend and exhale. Reach. Now the other sides already feeling this right for each back and in and surprise. Do More and reach and one more.

Now it's going to stay there. You're going to rotate down and we're going to press that heel up. There you go. And press and press and press and press. We have five more you can do a little higher and four come on and three and two. Now hold picture and, and sit back onto that hip. Take a big breath.

Very good. Okay. Have a seat. This'll feel good. Legs out in front. Your recovery spine, stretch forward. Flex handle, lengthen, hemorrhage. Just going to keep it moving. Flex over and inhale. Rise back up and again, flex forward and arise back up. One more. Then we have to move on and then fries back up. See toward your feet. Bring your legs up. They're going to be together. You're going to lengthen them.

You're going to reach pose. You're doing it at home. Reach up, roll down. Now lead with the arms roll through. Lift, roll down. Good. If you can roll forward balance, keep your arms by your ears as you roll down a little harder than a reach the arms roll through. Lift the arms. Now roll down. Try to keep those arms back there if you can, if you can, if you can. Good one more. You got it. Nice job.

Errands and I stopped you or a job and roll down. Roll down, roll down. Beautiful. Now flip over. We're going to go into our rock and catch swan dive. So hands on the outsides of the shoulders extend up when you extend up. Think of pulling yourself away from the mat rather than pushing yourself away from the mat. Now activate glutes, hamstrings, back muscles.

Draw the Scapula back and what I want you to do is breathe in. Now let go. Exhale, rock and come back up. But we're going to keep our hands just above the mat. We're not going to reach them out, so just lift them in rock and come back up. Beautiful. And do that again. Let them rock and come back up. Good.

Don't nosedive. Keep the spine extended, including the cervical spine and keep that nice lift. Inhale at the top. Give me one more here. Rock come up, tach and slowly lower down. Beautiful. Now from here, bend your knees underneath you like so tuck your toes under. Lift the knees off. That's it. Shift your weight back toward your legs just a little bit. Hold that position. And tap hand to knee. Opposite.

Lift the knee and switch. Tap, tap, tap. Now remember our shoulder taps from before. It's the same thing here. Try to keep the button low. Try to keep the knees right above the mat and try not to shift everything around and try to make it just a hand and a knee. And give me six five. Keep breathing for. Lengthen that spine three and two and one. Hold it.

Swing your hip to the side and come right around like so. Lift up. So we're going to do a variation of our leg pole so it's opposite hand to foot in this direction. So touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch. That's it. Keep going. Touch, touch. And now stabilize it and three and two and one and come down. Come right onto your hip facing me, Ben, that bottom knee.

So and place your hand on the floor. We're going to do a version of our sideband. So what you're going to do is come up almost like we did for the kneeling side, leg work except your hip as long here. Hand by your head and touch and orange and too. And in annex health, three and back and four and five.

How many should we do? 10. Six. We'll do 10 and seven. I planned on five but since we doing so well and I can't stop, let's do two more and one more. Woo and down. You feel the side of your hip. Let's go onto the other side. Beautiful. So knee down. Come up into this nice long line. Reach that leg out. Hand by your head and touch one.

Get that rotation in there to lift the knee up toward the ceiling. The worry and doubt and Xcel. Bull and I don't. Five. Why did I say ten six keep it moving. Seven makes you XL as you pull eight and nine and 10 and just sit back. Beautiful. Now, right over onto your front again.

And we're going to do a little stretch. Bend. Grab your foot, grab your foot, nose down, legs together. Inhale, press and extent. Press your feet against your hands. Open the legs. Yeah, and then bring the legs together. Heels to your seat. Inhale up and exhale lower. When you come down, bring your feet as close to your seat as you can and your legs as close together as you can. When you come up. Separate. Bring your feet as far away from your clues as you can. Yes. And down two more and a big breath. Hand and down.

Exhale. Now gently let go of one foot and then the other. Don't put your yeah, and just sit back here. Pour it right back on your heels for a second. Beautiful. And from there we're going to go into from your shell into a pipe.

So Bama had between your arms and from there shell, knees down. Sit back. Tuck your toes under. Yeah. So we're going to lengthen the feet on the, so pike and then lower the knees. Lengthen the top of the foot and Shell and again come through and pipe. Yes. And Shell. And last time. Pike and stay there.

Now walk your hands back toward your feet. Go ahead and hang so relaxed. The arms. Keep the legs long but not locked. Keep the weight centered on your feet and feel that length. Nice. Jia good. Now, what I'd like you to do here is just shoulder rolls.

So you're upside down and you're doing some shoulder rolls up and back and let gravity pull those arms down toward the ground and go the other direction around it up. Beautiful. Then let your arms relax. Head dangle and shake your head. No. Yeah, let the weight of your head reach toward the floor. Nod your head yes, that's it. And then from there, roll up from tail to head and turn to the front. Arms out. Take your feet wide, reach up, breathe in. Now what I want you to do here is think mermaid.

You're going to rotate and reach your arm out like hock. And now turn back to the side, arm over your head and come back up. Let's do that to the other side. Breathe in and reach now. Flex, rotate and reach the arms out. Rotate back top arm over your head and come back up. Let's do that again. Breathe in now. Exhale, reach, soften those knees a little bit.

Now reach back over and come back up one more time. Breathing nice and Xcel reaching flex. Turn back and then all the way back up to the top. From here, reach your arms up to the ceiling. I want you to bend your elbows and open your hands back and lift your sternum to the ceiling. Big Inhale, and then exhale.

Come back up to the ceiling and inhale, open back. Turn those palms back as far as you can. Feel that nice stretch and come back up on one more time, three then and reach and back up, and just bring your arms down by your side. Stand tall, shoulders open, abs in. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for joining me today and I hope I will see you again soon. Bye Buddy.


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I loved this extra challenge. Increased my heart rate and I think I'm a wee bit taller ;)
Love that 🥰 thank You 🙏🏻
That was awesome! I'll remember some of our modifications! Thanks
Thanks John for the challenging workout!! Great to have you back
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Playful but hard working. Plan a shower into your schedule after taking this class.
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John is our favourite teacher ever. Love his clear cueing and warm manner. Wonderful lesson. Thank You from the UK. ❤️
Dilek K
wonderful workout. thanks from Turkey
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Thank you John. I found your reformer workout on youtube a year or so ago and have been practicing with you ever since. I appreciate how you integrate an athletic aspect into your workouts. Merci Beaucoup!
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Really fun workout. I enjoyed the athletic approach, and I love John’s positive energy
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Yeh John! Loved your cues re: shoulder blades to get more thoracic extension and flexion.
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