Class #3582

Reformer Strap Flow

40 min - Class


Everybody loves the straps! In this creative Reformer workout, John Garey uses the straps in every position to work your entire body. He includes a lot of unilateral work so you can work on creating symmetry while you build strength. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


Welcome everyone. We are about to do a reformer workout with straps. So I'm working today with Aaron and Aaron and we're going to be a working all around this reformer and we're going ...


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As always I love your inspiration!
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I just love the way you teach!
Amazing workout thank you so much John!! 😍😍😍
Loved this one ❤️
Thank you for the genius crossed legs in straps!!!! Excellent class. Keep these awesome, challenging classes coming.
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Great! Loved the feet in straps cross crossed!
That was downright fun/challenging/feel good! I feel amazing, thank you John Garey, awesome man that you are!
Love it! Thank you John.😊
Wow!! Loved it-great inspiration
Awesome class John, thank you!
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