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Dynamic Reformer Flow

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Challenge your balance, strength, and control with this dynamic Reformer workout by Sara Colquhoun. She moves quickly through the transitions to keep the class flowing from one movement to the next. She includes a blend of advanced exercises and movements that work on your range so that you get a well-rounded workout.
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Hi, I'm Sarah Cahoon and I'm so excited to be back at Peloton anytime today filming my dynamic reformer class. I've got the lovely Tonya here with me all the way from Australia to do my class with me. We're going to keep these class flowing as much as we can, so we're going to move quite quickly through the transitions, but we're really using the exercises today to really lay on so that we progress from the start of the class to a really nice challenging finish with some Great Standing Upright work. I've got my reformers set up or ready to go, so we've got the long box on here already. I've got the foot bar down flat and one red spring on, so it's going to be a nice medium tension to start the workout. If it is too strong though, take it down to your blue spring. So we're going to come onto the reformer we are standing up to start with, so it is a little challenging on the balance. So I'm stepping onto the headrest.

Roll Down

My heels are slightly back onto the reformer bed so that I've got a little bit of a base grounding there and we're going to inhale and take the arms up to the sky. As you really press down through the feet on the breath out. Start to roll down through the spine, the nasal soft. Take a breath in at the bottom, and then on the exhale start to roll it back up from that tail bone. Stack the spine up tall. Reach the arms to the sky. Let the right arm go down by your waist. And inhale side stretch to the side.

Exhale, pull back up to center. Left arm goes down by your sides. Side stretch to the left. Exhale, pull back up to the center. Little back extension back. Look to the sky. Exhale, send them. We're going to repeat all that again. Roll it down joint by joint through the spine. Nays a soft.

Take a big breath in at the bottom. Exhale, Tuck the tile by Nanda. Roll it back up to stand. Reach the arms up to the sky and let the right arm go down. Inhale, side stretch over. Exhale back up to center in house side. Stretch to the left. Exhale up to center and take a little back extension.

Really open the heart and chest. Press through the fate back to center. Now we're going to roll down through the spine all the way down until you can grab a hold of your straps. So once you've got a hold of them, take your hands through the loops and slowly roll it back up to stand. And as you do, just let that tension go. Just nice and tight onto the straps there. We breathe that and press the arms straight back. Inhale to return.

Chest Expansion

Exhale, press back, breathing to return. So as you press back, you just getting used to just feeling that reform bed moving forward and back, engaging through the back of the arms and through the back of the legs. I'm gonna do three more here. Using that breath out to press in how breathe into sides and back of ribs. Last one. And then return the reformer to rest.

Grab a hold of your straps and reach down and hold onto the ropes. And just be careful as you pull up onto the ropes because the reformer bed is going to move. It's a little bit tied on that tension. Now we're going to exhale and pull the arm straight back for one more lap pool. We take the arms forward, we start to bend the knees, stick the buttocks at the tension is just tight on the straps until you sit to the box. Tuck the tailbone under. Roll it all the way back and open the chest. Tuck the head in, roll it through the spine till that reformer bed parks and impress, or the legs come up to Stan. Carefully press back into your lap, pull back, bring the arms forward. Let those arms come up high. As you sit, your body goes back to the box. Tuck the tailbone under.

Chest Expansion w/Squat Variation

Roll it all the way back. Inhale, open the chest. Exhale, scoop it in. All the shoulders back, press through the legs. Come up to stand and lap pool. We're going to do three more of these. If this is too challenging for you, you can always try this exercise without the straps and just work on coming up to standing and coming up to sitting onto the box through the range without the straps. Pull the tension. Exhale, let those arms come forward. Lengthen your spine as you sit to the box. Skirt the abs as you open the chest and exhale, roll it forward. Really think about pressing into those feet as you come up tall. Last one.

Exhale, pull back. Reach the arms forward. Press down into those heels. Sit to the box and stay sitting up tall. This time, keep those arms up in line with the shoulders. On the exhale, we're going to bend the elbows and draw them out to the side. Inhale, return the arm straight back out in front. Exhale, pull out. Breathe into return. So we this one, we really want to engage the back of the shoulders to start that. Pull on the straps and try and feel as though your hands are in line with those elbows. As you pull back, we're going to do two more. Use that breath out to pull. Inhale, arms out. Last one. Keep the arms at in front there, but these times we're going to turn the palms up to the sky. On the exhale, Tuck your tailbone on the end. Roll halfway back to the box.


Just checking with your shoulders in this position that the straps aren't pulling the shoulders forward. They're engaging back away from the straps. Now exhale, bicep curl. Inhale, take it back out and again, pull in how return. We're going to use that strong breath out so that you really get that deepening of the abdominals as you pull three more and two last one, checking with our shoulders. Draw them back as we round the spine and come forward. Stackup told those arms should still be up in line with the shoulders.

Bicep Curl w/A Round Back

Now we roll it back. Palms are still up to the sky. We take a little oblique version, so little twist to the side and you've got five bicep kills there. One, exhale, two. This gets a little challenging on the shoulders to keep that stability. Last one, and then we're just going to pass through center straight to the other side. Exhale, not a bad view to look at while I'm doing my bicep curls. Two more.

Bicep Curl w/Oblique Twist

Last one, and back to center. Take a breath in. Check the shoulders, exhale round the spine. Come forward. Make sure you finish off that movement. Stack up tall, pull on the ropes and then relax. Good work round your spine. Drop your straps back down onto your spikes. And then from there we're going to roll all the way back to the box to start our abdominal series. So we roll it back through the spine. We want your head, shoulders just back off the edge of the box, so just adjust if you need to scrape the hands around behind the head and bring both legs up to the tabletop. From here, we're going to lift that chest up nice and high to start the abdominal wall and we start with a single leg stretch with the legs.

Single Leg Stretch

So we're just going to move at a nice fluid pace. Okay. Breathing out as we press wrapping those shoulders down in towards the abdominals. Okay. Now we're going to keep those legs going, but the chest goes back for one. Each side chest comes up for one. Each side chest goes back from one each side and up. So it's a little bit quicker and [inaudible].

Yeah, back and exhale up last time. Really push out with those legs and lift. Squeeze both legs into the tabletop, Little v with those legs and flex the feet. Exhale, push the legs out and point the fete. Flex feet, bending x. How? Push and point flex fate bending [inaudible] you use that strong breath out to push those legs out in how flex and Ben. Okay.

Double Leg Stretch

Really opening those hip flexors last too. Okay, last one, Ben Alexian and stay. We're going to take it into the crisscross so we exhale, twist towards the left knee, and then change. This one. We're really going to try and squeeze all that breath out of the ribs and the lungs like you were bringing water out of a sponge.

Criss Cross

Squeeze little lap for four, three, two, one and a hog. Those legs into the chest have a little breather. We've still got two more to go. Okay, we're going to take the legs out to this guy. Reach the hand up towards the feet and now lift the chest up as high as you can. So you're gonna reach the toes, take the arms back, go for a circle around with those arms. Exhale and reach to the toes.


And this time we circle around with those arms if you can. We're going to come up into a teaser. So we're going to role skirt the abdominals, lift it up, roll it back down. We're going to bring the legs with you as you roll down, reach the arms up to the toes, and then we just get to do one plane. So we circle, reach out to the toes, we circle, we come around into the teaser. Tonya is probably wondering why she came with me on this trip. Right about now.

Rates rate your h roll all the way back down. Bring those legs with you. This is the last time through circle and it doesn't matter if you don't get up into the teaser. Yup. So just keep working with where your body's at and if that's just reaching to the toes today, that's absolutely fine. Rage towards those feet. Roll it back down through the spine. Bring the legs with you for our last one. Hands behind the head.

Take the left leg down, right leg stays to the sky. We're going to see the change. Six, five. Breathe out for hips. Square three to hold the last one. Now we go towards that leg that's in the sky. On the exhale in how?

Single Leg Pull

Back to the elbow. Exhale towards the leg. Inhale back. We're going to do seven. Try and get right up towards the inner side of the leg. Six last one, and then see the change x. How lacrosse right back to the elbow, so we get that oblique lengthening. Okay, last two big breath out. Last one.

Scissor w/Oblique Twist

Had both legs into the chest. Good work from there. We're gonna lower the feet down onto your head. If you can reach those arms forward. Roll up to sitting, or grab a hold of the back of your thighs if you need to. Stack the spine up. Tall. Good work. All right from there we're going to spin around by jumping onto your tummy, so we need the foot bar up for this one, so 10 I just going to straddle the box and we're going to bring that foot back in and popping that into the middle setting.

Roll Up

Staying on our one red spring and I'm just going to scrape my buddy back and just do a little straddled transition to end up on the abdominals so we just circle around. Legs come back behind you and the hands come onto the foot bar, so my head is resting just over the top of the foot bar. We're going to breathe out and push the arms to straighten and just stay on the inhale. We come up into the Cobra exhale, lower it back down in how to lift and that should feel really good after those abdominal exercises. I'm sure Tanya's enjoying that stretch by now. Yes, big exhale as we really landed out through the back of the legs. As you reach away, we're going to do two more here. Think of the shoulders gliding down the back as you lift the abdominals, deepening as you lower last one.


Big exhale. Reach away. Now by going to stay out in this position and do some nice little jumps off the hands. So the chest is in a really baby extension. From there we're going to bend the elbows. Exhale, push out of the hands, jump and land. So I'm looking at that football so that I know that I'm going to land on the foot, Barrick tight, squeeze through the back of the legs and we're going to try and get a little quicker with that jump land and jump straight away. Land and jumps straight away. And exhale.

Prone Arm Jumps

We're really thinking of engaging the whole back of the body. We've got 10 more. Check in with those legs that they haven't dropped out. Okay, and check in with those abdominals that as you jump, they're really engaged. Hold the body out there. Five more and three, two, last one, and then rest. Good.

Work from there. Use your hands onto the box. Tack the legs up into your rest position. So we'll scope it in and just give yourself a moment breather. So we're just going to breathe here for two deep breaths. Really feel that if feel through the whole back of the body.

Child's Pose

Yeah, and you use that exhale just to flush out any stale air that's left in the body. Slowly roll it up joint by joint through the spine. And we're going to take the boxes off now. So step off your forma. We'll pop the along boxes at the end of the reformer and we're going to do a spring change. So we're going into our leg and foot work. Now we're going to go to three red and a blue spring.

Spinal Twist

If you know that that's too strong for you, then just take off the blue spring or you could even do two and a red two random blue spring. We're going to lie onto your back all the way down and we're just going to start with a little spine twist for the body. So we'll take the hands around onto the shoulder x, stretch the leg straight up to the sky, have a little v with those legs on the inhale. Take the legs across to the left and on the exhale, squeeze all that air out. Come back to the center in how across to the right and exhale, squeeze all the air out. We're going to do two more each side. Really think about those inner thighs engaging and arap through the back of the hips to support the legs. Last one, each side. Inhale over to the left.

Try and draw back with your abdominals. Last one. Exhale back to Santa's. Slowly lower the legs down to the bar and place the feet onto your heels and the legs are parallel. We're going to press those arms down by your side. Really engage through the back of the shoulders. On the exhale, we press the hips straight up. Inhale, lower it straight down. Exhale, press the hip straighter in. How low? A straight down. Picking up the pace a little now and down. Exhale, lift, and even though the pace is quick, I'm still thinking about really lengthening through my spine, feeling that narrowing of the waist and really getting that hate into the back of the hips. Three more x, how to lift. Inhale, lengthen. Loa. Two last one.


Land at the bottom. Stay. Exhale. Push the legs to straighten in. How? Bend all the way in. 10 Times, press and aim. So that last exercise should have really given you that sense of hate through the back of the legs. And we're going to try and keep that heat as you push the reforma out and pull in formal three last two and the last one. We're going to stay out there.


Come halfway in and hold 20 little pulses from here. So small range. Keep that breath flowing and really feeling as though you're creating a nice claim. Fold in those hips. So we've got heat through back of legs and all the way up through the inner side of the knees and the thighs. Five more. Four, three, two, one. Stretch the legs at one more time. Big Breath in. Exhale, come all the way back and land on the arches of the feet with the knees and feet together. So wrap those feet around on the x. How these time, we're going to talk the tile boy Nanda, we're all the hips up and roll it down joint by joint through the spine.

Heels w/Pulses

So this one we take it a little bit of a slower pace so that we can really focus on that spinal articulation joint by joint. We're going to do formal and imagine the heels and the toes wrapping underneath that boss so that you get that full work through the whole foot. Three more. Okay. Using that breath in to lower it down.


Check in with those feet again as you land at the bottom that those heels are wrapping. Often they'll tend to do a little lift up. Last one, roll it all the way down and stay. And now we go into our 10 presses. From here we're going to inhale, push, exhale, pull in. So just flip the breath pattern a little, just trying to confuse you. That's all. No, I really want you to see how that breath pattern affects the exercise and how it can really support that pool in sensation of the reformer.


Okay. We've got four more. Think of squeezing all that air out of the body. Three to be bred out. Last one. We push out one more time and stay halfway in. Squeezing the knees together and we've got 20 little pulses, so you should really feel that heat on the inner side of the knees for these ones. Keep that hate through the back of the legs as well.

Arches w/Pulses

I'm still using that breath out each time I pose the reformer in seven, six, five, four. Breathe that. Three, two, one. Stretch the legs all the way out and come all the way back in. We're going to come onto the toes. Hey, it's time for your coordination. So we're going to lift the hips straight up. Stay at the top, lift the heels up, lower the hips down, and then lower the heels. Lift the hips up, lift the heels, lower the hips, lower the heels. Now we're going to get fast. At least the hips and heels. Lower hips, lower heels up, lift, heels, lower hips, lower heels. Three more.

Bridging w/Foot Variation

Laddies is just as much about the mind as it is about the body. Lower. And then heels last two and last one we lift out, lift the heels, stay, do a slow lower down if the hips keep your heels up high so that when we land at the bottom, you're going to push out off a high heel. So we breathe up, press in, pull in [inaudible] nice fluid pace and try and keep your heels up as high as you can for this one. So I really conditioning that top range of the ankle. Yes, we've got three more. Explore that land through the reforma bed as you press out last one and stay now lower the heels just an inch down from there.


We're going to use the breath out again to pull the reforma all the way in in how to press up. Try and keep the heels in the low position now and again. Feel how that changes the exercise [inaudible] you've got to work for a little more control to pull the reformer bet in and then the length really has to come up from the hips, the torso and the spine. [inaudible] Saray more just checking with shoulders in the arms that you're feeling them. Press back into the mat.

Okay, last one. We're going to press the legs out one more time and stay out for a little car series. On the inhale, both heels go under. Exhale, rise up onto the toes six times. Yeah, so we are going for that full range. The heels get all the way under zip all the way up. Okay.

Calf Stretch

Last two. [inaudible] last one. Now we're going to take the heels under and then only lift up halfway so we breathe that halfway in. How low? Exhale. Halfway in. Hello. Cool.

Pressing back with the shoulders. Five and six. Now hold that halfway position. Lift all the way up and just halfway under two. That's it. Three. Yeah. Form. You should be filling that burn. Starting to come in by now. Last one.

Now we finish it off with all the way under and all the way up. Six more times and two, three x, half for last two. You can do it. Five and six. Hold. Bend the legs. Come all the way in and give those leaders shake out if you need. Okay, from there we're going to go back onto the heels. We are going to try and stay on this spring for the single leg work.

Single Leg Bridge

But if you need to go lighter, sit up and take off the spring, right? Like comes up to the tabletop. On the exhale we pelvic curl up and in how we roll it back down. Breathe that. We roll it up. Okay and roll it down. Pushed through the back of the leg.

We've got two more [inaudible]. Last one. We're going to stay at the top. We're going to take that right, like up to straight into the sky and now it goes down over the foot bar. Flex the foot, kick it to you, point in the foot, it goes down, flex, kick it to you. Really think of that reform or bad pulling in towards that football last to last one career. Then from there, bend that top leg back to the tabletop. Roll it back down joint by joint through the spine.

Single Leg Bridge w/Variation

Slide that right leg under the foot bar. We breathe out and push the left leg out to straight and right knee bands into the chest and take it back under. Exhale, pull. Okay. And under. Okay.

Single Leg Combo

So hopefully you can feel that the pelvic curls on the single leg really prep that supporting leg to work into the back of the hip to start the push so it's not so quad dominant the whole time. Okay, we've got three more. Last two, last one. We're going to stay out there. Band in halfway and you guessed it. We've got 10 little pulses, two and three, four. It's hard but still keep thinking of that hate in the back of the leg whilst we work through that inner side of the quadricep. Last to push out the straighten. One more time. Stretch, stretch, stretch, come all the way in. Good work and place the right heel down onto the foot bar.

Left leg comes up to tabletop and let's do it all on the other side so we x how? Roll it up and roll it back down. So again, these ones you can take your time through the spine, really focused on that articulation and focused on that power coming from the back of that leg. Keep the heat through the back of that, right, like as you loa last one. Stay up at the top. Extend that left leg to the sky.

It goes down over the foot bar. Flex the foot, kick it to you. It doesn't matter how big that leg kick is. Work for that stability in the hips first. Then the flexibility can come through that working leg. Last one and then Ben, that leg to the tabletop.

Roll it back down, joint by joint through the spine. Take that leg onto the foot by when you get there. Brita pushed her right like to straighten. Ben Left like to tabletop in how? Under nice fluid pace x how to press. Okay.

Check in with the back of that leg that you feel that hate as you push and pull last one and stay coming halfway and finish it off. It's your last set of pulses. Two, three and four. Look for that clean fold in this hip. Eight, nine, 10 push out to straighten and slowly come all the way in. Okay, come on to the toes. Parallel. We're going to finish up our foot. Work with the single toes, right leg goes under the foot bar to start.

Single Leg w/Developpe Combo

We breathe out. Debbie, pay the right leg to the sky. Inhale back under. Exhale in how under any do eight of these and again think of working for that stability in the hips first. Then the height of this leg second. We really feel that lengthening through the waste. Lost One and stay. Now we bend that top leg, lower the left heel under. Exhale, rise up. Good. Just thought I'd throw in some sneaky single leg. Calf raises. Good.

We all need them for that. Ankle strength, the calf strength all the way up through to that hip. I'm going to try and get through 10 that can get quite fatiguing once you get to that five or six. So if you fatigue before the 10 then just rest and get ready to start the other side. Last to Tanya and all the way in place that write like on left leg goes onto the bar and we devil ipay burry that extend. Inhale down. Okay. Really think of all five toes on that right foot pressing into the football, lengthening through the waist last too.

Okay, last one. And we stay Ben, that top leg, and we love with that right heel all the way under, all the way up and just checking we that knee, but it's not in a locked back position. Try and feel the pull up through the muscles around the knee. Okay? You use that breath out to help support that rise up. Last three.

Okay, too. Last one, and bend the leg and come all the way in. We made it through. All right. From there, we're going to come up to sitting. So bring yourself up and we're going to do a spring change. So by taking it down to the lightest spring, we've got on the reformer, which for us, that's a yellow spring. If you don't have a yellow spring, you can always use the blue spring and just take your gear back. A setting which will make the reformer bed feel lighter as well.

Plank w/Ab Series

So we're going to spin around accidentally left my red spring on. That would not be so helpful and we're going to take it into a little abdominal series from our plank positions. So I hands go out onto the timber frame. I'm going to talk my toes under so my feet are in the middle of the reformed my bed. The legs are together. I walk my hands at a little bit further than what's comfortable. Pull the reformer bed just off this stopper so that I'm feeling that tension of there. If homer bed on the x, how round the spine and bend the knees.

Inhale, take it back out. The straighten x, how round in bed. Inhale back out to straighten one ball back out and hold. Do a little swivel of your feet and your hips to the right so your left hip is slightly dropped down. Exhale, pull in around the spine. Inhale back out length and plaque to, we're really looking for that control in both directions. Hold, swivel the feet to the other side. Exhale, pull it in. One inhale, lengthen.

Exhale to in how length and lost one. Back to center. Stay. Let your former bed park from there. Walk the hands in, pike the hips up to the sky and this is your breather, so enjoy it. Breathe into the back of the body and we're going to inhale, rise up onto the toes. Exhale, lower the heels down. Big Breath in, and let all that air go. Exhale.

Last one. Big Breath in. Little Diego. Exhale and get ready to come back out again. So we walked ahead down. Good. Get your plank position first. Now go back a little bit further than what's comfortable. Pull the ref form a bed off the stopper hall. Now we go for straight legs, so we pack it up. Exhale. Inhale.

Lengthen out to that plank. Exhale, pocket up to inhale. Lengthen. Remember the return journeys. Just as important as getting into the exercise. Look more to go Tanya. Exhale, lift it up in her last one and hold your plaque. Let your former bed park, and then from there, walk the hands in. Take it back up into your pipe position. These time. Let's open the left leg up to the sky. Take a big stretch with that left leg up.

Just breathe. Let the breath just slow down. Okay. And then slowly lower the leg down. Take the right leg up to the sky. Let the hip open up and just breathe. [inaudible] let all of that old air just get flushed out of the body.

Last one. And then slowly lower that like Dan posture, a little rest position. So I let the spine just round, let the arms hang and again just brace [inaudible]. So taking one more deep breath in [inaudible] and deep breath and slowly roll it up through the spine. And then we're going to spin around and do another spring change.

So we're going to two red springs now on the reformer and take off that yellow spring. We're going to have the hands onto the football, tuck the toes under and slide the feet back up against the shoulder. Our High Bar Cobra. These ones are really important to get that foot stretch first. So we want the heel pressing into the shoulder, rest the toes in that great stretch position.

High Bar w/Cobra

Hands come on and we round the spine into the c curve. Check in with those shoulders that you're actively engaging all the way through the back of the arm to the abdominals. And we're going to press the reform bed out until the hips open. Lift all the way in like a Cobra. Inhale and then scope it back to the start position.

Press the legs back until the hips open and come all the way in. Lack a Cabrera and then scope. Round it back to the star. Let's pick up the pace. Push. Come all the way in. Park that reformer and push it out all the way in park.

You're a forma round loss one. Lift round. Get to Reavis. We bring it full with overflows. Hips press right back. Scoop and rent. Bring it full with open the hips and the chest. Big. Exhale, three more.

Just check in with those heels. See if you can press the heels into the shoulders. Last two and Ron, last one. Oh, open up that chest and scrape and round stay. We're going to push the knees back until the tall so is horizontal with the ruffle my bed. And I want the knees directly underneath the hips. So we're at that right angle. On the inhale, we bend the elbows into a tricep press. Exhale, push up in how bent. Exhale, press up. So we're thinking of those elbows coming into wards. The reps will get far more.

Kneeling Tricep Press

It is strong on the two red springs as 10 you can feel sorry if it's too strong. Take it down to your retina blue two more. It's taken me years to build up to that, to your red springs, so be kind to your buddy. Last one, press it app and then scoop around the spine all the way in. Take a little breather. Good work. I okay. I football goes down flat next. So I pumping that all the way down.

Side Support Series

I'm going down to one red spray and we're going into a little side support series. So we're going to jump onto your side onto the elbow today. My elbow comes back up against the shoulder, his hand comes around the front shoulder rest. My top leg is going to go forward onto the timber platform. Underneath leg goes back. You can use these front hand to help you get out into that sides of hot.

Find your shoulders to ability and then take these home up to the sky. On the inhale, we're going to bend the legs in. Exhale, press out in how? Bend it in. Exhale and press out. So as I'm bending in, my back heel is lifting up and then as I pressed app, the heel is pushing into the reformer bed. We need do two more and then I'm just warning you, we're staying out there last month. Stay out. Take this hand behind the head. Now we twist through and we pack the hips.

Exhale, come back around. Open twist and pike back around open. Use that breath out, squeezing all that air out of the body. Three more. Press into the f'ing. It's okay. Last one and slipping is normal.

Good. From there we're going to command our roll to the other side, so 10 will come back and join us when she's ready and we're going to take that top hand down onto the reformer commander, row land on the other side and top leg is forward. Top hand is to the sky. We inhale, bend, exhale, push out in how to bend. Exhale, push out and hopefully you can see from this angle that I'm really working the shoulder stability on my underneath arm. We've got two more to go at 10 last one. We stay out there. Take this top hand behind the head. We twist, exhale in how open. Yeah, really think of that movement driving from your center. First, last three, and then we're going to do another little transition.

Last one, and we're going to come back into a commander role, but this time take the hands against the shoulder rest, press it out. So we're in a plank position now. If you need a breather, take it and join us. When you can't breathe out, push the arms out in how they come back under. Exhale, push in, how under. Really use that breath to start the movement from your center.

Forearm Plank w/Pike

Lengthen out through the legs. Last two and then we've got one more and now we hauled the front support. Talk the heady and pipe the hips to the sky and take it back down. Find your plaque, push out with the arms, talk the heading, take it out, find your plaque, push out with the arms. We've got three more to go. Pick it up and all the way out and press to Mossy if you can get that reformer bed in. And then at lengthen last one.

You can do it. Pack it up and press it out. Push pack your a foma bed all the way in. Slowly lower your knees down and bereaved as you come up. Well done. All right, we're going to slow the pace down a little and take our legs into straps. You'll be happy with that, I'm sure. So we're going to jump down onto your back.

Leg Circles

We're going to take it to one red and a blue spring and bring the foot bar up. Okay. Light all the way down. Roll through the spine. And once you're there, grab a hold of your foot straps. If you can just talk both legs over and bring them into the straps so we get a little stretch through the lower back and then push the legs out.

So let's take the legs straight out. Long lifting the hips, let's start lifting the legs up to the sky and on the x house, circle the legs out and around, breathe in, bring it up, exhale, circle the legs out and around. So I think it's really nice in the dynamic classes to have moments that are really challenging, but then moments where you also get to slow it down and just work on range of movement through the body and just work on bringing the breath back to a normal pace so that we can go back into those challenging exercises. Last one and then we're going to reverse it x, how to press down three then circle around x. How press really work with that breath to guide you around through the movement. Last two. Yeah.

Okay. And last one, circle all the way around. Press the legs down to 45 they're on a low angle. On the inhale, open the legs out. Y, x. How close the legs low in, how open out y, x, how close at low and lengthen out. Okay. Did I do five more?

Supine Leg Splits

Really feel that closing of the legs is coming from that zip up through the inner thighs all the way up through your center and the spine is lengthening in both directions. Yes, last one, and then we're going to bend the legs in and we're going to go into the short slide. So we pushed the legs out. We're going to lift the buttocks up from here, so talk the tile skirt. Bring those legs right overhead. Bend the knees. Let's roll it through the spine and leave the feet behind today. Pull the legs down last, push out, lift the buttocks up and over you go. Bend the legs, roll it through the spine.

Short Spine Massage

Leave the feet behind for as long as you can. Pull down and lift the hip, right? Resist. As you draw the knees towards the head. Roll the spine. Leave the feet behind. Pull the legs down last too. Okay. You use that breath to massage out through the spine.

Last one and check in with those shoulders as you lift up. Press them back into the mat, roll it down joint by joint, and then reach it all the way out. We're going to bring the legs back in towards the chest to bring the feet out of the straps. So let the knees bend. Type the feet out and pop your feet back. Put Your straps back onto your hooks, pop your feet onto the foot bar and the hands come around behind the head. On the exhale, we're going to push out off the legs and go for a little jump and land.

Jumping Combo w/Abdominal Curl

As you get your confidence up, you can make your jump a little bigger two more and then take it into a little bay with those feet. The spring is still on that one retina blue, so it's nice and light. Get that squeeze up through the ANA thighs. Two more and then we're going to go feed out wide. Yeah, try and land on the toes each time and it's pretty normal. If you have one crash or two. Three is not allowed though blasts and then we're going to go on to single leg. Right leg jumps to five as you get your confidence up a little bit further away. Now left leg stretching those toes.

Jumping Single Leg w/Abdominal Curl

Okay. Lost one and changing legs can be a little scary on the change over the legs, so make sure you're looking at that football. You use that breath and I do five more. Really try and zip up three a center, lots, two and one and come in and rest. Good work. Okay. From there we're going to come up to sitting.

We're going to take the football down flat now and change it down to one red spring. Make sure if you've got the little extra silver bit that that slipped out of your way for this one, and we're coming up to standing onto the reformer. So bring yourself all the way out. We're going into a little standing screw to series, so our right foot is going to be onto that timber platform. Left foot is wrapped around the edge of the form. Beck, I'm just going to come into a Janey. I'm bending into both knees, but keeping that lift out through the spine. On the exhale, press out with the left leg in Harbin.

Single Leg Scooter Series

Okay. He and how Tan and I both got our concentration face on exhale, three more to go. The front leg should stay nice and steady. Last one, hold it out there. Now come in halfway and hold. Rotate towards your front leg, back to center, and then push it back out halfway in hall. Rotate towards your front leg, back to center, all the way out.

This is really tricky on the balance as you saw on my first one. Little shaky. It does feel like it gets a little easier as you go through. Last one. Halfway. Rotate back to center. Now push that back like all the way out to straighten. Keep it straight. Bring the reform of begging, bed in and straighten your front leg. Now push out.

Bend the front leg. Back leg is straight. Pull him straight in that front leg. Ben, push up. Two more of those. Exhale. Last one. Push out Ben that back like all the way in rest and change sides. Oh, I have a tough one. Okay. Place that left foot on.

So I've got my toes onto the foot bar and I've got my back foot toes wrapped around the reform a bed. Um, since you Janie, find the bender, the nice stable supporting leg. We exhale. Push. Just making sure your tile doesn't go with you as you push. Keep that sense of zipper length down through your tale. We all have a more challenging side. Usually this one is mine. Now we're going to push back, coming halfway. Rotate to the left, back to center. Push back halfway.

Rotate to the left so that rotation should really be from the upper body. The hips are staying nice and square. Okay, two more. Last one. Okay, rotate. Now we pushed that back leg back and keep it straight. Straighten the front leg. Come up, push out, bend the front leg, straighten the front, lay come up, sleep, sleep is there, and [inaudible] and down. Lift.

I think this is the most serious and I've ever been. [inaudible] last one. Now Ben, that back leg in and take a breather. Good work. We are almost there. We're gonna do some standing arms. I'm going to keep it on the one red spring, but it is strong, so if you need to take it to a blue, take it to a blue. We're going to come down to crouching. I'm having my right foot forward first.

Standing Arm Series

It's quite far forward, so I've got a nice big wide stance, grabbing my straps, my back heel, if you can see, is really pressed up against that shoulder wrestle. It gives me a nice base of support and we're going to screw up the arms in, come into a little crouch position like you're starting a running race. My spine is rounded and my belly script burry that push up with the arms. Be really mindful as you come into this circle around, scraped back like you're starting a running race. Exhale, push up, breathe in, circle it around. We've got one more exhale. Push up. Inhale, circle, Arad and you guessed it. We've got to reverse that.

Exhale up and out. Inhale, scope to pull it in. X. How? Keep those arms in your peripheral vision round in house scrape. Pull it in. Last one. We're going to stay up there. Bring the arms around in front in line with your shoulders and we do a chest press from here, so bend the Elbow Z. Exhale, push up Ben elbows. Exhale, push that too.

Let's keep it moving. Exhale full. Last one and scope Lauren all the back down with control till that carriage parks and change the other side. So now we bring that right foot up against the shoulder. Rest left foot forward, scrape it in, find your start position. Exhale, circle it up. Inhale around. Exhale. If you can keep the fluid pace. If you need to slow it down, absolutely do. So one more.

Okay. And around, or the other option you can do with these ones we're going, you can do a kneeling version so that you don't have to be upstanding and you can do the same arm circle. Last one. Okay. Stay up and come out in limey shoulder. Ben. Exhale, Portia.

And to keep the pace three exhale, four. Last one. You can do it. Skype, pull it down and take a breather. Good work. When I get to my exercises to go, we're going to keep it on that one red spray. We are going into the snake and twist, so if you need more support, add on your yellow or your blue spread. I'm going to start facing you. So we've got our left foot onto the foot bar. My left hand is going to be wrapped around and I'm actually just going to move that silver bar out of our way. 10 if you wanna do the same, and then taking the hand around the shoulder rest, I'm going to try and keep that roof form a bed as still as we can as we pike up.

Snake Twist

And on the inhale we're lowering down into the snake first and then exhale, pack it up. So this one we're really thinking of lowering down like a cobra, opening up that chest, and then exhale, pack it up. We've got one more. Inhale, try and lower your left hip down. Exhale, pack it up. Now we're going to twist. So we inhale, lower the hips, stretch to the side. I've look up, and then exhale. Inhale. It doesn't hurt to do it with a smile. Exhale, pike it out. Last one. Inhale. Good. Really smoothly pie. Cut Up. Stay pot that reform a bed. Step it back off. Roll it up through the spine.

Take a breathe as you walk to the other side. Okay, so this time my right foot comes onto the foot bar, left hand around the shoulder, rest right hand around the edge of the reformer. Pull that reform a bed in, has you pike up. And then on the inhale, lowering it down like a cobra. Exhale, pack it up. Okay, inhale. This time I'm thinking of lowering my right hip down towards the Mat. [inaudible] smoothly pulling that reform or bedding on the way back.

And now we've got three twist. Inhale opening up through that left side of the body. Exhale. Now you can't see it, but I'm still smiling, I swear. Exhale, pocket it up. Last one and pipe the ifoma up. Hold that reforma in as much as you can. Slowly step down, roll it out to Stan, take your time.

And from there we're going to bring the football up and we're going to finish it off with our reverse lunges. So he pop that back into the middle setting and add on a blue springs. So, but on a red and a blue head rest is going to come up for a little bit of extra support. Come up to standing onto the ref. Foma take the right foot, half on the head, rest half on the reformer back. Take your left foot back, find your foot bar, come out into your lunch. Just take a parade the day. Really stretch the back leg. Inhale, its lengthen out that front leg. Exhale, [inaudible]. Inhale, focus on slowing that breath down. And exhale. Now we're going to keep the leg out straight.

Reverse Lunge w/Splits

Bring the riff foam a bed all the way in, and exhale. Take it out towards your split and all the way in. Take it out towards his split last one all the way in and take it out. And now we're just going to finish off with a combination. So Ben, back to your star. Take it out, pull it up, take it out to your split, bend it backing. Keep that breath nice and calm and bending. Last one, pike the hips up. Come back to your start position.

Try and hold the reforma out there if you can. As you change to the other side, bring that left foot forward. Take a moment, find that stretch in the back leg. Inhale, stretch. Exhale, band, really opening up through the back of that left leg. And now we keep the leg out straight. Pike the hips to the sky. Take it back down towards your split and pike the hips up. Tuck that heading.

Take it down to your split last one. And now back to the stop position and finish off with the combination. Kate focusing into that breath. Okay. And Ben last to inhale. Exhale. Last one.

[inaudible] and band. Return the reforma bed old way in step, both feet just onto the middle of your former. Just let the body hang down. Take a deep breath in. And then on the exhale, soften the knees. Slowly start to roller. [inaudible] rich the arms to the sky. And just give yourself a little back extension. Bring the arms down, whichever way you like, rural it down through the spine. There's no right or wrong and just let breathe. You've done a really tough class. You've done really well.

Take a deep breath in and loss. Roll back up all the way through the spine. Take one more back extension, big breath. And then slowly bring me arms down. Thank you so much for doing my class with me today and thank you Tanya so much.

I hope you enjoyed it. Bye.


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Super fun, and very challenging. The flow is great, and I particularly enjoyed the standing balance work. Lots of challenging plank-family exercises.
Super challenging indeed!! I love all the bridge and standing work!! Thank you:)
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Dynamic for sure!! Sweating!!! Love the challange of balance, control and strength !
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You are a total powerhouse Sara! Killed it. Loved this challenging and well-paced workout. Thank you xx
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Loved it! Thank you!!
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Really lovely flow and choreography. Great standing balance.
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What a great class Sara! Certainly made me sweat. Looking forward to the next one
wow I love this practice!!!!
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Thank you for the challenge and all of the cues! Great workout! Can’t wait to have my advanced clients try out some of these variations.
I really like the combo of different bridges interspersed into the footwork - keeps the intensity up 👍also holy cow ab series right at the beginning great workout!
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