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Dynamic Reformer Flow

50 min - Class


Challenge your balance, strength, and control with this dynamic Reformer workout by Sara Colquhoun. She moves quickly through the transitions to keep the class flowing from one movement to the next. She includes a blend of advanced exercises and movements that work on your range so that you get a well-rounded workout.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Hi, I'm Sarah Cahoon and I'm so excited to be back at Peloton anytime today filming my dynamic reformer class. I've got the lovely Tonya here with me all the way from Australia to do m...


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Super fun, and very challenging. The flow is great, and I particularly enjoyed the standing balance work. Lots of challenging plank-family exercises.
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Super challenging indeed!! I love all the bridge and standing work!! Thank you:)
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Dynamic for sure!! Sweating!!! Love the challange of balance, control and strength !
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You are a total powerhouse Sara! Killed it. Loved this challenging and well-paced workout. Thank you xx
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Loved it! Thank you!!
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Really lovely flow and choreography. Great standing balance.
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What a great class Sara! Certainly made me sweat. Looking forward to the next one
wow I love this practice!!!!
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Thank you for the challenge and all of the cues! Great workout! Can’t wait to have my advanced clients try out some of these variations.
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I really like the combo of different bridges interspersed into the footwork - keeps the intensity up đź‘Ťalso holy cow ab series right at the beginning great workout!
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