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Conditioning Reformer

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Challenge your strength, balance, and control with this athletic conditioning Reformer workout by Ed Botha. He teaches a class that he typically gives his clients, which includes exercises he used to rehabilitate his knee after surgery. He shares wonderful variations to exercises like Side Splits with Saw, Front Splits with Rotation, and much more!
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Hi, my name is Ed, I'm from Sydney, Australia, originally from South Africa and I am so excited to be back at polite is anytime and with me I've got Martha and Mandy. So kind of m and ...


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I love Ed Botha’s classes. The combination of the precise cues and slow tempo let me get deeper into the movements, and I feel the class lets me find new things even in exercises i’ve done hundreds of times. Many thanks!
Just what I needed this Thanksgiving morning! Ed you are such a fabulous teacher. I always enjoy taking classes from you!
Wowzie! That class will burn the bird today!
Wow!!!! In love with this class!!!!
Very humbling class! The knee strengthening and glute work is fantastic. Also the rotation. Being a surfer and working with professional surfers I can take a lot from this and apply to many clients & myself. Thank you. What a brilliant class!!
I enjoyed the class flow and balance component! Thanks! Also used Pilates to recover from a meniscus tear...
I love all your classes!!!
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Thank you all!
That as just what I needed today! Great stability and balance exercises, will be sure to incorporate with my clients too. Thanks Ed!!
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Any hopes that Ed will be filming a mat class while he's at PA?
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