Conditioning Reformer<br>Ed Botha<br>Class 3601

Conditioning Reformer
Ed Botha
Class 3601

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Denise Anderson
lovely detailed work Ed
Hayley S
This was a great class!!! Can definitely feel my abs today! Thanks Ed
While quite challenging, I loved the saw variation of side splits. Thank you for the well paced, thoughtful cuing.
Elissa D
I love this class!
What a gifted teacher you are!
Loved this class from the beginning to the end! Taylor made for me! Even though my knees are just fine and I live in the mountains😉!
Thank you very much!!!👏🏻🙏🏻
Such a great class to return to. Question why do right handed people have a harder time standing on their right leg? What are the tendencies for which side it’s harder to rotate towards for those same people? I found roaring in the high lunge to the left a lot harder wondering if this is consistent with your theory thanks! 
Roaring haha I meant rotating! 
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