Conditioning Reformer<br>Ed Botha<br>Class 3601

Conditioning Reformer
Ed Botha
Class 3601

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This was such a challenging and fun class! What a way to get back at it today!
Marta A
A perfect start to the week, for me and some of my clients:) gracias!
I agree with everything Rachelle said. I love Ed’s classes! His cueing is so great. I really liked the beginning standing work, too.
Joni ~ Ed has another Reformer and a Mat class coming soon!
Wow! Great workout! The cueing was so helpful and slow enough to really understand and execute the movements! Thank you!
Thank you Ed Botha. I still like to do your mat classes that focus on glutes. Glad youve recoverd well. Take care!
superb class - great cuing! Challenging but even for somebody not so athletic like me doable.., the only thing that just wouldn´t happen is lift both straight legs in seated and flexed position.. but I had fun - thank you, Ed !!
Did you do reps and sets more similar to physical therapy when you were rehabbing your knee?
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A lot more isolated sessions. Focus specific to the knee with many repetitions with light resistance. Strength gains were made later with higher load or skill less repetitions.
I was missing your precise and deep working classes that give me energy.I’ll do again and again. Kisses from Italy
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