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Incorporate plyometrics into your practice with this Reformer workout by Sally Anderson. She uses jumping for conditioning the body so you can find the bridge between strength and power. She starts with a foot warm-up and then moves on to the Jump Board where you will jump in many different positions.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Small Tennis Ball, Jump Board, Hand Weights (2), Magic Circle

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Dec 06, 2018
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Chapter 1

Foot Warm-Up

Hello again, it's Sally Anderson. We are going to do a little bit of footwork but that will take us into a reformer program that incorporates jump board jumping ply metrics that using that plyometric effect for strengthening and conditioning. And I see ply metrics as the bridge between strength and power. So trying to start working on creating a little more power response in the musculoskeletal system and also that builds energy like kind of gets our heart rate up and adds a whole sort of extra element to training for everyone. So if I'm working with plyometrics for specific athletes or people that are wanting to train specifically, I'll use a slightly different concept.

But today what we're going to do is literally jump inbound and use that, that kind of movement to create another response in the body. You will have done your mat work warmup that we've already finished. Now on the way to the reformer, I'd like you to get a magic circle, ultralight metrics magic circle to bring with you. And we're going to start with foot preparation where you'll need just a small ball. Now I have a recharge ball and I'll explain a little why I've got that when we do the work, but any small foot ball will do will foot ball, not a foot ball, no ball for the foot like a melt ball or I like smaller than a pinky ball with a bit of firm texture, so we'll talk about that as we go.

Let's go to the reformer. If you will start, we will start with our footwork prep. Now this footwork prep sequence could be in place of a leg and foot work category in a program, so you'll be able to use this as preparation or inserted into other reformer sessions you might do as a standalone leg and footwork category. Now the lovely Sarah, the lovely Jia are going to demonstrate and participate with me today. They each have a recharge ball. These have a little cord. This is why I use them for the footwork because the cord kind of lets the participant being control of it.

You can also get these with double balls, Nobel jokes, double balls. That kind of gives you a bit more bang for your buck if you want to use two at once on the foot. But like I say, find a smaller, denser ball and we'll start breaking up the tissue, getting your feet activated at the bottom. So ladies, everybody lie back onto your reformer courage. We have already set our springs with two red. Okay, so two red springs for this footwork, or as Sarah likes you can go a little bit heavier. It will give you a little bit more response on the pullback in that we'll get to. So place the ball under your first foot. Let's go right foot first and just keeping the ball there.

Stretch out to straight legs. Now this is just a little bit of rolling the ball, the other leg bends little to allow that to happen. So your role, I want you to roll up and down the foot. There is no right or wrong roll through the tissue of your feet top to bottom for me and just kind of get a feel for where the clunky spots are in your feet. Good. So as you see like that, just that cord, let somebody be in control of, if it drops you can find it. But this standing leg is just going to allow the rolling. What's Nice on the jump board is that you have less forced gravity into a ball and you can kind of play with how much load and tension you have into the foot.

So now that you've gone up top to bottom, let's go side to side and I want you to move the ball. So starting at the top, kind of move the ball across the board rather than roll side to side. So we're going to give us pick up the heel. Yes, when you give it, that's it. I want you to kind of and then move down the foot going side to side. Yes. Like I say though, nothing's wrong. If it feels good to get down in that heel and roll it around, do it good. And you find your tension spots, the places that might need a little pressure, you can stay and breathe into the pressure. A bit like a pressure point.

This is for you. Get those feet released and activated. Good. All right. And gently come back in and we'll go to the other foot so you can extend how much time you use that little lighter if you want to. It gets a little bit joyful. See, she's got complete control of the ball.

Just like I said. Perfect. Good. All right. And so back out to straight legs. Find the ball under your foot, get comfortable and then go top to bottom and let the other leg just adjust as it needs to to help you roll through it. Yeah, groaning is good here, but when you get to that Groan, stop and breathe into it for a little bit just to let the ball kind of pressure point into the foot. You'll be glad you did. Good. Nice. And I don't do too much with your foot or toes. Just roll one or two more. Going top to bottom. Nice. Not trying to overwork feet or toes at all and then come back to the ball of the foot and start your side to side. That's it. Moving the ball nicely here.

Moving the ball, not so much rolling it. Nice. Good. And you will, you'll feel better on this side cause you body knows what's going on. The brain's starting to kind of connect with how that works. Good. Go all the way down to the bottom then. All the way back up to the top. Yeah.

Nice. And see the focus. Just keeping the ball on the board. Nice. Alright, good. So that should have the soles of your feet starting to get some feedback from the bowl. Let's take the balls out. You can pop down beside your reformer. I'll take yours. Good. And now go straight back out to extended legs.

Feet hit with the part or a generous hip with the part. And I want you to do almost a little bounding. It's almost like you're going to lead the board, but you just kind of not leaving the board in between and make it now about less about your legs, more about your feet. So you just gonna kind of roll through the feet. It can be kind of ugly if you want. It just has to move the tissues of your feet. I just want them to move, come up a little higher for me. Sarah, let me bring you up here if you would. Yep. And wider.

Perfect. And then just yet. So try not to control it too much. Just let the feet move cause we've got to get a bit out of these feet in a minute. Exactly. So two different variations. Sarah's got a little bit more movement. Whatever's good for you is good. Just working those feet and let's bring that back in. Nice. GSL worked your feet beautiful and it's gonna set you back.

Make sure your feet are nice and neutral and then you're going to press back out. And we're going to do Sarah's favorite exercise, the Mexican wave, you know, so that's the kind of action we're going to start by lifting your little toes and lift all the toes for me and put your little toe down. Next tone. Next turn. Next Toe, next toe. That was excellent. Good. And keep going that same direction. You're going to do five pickup the toes go little toe down. Then fourth, third, second first good five this way. Then we'll change it to the other direction. And five the other way. Good. So in the action of this, we're just working the muscles and stretching between the toe joints.

So the actual metatarsal joints, I want you to feel like they're expanding and getting moved. Good and back into the other direction. Big Toes. Second, third, fourth, fifth. The intention is there. The brain is telling the feet. We love it. How many up to Hugh dear. So good. We've got one more beautiful. Now pick up those toes again. I don't mind if you even pick the four foot up a little bit, but hold on your heels and try and spread the toe joints apart while you're holding them up.

And then place the feet back down with that very spread position. Very nice. One more. Pick the feet up and then spread the toe joints as you open the toes down into the board. Good. Hold that position. Now bend into bring the carriage home, keeping your heels on the board. So I want you to be connected through heels on the board and we're going into triple flection. So to do this, press out through the legs is part one.

Rise up onto those nice spread heads is two. Now you're going to bend the hip, knee, and ankle joint at the same time to bring you back down. Good. All right. Press out. Rise up now find the board with your feet as you come back in and press out. Rise up. Bend all tree joints. Flex the hip, knee and ankle at the same time in the feet.

Grabbed the board a little faster. Press out, rise up and bend to home. Stretch it out. Rise. Grabbed the board. Control it in. Good. One more out. Rise and get the sense of pulling back into the board with controlled. That was your best one. Beautiful. Good.

Now take the left leg into just a held position. Tabletop little, I call this injured poor position and we'll do a single, so press out through that leg. Rise up and grab the board. Flexing hip, knee, ankle. Good. Three mil out. Rise up. Triple flex. Back in. Good. Two more. I hope you're feeling feet working in this now.

That's the disassociating in all those joints. Makes the feet work to pull you back in a little more and good. Let's just do one more change. Feet. Good. So the other foot comes down. Now make sure that you've got that nice spread toe position we worked for and out you go for five presses out, rise up bend or all three joints at the same time. Pulling back in. Try and keep those toes and long. Good out.

Drill op through in a thighs and bend it in. Yes, I think of bending the hip and the ankle. The knee will follow out. Rise up and he change. Beautiful. Two more out Roz. Up and triple flection back in. We have one more. Good. Excellent. All right. Both feet back onto the boards. Stretch out to straight. Freak feet. Good or you freaked.

So now I want to go into the lumbricals exercise, which can be done before or after the triple flection. It's kind of, it's your choice whether that helps inform your triple flection or the other way round. So what we'll do is stretch straight out long leg position and then you're going to initiate from up high in the instep. Trying to pull the instep up off the board so feel like it does start up near the ankle and then lower back down into the good. Now the key thing is to keep the toes long. The toes aren't going to scrunch or do the work for you.

There's no weightbearing on the toes. It's, it is like doming like blossoms, misery, fate. Absolutely. We want all that. What I'm after is just focusing on keeping the toes long, keeping the in step, doing the pull up like Sarah is doing beautifully, so let's do six more. Just a yes, trying to pick up the in step, leaving the toes long and it's hard and lower back down. Start from right up high in the instep, lift the instep and let the toes follow.

Take a few months or a year to get this. It's fine. It'll send work up through your body as well. You'll find that the inner thighs start to connect from the feet and let that lower. We should have about two more. I'm sure that'll be enough for everyone pulling me in steps up, leaving the toes long, good and down so that spread of the toe joints and length of the toes. Yes there are really important key parts of making the lumbricals work through those insteps fairly nice and come back to your standing position.

Bend the knees to bring the carriage back in. So now we're going to go into our jump board or plyometric program particularly that we've set up. Our fates are nicely to be able to jump with a lot of foot involvement and that's what I'd really like today. So enjoy that foot sequence. If you're continuing on, let's start our reformer. You will need your magic circle and your hand weights. Okay, let's go.

Chapter 2

Plyometric Workout

Hi again, it's Sally Anderson. Here we are ready to start our jumping reformer workout or plyometric workout. Remember we need a magic circle and a set of hand weights on the reformer. I would like three red springs or if you like a little bit more at a blue springs. So three to three and a half. We would like to start with and your head rest down please.

So I'll just make sure the girls have got their springs on while you set your reformer up. We are on three red and you have the head rest down. Now I'd like your feet to be just over the top of the footboard or the jump board. So knees in line with your feet under the hip line and just kind of wrap those toes gently around the board. Keep the reformer carriage at the stopper and you have the joy of the pelvic curl. So inhaled prepare. Then exhale, curl up, keeping the carriage at the stop performing knees go over toes.

It's a little different with your feet over the top of the board. Breathing in at the top. Breathe out. Think of pulling the carriage to the stopper as your ribs length and down along the carriage all the way to tail bone down towards your heels. Beautiful. You've got six breathing in at the bottom. Breathe out. Keep that wrap around the top of the board and feel like you keep the heels as close to the board as you can.

They will lift the knees over toes as you come to the top. Take a nice deep inhale. Exhale, come through sternum to lengthen all the way back down, pelvis onto the bed, good at the bottom. Inhale, lengthen through the torso. Exhale, deepen and curl. Keep those hills drying to stay close to the footboard all the way to knees, over toes, breathing in and breathe out. Ribs first length in a way, all the way to the bottom. Very nice.

We have three more so it's really starting to articulate the spinal in a little more range. Following on from the mat work we did to prepare, feet are activated. Feed us slightly. Rapping and hip extensors are really probably on fire now for reps in I'd say, but that lovely position of the feet over the footboard really helps them to work a little more. If you feel like this starting to work too much, don't forget you can put a little prop in between the knees to fire up the adductors. Let's not and keep going. Exhale all the way up. Okay, good. Inhale at the top. Keep the breath moving in. How nice and deep eggs, how roll away. Good. All the way to the bottom and one last repetition. Inhale, prepare, exhale deep, and let that breath flow. As you send the knees over your toes, feel like the breath still going to the top. Inhale at the top.

Exhale, roll all the way down. Good. All right, and once you're at the bottom, reach the arms out to the sides, palms facing up, and then wrap them in to take hold of the back of your shoulder rest or the little poles. If you had the same reformers as us and float one leg at a time into a little tabletop position, we're going to do the knees side to side. Inhale, take the knees across and try to keep the elbows back on the bed as you go. Exhale, return to center.

Good in how reach that top knee across particularly. Keep the knees together and level. Exhale, scoop back. That'll keep us working in the torso more so than sliding and letting the pelvis and exhale back. Good. Inhale as you reach, keep the breath going as you reach and the opposite elbow back and down. Exhale to center. Good. Two more each side. Inhale across and keep that top knee level. Exhale, scooping, pulled back and again, elbows nice and wide.

Feel like you glue the upper arms to the reforma. Yes, so that you get the ribs wrapping. Pelvis wrapping, last set, breathing in. Exhale, pulling the pelvis back. Last one. Inhale and exhale back. Good. Stay in the center. Take your feet back down to the board. Now we're going to set up on the board with your feet, four leg and foot work. Bring the arms down beside you and I'll have your feet hit with the part.

Finding Nice spread toes, heels down into the board to stretch you out and let's just stay out. Do a little check down the body that your feet are under. Your hips, toes aren't scrunched your heels or into the board and it's just a natural neutral position. Good. I would like eight bend and press, so you're going to bend the knees coming in, keeping the heels on the board. Exhale, press out. Good. Inhale, bend, exhale out. Good. We'll do six more. Now you may want to bring the headrest up. If that works better for you, that's perfectly acceptable. We'll leave them down at the moment. The girls are good here, but make your choice if you want to bring it up.

Good. An press could think of knee caps coming straight up to the ceiling as you bend heels pressed to take you out. I really want that connection of the heels spread of the toes and if you can add just a little drawing up of the instep. Not Not a full lumbrical lift, but just a little engagement. We'd like that too. One more for me, and then stay with your straight legs hold. We're going to rise onto the toes so all the toe joints even rise up and they lower the heels back down. We're staying out there and then rise up and lower the heels back down.

Good. You've got six more rise now as you rise, trying to feel the weight even across the toe joints. Big total little toe rising up and lowering down to the heels. Find the heel connection each time. Press into all the toe joints and then lower. Let's do formal and press into the board with the toe joints to rise up.

Lower back down. Great. Beautiful. Keep that breath flowing. Last too. And last one. Stay with straight legs. We're going into our triple flection.

Rise up. Triple flex. All the joints to come back in. Stretch back to your straight legs could rise up. Triple flection, drawing into the board with the feet. Good. Press out. Rise up. Now. Think knee caps to the ceiling. Don't let them drop in together as you flex back in toes long and stretch.

Rise. Bend three joints at the same time. Stretch, rise and bend. Let's do two more here and arms adjust. Soft. Be Tight beside you and try not to let tension creeping. Just let the legs and feet do their work. Could last one. He fought me back. Good and stretch back out. Now we're going to v position. Same thing.

So find a v position. Now for those of you that who's like little pipe legs need to be a little bit further apart in the hills like me. Let the, let the hills be a little bit of pot. I want you to find the inner thighs together. So in that position, rise up, triple flex to pull back in and find the heels down and they'll come back together if they're slightly apart when you right. So press out could rise up and then triple flection back in. We've got six more. Press out, rise up, let the inner thighs do the rise and back down.

Stretch up, flex. Good. Five more. You should be getting a nice sense of the work, right from the feet up through the legs into the torso there and fall. [inaudible] good. So about now you want to go to your happy place, you know, all good. Good. Three more. I'm looking for nod from G. I think it's three more.

She's definitely accounter and flicks back in. Let's do one last one. Press out, rise up and bring it back in. Very nice. Press back out to your straight legs. Send the heels around to parallel and we're going to do one more set of six. So rise up and triple flex back in. Keep it a little faster this time. Press back out. Rise up, flex, end in, press out, up, pull. Last three. Press out, up Paul. Last too.

Good and last one. Rise up, triple flex back in, then stretch back to your straight legs. Good. And here I want you just to do 12 practices. One, two, three, four. Good. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12 feet back down to the board. And Ben Beckin. Good. All right, I want to take one spring off please. So in fact down to two red springs and I'd really like to read springs from everyone before you start adding springs or subtracting springs on your workout, try it with the two red springs for me. So we are going to start to jump.

So press out to straight legs. We're going to start first just with an easy jump before we put our circles in. So I just want 10 finding the board. So you're going to just bend and jump gently find your way for 10. So jump and two, three, four, good. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

Good. So that pace I had you at, we're going to do again, I want you to be a little more bouncy rather than having to get out. We're headed out, but on this one I want you just a little bouncy. So one more set of 10 and bounce, bounce, bounce, good. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and relax. Good. Now it's time for our magic circle. Insert between the ankles are well, sort yours for you, Sarah. Now to put between the ankles, then bring the feet in, trying to get back to your hip with you won't get there and then stretch out.

Good circle between your ankles just above the ankle bones. Then yes, as close as you can to your hip with the part position and stretch out. Look at that lovely tension on the circle. I don't need any more or any less. All right. Parallel legs. I will have one set of 10 then we'll kind of come back together and see where we are. All right. Bend and jump.

Keep it bouncy and keep the circle still and out you go. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 n, pause. Go back to straight leg. Stay there. Good. Sneak all of you at home. Sneak back in. Good. Nice. Now we're going to make that a bigger jump. I want you to exhale on each jump. Find Your power from the center and you are now going to stretch the legs more. Keep that circle where it is.

I'm going to bend n jump little slower so we get more out. I want air time now. Air Time. Exhale, seven, eight last two one and hold. Good. I want toes to sneak up a little. Just an inch. Be Low. The top of the board gives us a little more access to abdominals. You have one more set now before we go, I want air time you to stay out there as long as you can.

Then as you land land through to the heel end. Jump where we go and out. Good. Go. Anytime. Exhale. You got to breathe for five good. Six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Good. The reformers talking to us, so you're in a thighs, I'm sure. Let me have the circle. So take the circle out. We're done with that for the time being. You will be pleased, I'm sure.

All right. Circle is out. Doesn't mean we don't have more jumping to do now I'll have you in the position please. So we will do 10 jumps in v. Then you're going to do the wide together. Land back down in the V. We'll kind of play with that. All right. Start with your 10 in v position.

Start with straight legs for me and we're going to bend and go for our air. Time and out. Good to good. Draw the inner thighs together as you jump in a thighs and exhale. Good six. Don't forget to deepen abdominals to hold the lever of your legs. Nine 10 end, hold. Good.

So now we will go together. Out Together. Center. Alright, we were aiming for six sets. Here we go. Nice. And loose and daytime, man out in good. Give me inner thighs. Land in a thighs, land in a thighs. Land. Nice job, Sarah. As a choreographer. I like it. That's beautiful.

I want no, but I'm loving it. You could do my version or Sarah's version. Very happy. And let's do another run of legs together. Land wide legs together. Center. We'll just do four more sets.

So I sit being together out together in here we go and out. Wide Out in. Good. Out. Wide Out. Don't hold your breath free. Very nice. Last one. And land. Oh beautiful. Good. Alright, very good job. Come back to parallel. I want six jumps. Then land into your right leg up in tabletop and change.

We do 10 changes. 10 on the single, 10 on the single. Then you get a little moment to breathe. Yes. All right, so from your parallel position, six doubles, then 10 alternating. I'll keep you going. And here we go. Out and two, three, four, five. You get ready for singles? Six and change. Two. Good. Three, four. Keep changing. Alternating. Six formal. Good. Now land on this one. Stay on this one for 10. Nine. Good.

Now work the feet. Feel like those lumbricals are landing and pulling up for you. Formal three, two and change one to good. Use the fleet. Now go for your air. Time, air time. Exhale, five, six, seven, eight, two, one. Take a breather. Whew. Okay, now happy place. Alright.

Bemba needs to come back in. We're going to put our hands in the straps. All right, so take those handles straight up to the ceiling and you may want to adjust off your shoulder, wrist, just a little. Just rest your feet on top of that board for the moment while we get straight arms and then float both knees just into a little held position. Tell burn down. We're going just out to the hundreds position and back in four times. So exhale, press out to the hundred position and I want the feet disgracing the top of the board if that works for you. And back down. Three more eggs.

Hell, just graze the top of the board and scoop to bring it back down. Good. And two more. If you need your legs higher, take them higher. By all means, look after your back, your body. One more here and we're going to stay. Now, I saw this with Kristy Cooper and I loved it. We're going to do hundreds breathing into three, four, five out, two, three, four, five. Genius. And exhale, two, three, four, five. Good.

Use it to calm the body while you get breath running around. Eggs have very, very nicely. Got One. More like this before we add legs. Good. Same mom. Same breathing legs come up as you inhale. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Good. Deep in the tummy. Let the thighs sink into the pelvis as you lift. Lower. Good. Four more. Ah, good. In health.

Think of the chairs lifting and coming energy up and over their head. I know you've only got two more breasts to go. [inaudible] could stay there. Look how centered we are. Been the knees back in. Bring the body back down. Float your feet back down to the board. Could take a moment.

So now put your handles back onto their hooks. We're going to do a little more jumping. Same spring. Nothing else changes. So bring your feet back onto the board, into the position and stretch out for me please. Good. So I want to start with a little combination. That is jump land in the center. Jump land wide jump land. Single Jump Lens. Singles.

That's a change. So center wide single change. That's it. Good. Alright, we will aim for six to eight sets. Let's see how we go. Good. All right. So starting with the bend and stretch in the center and jump. Why? To single to single good. Center wide single single center.

Wide single good. The single other leg can be anywhere in turnout in parallel. Up High. It's fine. And Center wide. Single single two more sets. Center wide. Single. Single.

Good. Alright. Oh yes we did. We miss the last set I could. All right, now we're adding our arms center wide opposite arm. Single Lever. The other one out there. Opposite arm, single center wide. Single, single opposite arm to leg. We're ready. Here we go. Start with straight legs. Start with arms to the ceiling and you'll just jump and land in that position.

So jump end center wide opposite arm opposite. Um, and center. Wide opposite. Um, opposite. Um, good. Keep going wide and just use a few to get ready and center wide opposite arm two inside leg. Good. Three more sets and opposite. Opposite is fine. That's it.

Yes, she's the choreographer amongst us. Let's do one more set. Very nice and center and land. Good. So lock that in. We were coming back to it for now. Bend the knees. Same spring. Put your feet into the straps. So Ben, back in both feet onto the footboard. Stretch out with your legs first and place one foot into the strap.

Then the, that leg stays bent as the other leg comes in. Perfect. Nice, safe way to do it. Alright. Take a deep breath. Settle the belly. Settle the tailbone down. Settle the tension in the shoulders. Little frogs. So exhale. Press away to the top of the board. Ben, back in and press good knees. Just graze the stripes as you come back in and fall. Good. Go a little deeper and for more. Yes. Trying to think of releasing the front of the hips on that return. Hamstrings pressing you out. Could last two press lovely. Good. Now stretch your leg straight up to the ceiling.

I'll have five circles down and around. Press down, circle around. Press down. Good. Find the hamstrings to press you and release the hips around. Last two one, and now reverse circle and up the center. Good. Just keep it fluid, so feel like you're just moving the hips, getting some nice blood back into the joints. Of course, keep the tommies working so that you're stable through the pelvis. We have one more circle in this direction.

Then bring the legs back up to the ceiling. Open out wide. Good. Just take one breath there. Making sure your pelvis is flat on the carriage. You're as wide as you can be. We're going to do three. Closing the legs together. Exhale, bring the heels around together. Good. Inhale, open out, nice and wide. Exhale, close the heels together, pulling on the straps, deepening the tummy in. Help back. Good. This last one, bring the heels together and stay together.

Now we're going to go into a single leg. Bend your left leg and take the right leg out and exhale back together. Heels. Touch. Good are the side. Stretch the left leg away, right leg in. Press out. Good. Nice slow pace today. Inhale, reach. Keep the bent leg heel in line with your sitting bone. Press back to center.

Good and to the other side. Now make sure the exhale gets the abdominals deep so that you have the power from the center as you bring the leg back. One more each side. Inhale. Exhale. Press back together. Deepening the tummy. One last one and hold. Now one more with both legs opening all the way for a nice big deep stretch. Exhale back together.

Bend the knees back in. We're taking our feet out of the straps. Once your hands are out of the straps, now is the time to get your hand weights. And I think you know what's coming one hand or for each weight or one weight for each hand. However you'd like to work that good stretch back out into your v position. So the combination we did center wide, single single with the arms, with the hand weights, Yahoo, hands to the ceiling, holding those weights.

Now you're going to stay control through the shoulders while you do the sequence. Here we go, and Ben jump and out wide change. One change to two, the center open, wide change, opposite to beautifully done and in um, in good to the center to wide change. Keep going. Now as you go through this sequence, it's starting to sink into the body. The brain's getting the coordination all sorted. Don't forget your air time and your breath.

Good. Now we're jumping. Jeff, why don't we go, could keep going at your own pace from I'll let you breathe while you do it. Last two sets. Nice. Keep those elbows stretched. I let the biceps take too much of that load. Try and take it from the shoulders. Good, good.

Ah Good. Let's put the hand whites down. That was everything I needed them for. Good. And Ben back in. We're going to put your feet back into the straps. All right, so one foot at a time. Exactly as we did before. Keeping the bed under control through your bent leg in the strap and back into your little frog position to start. Good. So bend the knees back in and do three little frogs for me.

Exhale to centering the body. Inhale, bend, exhale, press and back. Last one, hold. Open the legs all the way wide. David, you're doing leg circles here and circles. Lift. You've got 80 each way. Lift four good five. Try and get an even circle in the hip joint. Seven and last one.

Hold and reverse. Good. Circle down and up. Good. So your job is to find the thighs moving equally in each direction in the hip joints. Nicer, nice year. Let's call that five, six, seven h hold. Keep the bed still. Bring your legs straight to the ceiling. Heels together. Hold. Now if you have put your head rest up at any stage, take it down now for sure.

We're going to do a long spine without the leg circle. Keep the bed still the whole time. Exhale. Roll the toes up to the ceiling. Good. Peeling the spine up into your shoulder. Stand. Inhale, open shoulder with the part. Exhale, roll down. Don't let the bed move. Once you're down the heels come back together. Good. Two more. Exhale up. Find that work in the shoulder girdle, back of the shoulders, upper arms.

Inhale, open. Exhale, come down. Without that bed moving, couldn't quit. And once the pelvis is down, legs back together. One more. So keeping the bed still keeps all that focus in the hamstrings. Hip extensors to control the bed. Inhale, open. Exhale down on this one.

Stay there with your legs apart. We're going straight back up. Legs are apart for the reverse direction. Up you go. Good. Inhale, heels together. Exhale down. Good.

Inhale Open. You've got two more. Only exhale roll could reach for the ceiling there. Go rider. Squeeze together and down. You have one more left. Good.

So we're just, we're giving you a little centering while you work this lovely exercise up. Good reach for the ceiling. As you inhale, close the heels together. Exhale down and hold good. Bend your knees in. Take your feet out of the straps. Good feedback to the board.

Hooked the straps and you're going to come up off your backs into kneeling. At last we'll say awesome. So I'll have you kneeling right at the front of the board to begin with. A carriage to begin with, please. So on your knees, right at the front, hands on the board. I would like that bend of the wrists. But if that's not okay for you, just bring them over the top of the board.

Sitting back on your heels. I would like to stay with the two springs for now. Press out with straight arms. Good. So push back and yes, your chest is going to come to your knees. So at this point I want your head between your arms if possible, or if you're a little restricted in the shoulders, come up to where you've got a flat back. I'm happy with that. We're going to bend and stretch. So bend the elbows, bring the crown of the head towards the board and exhale, press back.

You've got 10 in how, Ben? So we're working on getting a nice shoulder, broad position, finding the control through the shoulders. You should feel triceps and think about arm pits pointing down to the carriage. Yes, yes. And press back. Good. Try and come in a little further till you touch the board and press back. Good. Let's do five more. Good. Roll the shoulders back. Extend.

Keep the tailbone lengthening away as well. So abdominals are up underneath. You drop this one under a little more. Yes, that's it. That was good. Last two. Hello? And last one. Then bring yourself back into the carriage and take one spring off. Good. All right. Then you're going to go back to the same position. So press out, hands on the board.

Jump. All right, so just feel your way. Yes, you're going to clear the bed. It clear the board and out. Good elbows need to bend and stretch. That's it. Just find it. Good. Now you're just going to think of keeping the shoulders nice and stable. Abdominal supporting your spine. Nice.

And what this does is gives a different dynamic to the joint of the shoulder, not too far out. Just go a little smaller, a little faster for me, Sarah. So get a little bounding and think of this for somebody who's throwing a ball or all the things you have to do through the day to catch something. That dynamic in the shoulder joint is a really beneficial thing. So if you can get a little faster for another fall, three good two one and hold lift arm out to the side. Let's do six on one arm. So I just bring the arm out to the side.

Keep that drawing your shoulder girdle wide and six. Here we go. Six, five, four. You used it. Two. One. I might've missed a three and changed sides. Good to keep it small. Let the body start to find it and then adapt.

You'll be able to get bigger and stronger as you build. Stretch the opposite arm out and too good. Stay nice and low tree. You're the left dams. Always tougher for ride armor. Four, five, six. All right, come back to double arms and do a nice last set of six with confidence with power. So down you go. And one, two, yes. You feel much better now, right? Three fall with less. Spring two I know.

Five and six. Beautiful. Good relaxed there. Put your other red spring back on. So now we're back to two springs. Add that spring back again. Standing up into your up stretch position please. So I'll have heels halfway up the shoulder, wrists, and you are holding the front of the top of the board.

So just keeping your weights gently onto the board. You can look back at your feet and make sure their alignment is nicely set up. Keep some weight on the little toe joint side and give me that lumbrical pull up. All right, so just up stretch one for me here. The bed goes back and underneath you and exhale and exhale. Good. Lengthening the spines and the tailbone out.

Five seeks last four, seven, eight, nine and hold. Now take the bed out about two inches. Send the head up, shoulders into slight thoracic extension. You're going to stay with the bed out and bend your elbows. Good and back up. Now they're going to bend down towards the bed. Oh yeah, baby.

Keep that bed out. Good and beautiful. Keep the bed back. You've got four more for good. You should feel serratus wrapping around and a little bit of Tricep, no doubt. Two more. And last one, I think I gave you an extra one. Beautiful. Now drop the head, shoulders back into your up stretch position. Bed comes back to the stopper.

I want five upstretched, two or PR or pyramid to plank. It's an old, old term, but you'll get my drift. Inhale into your front support or plank position. Exhale, pipe back up. Good. Deep breath. Inhale. Good. Nice. Exhale, tailbone high. Inhale.

The crown of the head comes all the way out of the spine. Exhale, back up. Two more. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale. Last one and back. Good. Drop your heels down. Pull the lumbricals up. Long toes for elephant. 10 please.

Long Spine and heels under two, three. Good. Keep the heels down and think about pulling the insteps up. Cool. Long bags. Very nice. Girls here. Yeah. Last two one and stay good. We're going to kneel on the reformer and do a hip flexor hamstring stretch. Now, if this lunge position, it's a beautiful position. Really Nice and deep.

If it's a little beyond your range at the moment, don't force it. We can stand on the, I might have Sarah show you the standing one. Kneeling with your feet against the shoulder rest. Good. I'll have your right foot up here please. Back to that wrapped toe position that we had in the start of the foot work.

When we go back into the hamstring, we are going to really press the heel to start with. Can me do this one? Okay, let's do this one. Yes, I'll talk through the other one. So set up here. It's nice and deep. This knee coming over the toes is where I want you. Now it's about the heel on the back foot has to be right against the shoulder rest. Good straight arms and you want to use that back heel to press the bed back about halfway. Then inhale, pull this knee forward over the bar. It's a deep position and press and pull the knee forward over the bar.

I'll have three more and fought over the busloads. The in position I'm most after here. Heel stays back as you come forward. One more and and good. Now press back one more time to that halfway stay bare. Press the heel into the board and stretch this a don't take the bet too much further out. Stay back in and let the hip come back the heel.

Go in length in the back, hold the bed, still breathe. You've got three long breaths there. So if you weren't doing this full split on the reformer, bring your standing foot down and your other foot against the shoulder rest is a really nice deep position with the arms straight on the board as a way of stepping up into these. Good. Bring that in and let's change sides. Okay, so remember, rack the toes over the board at the top. Good. Then we get that lovely position with yes, you might need a hand up with the up. We all do it to put the foot on. Perfect.

Now five of the first one. Heel connected at the back. Keep it connected as you draw the front leg forward over the board and two chord. Head Up. Good. Yes, it's that open in position. Really think of lifting the torso on the way back in two more with a small, yeah, one more good. And then this last one, press halfway up. Keep the bed still.

As you extend the leg, extend the back, press the heel into the board, makes all the difference and breathing good and maybe a little bit of trembling if you'd like to as well. It's called pitiful. You can come off if you're stretched, you're stretched. Bring that back in. Good, very nice. All right. Now we're going to come around to sit cross legged on the reformer facing the side please. So we'll go down to one red spring.

So one red exactly cross-legged, a little closer to the board. Then the shoulder risks and we'll start with a side reach. So hand next to the board will be on the board, the other arm out to the side. I want you to press away and take a side. Reach over to feel really nice. Good thing to do is watch that. Yes, you're lined up over your tailbone there and bring that back up.

You've got five good. And inhale. Take it all the way over. Exhale, bring you back up. Good ribs. Just staying back over your pelvis and up. You have to mall and day ribs in one last one and back up. Good. Stay there. The arm is staying out to the side that is off the board. The arm that is on the board will jump and one yes to little make it little and three and four. Now you need to work with the opposite arm to the arm that's jumping and reach through the fingertips to keep the body over your hips.

Eight last to sit back with those shoulders a little more and last one and stay good. Now the outside arm will wrap around to the board, so what I want here is that you're going to hold the top corner of the board, right? The other hand presses into the board. Press away til you get straight. Arms are. This gets a beautiful stretch. Now you're going to inhale, come up between your arms straight. Exhale, scoop the belly, press back. You've got five good straight arms the whole way, so you're pulling with the hand that's wrapped around pushing with the hand on the board and come out between the arms and exhale, scoop, press back. Good. Let's do two more. Inhale up. Couldn't really pull on the board.

Try and keep the shoulder down as you go back. Last one. Yes. Good. And finish back up and into the board for me. Bring the left or your jumping hand because we've got one more set of jumps back to the side. Arm outreach. Make this opposing Armstrong and you've got 10 jumps. One, two, yes, three, four.

You can see how much benefit this is to a shoulder joint, but don't go too big too fast. Let's do last two, one, two and relax. Let's turn around and do all that on the other side. We good? Good. So small little jumps and then let it build up to where you get more dynamics into the shoulder. It's great for giving it the understanding of how to be stable in a dynamic situation. Good. All right. Start with your side over so the other arm is outside to the side in a t position.

Shoulders back over the pelvis and go up and over to your side bent. You've got five and coming up. Good. We're all a little tempted to be forward into this, but if it, if you bring your ribs back and get that really nice clean lateral line, you get so much more length out of these low back muscles. Lateral muscles. Yes. Good. Two more I do believe could reach to the board with that top arm and back. One last one. Beautiful. First set of jumps, tiny little jumps and too good.

So if you go for a little bit of pace and let it work through the hand and wrist a little like it does when you jump with your feet. Yep. Six, seven c better eight like you're right and better. Nine 10 and whole. Now staying tall. Wrap the outside arm around to grab the back of the board. The other arm shifts to the front of the board. Press out straight arms. There you go. Good Rep that shoulder down with the hand that's holding around.

Inhale, come up between the arms and exhale scoop and press back. It should feel nice. Good. And if it doesn't feel nice, if it's uncomfortable, reduce that range. Make sure you build up, let the body adapt. It takes time and it's a really good thing to do is to allow the body to step towards the next stage. [inaudible] and beautiful. I think we have to more and more, right? And coming up. One last one. And you and coming up. Stay.

Adjust the hand back to your jumping position out, keeping reaching into the firearm and 10 little jumps and ribs back and two could mazing how much easier it is the second time round, right? Five, six, seven. Watch those ribs. Grow Taller. The last one, two and beautiful. Good. Now you're going to kneel and face the firewall behind your face. The back of the reformer. We're still on our one spring. It's perfect. Good.

So come back to where your feet are just off the back edge of the carriage. Yes. Now I like hands to be a little lower. So if you're reformer allows for it, bring them down around the silver poles or onto behind the shoulder, wrists. Otherwise you can be higher up on the shoulder. It's whatever feels good for you. Place your right foot back onto the board. Good there.

So I'd like ideally heel in line with your sitting bone, but if that needs to be a bit lower than you do that now stretch out with that leg. Taking you away from the board. They're good. Let's just find a square pelvis as we can get there. Well, we'll be a little bit of adapting and from there you're going to bend and stretch. So bend the knee, press the heel into the board. Stretch. You've got 10 then we jumped for 10. Good. So find the work here to you up into the back of the leg. Ready to jump. Don't forget, we need abdominals supporting the spine.

Pressing away through the arms. Who put that reform in there? Pressing away through the arms. Keeping shoulders nice and stable. Could and heads long. Are we up to eight? Yeah. Beautiful. Let's do two more. Good.

Now turn that into a jump, Ben. Stretch. Good. Now you need to really work on abdominal, supporting the spine, pelvis, staying stable in its position. It's slightly adapted is fine, but keep it stable. Five, six, we'll call it that. I think I'm wrong, but good. Last two and pause. Good change sides. So me comes underneath the hip, the other leg comes up, heel in line with the sitting bone. Unless you need to adjust it down for your body abdominals up underneath headlong 10 bend and stretch. Bend the knee and think of the heel pressing into the board.

That was a nice adjustment and two good all the time. You probably have to work more on abdominals and shoulders than you will. The leg will take care of itself and this is five. Keeps sending the thighbone up into the pelvis. Six good abdominals, last two one and we jump and one too good.

So you will try to get the heel as close to the board as possible because that keeps you in the back of the leg. But I'm sure you'll feel the work. It's kind of a hate to say it. A little foolproof here. If you just jump, it'll jump. All right. Try not to let the reform of Bang load. That'll be the one queue and hold very nice. No turning around. Feet against the shoulder. Wrists, hands up onto the board.

We're going to have a little Cobra [inaudible] a couple of things and you are done. Good. So kneeling with feet, heels up against the shoulder, rest, toes tucked under and then sit. Scooped back onto your heels. So round back. Yes, and I want the bed home and there's gonna be just like a little inch between your heels and your butt there. All right, from here, keep the arm straight and press the bed out behind you. Good. Yes. Now come forward lifting up into a nice deep yes back extension from here. Scoop and sit back to the heels. Keeping that little inch hold.

No press back. That's tough on the shoulders. So go where you can then lift up, bringing the carriage all the way home. Then scoop belly, sitting back to your heels. You've got four more and lengthen. Press it back. Sternum up and back. Roll the clavicles over to the back.

Beautiful and scoop the belly like that kind of octopus suction that we did in the mat. Work and press back. Stretch sternums up. Clavicles shoulders roll back and then scoop like I'd punch you back. Let's do two more and extend. Lengthen up. Come all the way home to the board and scoop up and over.

Nice. One last one. Good. Keep breathing and high. Exhale sits you back. Awesome. Alright, one last jump onto your backs on your forums. So feet will be up on the board. I'm going to give you two springs to finish with. Good. Thank you Sarah.

Good. So now you're going to be lifted on your forearms. Thinking about keeping that nice, lifted the back, stretch out to straight legs. You can see your feet here while you're waiting. Just give me a little lumbrical activation a little bit higher. Good. You have straight legs and you have a lifted low back.

The legs are not going to bend. So work on maintaining your shoulder girdle and the abdominals and jump through your feet. Good. Yes, yes. And you've got to kind of get a run up. There we go. Now the 12 one two three four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 1112 ish or hot bend. And come back in. Slide yourselves back onto the carriage. Good.

Relax. Give yourself a little head rest just for comfort. All the comforts of home you are done. For the most part, I will have you cross your right ankle over the left knee and then draw your knees in for glute stretch. Good. You earned it. So stay there. Wrap your hands around the front of the sheen unless your knees a little tricky and you can be behind the thigh. So draw that in. Find a stretch for your hips back of the hips, commonly called the glute stretch. Kind of gets in there to draw that in.

Take a few deep breaths, just allowing the tension to release and we jumped every part of you, right? So I've given you little examples of definitely jumping, jumping through the lower limbs, arm jumping, front arm, jumping side thing. These sorts of things really add a different component to the control of joints, but they feel good too, right? Change sides for me. Left ankle in front of the right knee and drawing. And over time when you start to know which sides are you're, you know you're stronger or your stretchy aside or your better rotation sides, you can start picking the sides you prefer to start with and finish with.

I kinda like to finish with the one that's a little trickier. So start on that side that's looser or better. So that's something you can add to choosing which sides you go with. [inaudible] good. One last breath here. Nice. No going to sleep. I think that's it. We come standing beside your reformer and I will have just a roll down to finish. I like to start and finish with roll downs.

I think there are really nice way of centering and finding yourself in your postural position. So breathe in. Let's just take our arms up. Nice deep breath, reaching up and breathe out. Let the arms come down, roll forward, scooping the abdominals, rounding the back, softening your knees, stay there, keeping the abdominals deep. Let your head shoulders relax, breathe into the back and exhale. Stack the pelvis back up. Good. Very nice controls here. Good and you are done. Give yourselves a clap. Thank you girl. Very nice.

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Loved the whole thing, but especially the foot warm up! I am wondering how to buy the ball with string, super helpful for this class. Thanks!
Sally Anderson
I've dropped you a message Lori Either online (from Australia) at or Bridge Pilates in NY if that helps. Thanks for doing my class! Sally :)
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Amazing class, thanks!
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Brilliant! I have terrible dorsi flexion on my right side so my range is very limited on the jumpboard. I usually avoid jumpboard as I have to stay super focused but I did and my ankles feel stronger and feet very active.
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Incredible work out! My morning jump girls are going to absolutely love this! Thank you so much!
P.s. What class number is the mat class you were referring to?.
Connie ~ Here is the Mat workout that goes with this class. It is also linked as a related video below this class. I hope you enjoy it!
Thank you so much, Sally - yet again, another fantastic class - loved the foot warm up- I need a lot of foot and ankle work so this is just perfect
this class has made me realise that i need to work on dorsiflexion and shoulder strength. interesting variations and i'm sure a lot of clients will need the same,.

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