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Reformer Flow

30 min - Class


Go through a continuous flow of movement in this Reformer workout by Benjamin Degenhardt. After breaking down all of the exercises in his workshop, you can now breathe and enjoy the flow of the exercises. By putting everything together, you will be able to see the interconnectedness between each movement.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Jan 02, 2019
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Great way to start my day! Thanks Benjamin! Best tree I've done in a VERY long time!
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Thanks Benjamin. nice flow and it felt wonderful after the Christmas break!
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Beautiful! you are so inspiring as a teacher of the method x
I did it backwards 🤭 going to watch the workshop now. Then, I will do this fantastic flow again! Thank you so much Benjamin- love everything you do!!
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Great practice with a lot of exercises in a short time. Beautifully executed too! Thanks Benjamin!!
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Very fun, I liked the movements and will try it again. Head rest was up during the hip rolls though.
Thanks everyone — so happy you're enjoying it! Audra I'm not familiar with the name "hip rolls", but if you mean "pelvic lift" at the end - the head rest is up intentionally. Unlike a shoulder bridge, the hips only lift to the height of the head to form a C-curve in the spine, no higher. Hope that helps, otherwise feel free to check out the workshop this session is based on!
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Wow great fun and flow, many exercises in a short time. I liked the pelvic lift with the C curve as a variation and my back felt great and lengthened with this flow. Thank you Benjamin.
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Benjamin Degenhardt loved this flow and the tutorials. Also, your variation of putting our students ever so slightly in front of the carriage for stomach massage is completely brilliant. Thank you again for all your effort and preparation you do when you come to Pilates Anytime. It is so appreciated.
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