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You will feel invigorated after taking this creative Mat workout with Serafino Ambrosio. He teaches different movement patterns in layers so you can mix and match the transitions and exercises as you like. He encourages you to notice the differences between each side of your body as you are moving through these fun and exciting movements.

The choreography in this class is fairly intricate so we recommend watching this class before trying it.
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John, I got see, so let's set up the numbers. Y'All know, I'm here with [inaudible] anytime with these two beautiful clients here and we are going to have a great time today because we're going to do creative network, some real creative move, great layering, great transitions, great individual exercises so you can mix and match whatever you like. Let's get started. Okay, so follow me guys. So supine. Let's just warm up the spine a bit before we do the sequence. So place your feet on the floor low, slowly rolling down. Stretch your arms forward, widen your clavicles in.

Fill the space between your scapulas. So we're just going to do just two times. Bridging. Breathe in as you breathe out. Roll the pelvis up, pushing the knees forward and linkedin in the neck, back. Opening your heart to the ceiling. Breathing to ribs through your nose and as you breathe out, relax your mouth and roll the spine down. Massaging the spine and warming your nerves are the spine and the muscles of the spine as well. Last one. Breathe in. And as you breathe out, roll or not, starting from the lower part of the buttock into the hamstrings, into your feet, into your spine and thoracic area.

Breathe in. And as you breathe out, relax your throat and your tongue and roll it down as you widen the clavicles. Widen your scapulas and roll when messages spine on the floor. Perfect. Bring your feet up and hug behind your knees like a hammock. Why? Adding your elbows out to the side field, the width of the criticals and the elbows as well. You breathe in.

And let's do an assisted roll up. As you breathe out, roll on up through the spine. Plant the feet down into the flow and roll it up. Breathing in as you breathe out. Roll on down, studying through the pelvis, into the abdominals, up into the thoracic and message of vertebraes down. Just one more. Breathe in. Move your case forward and over the knees. Roll the spine up. Perfect in, feet down.

Roll the spine up and out. And as you breathe out, staff from the powerless, widen your clavicles. Weide Albertson come down. Good. So now let's start with sequence number one. Cross the right leg over the left. So I breathe in and as you breathe out, roll on up and pull yourself up as you come into sister roll appears a bit difficult breathing and as you breathe out, roll on down. One verboten time.

Good and relax. Breathe in. And as you breathe out, roll on up, keeping the pelvis stable. Mobilize spine. Now plant that foot on the as we go up with the left arm into mermaid. Lengthen your head up and the heel down. Go round, come into assisted roll up again. Grab on to your knees and roll yourself down one bird or bright a time. Slowly they again breathe in as you lift the head. As you breathe out, roll yourself up. Plant that foot down low into flection.

Then come up into actual location as you lift up with the left arm over into mermaid from he you dive into the food is if you're diving into a pool and go into a sort of a quadrupled position. Bending the elbows, push the arbors up, come up and around, come into assisted, roll up again and roll yourself there and breathe in. Relax your throat. And as you breathe out, lift the Gaze, lift the chin, lip the body and roll up. Dive into the body. Come up into axial Gash. Push your feet down, but the head up, up reading to your ribs. Go down like you're doing sore. Plant the hand down. Drop the nose. And as you breathe out, push that foot down and come into arabesque. Lifting that back leg hold. Bend the legs.

Come into the system, roll up position as before. Drop the pelvis down, wrapped the hands behind and while are in the same position as before. No, and roll on down. Massage in the spine. Relax your throat. Breathe in as you lift the head. And as you breathe out, roll on our plantar foot. Then come up into actual long [inaudible] into mermaid. Well done. Open the ribs, but relax the shoulders.

Dive into the floor, widen the arms, ground the body down. Now push the foot down and up. Lift the left hand off. So left foot and left hand in the air. Yes, and the implant that left hand down. Wraparound dough into the SIS Rolla position. Crossing over.

Try not to mix up the legs with your partner as well and roll on down warm vertebrae time. Okay, last progression guys. You lift the head, you breathe into your ribs and as you breathe out, pull in the abdominals, cooling the spine. Feel the spine stretch. Now feel the spine elongate with the left arm. Open the left ribs relaxing your jaw. Go down into the floor, bend, come up and push. Good. Lift that left arm up and turn back and go seated into spine twist.

Yes, I'll be there. Okay, go into spine two to the left and up and out and ah, and left and up and hold. Go down where you will be full. Lift the body up, plant that foot up, hold, bend the legs and you gonna go in the same position as before. Hopefully come around and up. Okay, that's a difficult transition, but we got to do it again. No same leg and breathing in his role. Then let's try once more time and up with the body breathing.

And as you breathe out, roll on up, dive down, don't chest the legs, lift the lift up and out into Smith. Dive down and push up so the back, the top leg will go back. Now not forward. Back and go sit down and back. Hold. That's it. Good. Now turn to the bit. Leg One and up turned to the straight leg, linking his spine that push the feet and the arms down. Timo, one and two. Now Dan, hold plant at hand down.

Lift the bent leg. Hang. Then hold, hold, hold. Bend the knees, curl the body. Come up with the body, bin the legs and roll yourself there a good place. A feet on the floor. Wow. Are we ready to do the other side? See if the other side is good. Okay, so ready. So you've been in the other leg. I will turn just to show the people you don't turn.

You keep it up. Lift the legs, breathe in. And as you breathe out, roll on up. Whole gestures do this. The peak. You know why? Because you first experience held different, your right leg and your left leg is, and how the right leg in the lift league relates to your spine and roll on down and feel the difference between the legs here. Okay, second progression. So lift the head, breathe in, and as you breathe out, roll on a plant that foot down now. So now we've got that right arm lifting up, up the right, down and over towards the other leg. Yes, and then up. Don't turn. Don't change the leg. Just turn up hold.

So the legs always stay the same and you lacks a spy. Lift the head. Breathe in. As you breathe that role on that, plant that foot down, curling the spine. Come up into axial on vacation and go into mermaid to left. Good. Go down, curling the body into quadruples, bending the arms open. He elbows. Come up and curl into system. Roll Up.

Don't chase the legs and roll yourself down. Massaging the spine. Breathing as you lift the head. And as you breathe that, come on up, roll it down. Plant that foot lifted buddy up. Shoot that arm up at the Barack down. Curl towards a lift.

Curl down into quadriplegic, bend the arms, push the frontal down, a little back leg up into arabesque. Hold Ho. Breathe into your body. Push with pull Heinz and our bean both lays. Go back into the cross assisted roll up. Come up. Good. And Wallah.

We're still in the same position as before and Robo. Let them breathe in. Relax your throat. And as you breathe out, roll on up to reeling guys a call in the legs. Curl the body. Bring the arm up into actual long gash. Open the ribs. Hold, dive the hands down into quadruples and push lift, right arm and right leg hold. Find the balance.

Find the pushing power and the lift of the spine and downturn till the body come into curling position. Asita roll up. Good. And lift the foot. And as you breathe out, roll on down one vertebrae at a time and pause. Breathe in. And as you breathe out, roll on up. One vertebrae at a time, died down into the foot, lift the spine up. Intimate may towards a left hold. Well done.

Dive into the floor into [inaudible]. Paid. Lift the right leg and right arm, hand lift. Hold. And now keep turning to the back end. Sit Good. Whole Waller. Turn to the bed, leg Warren and lift. Turn to the straight leg up.

Turn to the Bentley and up now hole. Go to Australia. Plant at hand. Dam Up, hands down. Push the leg up. Interprets coal. Breathe in. And as you breathe in, breathe out. Bend both lays. Come straight back to the same position as before. Are we there? Same leg? Yes.

And Roll on down. We're going to do one more time guys. Relax your throat here. Breathe in and breathe out from the head into the sternum, into the dominoes widen. Dive into the floor. Push from the floor to come up into mermaid. Open the ribs, relaxed your jaw. Dive into the floor and feel the spine twisting. Push with the hands and foot and push up into Airbus.

Lift the opposite arm and dive down and sit on the floor. Opening the body. Turn towards a bit like breathe in and breathe out. Breathing tall with the body and breathe out. Last to breathe in. Hold and breathe this time. Go down, plant that foot and hand down.

Push up, hold and breathe. Hold and breathe. Pain both legs. Cross the legs over. Come up, Wallah and roll on down. Relax the feet on the floor. Well done guys, and just weigh the legs right or left. Just relax the powerless. Relax the sacred relax of feet and relaxed your mind. Hey that go turn towards me with the knees and roll up sideways.

Well done guys. That was perfect. Let's do the second sequence. Pod Pit. So hands underneath the shoulders, nice and neat. The hip joints get a long push through the spine from the head, way back to the tailbone. As you breathing, grow with your spine forward and back in. As you breathe out, if the right arm in the left leg in opposition and hold and as you breathing, go back with the body. As you breathe out, go forward with your body. Breathe in as you go back. Breathe out. As you go forward two more. Go back with your body. Go forward with your body.

Go back with your body. Go forward, counter center, grow the spine as you drop the hand and knees together as you breathe out, stretch, lift and right leg hold and go forward. Breathe in and as you breathe out, let's change the direction of breath. Good. Let's have a look. Perfect guys, go forward and really concentrate on that straight line of the body going forward and back as if you're drawing a line on your mat with your sternum and your pubic bone. Last one, breathe out as you go back. Counter Center breathing and as you breathe out, drop good. Let's take it one step four further.

Come up with the right arm and left leg hold. Lift that right foot off the floor. Hold and now go forward and back. Try to go forward and back, keeping that foot off. Stretch. Really think of the spine working, lengthening, creating space and pushing with the hand and the knee.

Last one and breathe out. Hold it down and relax. Breathe in. Good. Was that. That was tough, wasn't it? Yes. And as you breathe out, left and right, go left arm, right leg hold. As you breathe that, lift that foot off and feel the difference between this hip and the other hip joint. Forward and back. Good forward and back. Sternum and pubic bone. Two more and a good and dad.

Just relax the hands coming up like a Fleming. Coden sir. And then we go again. Breathing right arm and lift leg. Lift the foot off. Hold. Now go right and live like an earthquake. Not with that hands but with the body. Yes.

If at all it feels really difficult. Plant that foot down and with that foot down it's much easier. If you want to challenge, lift that full off and move sideways with the body. Last one and down and relax. Let's try the other side. Breathe in and as you breathe out, go right leg, lift down, good hold. Lift that foot and go left and right with the body.

Good breathing concentrate. We thought through all the muscles of the hand into the hip, into the spine to more and breathe with the movement. Last one and around. Good Flamenco dancer up, up, up, up and down. Good. Last progression. Go down, breathe in. As you breathe that right arm and lift leg hold.

Either foot on or off you decide. And circle like a disco ball. Circle the whole body around the hand and the needs, not that arm that's circling. It's the whole body going around and it's like the um, uh, uh, ombre. We would say Ombre, any Italian, the shadow, the shadow of your body going around the hand and the knee changed the shadow of the body. Go around the other way and try it. Good. Two more. Breathe in and as you breathe out, a pause to the center and then slowly first elongate the spine and then down with the handle knee and other side breathing as you breathe out, roll it up.

Come and stretch, hold and circle to the right and then to the left. Good circle around. Feel the difference between this side and the other side. If it's really easy, lift that pull up. If it's too, too difficult, put that foot down. But really enjoy the movement of the whole body going around the other way. Six Times good and two, notice which side is moving Moyes at the thoracic or your pelvis.

Rotating more. Also, it's fun to experiment. Last one and hole to center and go down. Come up with Fleming, go arms, relax the hands and down. Good. That was just preparation. So now you go up and down and lift and rock.

Push and down and lift. Keeping axial and Gash and in depth up. Lift and rock up, down. Lift and rock up, down and right and down, up, down and lift and just silly leg and up and relaxed. Up Dan and good. Get the rhythm and up.

Down and lift and relax. Breathe. Really think of the ears and the hips going up. Position and up. Use the arms that push the head forward. Use the hips to push in the back. Two more, one good. And to hold.

And now you go down and uphold. Cross and push hold. So the nays off you go dem up and relax and jump and down and up. Cross, cross, back and lift. So we're crossing. Good, well done guys.

Down and up and down and live. Dam Up, cross and lift Dan up, cross and lift. Good down, up, cross and lift, dam up, cross and well done and relax. I really, for the next progression, Flamenco, arms up, just release the re. Sometimes it's your clients. Probably think you're the risks. Risk that give them this joy of movement and no one complaining more. Okay, ready and jump with the hand.

Go up and down and lift and cross lift, push, push, push, push, push, push, push and come up and lift. And now push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, lift up and down hands and lift the back of the crus. Push, push, push, push, push and roll yourself back. Open the chest and roll yourself forward. Up, up, up, left and heads and up and lift and cross Coco Coco. Roll an open and clear cocoa, cocoa lift and up. Last one.

Up and crust. Back. Push, push, pushing. Cobe back. Hold. Open the chest. Breathing. Curl the spine first. Push the hands forward, come up, lift the back leg, hold, push and Wallah. Well done. Perfect guys. Let's do the third sequence. Leg circles. Supine position.

Okay. Roll yourself down. Okay. Just a minute. Just to relax the sacred and relax the pelvis. Relax the thorax and feel how the hands and the arms make your thorax very stable, wide and long. Pushing it down and out, but not to exist with down and out. Okay? So what we're gonna do, we're gonna lift one leg up as high as possible. Okay. If you feel that it's too tight, your legs, you give them slightly bend the knee eggs if not stretcher in stretchy, other leg up. Breathing as you open the right leg out. But keep the pelvis still and breathe out as you close and lift.

Breathe in and breathe out close. So the whole deal here is to keep the pelvis still as you open one leg in the other. Good. Now you're going to open the right open. You Go Dan, around like legs, circles and together and hold to the lift. Open hole down and around and lift. Good open hold. And then down and around.

Hold last to open around Dan and up. Good. Lasser open. Hold around and down. Last one, open around and down. Bend the legs. Stretch your arms and roll the pelvis up to bridge to release the bit of the hip places. Breathe in. Pause in. As you breathe out. Roll on down. One vertebrae time, relaxing the spine. Let's go back up.

Switch one leg and stretch the other leg. Flex the feet and cross the legs over. So now we've got the right leg over the left leg, so the right leg is closer to your body. Okay. Breathe in. As you breathe out, push the left leg into the body. Go to the right side.

Go round and down and pause. Hold. At this point, the the right leg will release. Open the right leg to the right. Go round and down. Hold. Good. Let's go the other way to the lift down around and release.

Hold left leg opens. Open around and to the back. Good to the right on down, keeping the spine long and release and out one around and to the back. Good to the so they crossed over. Good. I said, you need a bit of, remember, go around and down and hope the front leg goes out, our around and to the back to the lift. Go down around it.

Up Front leg goes releases and around. Down and up. Good. Bend the legs down, Stritch legs out. Open the arms into to star and relax. Breathing as you push the hands and the heels on the floor and lift the pelvis up into extension and breathe in like a big star. And as you breathe out, close the legs, close the arms.

Come into sister the teaser and roll yourself up. Hold. Stretch your arms, stretch your body, breathe in. And as you breathe out, roll on down one vertebrae at a time. Open the legs and the arms in the stop position and lift the hips up. Breathe in. And as you breathe out, roll it up. Closing, coming to Real TZ. If you want whole breathe into your body.

And as you breathe out, row long down one vertebrae, time open the body app. These times are going to close the legs. Come into the rear, left side into teaser. Good. And then down and open. Breathe in. And as you breathe out, go to the right side into t's a good hold. And then roll the right side. Good breathing.

Lift the hips, and now close he to the right. Now these time you're going to open arm and leg [inaudible] before good. And then close legs. Open Almond. They can lead to hip extension. Last one. Close. Open arm and leg together.

Breathing and down we go. Open app. Hold and roll it down. Bring the legs together, pose, lift the arms up and back. Relaxing your throat. Lift the arms up. Good. Work and yourself on one vertebrae at a time.

Stretching forward and then release. Okay, well done. Okay, let's go on another sequence. Spin the legs. Okay. Inter Chris. Cross. Hammock your hands behind the head, relaxing your jaw and bend your knees at 90 90 good. Getting heavy with the sacred and relaxing your throat. Lift the chest up, Hammock your head, open the elbows, and as you breathe out, go bend the left leg and the right leg stretches and change to change.

Three hold. Roll on your left side and holds good. Perfect. Then roll up, staying a crisscross position and chase three times one. Breathe out to breathe out. Whole three. Roll to the right. Hold, hold, hold and roll. Stomach up. Good. And three times one. Breathe out to hold.

Three go out. Now Strip the top arm up and keep the head on the bottom. Mine. Good. Now bend the arm and coming to Christmas again. Hold three one stretch legs to last on three switcher top. Arm Up and hold. Perfect.

And then up into crisscross and one, two, three, push. Hold into sidekick. Go forward and back, keeping the spine straight, the hips even and out. Last one in and outcome to center and Chris hold and one, two and all. Three stretch our for psychic. One push and to push and three push hold Chris, Cross. Good. And one, two hold three and up and food and back food and back forth.

Straight hold. Plant that lift hand on the floor and push up. Okay. Into Smyrna aid. Stretch and AH, up into high kneeling, Lis hip lift hole into mermaid. Okay.

And to high kneeling. Lift. Breathe in. Stretch. Last one into mermaid. Lift. Now go round with the arm, slide it down. Stretch your arm, hold crisscross. Cross hope. Three times one, two hole three, 10 stretch, arm and psychic.

Forward and back. Forward and back. Last one, Ford Hole. Back. Go to center. Plant that right hand down. Come on, I'll push it out and go into mermaid. Oh, open and out and to side. Left and down into mermaid. Up and down with tumor and lift. Good. And down. Last one. And move it. Open the ribs and down and up and down.

Slide down and uphold and cross halt. Last progression. One, two, hope three. Turn and stretch. Psychic one and go to and go three and hold hands on the floor. Push up whole and just elbow and lift.

Just elbow and push and push and push. Working the Scapula right here, right underneath. Stretch. Two more. Last one. And push up. Good into mermaid. Well done. And around any to side. Oh and Dow and stretch and down.

Two more. Oh and breathe. Well done guys. And Oh and that last one. Oh and down. Stretch slide all the way down. Cup the head stretch arm. Hold. Pause there.

Now we can do bit of buddy. One up a bit about like, so is good. Stretching the head stress and four, four and three. And to hold a crisscross. Hold. Well done. Last time guys. One, two, three, circle to the side. Hold Psychic. One, one, two, and three. Hold. Stretch your right arm. Stretch out and bend out. M Ben, working through the Scapula. Lengthening the body.

Three more up. Chemo up. Last one. Up and lift and oh that push out and Stritch dam up and no, that good. Lift and stretched. Last one. Up and over. Down and stretch. Come up and down and roll down and hold.

And buttock up. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Hold crisscross. Wallah and bend together. Place your feet on the floor. Relax the sacred relaxes spy. Ooh. Take a big breath in and breathe out. Relaxing your jaw. Relaxing your energy. Last one, breathe in. And as you breathe out, turn towards me and it's going to spine extension.

Are we ready to finish off? Ready? So let's go into spine extensions. One. So the fingernails right underneath your shoulder of the shoulders. Please. The fingers are wide, the elbows, as long towards your feet and your feet. Travel all the way back. Actually lift one leg up and push it back.

Then lift the other leg up and push it back. So you've really get that nice length in your body. So let's start with swan dive. So as you breathe out, you activate the scapula and lift the head. And as you breathe in, stretch your spine, and as you breathe out, activate the scapula and the other Domino's and roll the spine, not only down by forward and yet fleets back. Don't just think of going down. Just also think of going forward and Scapula.

Breathe out with the head. Breathe in as you feel the breath, increasing the length of your spine. And as you breathe out scapular and Donald's in length in the legs and the spine together. Wow. Done. Now, second progression. Breathe in. And as you breathe out, the scat blow comes down. You breathe into your body and come up. And as you breathe out, you take the right arm off and bend it through, placing the left hand on the ear. Good. Oh, Paul's, you're side lying sideline.

Good. That's it. Now stay there and just lift. Lift the legs together, lift the legs, give to [inaudible] one, hold your left and we'll go on the floor into quadramed. Down your other arm up. Push forward and down, and then you roll your spine down. Okay, so now obviously we're going to do the other arm as you brie that Scapula in head. Roll it up, breathe in. And as you breathe out, left arm pushes up. The other hand goes here. Stretching the body and pulse legs. One, two and three. Hold your right hand. We'll go on the flow into quad, Japan, pause. Other arm goes forward, down and roll it down.

Good. They can breathe in and as you breathe Capelin head, the body stretches as you breathe out. You roll down. Keep Rolling. Keep Rolling. Keep rolling into teas. Ah Yes. Good. Breathe in. As you breathe, keep rolling. Keep Rolling.

The left hand will go down onto the mat. Left hand. Now push up, up, up, down and roll it down. Yes, God, it is movement. Supposed to be fun. Breathe in. And as you breathe out scapular head re that, hold and roll it up, breathe in. And as you breathe out, the left hand will go down. Right hand goes behind the head. Keep Rolling, stomach up and lift the legs up.

Hold that sick. Good. And now the left hand will go. The right hand will go on the floor. Go turn, pause up, down and roll it. Okay, one more time. Riding. Lift ready breathing. And as you breathe out, roll on out. Then breathing stretch, right hand goes through. Head up and Teza. Hold, breathe in. And as you breathe out, your left hand will go round. Going to sideline.

Kwacha pit hold down and really [inaudible] one more time and breathe as scapular spine. Oh Paul, breathe in live time. Go through the other hand behind the head up and ran into t's a hole. Now down right hand on the floor, Stritch down and row pose. Good. Pushing down, sitting towards me guys. And let's just finish with spine twist. Ah, how are we feeling? Bigger raided, good stretcher, leg stretcher, bones of the legs. Forward the pelvis down.

The head is up. Breathing as you open the arms and as you breathe out, go to the left side. Bingo up. Going to quadruple it as we did before the opposite. He put come up. See how that comes up. Now pushing the hands. You're going to move the pelvis up and down. So you're pushing and you're pulling.

You're pushing and you're pulling. Good. Now as you push, move the thorax into flection, flicks and push and flicks and push. Last one, flex. Hold. Come up into spine. Twist. Good. Now let's go to the right side. Breathe in to the right. Breathe out. Hold. Keep 10 now. Place the hands down on the floor and Paul and pushed the sitting bone down.

Lift the cinnamon. Push the Singh bone down. Lift the thing bone. Push it down. Lift the center. Push last one. Lift and push. Hold. Come around. Okay to the left. [inaudible].

Breathe in down. Lift the pal. Now bring your left right ear to the floor. Hold driving and pushing that same bone. Dry that pushing a sink bone down. Lift the right arm up into mermaid.

Now use your left arm to push the thorax into side flection. Yeah, come up up, up, up, up as you feel your name. So think of your morning with your body. Oh, okay. Go to the right. Go down into quad, Japan, the left ear. We'll go listen to the floor breathing. Opening the clavicles. As you press up, push the hands to drop the sitting bone.

Lift the left arm up into mermaid. Now he on driving the right hand, right scap it into side and Combo route two more times. Breathe in as you breathe out to the left. Okay. Breathing as you're right, he goes to the floor. Turning.

Hold. Pushed the hands on the floor. Driving messages burned. Lift that opposite arm up into mermaid. Slowly we get heavy with the powerless as you come up. Last one, hold. Go into quadruples. Turn the left ear to the floor. Widing elbows. Hold.

Push with your hands. Dry that sitting bone down. Oh, the body. Y'All with the body and cup up and release. Hands on the floor. Knees, and just a nice circle the outposts. Circle the shots. Good. Two more. Let's see the other way. And breathe and breathe. Enjoy the length of the spine.

Enjoy the length of your body. Two more and pause. Bring the feet together and just, let's finish with a bit of meditation. So let's lie down. Bend your legs, relax, and just a bit of breathing. And what I want you to do with the breathing is to bounce the sacrum on the floor on them. That just bounce, bounce, bounce, thinking of bouncing, clinking of, balancing, thinking of balancing. Just good.

Now bounce the right's buddy. Just the right one. Lift the left one and just bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, and bounce. The left buttock. Relaxing your throat. Good. Two more. And bounce a center. Ah, breathe. Two more and pause.

And in the pause, feel how there's no movement with internal movement. Feel the internal movement of the body. Feel the external movement of stillness, of your body. Last breath. Breathe in. Turn to face me. Relaxing your head and his shoulders. Push with your hands to come up.

Cross the legs around. Place the hands on the mat, on the sides like two tenths. Pushing the fingertips on the floor. Lengthen your head up, getting heavy with the sacrum and pelvis. Breathe in as you lift and up and around and breathe out and lift up and around in circle two more and breathe out other way up and around. Good and too well done. Last one and release.

Give me a nice big breath up into the air, up linkdin fingers and breathe out through the Scapula, but lengthen your head up one more time. Breathe in feeling that energized body that you have now and always an out those guys. You are fantastic. Thanks for joining me and creative network. Thank you.


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it was fun - different. I loved the pace. Probably need to revisit again as not sure did all of the movement correct first time around.
I really enjoyed this class, such awesome creativity and exploration! As someone has has danced i really enjoyed this movement choreography. Thanks so much! 
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I really enjoyed the creativity and flow of this class. It’s very well designed and cued, and I appreciate the playfulness of it. My favorite progression was the criss-cross into side lying. Just a note for those of us with wrist and hand issues - there is a fair amount of 4 point kneeling in this class, so you are in full wrist extension for a while, especially during one of the earlier progressions.
Ewa D
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Wow! Combining the swan and the teaser is just so new and refreshing:)
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Another fun class really enjoyed it. Loved the crossross combination with side laying also the four legged plank combination. Good fun! Thanks again!
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This is great feedback guys! Enjoy the Ride and then do it again! Every time it gets better........ ciao and all the luck from Rome Italy Ciao Serafino Ambrosio 
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Pirotecnico,favoloso !!! Grazie !!!
Ilaria S
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Where the focus goes the energy clown
Serafino , Super!
Ilaria S
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*the energy flows
Michele M
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LOOOOVE this. It's a fair amount of effort, but it's so much fun I almost didn't know I was working so hard! Thanks for this! Brilliant!
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