Creative Mat Work<br>Serafino Ambrosio<br>Class 3759

Creative Mat Work
Serafino Ambrosio
Class 3759

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it was fun - different. I loved the pace. Probably need to revisit again as not sure did all of the movement correct first time around.
I really enjoyed this class, such awesome creativity and exploration! As someone has has danced i really enjoyed this movement choreography. Thanks so much! 
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I really enjoyed the creativity and flow of this class. It’s very well designed and cued, and I appreciate the playfulness of it. My favorite progression was the criss-cross into side lying. Just a note for those of us with wrist and hand issues - there is a fair amount of 4 point kneeling in this class, so you are in full wrist extension for a while, especially during one of the earlier progressions.
Ewa D
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Wow! Combining the swan and the teaser is just so new and refreshing:)
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Another fun class really enjoyed it. Loved the crossross combination with side laying also the four legged plank combination. Good fun! Thanks again!
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This is great feedback guys! Enjoy the Ride and then do it again! Every time it gets better........ ciao and all the luck from Rome Italy Ciao Serafino Ambrosio 
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Pirotecnico,favoloso !!! Grazie !!!
Ilaria S
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Where the focus goes the energy clown
Serafino , Super!
Ilaria S
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*the energy flows
Michele M
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LOOOOVE this. It's a fair amount of effort, but it's so much fun I almost didn't know I was working so hard! Thanks for this! Brilliant!
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