Creative Mat Work<br>Serafino Ambrosio<br>Class 3759

Creative Mat Work
Serafino Ambrosio
Class 3759

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Im soo pleased that people are enjoying the classes i have on PA !! keep enjoying and keep feeling the benefits of Movement ! If you need any 'help' please email me on Ok ciao Serafino
Thank you so much Serafino! Your class is one of my favourite classes :) very creative. Thank you again for sharing this awesome sequence with us (^_^)
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Really enjoyed the creativity and fun of this class, thanks! :) Love your leggings! 
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Great Everyone Keep enjoying it ! the leggings are from AussieBum , if you need assistance please email me on
Love the intention and energy. The lack of specific cueing made it very hard to follow. I didn’t really get the benefit of a lot of the postures because I had trouble following the movements and really getting something out of the class. For classes like this that have unique/complicated movements, more time walking through positions would be helpful.
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Loved this fun class. It made the "routine" go by quickly and I enjoyed myself! Love the inspiring bright personality of Serifino!!! What I wouldn't give to stop by the pilates studio in Italy!!! :)
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love those leggins!!! great class!!!
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Awesome Serafino. It's a great pleasure to see u again!!!thanks
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Grazie, Serafino, che piacere questa lezione! Anche se avrei bisogno di un tapetto un po più grande per le tue idee ;o)) Un cordiale saluto dalla Svizzera
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I loved this class! I was smiling the whole time!!!!! 
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