Class #3791

Lower Body Mixed Equipment

40 min - Class


Take a look at the fundamental exercises while focusing on the lower body in this Mixed Equipment workout by Andrea Maida. She explores how standing in your lower body changes how you move in each exercise. She reminds you that you can apply this concept to all of your workouts because each movement is a variation on the same theme.
What You'll Need: High Chair, Mat, Reformer, Mixed Equipment, Wall, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm Andrea and today we're going to look at some fundamental exercises with a specific premise in mind. In our plot is exercises. We're really going to look at how they're all diff...

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Thanks so much Enrique :) xox
I love this concept! Excited to apply it and feel the changes! :) 
Thanks so much for watching Elizabeth- yes give it a try and see what you think and thanks for sharing your thoughts here :) xo
Thank you!!! So useful!!! I had heard you and Lesley Logan on YouTube taking about this concept of “standing on our legs” and It really changes the exercises!!! Thank you for your cues and inspiration!
Oh thank you for your kind words - yes it's amazing the difference, right? It is a game changer! Keep up the good work and thanks so much for watching :) 
Lovely cues and great way to connect and keep lower body active and connected. Thanks!
Thanks so much Jackie :) Thank you for watching and giving it a go! xox

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