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Take a look at the fundamental exercises while focusing on the lower body in this Mixed Equipment workout by Andrea Maida. She explores how standing in your lower body changes how you move in each exercise. She reminds you that you can apply this concept to all of your workouts because each movement is a variation on the same theme.
What You'll Need: High Chair, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Mixed Equipment, Wall, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm Andrea and today we're going to look at some fundamental exercises with a specific premise in mind. In our plot is exercises. We're really going to look at how they're all different versions of each other. And if we distill down the choreography of the exercises, we're basically gonna focus on the oppositional reaches a or sometimes called the two way stretch. And today we're going to look at a workout with a lower body focus in mind. And so I've kind of distilled down the upper body choreography into what I call the reach. There's a video that just focus on the on the reach as well.

And then this video is going to focus on just the lower body where you're going to try to be standing in your lower body regardless of what kind of choreography you have. In the exercise. I have Karen and Ethan, my friends with me, and we're going to start. So stand close to your reformer stand really tall. You're going to sit without the use of your hands on the very end of the carriage and lie back in one motion. Your feet go onto the foot bar. So I love the Joe Palladia starts us off in a really advantageous way to stand on our feet and we also have so many repetitions of them. I don't think that can be an accident.

Pilates Stance

We need to get better at standing on our feet even when we're upside down and backwards. So go ahead and go out and back 10 times and just keep trying to push on the bar in both directions. Yes. Do One more and then pause for a moment. And actually you guys are both doing really, really lovely.

Sometimes it'll be helpful to take some springs off. So Ethan, I'm going to let you be on two springs. So just be careful when you press out. And then Karen, I have you just on three. So basically less springs equals more you. So go ahead and gently press out and then push on the bar and come in and really kind of try to stand on the bar even if it has has to be that you stop the motion of the carriage on the way in. I don't mind at all.

Do One more in this position. And now stay there with your legs straight. So go out again, stay there with your legs straight and stand on the foot bar and then bend your knees a little bit. Come in halfway, stand on the foot bar and hold it there. Yup. And now keep standing all the way in. Yeah, yeah. Do One more in this foot position just so we don't change anything.

And then we'll go to the arches and then push. Yeah. So I can see what's happening. All of this, the, the center comes alive when the standing. So let's go to the arch physician and just kind of do that same thing. Yes. And it might make the rhythm of it slow down a little bit, but we're, we're really using this idea of standing and just focusing on the lower body as a little bit of exploration to see what it does for our workout. Nice.


I feel like you're doing a good balance of keeping a nice rhythm and moving and that's actually the really the most important thing. That's why we're not talking about too many details and we're not trying to perfect anything else other than the singular focus of the lower body. Because moving is really the best. The main event in [inaudible] is the moving. Yeah. And then after 10 you're going to go to the heels and now really pushing the heels and just keep the toes as easy as you can. Yeah.


So keep thinking of the foot position with the heels on the bar as the length that's creating the back of you so that the heel forward and pushing is long in the back. Not necessarily about a flex of the foot. Nice. And then after your 10 we'll go to the tendon stretch and it's going to kind of change everything a little bit. Take us out of this kind of choreography, but that's okay. See how you do. So down to three, up to three, down two, three up to three. Keep feeling like you're standing at every point.

Tendon Stretch

Nice. Oh good. I liked the telepathy. You did exactly what I was going to tell you. The weight of the body is going to be on the ball of the foot. So you want to make sure that the heel going down doesn't drop you down and backwards, but you still stay up and forward on the balls of your feet. And then you'll come in, use your feet to lower the foot bar, take your handles and slide away a little bit.

And so now all of that pushing and standing, now you've got nothing here to, so you're going to pretend that as you come into your hundred, you're going to stand on your feet wherever they are. And then con yes. Yeah. If your knees like to lock, let them relax a little bit. Yep. And then really, let's see if I can do this. Stand on me. Ooh. Stand on me. Oh, how is that? Okay. I didn't fall over, so I was, I was good. Okay.


Yes. Keep reaching forward. Yep. Oh yes. I'm sorry. I should've given you some more springs for the a hundred I'm sorry. Okay. Okay.

Sometimes it's a little bit of a happy accident. Yeah. Yes. And then keep standing as you do as you lower yourself back out of the position. Okay. Take your handles in one hand. You're going to sit up and turn. Okay. Ethan, you're already on two springs. Karen, you'll go to two.

And actually I'm going to put the two springs in the middle and the two sprays in the middle is just going to make the transition to one spring. Eventually when we get to the pulling straps, just really very easy. And actually I can do one if you like. Okay. Okay, great. Yes. Okay, so take your straps. Don't let them hit you. Lift your feet up into the straps and we'll go to the frog and the circles. Yeah.

Okay, so now you've got the same scenario to stand in your straps, except they're not quite as easy to stand on as a solid bar. You're going to pull your stomach in and you're going to start out and then you're going to stand and resist on the way in. Oh, that looks fantastic. Yeah, stretch out and then resisted it. Stretch this long on the mat. Great. And here too. You can kind of push the straps away the whole time.


And if that feels like not clear, you can just stop halfway back and sort of see what it feels like to stand and put your weight on the strap. After you do about five or six frog. Keep that idea of standing. Now it's gonna get a little complicated. So you're going to have to stand as you make a circle. So you'll stand all the way round. Don't go quite so high.


It'll just help you to stand if you stay over here. Okay. Yeah. Not so like, yeah. If you come to 90 though, you'll get a, it won't be as helpful to stand. I don't think that looks pretty good. And then do about six or eight and you'll go the reverse. Yeah, keep making the legs when they are together, they should be together.

Right. And then when you finished your circles, you'll return to the frog, grab a set of your handles, the wooden handles, grab them in one hand, use your other hand to unclip the black straps and just don't drop anything on your face or throw it across the room. Okay? And this is a little bit awkward at first if you're trying it at home, but you will figure out the most efficient way for yourself over time. Now you're just trying not to let anything land on your head on your head. Yes.

Okay. Hang up the handles for yourself. Step off. You're gonna take one spring off and get the long box [inaudible] so the long box is a little bit in the same family as what happened in the hundred we don't really have anything physically to stand on. So I'll let you come onto the box. And actually this is an example of the brilliance of the order of Joe Philosophies, because usually we're not doing it today, but usually the exercise of the proceeds, the pulling straps is the swan. And wherever you do the Swan, whether on the reformer or ladder barrel, you do get to stand on something.

So Joe just expects you to be a really quick learner. Once you get to stand, he figures you can do it in anything in any scenario. Okay, so do your best to stand in your lower body. And let's do the three of the pulling straps and three of the tee [inaudible]. Nice you guys. Oh, that's, that looks really good. [inaudible] and then changed the t and keep and then stand in your lower body. Is that okay?

Pulling Straps

And then stand? Yes. Nan Stand. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Great. Lovely. Okay. Drop the straps in the well in front of you. I'll let you step off. You'll take the box away and now let's set up for the stomach massage.


So the pad at all of your springs and put your foot bar up and then you'll sit. Okay. Okay, so now we get like a little bit more advantage because we're not lying down. Let's take the stomach massage position. We have four springs on. We're going to go one less in the next two exercises go 10 times.

Yes. So now keep standing on the weight of your foot on the ball of your foot. Nice. Yeah. Keep standing during that. Yeah. During the heal part, especially good. After 10 you'll take a spring off in the middle. Yes. Lift yourself tall, Stan. Keep going.


Good. Keep the deliberate pace. Don't feel like you have to rush and really kind of lift yourself as you stand on your feet. Good. That was a really nice adjustment. After 10 you'll take one more spring off and now reach up and stand on your feet. You're going to go out and you want to push on the bar and come all the way in getting tall or tall or tall or tall or taller. Close the spring.

Flat Back

But I shouldn't hear it all the way. This, this a little bit more? Yeah. Yeah. Good. Good. Let's do four. And then you're going to go to the twist. Three sets of twist. Yes. So now it's gonna get complicated. You're gonna stand evenly on both feet as you twist. Yep.


And then you're gonna push here and return. Yeah. Stand on your feet, twist, and then push the feet and return yourself. Good for you. Exhale. So it feels nice and return. Exhale, chest up. Good. And return one more each way. See, I can't stop myself. I'm talking about other things other than standing, but you know [inaudible] great. So you can step off. Let's start at the foot bar and put the foot bar down and the head piece down and then get the box in the pole. We're going to the short box.


The spring remains the same. [inaudible] so again, in our short box exercise, we get some help, but not really something we have to sort of figure out how to stand and use this strap to our advantage. So back up as much as you possibly can so that the strap is really oppressive on your ankle. Yes. And then once you're in a good spot, I think that's great. Bring this together a little bit. Your legs together. Yeah.

Put the strap on the ankle and then press the leg apart. Yes. And just relax your feet, your toes for a moment. Yeah. And just feel like you're going to try to push the heel forward without Bret cranking the toes back and they'll want to do what they do. Of course. Yes. Okay, so you're going to pretend to stand in the straps and let's start with the round physician. Send your standing first so you kind of have something to pull away from.

Ooh, that looks very nice. Okay, so on the return you're going to stand in your feet and suck your stomach back more than you'd like to. Yes. Do it even a little bit more, but that was good. Okay, so heels forward. Stomach back. Okay, great. That was three, right? Okay. That was plenty. Let's go to the, uh, to the reach. So now reach up. Now we have both of our skills together and what exercise is so exciting. Okay.


So reach up and reach away from your feet and then heels forward. Stomach back. Yes. Let this relax. Yes, yes. Keep that. Relax the knees. If you, if the knees like to lock, you're going to see them lock a ton in the short box and you just got to unlock them like a million times until they get the message right. I mean your knees get the message, not your, not your students. Good man. They got the message after you do five, keep standing and go to the side. Yeah. Good. Keep standing.

Flat Back

Yeah. And stand to lift yourself taller after each one. Okay. Nice. Stay Tall. Lower the pole for a moment. Just have a, have a moment. Lift up again. Yes. Back up if you need to. That happens a lot to me. And then let's twist. This is the part where the, this is going to get crazy in the strap. So keep the feet exactly like they are.

Side to Side

Carry on. Yes. Good. You're both keeping the strap really, really tight and quiet. Okay. And one more this direction. Okay.

Twist and Reach

Stow the bar. So now for the tree, now it's good. Things are gonna get further complicated. It's hold one leg and then once you take one away, um, there's like another exercise that we're pretty much doing, which is a single leg pole. So act accordingly. Sometimes if you single leg pull, you hold with your stomach a little bit more than if you just hold your leg. Yeah.

So do that in your mind and you're going to hold the yeah. And then you're going to have yes, stretch and just entertain the possibility that you'd be standing on both of those legs. So welcome to the Russian splits. Stand on your legs and tip backward. See doesn't, don't look like upside down Russian slits and then climb down. Keep reaching and standing one leg at a time where they're going. And do that as you go. Do that on the way up especially.


So reach the legs away from you and then to help you up, reach to the strap, reach the leg in the air so your lower body is part of what helps you up as well. Yeah. Yes, yes. That was so good. Good. Reach the lower body. Get the upper stomach. Excellent. Have a nice stretch.

It's keep standing. Yes, you can hold here if that's crazy. Yeah, I'm sure it's still stretchy and then you'll do the other side. Okay. That looks great. You guys, the way you were coming up was excellent. Yeah. Take a moment to set up your split standing.

Okay. Split standing is like split tastic. Okay. Yeah. Reached through the lower body. Good job. And the pace they're using is really good. It's pretty deliberate.

They're not speedy, they're not slow, they're just consistently moving. Nice. So let's take the all the things away and then we'll come back to set up for the elephant. Hey, we're going to get to actually stand [inaudible] so I have the head piece up, the foot bar up and two springs on. So get on hand, foot, hand, foot. Try not to move the carriage or make any noise as you get on right to your position. And so now really stand your feet.

Make your, make your grip because the stomach is reaching to the bar, not because you're standing on your hands. Yeah. Easy in your knees. Yes. Push your heels down into the carriage as much as you can. So you'll push down to go out and now you're going to push down so your stomach can go up. Yes, dude, that was a very nice, a nice working noise. You did that. That was really good. Um, do do about eight. Okay. Actually I take that back due five cause we're going to do a few on each leg because you know I can't resist.


Okay. And try to not make it make a noise. Yes. Okay. Yes. So now try to stand on that back leg too. All the things in your center that were working when it was on the floor, on the carriage rather should be working now and it's in the air.

Single Leg Elephant

Good job you guys. Yes. If you need to stand on both to kind of feel them again before you take the other one away, you can [inaudible]. Okay. And then you're going to Neil for the next exercise. So now let's do the knee stretches.

So we don't get sort of straightforward standing like the elephant, but we do get the foot against the shoulder rest. Yeah. And you know, that's all we need. Right? Okay. So sit back towards your heels as much as you can so that the center is really working. And then can you lift your hands and inch off the bar and not fall? Yes. Great. And then grip the bar again. Okay.

So let's stand in the spring and you're going to earn the carriage and then you're going to go out and back 10 times. Yes. And especially on the way in. Keep pushing out to resist it as you come in. [inaudible] really nice. [inaudible] and then when you come up to the knees off and you get to stretch your leg all the way back, you can take advantage. So go ahead. Yeah, lift higher, higher, higher stirrer at your legs. Resist, stretch.


Good. [inaudible] and then when you come down to finish, go ahead and step off. Add one spring. It's always nice to lie down after this exercise. [inaudible] so now we're back to how we started except a little bit of a, of a one at side, one side at a time. My favorite job, ladies trick. Okay, sorry. You're running. And then as you're running, just notice if when one heels down, the other foot should still have just as much purchase on that bar. So you're still standing in every moment of this exercise.

Flat Back

This looks very nice you guys. And then come on in. So let's get into the position for the pelvic lift and yeah, I like that. What you've chosen, where you're like on the arch but kind of Neal near the heel. So stand on your feet first before you even lift your hips up. Press on your feet and then make your seat go to your feet.

Knees Off

Like it's going toward your feet to come up. Yes. And then carry on. Stand on the bar, stretch your legs, push on the bar to come in. So it's all the same things we did in the foot work except now you're not on the mat, but make this upper stomach on the mat more. Yeah, cause that'll help you stand more. Yes. And then keep the hip low as you come in.


I mean aim your tailbone straight ahead. Straight ahead. Yeah. Yeah. Good. Okay. Yes. Much better. And then after 10 you're going to come in and just be nice to your back while still standing on your feet all the way down. [inaudible] that looked excellent. Very nice. You may step off.

Pelvic Lift

And now we're going to do a few mat exercises. So here we are on the mat and we're going to keep our same focus of standing in the lower body as we do our seven mat exercises. But the first thing we're going to do is descend to the mat. And that's pretty much standing and in the stomach massage, kind of like what we did before in the, in the reformer. So let's stand between the moon boxes.

Yes, lift up your elbows, lift your reach, push your feet on the floor, and then actually let's actually reach up. I mean like, like stomach massage, not all the way up, but forward yet. So you're gonna make your upper body lift as you push your feet on the floor the whole way down. So you'll push in your lift, keep pushing, keep lifting, keep pushing, sit with control as much as you can. Very nice. Let's start with the roll up because actually let's start with the rolling back without the strap first, because now you actually can, in the rolling back, you get to put your feet on the mat and then we'll do the roll up where you don't get that luxury. So lift up, stand on your feet and just as you do the exercise, you can go back halfway or back all the way.

Roll Back

Try not to let yourself come off of your standing foot position. Okay. And stand on it to start the way back up. Maybe do three and then we'll just change it to the roll up. Yes. As you get further down there.

Keep those guys the toes. They might want to do funny things. Yeah. Press your big toes down. Yes. Oh, that's very interesting. Press breath. Oh yes. That gets that spot in your back, doesn't it? Okay. That's kind of cool.

That's plenty of those. So now let's change game changer. No, touching the feet to the floor. No, no. I mean, oh, the roll up. You're correct. Yup. Okay. Use the pole lie all the way down. And then now you're in this position that is similar to when you stand. So find the standing position, stretch the arms back, bring the arms up, stand on your feet and lift yourself in the roll up.

Roll Up

Do your three little stretches. Okay. And then roll down. Go just a move just a little bit more. It's a little too slow and then arms up. And so Ethan, don't let me push you. Yes.

And then roll down. Did that get that spot? A little bit? Yeah. Okay. And then try to make that feel the same way. Are there much better? Just do two more. Usually we do about five rollups so we already did some rolling back. Bring your legs together. Yup. Okay.

And then when you finish all of your rollups, you'll place the pole beside you. And then if it's available to you, there are some handles at the end of the mat, you're going to reach back and hold them. If you don't have handles at home, you're going to just have your arms beside you. And if you do have handles and you hold them and it doesn't feel good, don't do that. Just put them beside you and try each time because one day after all the plot is you've been doing, one day you might reach back there and it feels fine. Reach one leg up the right leg, scooped the stomach, and then stand in both of your legs again.

Single Leg Circles

Just like your tree on the reformer. That looks great. Yeah. Good. Karen, try not to get wippy on the last part of it. Just keep that, the tempo exactly the same. Nice. Because you want to show off that control. You don't want anyone to miss that. Okay.

And then after five in each direction, you'll do the left leg. Okay. And don't forget about the foot in the strap so that it's standing maybe even more than the one that is circling. Okay, nice. So you're going to lose the straps, sit up and balance right in your row. Rolling like a ball position. Yes.

And let's take a moment actually to put the feet on the floor so that you can kind of push on your feet to feel a little bit of your stomach and then walk your feet back a little bit and try to stand on your feet and pick them up without losing the standing sensation, shall we say, which is painful. Okay, that looks great you guys. So now keep that idea of you're standing in the lower body. Like you get to push something and roll back. Okay. And then each time when you balance, kind of check in to see if you're still standing.

Rolling Like A Ball

Good. Make your legs and your chest not come any closer together. Then when you start. Yeah. Yes, that was good. After about five or six, rolling like a ball, make sure you end on a nice, on a good one where you are very in control and balanced. Grab your right leg, right hand on the ankle, left hand just below the knee. Stand on that leg that's in the air. Roll Down with control right into the one leg pole.

I mean the single leg pole. And so now when you push that leg out, you're gonna stand on it and push it out there. Yeah. So you're trying to pull the leg in as much as you can and the other leg reaches out as much as you can. Just do five sets. Yes. I like the double pole as much as you can. A little more without momentum to get a little [inaudible] on the second one.

Single Leg Stretch

Yep. And then come in with both legs and we'll do the double leg pole. So now use your butt, stretch your legs out and stand. Keep standing, arms out to the side, arms forward, legs do two more like that. So stand them out there and all the way in. Leave 'em out there for one more arms, arms, arms, arms, arms, arms, arms. Then last one, I think that's about five.

Double Leg Stretch

And come all the way in. Rest your head. Take a moment and then you're going to sit up. The moment doesn't last very long. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about that. So yes, heels on the, within the frame of your mat. Hands on the mat. And then this one's kind of hard too because you don't get to stand on anything. So do a few. Okay.

And just on your own time we'll do about five and keep feeling like you're kind of pushing your heel down into the mat so that it kind of enlivens all of the back of the leg, maybe the buttocks, and then see if that can stay in there as you do this top part. I feel like the lower body is hard to access when you get to sit on it. Oh. But Hey, that was very a seat tastic I have to say do one more. Right. Great. So now we're gonna look at a little help or exercise on the high chair.

Spine Stretch Forward

Also. Sometimes the high chair is called the electric chair. I'll see you in just a moment. So here we are at the high chair and the exercise we're going to look at here is the seated pumping. So Karen, I'm gonna let you have a seat. You're going to put your feet up onto the pedal and then really a scoot yourself way back so that all of your back touches. And actually you're the perfect height, you get everything to touch there. Okay.

And then you're going to put your arms around those poles and make fists. Yes. And I shouldn't be able to pull those so that this is anchoring you in here. Yes. So actually reach the arms out to the side for a second. Stretch your fingers out. So pretend that your arm starts in your back and then make your grip and the pinky like fire up that muscle so that when you're in this position, this is what's getting extra work, not the shoulder.

You could even make this come down a little bit like, yeah, like showing off the goods. The powerhouse. Yeah. Okay, good. So and your heels are great and lifted. Let's have you, yeah, let's try this foot port position first. Or you know what? This is a bit of a, you know, a fancy foot position and since we're working on standing, let's actually have the legs together. The balls, the feet together. Yeah. So it's more like a normal person standing, not a polite person. Okay. So your job as you resist and stand on the pedal is just that your back never leaves the back of the chair. No matter what happens, you're going to do 10 so pull this the stomach back as the yeah. As you send the legs out. Exactly. And resist it back in [inaudible] come up for a moment.

Toes Parallel

Let's put the ball of your foot just a little behind the hump. Yes. So that you get this articulation of your foot. Yeah. So that you really are standing on the balls of your feet and I suspect you have a special skill. So maybe not as high heels as you as you can. That looks perfect. Okay. Yes. Stand and keep standing. Stand and keep standing. Keep this up as the pedal goes down.

[inaudible] and close it all the way. Yes. Yeah. So make more of the of the bringing it up, not so much of the going down. That's lovely. Do you feel that pretty much everywhere? Yes. Okay, so let's just do, you can also do this one leg at a time. So a stretch one leg out and now pretend. Try to make that feel exactly the same even though there's no other leg with it.

Single Leg Toes

And do maybe three. You can do three, you could do five and then we'll do the other side. And if either side feels particularly really challenging, let me know. [inaudible] not just regular plot is challenging. [inaudible] great. So now after this exercise, go ahead and step off and now we're going to do one exercise at the wall as a little finish. So here we are at the wall and we're gonna do just one wall exercise.

This is the squats, sometimes it's called skiing. And we're going to put together actually both upper body reach and lower body reach. Now because this is a pretty good example of all that, and it's going to help us to do the exercise even better. So stand with everything against the wall, your heels, your hips, your shoulders, your head. That's great. And then probably some of your back is not touching the wall. So just walk your feet forward as much as you need to so that your all of your back from your hips to your shoulders and your head might even touch. Yes.


And yes, we're going to have our feet about not quite hip with the part like yes. And Walk a little bit more forward. Since we're doing a squat, when you squat, you want to make sure for this particular squat, your knee doesn't go beyond where your toes are. Okay. So first you're going to bend your knees and you're gonna come down. Your hips will not go below your knees. Yeah, that's perfect. So now pull your stomach into the wall and things that you're going to push the wall away with your stomach and slide up. Yes.

Do that two more times. And usually if you don't pull your stomach in, it's kind of a bumpy ride up the wall. Yeah, that was my sweat. One more. Okay. So now you're going to keep that in there and do it again. We're gonna do three more this time. Pull your stomach into the wall. Push the floor away and slide up. Yes.

So Ben and then stand on your feet. Press the floor away, press the wall away. Do One more. Okay. And so now we're going to put it all together. So this time when you bend your knees, reach your arms forward just like we've been doing in the reach. And now push the wall away. Push the floor away and press the air down.

So you're almost like plastering yourself in the wall. So bend and reach. Yeah. And then Flores, the floor. Press the wall for us, the air down and just do one more. Okay.

And actually this can be done with um, tiny weight in the hands and also don't go, don't squat as much, but you're going to stay there. So reach your arms up and then stop when you come down in the squat. Stay there, but let your arm continue. So your arms going to go up as high as you can without losing the back on the wall. So this is the way you can make it harder. Yes. And Yeah. Good. Keep that in there. If you don't like your student, you can sell them to stay there while you go to use the restroom.

And now you're going to press the air down, press the wall away. Press the floor away. Good. Do One more like that because it was really nice and glorious. Yeah, reach, reach, stand on your feet. Stand on your feet from way up there, and then push the wall away. So now keep sliding up the wall, but walk your feet back. Yes, your back may leave the wall, but you're trying. Yes. Get the heel all the way back. And so now use your muscles to undo any long gate, but contours of your body.

Try to make you the shape of the wall really nice. And now keep that idea up and forward as you press your arms in the wall and you're gonna remove yourself in one solid piece of steel from the wall. Let your arms relax and then you are finished. That was a lovely job. Thank you so much for watching. Bye.

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Thanks so much Enrique :) xox
I love this concept! Excited to apply it and feel the changes! :) 
Thanks so much for watching Elizabeth- yes give it a try and see what you think and thanks for sharing your thoughts here :) xo
Thank you!!! So useful!!! I had heard you and Lesley Logan on YouTube taking about this concept of “standing on our legs” and It really changes the exercises!!! Thank you for your cues and inspiration!
Oh thank you for your kind words - yes it's amazing the difference, right? It is a game changer! Keep up the good work and thanks so much for watching :) 
Lovely cues and great way to connect and keep lower body active and connected. Thanks!
Thanks so much Jackie :) Thank you for watching and giving it a go! xox

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