Class #3793

Upper Body Progression

40 min - Class


Get ready to test your balance and strength with this creative Mat workout by Benjamin Degenhardt. This is the second class in his series where he infuses the ideas from gymnastics that inspired Joseph Pilates. He revisits concepts from the previous class and also adds Yoga Blocks to introduce more upper body work such as Hand Balances and Planks.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block (2)

About This Video


Hi, I'm Benjamin and I'm back with Mandy Qaeda, Andrea and Mary for part two of our three part series of exploring the mat work with a bit more of a gymnastic Lens. And in this class s...

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Lovely class. Great Job
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Sensational.  Thank you Benjamin for such informative, useful and progressive classes.
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Loving this series!  Your cueing for standing and raising  foot behind you was especially helpful for me on my wobbly side.  It was the first  time I was able to gain some stability while standing on that leg.  Thank you.  I’m not able to do the walk through with knees elevated because of joint (shoulder and ankle) issues.  Any alternative exercise suggestions or should I just keep trying?  I’m going to concentrate on this series over the next few weeks especially to see what gains I can make in my flexibility and strength.  Thanks so much for filming this series!
Thank you so much, everyone! Lori, if the walk-through itself is too strenuous for your shoulders, just holding the lift of the knees from the table top position will be an excellent placeholder and strengthener. Otherwise, perhaps elevating your hands by doubling up on blocks or using a Pilates "long box" on either side may give you the space you need to be successful. Let me know how you get on, and thanks for watching!
Fabulous class! Love your progressions. Keep coming back!
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I love everything Benjamin! What a great class. Can't get back through the blocks without falling over though. Short arms, I guess. Lol
I am thoroughly enjoying this series (as are my clients)! Your cueing is fantastic and brings a great 3 dimensional aspect to this mat work. Looking forward to watching the last one!
More like this please Benjamin! Everything about this class is inspiring, fun, and refreshing! Thank you!
Awesome class, Benjamin! The progressions are very helpful, especially for my balance. This is a very interesting take.
Thank you for a great class with interesting variations with layers. Looking forward to teaching it. 
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