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Building a Vocabulary

40 min - Class


You will mobilize and build strength throughout your entire body with this creative Mat workout by Benjamin Degenhardt. This is the first of three classes that infuses the ideas from gymnastics that inspired Joseph Pilates. He includes movements that will load your body in unusual ways to help you prepare for the upper body strength that you will need in the later classes.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Jun 05, 2019
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Hi everyone. I'm Benjamin Dagon hard and I'm here with Mary and Dreya, Mandy and Qaeda to explore some math work. This is the first of three classes they'll be presenting on just some good old math wo...

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Absolutely loved everything about this class!  Adding some FRC  type movements as a warm up was brilliant.  Looking forward to more like these!
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This was so much fun! Cant wait for the next step! Thank you!
Thank you both so much! Diana - FRC is such a great complement to Pilates, I'm glad you recognized the inspiration. Or did the word "irradiation" give it away? ;)
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Thanks Benjamin! I really loved this class and the way you explain and follow the exercises!
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Love this one
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I'm not easily impressed and I have to say, this was a superb class. Benjamin, you are an excellent Pilates teacher. Thank you!
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You are so awesome Benjamin! I would love to do a class in person with you someday!
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I saw the last one, and then I find this one, brilliant too!!!
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Thank you Benjamin! I loved the walking forward/backward out of the four-legged position!
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I love your delivery Benjamin. Beautiful class, thank you.
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