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Class 8: Flow

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Welcome to Class 8! Today, Sarah focuses on entering a state of flow so you can have fun. She plays with movement, both Pilates and non-Pilates, which will allow you to keep a good rhythm so you can get your sweat on.
What You'll Need: Mat

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So if you're still with me, you know that I like to play and have a little bit of fun. So this class is really just about flowing, entering that state of flow and having a little bit o...

The Daily Dose: with Sarah Bertucelli


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Great flow; I feel full of energy...thank you Sarah
Kind of Pilates, fast speed + bending on the knees can be wrong for lots of people...
Hi lou, The idea behind this class is to promote freedom of movement with an underlying  pilates theme. You are so correct...Not all bodies can perform these movements, but it is important to try new things and see how the body shows up.  Life is not always  slow and controlled, so it is helpful for our mind body connection to "practice" moving at a quicker pace.   Every-body is different and it is important to respect limitations but also try new movements and continue to move the body in different ways while respecting the pleasure principle. Movement should feel good!
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I didn’t want to be negative , be sure of that and I thought it was fun, though even with 200h+ of Pilates, it is not as easy at it looks, not sure is level 1, that was my point.
I have minor but real knee problems so I had to adjust some moves in order to work safely.
One of the reason ( among many) I enjoy the BASI training is for the precision of each movement . Some fun and innovative classes are very welcome , maybe with some warning.
Thank you for this serie and for your reply.

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This is what I'm talking about!!!👏👏👏👏 loved every minute of it! I love flowing fusion classes that include all the principles of movement and pilates, this is an awesome class!!
lou sorry for the delayed response, I was on a family camping trip and disconnected... finally catching up.  Precision is one of many reasons I love BASI.  It can be difficult to classify classes for all bodies.  What is level 1 for one, may be 2 for another.  What is 3 for some, my feel like 1 for another.  Thanks for being open to exploring and always modify as needed.  
warmly, Sarah
Penny thank you so much for playing! So very glad you enjoyed this class.  It felt sooo good to me and it warms my heart to know others are enjoying the "flow state" big hug!

I LOVED this one. Music made a big difference for me :) Would consider doing a longer video with this flow concept Sarah Bertucelli? I loved the movements, but it really changed my entire mood today :)
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Thank you!  It was fun, just challenging enough, and had a great flow.

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